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  1. Cavani's finishing is the highlight of the season
  2. Defensively we have been awful since AWB and Shaw were replaced
  3. The only effect the protest will have is for fans to see how easy it is to get a game called off. The Glazers will be unfazed, they got debts to pay
  4. I'm sure most of them will be sat back in their season ticket seats soon, decked out in merch
  5. Outstanding last night, more than a striker. Will leave a huge hole if he's not here next season, big shoes to fill.
  6. Was as much a penalty as the Pogba hand ball was
  7. This ref has missed so many fouls AWB ball watching again
  8. Fred and McTominay starting is so limiting, how many times have we seen this.. Ole has no bottle and that's why he will win fuck all. Even this shitehouse excuse for a competition.
  9. They can't even keep the ball and have scored twice. Says a lot about us
  10. Would look out of his depth in the Leeds team. They dodged a bullet
  11. Is he going to work for the super league?
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