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  1. Legit one of my favourite Mata goals and it wasn't even in our fucking shirt. Hard to believe he's been here for eight years really.
  2. He was the chosen juan. I know it's not a mata of life or death but it's still sad for me.
  3. Think it's incredibly hard to ignore what he would add to the National team. To the point where I imagine Southgate would push TAA into midfield if it meant better cover down the right flank (could even put him RM I suppose). Wouldn't worry about point 3 either. Everyone declines with age. I could genuinely see him moving it CB as he grows older (similar to what we are seeing with Shaw). By which point, he would be a more accomplished defender anyway. Players evolve and adapt to their own limitations.
  4. "Romero deserves to be starting ahead of him at present" based on recent form, no. De Gea has been solid for the majority of February. If one mistake overrules that, then what do we say about Romero pulling that dumb shit against Brugge? I for one am chuffed about Lampard setting an example to Kepa by playing Caballero. Their poor results have kept us within grasp of fourth place. All this pissing about has given us a chance. Should we play Romero for the next 6 games, we would be in just the same situation as Chelsea—only the outcry would be worse as no one really believe De Gea is worse
  5. This isn't about Lindegaard > Romero. Obviously that is not true. My point was Lindegaard 2011 was enough competition to threaten De Gea 2011. Romero has never come close to being a threat and therein lies part of the problem. Henderson probably isn't good enough either - but he has a lot of other things going for him (academy kid, fan favourite, English). Put it another way, do you think Liverpool would still be winning the league this season if they had De Gea? I understand that it's all very modem to have a GK who can kick the ball like a midfielder, but ultimate
  6. Rewarding mediocrity is a problem. But De Gea earned his contract on consistently being our best player. We're not talking about Phil Jones here mate. I might underrate Romero, but you're definitely overrating De Gea's decline. Look at Navas. Always been a great shot stopper (better than prime De Gea at points) and has been fantastic even in his 30's. De Gea's under-performance is mental, not physical, much like it was throughout 2011. Which was my point. Lindegaard was relatively a good enough threat to his position at that time. Whereas Romero has never been close to De Gea's level sinc
  7. Romero looks like he'll pull a mistake at the same level of De Gea's every time the ball comes into his third. Romero has never once been a genuine competitor for the number one spot. Everyone knows it, but no one wants to admit it.
  8. Has been great in 2020. One fuck up doesn't overshadow all of that. It's becoming a more frequent occurrence, but I doubt he'll ever go full Romero. He needs to stay here for as long as we can have him performing at the highest level, but some competition from Henderson wouldn't go amiss. The early competition with Anders must have been part of the making of him and his place has never been under threat since then.
  9. Had more successful first touches in 90-minutes than Lukaku had over 2 seasons.
  10. Having a very average season compared to last year. Not sure why either. Hopefully with Bailly and Tuanzebe returning, it will help him kick on as much as Shaw competing with Williams. Saying that - Shaw might just take LCB himself at this rate.
  11. (I don't actually know the context, but seeing as we're vilifying him, thought it would be funny) I'd also arguing the guy responsible for the spreading of the 'dab' doesn't really respect opposition or the human race tbh. That said, he's right. Liverpool do look great at the moment. Credit where it's due. Shame he probably only said it to piss off United fans lol
  12. @Sporting4Ever How have Sporting performed since his departure? Has anyone in particular filled his position? And New talent you're excited about?
  13. Rashford-like play before the goal. Easily my favourite signing of the '19 three. Came across this video again the other day (pre-signing). Pretty bang on.
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