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  1. We deserved to lose. Terrible second half.
  2. Still more to hate about this team than like
  3. Qatari bid for Old Trafford club to be launched as deadline approaches https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/64617640
  4. So true. France wouldn’t be satisfied with a manager who got them far in tournaments. Making out that Southgate is a national hero shows how mentally weak England are.
  5. We should be asking for more than £15M
  6. Our forwards can’t function without our Talisman.
  7. Our defence is so much better without Maguire and Shaw.
  8. We’ve been very poor since scoring. Dishing out dead ball opportunities to JWP will catch up with us.
  9. Good luck you crazy cat!
  10. Not playing out from the back exposed how shit his distribution is. He landed Varane in trouble with a short pass when he was boxed in. We need far better.
  11. Should have kept his mouth shut and let his football do the talking, which it clearly is.
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