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  1. this was scary. my dad was watching the game and i was just about to when that happened. he came to me and was really sad. thank god he's alive and conscious. i hope he pulls through.
  2. thank god he's alive. wish him a quick recovery.
  3. i just saw the game has been aborted. it doesn't look good. i didn't watch the game but it seems he collapsed without any contact. my prayers for him and his family.
  4. if we lose it's all on Ole. who in their right mind play for pen when DDG is the keeper?
  5. Rashford was useless in his natural position. did Ole think by moving him to right he will split the red sea?
  6. take Rashford off Ole you fucking idiot
  7. 5 subs could be made and still Ole is doing nothing
  8. that could have been a goal. i blame it on Pogba's ludicrous haircut
  9. WTF Shaw? that wasn't a cross. it was a shot!
  10. i wonder if competition can do him good the way it did Shaw but it's definitely not Martial, James and Pogba
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