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  1. lucretius

    What Are You Listening To?

    He's playing London in December with Slowdive! The National are incredible live - you feel like they leave their guts on stage every night before they walk off.
  2. lucretius

    What Are You Listening To?

    Brilliant live band. Probably my wife's favourite band of all time. Some of their non-album work (The Virginia and Cherry Tree EPs, So Far Around the Bend, Think You Can Wait, Driver Surprise Me etc) is really good - make sure you check it out, especially if the acoustic stuff does it for you.
  3. lucretius

    VAR - yes or no?

    If the ball goes up the other end and they score, but it gets called back for an earlier foul, the goal is disallowed. Just like if it was offside, or there was a foul in the buildup.
  4. Obviously didn’t watch them qualifying top of their group, and probably have only watched them play England and assumed it was just England being reliably shite.
  5. Ronaldo sat on the halfway line crying after missing a penalty the last time we won the Champions League. Portugal drew with Iceland before going on to win the Euros. Apparently both of these are now calamitous. This World Cup is showing exactly how ignorant most of our fans actually are.
  6. Have you ever watched Messi play, apart from two CL finals?
  7. The Saudis seem to think they’re playing 5 a side. Entertaining, though
  8. lucretius

    Zinedine Zidane

    Just confirmed it in the press conference.
  9. lucretius

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Arnautovic would be such a Liverpool 2010 signing.
  10. lucretius

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    So, the bits not involving Maeve and Delores are still pretty good. Far too many things make absolutely no sense, though. Crack mercenaries (with bizarre accents) able to drop in from helicopters at a moment's notice? Yet somehow unable to use helicopters or indeed modern tactics and decide to charge across open ground at an entrenched enemy with better range? How the fuck did they manage to hide a snowcapped stratovolcano out of sight of the mesa? At the kind of latitudes that would support arid desert and jungle, it would have to be 4000m, and that's being generous. Mt Fuji is lower than that, and it's visible nearly 100 miles away in Tokyo. The Shogun World plot wasn't quite as bad as it might have been. It made some interesting points about metanarratives, for instance. But the whole Maeve finding her 'new voice' is beyond stupid. Everything to do with the Delores storyline is awful. Good to see more of the wonderful Katja Herbers, though.
  11. lucretius

    Summer Music Festivals

    Yeah I've seen all three before, so I know they'll put on a good show. I'm really out of touch with contemporary music (getting old!) so it's nice to see some familiar names every once in a while! Cornelius does really funky experimental pop. Four Tet I first saw opening for Radiohead on the Hail to the Thief tour, and have liked ever since. He's done amazing remixes of some great artists, and he puts on a great live show. Nils Frahm does great atmospheric piano - his collaborations with Olafur Arnalds are particularly good. I love jazz and soul, so I thought I'd have a listen to some of those artists you're going to see. Ezra Collective and Sons of Kemet are great!
  12. lucretius

    Summer Music Festivals

    I don’t know that many artists on the lineup, but Saturday looks pretty good - Cornelius, Four Tet, and Nils Frahm should be a good time!