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  1. Juanderful

    Luis Nani Thread

    https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/768307d18fbb61b8b390350dba3babea/5B29A234/t50.2886-16/35568535_186557058724083_8588608611041673216_n.mp4 Nani and Valencia kicking a ball about on a beach. Quite nice that they still talk tbf
  2. Juanderful

    PES 2019 - Release end of August.

    Unless I can get it cheap, i'm gonna pass. Same old shit (and I only joined the wagon in 16!) different year.
  3. Juanderful

    The England Thread

  4. Juanderful

    Non United Transfers 2018

  5. Juanderful

    Halloween 2018 Sequel

    I was expecting a lot worse. It's a shame they basically showed us the entire movie in the trailer though Remind not to watch it again... It has my curiosity enough for me to check it out anyway. Will try and keep expectations low so that I might end up liking it hahah
  6. Juanderful

    Harry Kane

    "The main thing is a trophy," he said. "It's been about four years now that I've been playing at this level and we're yet to win a trophy. "I wake up every morning and that's what I want to achieve. For me personally, though, I just want to improve. Every year I want to get better, to score more goals and to get more assists." Wants to win a trophy. Signs a 6 year contract at Spurs.
  7. Juanderful

    The England Thread

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I think it's all mostly shite hahah. But it occurred to me that it's not like they even have a top GK to bail them out if that back three of Walker, Cahill and Stones (.....) have a lapse in concentration. Then again, it wasn't that long ago and when Green had a nightmare against USA... Perhaps it has been shit for a long while now haha. I have no idea what's up with Butland. Does memory serve me right that he has mostly struggled since he had that long-term injury?
  8. Juanderful

    The England Thread

    I stand by thinking they'll struggle to make it out the group. Is this the poorest selection of GK's England have had in a very long time? Pickford is poor, Butland is decent but ultimately manned the sinking ship that was Stoke (likewise for Pickford at Sunderland). I rate Pope but I highly doubt he'll get a sniff. That's some bargain bucket quality when you compare them to the elite nations.
  9. The official Fantasy World Cup game launched today - https://fantasy.fifa.com/en/home Got enough interest for us to create a league? I assume so, so I might just go ahead and set one up later and post it in a new thread.
  10. Juanderful

    Danny Rose opens up about his depression

    I just want to pass on my respect for having found the strength to share that with us Alf. The core of depression is feeling completely isolated and detached from everything and everyone around you, which in turn makes it harder to even talk about out of the fear that other people just won't understand (which by large, they don't. It's very hard to emphasise with something that can only really be understood from experience. People aren't equipped with the knowledge to support people which ultimately just creates this cycle to begin with). It's not like actually sharing with us, or Rose with the world, is going to have an immediate impact. But what it does is put a name on something that until that point, remained something you only experienced in your head. Being open about it will in the end do more good than harm - the equivalent of experiencing physical pain but going to the hospital rather than ignoring it. I honestly wish everyone suffering with it all of the best when it comes to owning your demons. Bring them to light with the people that matter most to you and perhaps you might be able to take back some of the control piece by piece.
  11. Juanderful

    What TV Show are you watching?

    I remember it being spoken about quite a lot when it was on TV, but back then, I didn't really have the means to watch those sort of shows so I just sort of forgot about it. But as you said, I saw it on Netflix last night and I was reminded of how highly it was regarded so I popped it on. The fact that there are 7 seasons of 13 eps each is just.. perfect haha. Can you think of any more shows that I might have missed like that? For instance, The Wire comes to mind. (if they're on Netflix or Amazon, even better)
  12. Juanderful

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Just discovered Mad Men (US). If only I bothered to check this out sooner! It's like a double-whammy too cause i'm in the business of writing copy Also, Don Draper is a bit of babe
  13. Juanderful

    Diogo Dalot

    "Sky Sources" Ha. They're literally just basing that off Norwood. The one true God.
  14. Juanderful

    Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Is he wrong? Look at their squad!
  15. Juanderful

    E3 2018 Thread (discussion and predictions)

    Red Dead. New From Software title. Whatever new Bethesda title they're working on (new ES?) as I assume that new Fallout isn't their actual next big thing. See if Fifa 19 will actually do anything interesting. Be disappointed when they don't. About it really.