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  1. We should be asking for more than £15M
  2. Our forwards can’t function without our Talisman.
  3. Our defence is so much better without Maguire and Shaw.
  4. We’ve been very poor since scoring. Dishing out dead ball opportunities to JWP will catch up with us.
  5. Good luck you crazy cat!
  6. Not playing out from the back exposed how shit his distribution is. He landed Varane in trouble with a short pass when he was boxed in. We need far better.
  7. Should have kept his mouth shut and let his football do the talking, which it clearly is.
  8. The guy is an out and out winner and is far better than what we’ve got, it’s an improvement which we have desperately needed in that department for ages.Should slot in easily considering he plays at international level with Fred. I honestly don’t care about the money, we’ve got into such a state it’s the only real draw we have at this time.
  9. There’s talk of Bailly to Marseille. Another loan no doubt.
  10. He’s far too young anyway
  11. The Bear Just finished this. Frenetic and immersive. Jeremy Allen White is very watchable, reminds me of Sean Penn.
  12. At last some signs of a long term plan. Buying ahead for life in the championship.
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