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  1. lucretius

    PES 2020

    I dug out PES2016 recently becuase I was missing football and had a couple of spare hours, and it's absolutely extraordinary that they managed to make a game that, beyond the game engine and licensed teams, looks like it was designed in 2008 to be played on a phone. Literally every design choice is bad, and it's unbelievable that a professional company put it out there and charge money for it. It's actually quite good fun rattling through a Master League season, but they seem to have gone out of their way to make it as ugly and unenjoyable as possible.
  2. Interesting tactical choice by di Francesco. Three at the back, as against Barca, and also what he used against Lazio in the Rome derby. Kolarov and Florenzi will be providing a lot of the width. It'll be interesting to see whether Naingolan drops directly into midfield to stop Liverpool building from deep, or plays a higher role, attempting to press and overload Alexander-Arnold. Similarly, Under might stay wide, or float around off Dzeko, especially if Naingolan does go deep. Strootman, Naingolan, and De Rossi is a powerful, if not particularly quick midfield that Liverpool might f
  3. He's a good defender, but fuck me, that's hilarious. I'm about to head out for dinner but I'm already looking forward to getting home and seeing what @peterswellman has to say about this.
  4. Yes, the description of ter Stegen putting it within milimetres of Suarez for a one-on-one was great. He makes these tactical decisions sound very simple. His analysis of the Madrid counter attack was brilliant too. He was a wonderful player, one of my favourites. It killed me to see him playing for Liverpool. But players like that, who always see one, two, three steps ahead, who are always in a yard of space, whose first touch takes them even further, who know where the ball is going before it leaves the other player's foot... one of the best things about football. Especially when I try
  5. I had to put subtitles on to be able to follow it, I really enjoyed his descriptions of pressing from the front, and playing in a double pivot. Some of the subtitle suggestions for player names are hilarious: Masche - machete, Joe Cole - Yoko, Lampard - amparo, Giggs- geeks...
  6. On course to ship an absolutely hilarious 70 goals this season. Obviously they can't be quite that terrible all season, but teams get relegated with better numbers than that.
  7. Hang on, looks like he's actually off to West Brom:
  8. I heard £40m. Where does he even fit into their team? Cover for Milner and maybe Wijnaldum?
  9. Don't forget, we're obsessed with them.
  10. Ahahahahahahahahaha. Another amazing entry for the cringetastic football occurences from Liverpool. Does anyone do mawkish sentimentality quite so well?
  11. Haven't laughed at this in a couple of weeks.
  12. He really is. Sometimes I wonder if he's actually part of an elaborate satire, seeing exactly how much cringe Liverpool fans will happily endure, and then I remember Dalglish and his Suarez shirts, and pretty much everything Rogers ever said or did. I'm hearing they're interested in Salah? Guess we shouldn't be complaining, since they're crying out for a consistent striker, if Klopp just keeps hoarding attacking midfielders. Be pretty deadly on the wings, mind, if Mane comes back in one piece.
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