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  1. He and Sancho can be our shite Robben and Ribery. Sanchony.
  2. Gakpo is basically the Wish version of Ronaldo when he was at Sporting. Would take him at the right price but that money could be used more effectively. Would buy a class right back for instance. Dubravka is a downgrade on De Gea in every respect and anyone involved in recommending or sanctioning a move for him should be thrown out of the club.
  3. -de Gea- -Dalot-Varane-Martínez-Malacia- -Eriksen-McTominay- -Elanga-Fernandes-Sancho- -Rashford- I'm feeling generous so I'm going to call it an interesting lineup.
  4. Obviously reading that in court was a ploy by the prosecution to extract a guilty plea. You couldn’t have water boarded that shit out of me in Guantanamo
  5. So we cleared about £52m off the wage bill from last year - £1m/week on Pogba, Cavani, Mata, Matic, Telles, and Lingard. Don't worry though - we're still chucking about £104m (£2m/week!) on: Cristiano Ronaldo £26,800,000 £515,385 David De Gea £19,500,000 £375,000 Anthony Martial £13,000,000 £250,000 Harry Maguire £9,875,000 £189,904 Luke Shaw £7,800,000 £150,000 Aaron Wan-Bissaka £4,680,000 £90,000 Eric Bailly £4,160,000 £80,000 Mason Greenwood £3,900,000 £75,000 Phil Jones £3,900,000 £75,000 Brandon Williams £3,380,000 £65,000 Scott
  6. Complete silence on social media accounts. Nothing on Instagram or Twitter apart from the Laird loan move yesterday morning. Don’t know if enforced or the social media team have given up as badly as everyone else at the club, but certainly weird.
  7. He'll do his ACL by the end of September, guaranteed.
  8. At Ajax, Ten Hag said that he doesn’t think Martinez or Blind have the legs for midfield. In the PL he’s probably going to have to play in a back three to be at his best, or we have to get lucky with Varane and injuries. Ironically in that case we would have been better going for Timber.
  9. Imagine getting rid of Pogba only to sign two players who, in discipline and consistency, make him look like Javier Zanetti.
  10. I see our scouting department have added Serie A as well as the Eredivisie to their FM save.
  11. As a Bologna fan it would be gutting because he’s going to keep them up and i don’t think my heart can take two relegation scraps this season.
  12. https://www.manutd.com/en/Club/Jobs/Permanent-and-Temporary-Opportunities
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