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  1. if reports to be believed Mount will earn 250k a week. a massive rise from his 80k at chelsea. if true then shit deal.
  2. i didn't comment about this farcical sale til now. but let me give my opinion: 1. this feels like a childish game glazers are playing. "we want to sell. those interested started bidding. that's not the value of club. bid again. maybe we sell some shares not the whole club. why not bid again. your bid in 5000$ short. we may not sell. come on bid again please. deadline is friday. deadline in monday. etc" if this continues bidders will withdraw and glazers stay. fucking shambles. 2. i don't know much about Ratcliffe but every western owner will abide by the rules. that's a good thing. n
  3. a good organised defence wouldn't have allowed the ball to reach Gund in the first place. (Gund in language we speak in south of Iran means genitals!)
  4. fuck city. i take it even if the ball didn't touch the hand. fuckem all
  5. i think it's more to do with club management especially Perez than Carlo or other team managers. they do that with managers as well. though sometimes questionable.
  6. good we can't sign him because honestly signing players from Dortmund is a big risk for us. it hasn't work out as we wanted before. and Real Madrid too. they only sell when they see the decline.
  7. he was solid and then he made that mistake. essentially he should not play for united but since awarding new contracts to mediocrity has been a thing at the club for some time, now that he sill be here for many many years maybe he should be used as a CB unless there is no one to play at LB.
  8. I'M ON CLOUD NINE, HIGH IN THE SKIES, BASKING IN A SEA OF GLORY FORZA NAPOLI, HAIL PARTENOPEI. what a great season 22-23 has been for me. although i watched 90's WC on tv and got heartbroken but at the time there was no coverage on Italian football so i couldn't watch Napoli and Maradona lift their 2nd Serie A trophy. 32 and 33 years later i watched them both collecting medals and trophies, giving me joy and happiness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1FN047_LT0 why is youtube video not embedding?
  9. if only they had a proper striker they would have challenged for CL places.
  10. i look forward to get smashed to pieces in the final WEMBLEY HERE WE COME i look forward to get smashed to pieces in the final WEMBLEY HERE WE COME
  11. i really miss him, ole bottled that one hard
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