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  1. Juanderful

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Needs to start scoring more. Otherwise, has been impressive, though does go missing for chunks of the game.
  2. Juanderful

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Has basically made our defence worse, which is impressive Lindelof beat him to scoring a goal too which is pure comedy.
  3. Juanderful

    Tahith Chong 2019/20

    Not even half the player Januzaj was and we all know how that one ended. This guy is refusing to sign a new contract. Should be so grateful we're being so poorly run at the moment and snap their hand off. Long term, he might have a bit of a career in the Eredivisie, but I just don't see anything to be excited about. Rather we respected everyone's time and just ship him out on the cheap but with a sell-on clause should he ever be worth more than 30m to someone.
  4. Oh - he got the assist. Figured you knew haha
  5. You deserved that for having defensive united assets tbf
  6. Juanderful

    2020 Transfer Targets

    I'm guessing he means Depay
  7. Really?! I remember watching the first gameplay video when it was released and it just looked boring as sin. Poor level design, same structure as you play, boring gameplay and low enemy variation. A whole lot of flash but no substance. But maybe i judged it wrong? And what's the connection to dark souls? (as a huge fan of FS games, this comment peaked my interest haha) Is it even better than the first force unleashed game?
  8. Juanderful

    Jurgen Klopp - From Flop to the Top

    Keep going, i'm nearly there
  9. For those interested, here's a clip of the Russian commentator singing a song for Maguire that I mentioned...
  10. Had Ole taken action by subbing McTominay off earlier, this could have been completely avoided whilst giving Garner some more minutes. His subs, or lack there of, drive me mad sometimes.
  11. Should try the Russians. Whereas will you get chant reenactments when some lump heads the ball over the bar?
  12. Juanderful

    Brandon Williams 2019/2020

    He does have age on his side, to be fair. I've just largely been... whelmed. At least with AWB, he excels defensively. I wouldn't mind if your prediction turned out to be true, I just don't think management will decide to not buy a LB to give him a clear pathway into the team like they did with selling Lukaku to make Rashford the main forward.
  13. Have you heard yank commentators? I'd rather listen to silence. I've been listening to the Russians for years now. I actually don't mind it. Plus, most of the links are Russian anyway so I don't often get a choice.
  14. Juanderful

    Brandon Williams 2019/2020

    A lot of young players get lost once a manger goes. Ole isn't going to last and I suspect he'll be one of the casualties. Does he even look that promising? He looks scared to take risks, can be slow to overlap, and seems alright defensively, but he's not had much of a challenge. Just strikes me like one of those players really, like Borthwick-Jackson (who at least had a great cross on him). I know the club are trying to create a channel between the academy and the first team, but once Young leaves, we'll buy a new LB and that will be it. Probably...