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  1. With all due respect, the guy doesn't want to commit to Newcastle on a permanent deal so it has to be a loan because he wants to keep his options open. If that report is true, then the facts are that Newcastle have silly money to spend, no leverage, and are desperate for Lingard. If all United achieve from this is Newcastle subsidising his wages for 6 months then they'd be a laughing stock, and won't be taken seriously in future negotiations. What does that come down to? saving a million? 2 million? Please. They can either pay up or get relegated. Having Lingard as emergency backup for 6
  2. I can see him succeeding if they repurpose him as a false 9 perhaps. His movement is excellent in and around the penalty area.
  3. Cagey affair. Not a lot of chances, but at least there wasn't the usual seat by your pants kind of stuff from United (De Gea made one save all game I think). Last-gasp winner from Rashford after Ralf threw the kitchen sink at it and chucked all the strikers in the last half an hour who happened to combine for the goal in the dying moments of the match.
  4. We rely too much on Fernandes for everything. He has to be the one to dictate the play, create the chances and come back and help the midfield. Telles is a nothing player with the odd cross and I don't know what Dalot is. Also Greenwood used to be so good at deceiving defenders by using both his feet, now all he seems to do is come inside on his left, I don't know why that is. Honestly though, if nothing, I'm impressed with the amount of control United have had in this game so far in this half.
  5. Emphasis on competent. I remember everyone whingeing about it, because Liverpool had Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, and Gerrard. Chelsea: Essien and Makelele. And Arsenal with Fabregas and some impressive-looking up-and-comer who eventually falls by the wayside. Who knew it would get worse, much worse. TBF, I'll take this over Alan Smith in midfield.
  6. What's your source? Even though xG is not perfect it's supposed higher when the chances are in the penalty box and there are less defenders in the box, I believe. I looked it up and this site ranks Greenwood's higher (https://understat.com/match/16537) so I honestly have no idea how it works, but it beats shots on target I think.
  7. Good for a spell in the second half. De Gea did well, but they were poor with their finishes too. United desperately need someone to protect the back four. I hope Cavani remains on the bench where he belongs.
  8. If I'm a manager and I'm watching a football player struggle in training, I am not going to give him a run of games. He has not played much, but the little he has played he's been too slow, and that's not like bad decision-making, or a lack of strength, it's not something you can improve. It was the same with Sanchez, I knew from the first few glimpses that he was shot, and the little that I watch of Real Madrid: Hazard is the same, barring a Giggs-like adaptation, he's finished. Van De Beek does not need to be at that level, but he's often late, really struggling to close people down,
  9. Van de Beek never really took his opportunities. Ole should have done the decent thing and let him go when he wanted to move, instead he lied to the player (and to other players) promising him minutes. Positionally intelligent player, probably our best 'space-inspector' in the midfield area but he's far too slow and without the passing range to make up for it. I'd agree with the rehaul idea except that I'd keep Fred as a squad player too for a couple more seasons, his shockers have largely come when he's been played in the wrong position. In the box-to-box role he's been decent (and he's
  10. Decent for 30 minutes, then they reverted to type. Fullbacks are poor. Greenwood often left Dalot exposed, if he was instructed to track back more he hasn't done it. Cavani offers some leadership off the ball but God he's rubbish at the rest of it. Matic is finished. The usual from Fred. Considering all this, the centre backs and De Gea performed well.
  11. Exactly, he achieved those things before he left, which was 13 years ago. Testament to the man for still being around at such a high level, but I'm not going to pretend he's at the level he was just because United is utter dross. It has been so long that he should be judged on a clean slate, not on what he did in 2009. So would Ibrahimovic. Scored loads of goals, but I don't think anyone has ever suggested we missed him after we left. The fact that he relies that much on service means he's fulfilling a very specific role (goal poacher), but he's being treated as a game-changer when h
  12. This is my take on the man so far: Leaves just before he hits his prime to go to his dream club, fair enough. Then goes to Serie A to mask his decline. Fails to deliver in the Champions League. Obsessed with the Ballon D'or so tries to secure a move to City. Just like Rooney and Tevez before him, he showed that his loyalty was only to himself. City don't want to pay 20 odd million, so he goes back to United and takes the number 7 off Cavani, and then expects the team to be built around him, with players running off the ball for him as if it's 2008 (I still find it sho
  13. His decision-making is Nani-esque. That moment when he didn't go for the rebound was disgraceful. Nevertheless, Cavani has been absolute rubbish when he's started, not that he should be the scapegoat either. All our attacking players are somehow horrendous at the same time, and Rashford looks like he's going the way of Welbeck and Walcott rather than the other way, at his age he should be delivering.
  14. Just sharing some amateur analysis I did after reading an article on the Guardian that puts Ralf's decision to sub Greenwood into question. So, Jamie Jackson suggests that: This is compelling and I don't think it's just the Guardian, I've read/heard this in other quarters - but the stats suggest otherwise: Pressures vs Wolves He made the least amount of pressures out of the whole attacking unit and he has the lowest success rate proportionally from the pressures he's made (though that's sometimes misleading). Even though Greenwood appeared bright on the ball, Rangnick wa
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