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  1. Croatia would have been undone if it wasn't for Gvardiol. What a game he's had.
  2. Gut tells me that it's probably not mainly about physical attributes. I'm thinking this is an intense course in how to play in a different position, but at any rate you're right about the second half of the season. It's going to be big for him.
  3. Declan Rice is easily England's best player. I was also impressed with Pickford, those two, along with Southgate's conservative setup are diminishing England's substantial deficiencies at the back, but now the rubber meets the road.
  4. Messi has gum in his mouth. You can always trust a goat to chew on its cud.
  5. xG is useful for assessing a player over a long period of time, single games and tournament football are more random, you can also remember the chances and the goals so the eye-test is even better. Long stort short: yeah Gakpo scored some pretty freakish goals, but I'm comparing them to Italy who generally look pretty shit at the start of a tournament and then get better as they go deeper by grinding it out. I'd prefer the smallest possible nation to win it but of the usual suspects I'd like them to win it becsuse of Van Gaal's resilience with the prostate cancer situation + redemption f
  6. From the little I've watched of the Netherlands, they seem to have that steel that you normally associate with Italy. Tight at the back and a good conductor in De Jong. Ones to watch.
  7. I think the big story so far is that all the low block teams have been ruthlessly decimated or otherwise punished. It's unprecedented as far as I know, I wonder if it has anything to do with the timing of the World Cup, or whether it's a case of football coaching evolving or whether it's just happenstance. If it is a case of fitness, one might expect a knockon effect in the latter stages of the Champions League, a cheeky robbery by Conte perhaps, but then you would have to factor in teams who don't have too many players participating in the World Cup. Certainly making everything more
  8. Calm down, I'm just having fun. Hence the emojis. The only reason the Glazers would sell: $$$. I honestly couldn't tell you what the factors behind that are though. It's joyous stuff even if it turns out to be bad news (i.e our financials are ruined).
  9. I pictured more of a revolt but Ronaldo has truly done it, the Glazers want to sell .
  10. First used Manchester United as a platform and then made it his retirement home once his powers failed. Those fans singing Viva Ronaldo are the saddest football equivalent of Stockholm syndrome. Ole's gone though, so thanks for that. It's a decent highlight reel, albeit misleading, so bask in the sentiment; this is what it was all for
  11. Well it's not over yet. If they are any good then this well serve as a wake-up call.
  12. Unbeaten run This includes friendlies and minnows. They make it sound more impressive than it actually is. Look, they have enough quality to go on a cup run, but I rate them as much as I rate Belgium more or less.
  13. I went away at half time thinking Argentina is one of the most overrated teams of the tournament, not because of the performance but because of the lineup. The narrative is all about Messi but he is such a spent force. I watched him against Juve and if he's denied space he's practically useless. Lautaro Martinez would have to carry the side for them to do anything. I'm thinking this, I come back to the scoreline and they're behind! How the hell did that happen.
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