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  1. Alexis Sanchez 2017/18

    "Alexis vs Newcastle: 64% of passes completed, 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 shots on target, 50% of dribbles completed, yet to have a shot on target that wasn't a penalty, has been dispossessed twice as many times as any United player since debut" It's just annoying me that we compromised our squad balance at the cost of replenishing broken ego's. We are miles behind our competitors on style and attractiveness, we are under Citiy's shadow and bar the potential of the FA cup stand to have yet another poor season. The signing of Sanchez, exciting as it may be, was incredibly short-sighted. And it brings me no pleasure that he has not hit the ground running thus far, but the fixtures are coming thick and fast. If he keeps on performing more of the same as the above statistic - it's going to be yet another knife in the table of poor management under Mourinho (in that he signed a player who favours the left side of the field, effectively forcing use to shoehorn Martial into the side despite having a very strong campaign on the LW) Frankly, the Alexis we are seeing is very much who he is. People will wax lyrical about how he runs himself into the ground (which coincidentally was always a stick used to beat Lingard with prior to his recent run of form but hey) but at the cost of him being very careless in possession. I'll be fine if he starts to score goals to paper over the cracks, but he's failing that thus far. In the end, I worry about this being another Di Maria type signing.
  2. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    Can not wait to watch this Newcastle bus again 😴
  3. PL Matchday 26: Man Utd vs Huddersfield

    You don't agree? Come to think of it, they could probably use a better GK too. But the potential of Ozil/Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang,/Lacazette linking up.. that's going to cause a few defenses to sweat. A solid DM to sit behind Wilshere and the other CM will surely be enough to cover for their defence whilst the forwards run riot. Plus they've now got Sven Mislintat as their new chief scout so expect some more random youth players to come in. Going off his track record, they could be assembling some squad... (already signed a Greek CB kid who has been earning praise). I don't know man.. I think they're going to be a force that should be written off at your own peril. But then if Pep decides to stay then it's probably all for nothing anyway 😝
  4. PL Matchday 26: Man Utd vs Huddersfield

