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  1. as long as there are DDG, Shaw and Fred this team won't be able to compete fpr PL and destroy pool, city and arse
  2. only we can allow flops to score against us
  3. good thing darwin is not a goalscorer
  4. what an amazing season. i watched Argies win WC and now Napoli will win the scudetto 100%. years of patience finally rewarded!
  5. didn't see the first one but Rashford's wasn't pen. he got into habit of falling in the penalty area for whatever reason.
  6. QUICK RESPONSE scoring from that angle is hard and 100% keeper's fault
  7. i hate barca. i love seeing their players, coaches and fans seethe when a decision doesn't go their way. fuck'em all.
  8. Napoli's home shirt has a big kiss on it! i mean W T F ???? btw Kavalkhghlghkhdfgdhfd is amazing. one of Napoli's best signings this season.
  9. a proper rivalry should have red cards from both sides fuck Bruno
  10. Nice now continue with this momentum
  11. we are so thin in the attack ETH has no option but Pellistri
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