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  1. James doesn’t even apply himself, literally bottles every challenge
  2. Shaw and James breaking up our attacks nicely. Both really are pathetic
  3. Most games he is 8 parts awful 2 parts awesome. As long as the awesome sticks around I can live with that.
  4. Good win, the momentum help us into the Chelsea game. Apart from Dialo and Danillo they were awful.
  5. Thats more like it. Would like to see more of Donny and less of Pogba.
  6. His wage demands will be huge, I doubt Barca will have the cash or the interest in trash.
  7. Read that he could have a potential temporary ban due to an illegal immigration issue. Reported that he and his brother had lied about one of five Ivorians who are under investigation being their father. Let’s hope any fall out is done and dusted by January.
  8. Hopefully he can turn the tide on making average premier league keepers have the game of their life.
  9. When Maguire was trying to head the ball back to De Gea for the first goal against Spuds, that came straight from the training ground. The first instinct must be to defend and Ole/coaching team are delusional to think we have the quality to retain possession whilst defending and then play out from the back. These players are low on confidence and aren’t of the quality to do what is being asked of them. As limited as these defenders are the coaching is actually making them look even worse.
  10. Totally necessary. We have lacked a leadership for so long.
  11. The premier league has become FIFA beginner level. Madness
  12. Neville banging on about strengthening, pointless with our current management/coaching staff.
  13. The way we are being run it deserves to be 10
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