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  1. Ten Hag distancing himself from Ralf and now putting more of an emphasis on it, if these claims are accurate. It might just be egos, but he probably means to signal to the players that this is really a fresh start. I know we don't like that, but it's actually a wise move in the short-term, especially since reinforcements don't seem to be forthcoming. Either that, or I'm just overanalysing this and actually, our new manager is acting like a twat by disrespecting Ralf .
  2. It's only natural. We're Pavlov's dogs at this point.
  3. Oliver Skipp is that good? I just can't believe that at all.
  4. Oh God, this sounds like Chicharito on steroids. I hate tap-in merchants.
  5. Time to sharpen the knives. Brendan Klopp: the mentality monster whose teams lost an unprecedented (?) 75% of the Champions League finals they were involved in. Spurious, but it'll get the job done with the Liverpool fans. You know, before the season gets underway Edit: Not unprecedented, damn you Marcelo Lippi.
  6. Exactly. Fernandinho is someone I think of when it comes to longevity. It always felt like he would never go away. He finally has, but Modric has still got his legs. So even when you compare him to players who have played well into their 30s, he's still unbelievable.
  7. Woah. I just realised that Modric and Fernandinho are approximately the same age.
  8. He is special. I find it curious that you compare him to the likes of Scholes, Xavi and Pirlo though, they are more of a Kroos-type than Modric. I find him to be in the Gerrard/ Seedorf/Davids mould. I say this because I don't think he could do what the others could do without the mobility that he thrives on - especially Pirlo. The fact that he is still that mobile at his age is unbelievable.
  9. This might be true in a few months, but a manager at the beginning of his reign holds a lot of clout. They cannot afford to upset him this early.
  10. Every decision being made now is also on Ten Hag, because right now he's at his most powerful. Clearly doesn't want him or he would have asked that he'd stay on, which is fair enough I suppose.
  11. Conte's done well, but there were also forces out of his control that got him to fourth. I've watched Spurs this season and they capitulated too many times against weaker opposition so I don't see his success as unqualified. I think the biggest causal factor was Arsenal's injury crisis, without that I doubt they'd be sitting where they are. Conte is one of those managers like Klopp, Guardiola, Ancelotti and Tuchel whom the media has turned into cult figures and the narratives around them are governed by exceptionalism more than the nuanced truth. My controversial take is that he's on the level
  12. Ole inherited a toxic dressing room. He brought Dan James in whose work rate was first class but his ability less so. New players are a must but I hope we get it right this time. I'm tired as anybody of these 3 year cycles. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. The rumour mill keeps linking Ajax players to United. I hope it's unfounded rubbish because otherwise it's a red flag; smacks of a guy craving his comfort zone. The more I look at it, the more uncomfortable I become at what the parameters were for choosing this guy over Poch. Winning leagues with Ajax and a semi final to the Champions League, which they lost to Spurs? Why wasn't Jardim hot property then? Is it the brand of football? Should we expect Arteta-Xavi type campaigns? Genuine (not rhetorical) questions, guys.
  14. I felt like tonight was a changing of the guard. That performance from Arsenal put the seal on their future position as a very good middling team in the mould of Everton and Spurs. You could argue they've been that for a long time, but I always thought there's a chance they could turn it around, but now they're competing with too many clubs who are on par with them in terms of financial resources, not to mention those who are above them, and to completely collapse to an up-and-coming giant like that telegraphically tells the players on the market that Newcastle are already a better prospect fo
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