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  1. Ole is very slow with subs. i want to see Gomes and Chong come on
  2. how many times did McT fouled the opposition? in other news Chelsea is hammering Wolves
  3. utd4life

    EURO 2020 qualifiers

    with 2 games vs Luxembourg and a home game vs Lithuania and some friendlies he may reach that before 2021.
  4. although we did have tv but the first tournament broadcasted live on any channel in Iran and Arab countries (gold countries) around was the 90 WC. the first game i watched was Cameroon vs Argentina. i loved watching Maradona in highlights and news but it was the first time i watched him play live and it was a bad game for Argentina! for me it was the tournament of disappointments with Holland losing to Germany and the final and Diego's tears! but the first best game for me was the semi final between Italy and Argentina. i was jumping when Diego scored but Serena didn't. As for United it was 93-94 PL away game at Sheffield Wednesday which we won 2-3. again it was the first time Pl was being televised here and i could watch that game because i both my parents were sleep and i turned the volume down so they won't wake up or else it was back to homework for me. watching Cantona play was just amazing.
  5. utd4life

    Serie A 2019/2020

    in the end it was heartbreaking. that own goal was amazing! great game
  6. utd4life

    Serie A 2019/2020

    amazing game although my Napoli is getting rekt
  7. can't wait to watch Juve-Napoli tonight so memory of this game be erased
  8. what kind of subs are that? that's very coward from Ole should have been Chong and Greenwood
  9. i hate to say that i'm thinking the same we are not taking our chances and Rashford is killing us
  10. good ball from Pogba, only if AVB had scored that
  12. utd4life

    Ole Sack Watch

    think whatever you want of him , he's at least throwing out the deadwood. giving extensions to Jones and Young was completely stupid but him getting rid of Darmian, Alexis, Rom and Chris and hopefully others in near future, is something we all wanted and not Jose not LVG and not Ed had the balls to do it. his team is not good but i hope he stays until the end of season and kicks out the remaining undesired