    This is escaping from the real discussion here, but I watch every game/90% over a season. But you know when they're inspired for the match and when they are not. I turned off Spurs, I turned off Bristol too. It's not the crime of the century 😅 Which I think sums up a lot of points made here; We're two different generations. You've obviously been enduring all of this of longer than me ahah. We have different attitudes. Add to that that i've only been into football for 8 years! (For the record, I am 24). I should clarify that my expectations will always be on us winning the League. Last season, he pulled in the league cup (I wouldn't praise any top 6 manager for that to be honest). Europa League, sure. He met my expectation of winning that. On the ground that our poor league form dictated that we needed to win that in order to play in the CL and we were the biggest team in the tournament. He succeeded where Van Gaal failed. Both managers arrived at the same time, both have had the freedom to sign who they want. One is taking the piss out of the league, the other picks up results against teams outside of the bottom six and gets a tactical blue balls in the big games. I'm not expecting Jose to equal Pep's philosophy, I am expecting the club to sign a manager who get put us on par with being as enjoyable to watch respective of the quality of players at our disposal. I couldn't disagree more with this. We also brought in top players on top of the league winners in the squad. We also signed a world class manager (who has actually won the Premier League before. Pep is new here don't forget). So what's the difference? If you want to tell yourself it's experience, then so be it. But then you look into it... De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Valencia, Young, Carrick were all in the squad that won the league in 2013. Zlatan, Mata and Matic's trophy cabinet is too long for me to list. Lindelof has 3 league titles at Benfica Pogba has 4 Serie A titles (and was in the team that came Runners-up in the CL and Euro's) Sanchez is the leading man for Chile and has seen them through a number of tournaments. Also played for Barcelona (...) and has some FA cups. The players who lack experience (the experience of winning?) as far as I can tell are; Rashford, Martial, Lukaku, Fellaini, Herrera, Lingard, Bailly and Shaw. But they are outnumbered by the amount of winners in the squad. All they need to do is score goals or function well as part of a team. (and that's only when you factor out winning the league. They've won stuff with United). That's not to even mention that they are all basically International players... The fact remains - the only difference between United and City is that City are dominating the league thanks to their manager. Should Pep not have been here today, then no doubt we would probably be top of the league. And even then, I would probably still complain that we're boring to watch 😉 The manager is the one who is doing this. And a further concern is the fact that he bought in Sanchez who works best on the left. Where does that leave Martial? On the right? We best hope he can take to that. But then that leaves out Mata, a player you want in the team to unlock stubborn defenses. I seriously believe he only made this signing to put his balls on the table. Now we have an unbalanced squad which will probably only be addressed when he leaves. Great.. I am basing my judgement on Alexis having watched a number of Arsenal matches (who I mostly watch just for Ozil to be honest). But my comparison to 2013+ Rooney was that the Rooney back that would have pretty poor performances but would paper over the lackluster performances with a goal or assist. I believe that's exactly what we are getting with Sanchez. And as I wrote above, I think it's a bad signing because it upsets the squad balance. Sanchez is very focused on himself, will run his legs into the ground and hog the ball more than we will admit to care for. Yes, we needed a player who can pull the team through a rough patch, but I worry it will come at a high price. If that's someone like Martial leaving the club (a world class talent) then you have to question if it's worth it. Smalling is not a better CB than Blind. I've waxed lyrical before about Blind, but his best asset is that he makes whoever he partners into the best pairing in the club. The fact he made Smalling look that kid is testament to him, not Smalling. He made Rojo look good, he helped Bailly settle and he has even partnered Jones. The only thing Smalling offers over him is physicality. I don't consider him a LB and his DM ability has never really been tested here. As for Mkhitaryan, look at him at Dortmund. Now watch him explode at Arsenal. Perhaps he favours being at a slightly smaller club, but the other difference is the managers and their philosophies. The reason for his bad form is up for debate. But I strongly believe we have boosted Arsenal insanely by taking away their 'weak-link' and allowing them to reunite a very deadly partnership. They are a DM away from having a truly great squad imo. Do you mean the game where he came on for 30 minutes in a game they were losing? Against a team that was parking the bus? I don't know what more you expected, but he at least created 3 decent chances that could have lead to an equaliser.
  5. PL Matchday 26: Man Utd vs Huddersfield

    Well that's commendable. But I have seen enough of the modern United to know when they are on it and when they are not. 20 minutes and I thought it was game over. I wasn't wrong? I'm not the one here setting my expectation, it's the board. The throw massive amounts of money to secure one of the most successful managers in modern football. Breaking the bank on countless amount of players to keep the team competitive. When you look at this team today, with Jose's track record - I struggle to believe that you think that they are playing anywhere near the potential that you might imagine they could be playing at. Look at his record against the top 6 at United. If you think my expectations are skewed, then i'd argue that yours are perhaps too low. If you were to swap us with Manchester City (similar amount of money spent, two reputable managers) people would be in hysterics at how poor his team is and how far behind us they are. Well that's very much the case. You want me to name managers who could get more from this team? Literally any manager who plays an attacking philosophy in big matches will be getting more out of this team than what Jose does. And I gave you an example in the previous post. The only manager I can name who would do the same as Jose is Simeone. Otherwise you can take your pick of managers who manage a top team and there's your answer (e.g Pep) Winning the league is what we all want, no? Settling for less than that would see us fall into the void next to Liverpool and Arsenal You only think this because you think we're at the capacity of ability under Jose. I both think he can get more out of them and other managers with different philosophies could get even more out of the team. For a starter - any manager who wouldn't restrict Pogba into a 2 man-midfield next to Matic. Someone who wouldn't waste Rashford on the wing. A manager that wouldn't panic buy Sanchez at the expense of shoehorning him into the team. [We've essentially re-signed 2013+ Rooney, only quicker. Watch him constantly give the ball away, hold on to it for too long and get pissed off at his teammates]. A manager that wouldn't waste Mkhitaryan, who would use Blind, would use Mata centrally (though I do like him outwide). Maybe this manager doesn't exist... But it's hardly asking for the world is it?
  6. PL Matchday 26: Man Utd vs Huddersfield

