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  1. (I don't actually know the context, but seeing as we're vilifying him, thought it would be funny) I'd also arguing the guy responsible for the spreading of the 'dab' doesn't really respect opposition or the human race tbh. That said, he's right. Liverpool do look great at the moment. Credit where it's due. Shame he probably only said it to piss off United fans lol
  2. Just came here to share the clip. Worth a listen just to hear him wriggle his way out of his shit posting. But ultimately, his narrative is just 'Paul wants to be here, we'll talk at the end of the season'. https://talksport.com/football/670805/mino-raiola-exclusive-paul-pogba-agent-man-utd-solskjaer-gary-neville-simon-jordan-talksport/ Transcript:
  3. He's being rattled on Talk Sport right now. Like 3 presenters are ganging up on him * Raiola that is
  4. If you're trolling, then you need to try harder. If you're being sincere, then you need to have a chat with yourself. Condemning racism isn't a publicity stunt. Going to hospitals with a camera crew while handing out gifts is a publicity stunt. To condemn racism is to let the racist fans of United know that United don't consider them fans if that's the views they hold. It's as simple as that. I am sure there are more interesting conspiracy theories you could go chasing down the rabbit hole than "clubs don't care about racism, they just want good press"
  5. Way to go and just brush aside centuries of human abuse by comparing it to a club paying a player hundreds of millions a year for him to fulfil his job
  6. My favourite part is that he posted a link to the interview on his Instagram story with the screencap being the part where his brother talks about Zidane and the move He'll get what he deserves when he moves and they inevitably hire Jose again.
  7. #4 PHIL JONES Injured -> Perform -> Contract -> Injured (repeat) 2023. That's when Phil's latest contract extension expires. When he is fit and builds momentum, he is a capable footballer who will wear his heart on his sleeve and his brain in his socks. His willingness to throw his body on the line is the very reason he spends so much time in the physio room. This is what makes him so endearing. Fans love to see a player disregard their own well-being at the expense of their safety as it's a visual representation of how much they themselves would sacrifice for the club. Phil will never be short of supporters. Here's the problem. With the aspirations of the club - both historically and of the status they wish to obtain as one of European elites - having a CB who's best quality is his bravery just doesn't cut it. Defenders at the top of their game reach that level through their intelligence more than their ability to throw themselves around and cause pain to everyone that feels contact. Which sums him up. He is a puppy chasing a bone who gets blindsided by a tree. If he was being trained as a police dog, he would be released within a week of basic training. This is a key part of the cycle. Having spent so much time injured, he overcompensates to make up for lost time. But it feels to me that if he spent more time improving his mental game as he sits around waiting to recover rather than gnashing at the cast around his leg, he would be able to develop as a player. God only knows what he does to occupy his mind during all of these hours spent injured. Fingers cross then that he might actually develop as a CB this year and stays fit because he's playing a smarter game. He is only 27-years old, least we forget. I mean, he probably won't develop... but one can hope.
  8. #12 CHRIS SMALLING I think the fact that no one has made this thread until now is because collectively, we believed that if no one made the thread, he might just end up leaving the club through will power alone? And it very nearly happened. A reported loan move to Everton was rejected on Deadline Day but either he refused to move or the club wanted him as a squad option. Which is very much the story of his career. Just when you think that he'll disappear behind a better quality player, he plays his way into the team and ends up being the man to partner whoever is fittest at that moment in time. He's not first choice for United, he's long been off England's radar and he's not very popular with the fans for a lack of everything bar physicality. And yet, 1st July 2020, he will reach 10 years at the club. Ten years of Smalling. For a lot of fans, he is the symbol of our mediocrity. As though the day he is sold, a dark cloud will be lifted from the club. Yet he will leave having spent a decade at the club. From playing under the great Alex Ferguson to all of our transitional managers. If nothing else, you have to credit his dependability and willingness to keep forcing his way into the team when it was easier to move to a lesser club and actually be respected by the fan base. Maguire is here now (Chris Smalling + Phil Jones lite) and it's evident that Smalling's career will be nothing more than backup. Maybe he will be more tolerable in this capacity? Maybe he will outperform Maguire and sign a 3-year contract in December? Honestly, who knows. Turning 30-years old in November, his career is slowing coming to a close anyway. Might as well round off the decade and enjoy the most comical period of this clubs recent history whilst it lasts.
  9. I have found him distinctively average when I watched Ajax last season. Miles away from Pogba and Eriksen's level. Perhaps it's more of a stopgap than anything else?
