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  1. He's consistent at being a dislikable prick. He's nailed that.
  2. Every big fixture is a shit one these days.
  3. Feels strange to be in a top of the table clash, can’t even remember when that happened last. Let alone against the dippers. We can’t approach it like the City cup game or we are done for, we need to take all three points to be serious contenders, a draw isn’t enough. AWB will be targeted again, he needs a good game to reclaim some form.
  4. Scraping wins in this and the Wolves game are a good measure of progress. Our one sided attack is limiting, with the right recruitment we could be so much better.
  5. Hopefully the lay off will revive his finishing. Long term we need better.
  6. Linesman didn’t even raise his flag
  7. Christ, VAR is the shittest version of time travel
  8. Time after time, header after header. Utter shite from Maguire
  9. Zinchenko has been given a night off. Our right side is impotent
  10. Defending games out won't cost us in he long run. Taking our chances will. Solid performance against a decent side, another home win too.
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