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  1. He’s far too young anyway
  2. The Bear Just finished this. Frenetic and immersive. Jeremy Allen White is very watchable, reminds me of Sean Penn.
  3. At last some signs of a long term plan. Buying ahead for life in the championship.
  4. Ridiculous. We are stuck in reverse.
  5. Some Ego.To rock up, kick Ralf to one side and expect to turn shit to gold in a month. Maguire, McFred and Rashford should have been dealt with off the bat. Quick wins totally overlooked. It’s a mammoth task made harder by early mistakes.
  6. There’s no hiding from persisting with him as a captain. Terrible decision.
  7. Who would actually come though? We are burning down
  8. Been proven time and again. These cunts are untrainable.
  9. OT will be empty next week, not out of protest. Just because we’re shit
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