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  1. some of our players be like "i can pass the ball so easily but i'm going to complicate things because i'm brains and shit"
  2. maybe these goals will help increase his price. not that i care much though
  3. of course he did but it's still better than watching the ball go into net
  4. That was a beauty. DDG would have just looked.
  5. nobody was expecting that because Fred aside everybody is shit tonight
  6. Ighalo can score in this game if only someone give him the right pass
  7. it's fucking James! you can't even be sarcastic about him.
  8. what the fuck McT? everyone's taking a piss at Fred
  9. Daniel "i left my brain where i started my sprint" James Fred has 2 great passes and Mata and James did their best to not deliver
  10. Slabhead is the worst defender to head a ball
  11. second best "prison break" movie after The Great Escape. to this day no one knows 100% what happened to them. continuing my sci-fi adventure, i wasted my time last night and watched Brainstorm (1983). this was Douglas Trumbull's attempt at creating a 2001 type of movie but the other way around. while 2001 questions our origin, Brainstorm provided an answer (and didn't question) our end or more precisely afterlife. but the problem with Trumbull (as Alejandro Jodorowsky said in Jodorowsky's Dune) was that he wasn't a spiritual person. great technically but zero spirituality. that's why the ending is just a big fantasy and really bad even in terms of special effects. dialogue and music were both bad. i say 4/10.