  10. The only logical explanation is that it's probably part of some money laundering scheme. Not even Spurs fans rate him these days
  11. #10 MARCUS RASHFORD It's pretty funny to think about his rise through the team. He could have so easily have going the route of the Macheda or Ángelo Henríquez (I still think about that guy from time-to-time. He looked so natural). Despite being forced to the wing under Jose, all the signs are pointing towards Rashford now being the main striker in the team (having recently signed a 5-year contract of around £200,000 per week). To the point that should we sell Lukaku, I would wager that any replacement will likely being third choice behind Rashford & Martial. He's never had a high scoring season, and last year, despite playing mostly on the wing, he managed his highest scoring season yet. He's still only 21. His numbers by comparison to most players in this position are staggering and are only really dwarfed by Mbappe. On paper, he's one the best prospects in football today. Yet watching him play all of last season, it's so easy to get frustrated with him. Personally, I pen this down to a lack of form and confidence. Given the season to become United's main Striker, I think we will see another player emerge. One which closer resembles the player we saw when he broke out onto the scene where LVG gave the confidence ill-afforded by his predecessors. Or maybe he'll just bomb with the rest of the team? Time will tell.  Watcha
  12. #23 LUKE SHAW I think the best way to summarise Shaw's career to date is through the following stats on league appearances: 2013—14: 35 2014—15: 16 2015—16: 5 2016—17: 11 2017—18: 11 2018—19: 29 In short, last season was the most we have seen from Shaw since his season at Southampton that prompted us to sign him in the first place. Until last season, it has always been a case of knowing he was a quality player but his form has always been broken up by injuries. Lady luck was on his side though and in the end, he picked up 3 Player of the Month awards for the club, being voted Players' Player of the Season as well as winning the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award (finally breaking De Gea's streak). Let's cross our fingers that he can turn out another 30+ games this season for us... Scoring his first Premier League goal
  13. #1 DAVID DE GEA One year ago, he was the undisputed best keeper in the league and arguably the best in the world. But a particularly poor showing at the World Cup and the seeds of doubt had been planted (despite being infallible for the past 4 or so seasons before that). By the end of the season, Allison was the public's darling and following a series of poor performances, De Gea couldn't have fallen any further from grace. With his contract situation still unresolved, and therefore a question of his commitment being raised, you do need to wonder how this will all play out. It's not like we haven't been here before. We spend all summer flirting with 'will he/won't he' and cautiously preparing ourselves of the fact he might leave. But these things always seem to cross the line. And should he sign a bumper new deal with the club, that would likely see him remain at the club for the entirety of his prime. Turning 29 in November, time has seemingly caught up with him out of nowhere. I don't think many would object to this happening either, despite his wobble at the end of last year. It wasn't that long ago where he was making mistakes over the course of an entire season. It happens. Confidence is everything, especially for a Goalkeeper. I think long-term security plays a huge role in this and it's hard to tell who's blue balling who. I would now like to take this moment to present my second instalment of traditional Japanese Haiku's to our Spanish bastards. David. Sign da ting. Your distribution is whack. We love you anyway. Wonder what haircut he'll have this season.
  14. #8 JUAN MATA After so many years of making this thread, there's really not much more I can say. So instead, I have decided to sum up my feelings, and perhaps that which is echoed by the majority of fans out there, with a carefully crafted traditional Japanese Haiku: Mata. Mr Nice. He runs his own charity. Can't run down the wing. So nice that he apparently took a pay-cut to stay at the club
  15. I hope you're right! - good to see you back!
  16. If this means they get Allison i'll be royally fucked off.
  17. I think the funniest thing is that for all of last season, in my exposure to Pool fans, they all kept on banging a drum about the club having loads more finances available to really go to town with their signings. And it had them all very excited. Salah was some good business. You have to give them that. But then they have basically spunked £80,000,000 on 2 players who are coming to their end of their contract. Probably justifiable with Keita if he is able to produce his form from last season again this year as there would be a lot of clubs looking at him. But Chamberlain reeks of panic buy (though he was linked all through the window, if he was a genuine target then why did it only happen on the last day of the window?). The Coutinho saga was funny and will ultimately be the take-away from the window. From a business perspective, it is complete madness to turn down over £100,000,000 for a player who is realistically, at best, worth half of that. And they wanted somewhere close to £200,000,000 for the poor cunt! I am sure all of the fans will be patting themselves on the back for not spreading their arsecheeks to Barcelona again, but the truth is, they now have a player who quite clearly doesn't want to be there. No doubt, he will start at some point, score a thundercunt, kiss the badge and everything is forgotten. But the truth remains. It opens the door to whether Barcelona will be back in January or if they will just move on altogether. Everyone is realistically a loser (minus the fans who will count it as a win). Whilst it sets the precedent that 'We are Liverpool and we wont just sell you our best player' it also says 'If you join us, we won't let you hop clubs if it doesn't suit us' - it's a double edged blade. Also, the sweet irony of them being pissed at Barcelona for trying to cherry pick their players whilst also holding out hope that they would sign Virgil on deadline day. They will struggle this season. And the meltdown will be viewed with great pleasure.
  18. Liverpool fans before they nearly went a window without signing a player connected to Southampton Many seem to think they'll land VVD too. If that happens, they'd have gone from a piss-poor window into a pretty decent one. But given that they went into it with such optimism about their 'war-chest' they must half have some blue balls. If they come away with Ox, Salah [and Keita for next year] whilst losing Coutinho - then I wouldn't really call it a success.