    I honestly find this only a scratch more entertaining then LVG's football. But you know what was entertaining? Attacking and beating all of the top six. I don't even bother anymore, I turned the spurs game off after 20 minutes cause I didn't feel they'd pull it back. Every other team in the league.. That was a little up in the air... Anyway, how long does Jose need to build a team? He already has the players to win the league. The quality is there. The only drawback is his tactics in big games. And don't fool yourself into thinking we even have a whisker of a chance in the CL. I've been spending more time watching the big teams around Europe and we're not in the same league. If he ends with top four and an FA cup, that's a touch better than LVG. Top four and no cups? What if we fail altogether? History dictates we sack him right? Fact is we need to be moving forward. And I don't trust him to get the most out of the squad without some casualties along the way.
  7. PL Matchday 26: Man Utd vs Huddersfield

    The beginning of the end. Players start to get pissed, keeps dropping them more and more, shite end to the season. Somehow does something to piss off everyone towards the start of next season, horrible run of form. Leaves with a big pay day and waits for PSG.
  8. PL Matchday 25: Spurs vs Man Utd

  9. Halloween 2018 Sequel

    I am a big fan of John Carpenter and was pleased to see that he is at least attached to this project. However, I don't have high hopes for this movie. The original was so great because they had a license to do what they wanted (within a tight budget too) and it exploded into the franchise that it is today. I don't see how this will be any different from following Halloween films, particularly this one;http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120694/?ref_=tt_rec_tt On the other hand, I have long given up with modern horrors, especially reboots. They try to cater to a modern audience by telling us when something is meant to be scary or not (jump scares). It's not like I have a problem with jump scares either, the original Halloween is as good as it is because they earn the right to the jump scares. The whole film feels like you're being pulled along a high-strung violin and then it hits. They even use a false jump scare when the police officer gets startled (a common technique modern films adore) More to the point, jump scares only really work when you at least care for the characters. Modern horrors, you're expecting everyone to die. Not that many even died in Halloween! Do I trust Danny McBride and David Gordon Green to write compelling enough characters for me to get invested in... maybe? I've enjoyed works they've been associated with, but looking at work they've been writers on, I admit that I wasn't exactly blown away. And given their reputation for 'stoner humour' (which I love, to be honest hah) I am half worried we might get some sort of twisted version of Scary Movie 1 but with Michael Myers... But Jamie Lee Curtis is associated with the project again, maybe they might do well by her character. Or not. I don't know, I don't really care anymore. The last reboot I watched was The Thing (favourite horror ftr). I bought a pre-owned copy of the original on Bluray and they gave me the 2011 version by mistake. It was so insulting I didn't even bother to go past 40 minutes before returning it 😅 Anyway! What I am excited about is Robocop, a direct sequel to the original! http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/robocop/54784/robocop-looking-ahead-to-its-planned-direct-sequel
  10. Juan Mata 2017/18

    Shhhhhhhh Venus. Don't go whispering such things 😖
  11. Daley Blind 2017/18

    I'll be sick if this goes through 😢
  12. PL Matchday 25: Spurs vs Man Utd

    Wrote elsewhere; Sanchez has scored every time he has played at Wembley. Throw in Lingard and Fellaini, basically a guaranteed 3 goals right there.
  13. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    http://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/12691/11221309/roma-deny-edin-dzeko-transfer-deal-agreed-with-chelsea If they get Dzeko.... boy. Hopefully they go more Crouch than Edin 😅