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  1. Juanderful

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    + Youngsters were impressive. Comparative to their senior counterparts, they proved they were just as worthy for minutes this season. Don't see why we shouldn't start Greenwood on the right. AWB was ace. + Hopefully the first half was a good indication of our first team, give or take a couple. Just so much more dynamic than the second half team. Gomes looks like a real talent and probably needs a move to get some time this season if we're not gonna use him. + Rashford starting to look like a better player. Was clinical again and warranted a brace and an assist (from James). Feeling better about him being our main man if he keeps his head down and stays composed. - Painful how reliant we are on Pogba. He was the engine for the entire team and we're clearly worse off without him. Nothing new there though. - Lingard done nothing again. Just did a bunch of running. He needs to get his goal scoring boots back--else he's just a passenger. - Martial looked completely detached from the team again. Seldom the man to be the fox in the box, he was doing a lot of aimless link-up play and never really where he needed to be. If he doesn't pick up soon, I imagine it'll be another season on the wing unless rotating with other players.
  2. Juanderful

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    Starting XI vs Leeds: Romero, Wan- Bissaka, Lindelof, Bailly, Rojo, McTominay, Pogba, Greenwood, Mata (C), James, Rashford
  3. Juanderful

    Non United Transfers 2018

    The only logical explanation is that it's probably part of some money laundering scheme. Not even Spurs fans rate him these days
  4. Juanderful

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    I just couldn't believe that was the first win since April hahah. Tragic.
  5. Juanderful

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    How can we pretend we're one of the best teams in the world where we have Smalling, Jones, Maguire and Young making up the core of our backline for the majority of the season hahah Only one of them is an International regular ffs
  6. Juanderful

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    #SlabRed His welcome video will be him breaking concrete blocks with his forehead. Or something just as ridiculous.
  7. #10 MARCUS RASHFORD It's pretty funny to think about his rise through the team. He could have so easily have going the route of the Macheda or Ángelo Henríquez (I still think about that guy from time-to-time. He looked so natural). Despite being forced to the wing under Jose, all the signs are pointing towards Rashford now being the main striker in the team (having recently signed a 5-year contract of around £200,000 per week). To the point that should we sell Lukaku, I would wager that any replacement will likely being third choice behind Rashford & Martial. He's never had a high scoring season, and last year, despite playing mostly on the wing, he managed his highest scoring season yet. He's still only 21. His numbers by comparison to most players in this position are staggering and are only really dwarfed by Mbappe. On paper, he's one the best prospects in football today. Yet watching him play all of last season, it's so easy to get frustrated with him. Personally, I pen this down to a lack of form and confidence. Given the season to become United's main Striker, I think we will see another player emerge. One which closer resembles the player we saw when he broke out onto the scene where LVG gave the confidence ill-afforded by his predecessors. Or maybe he'll just bomb with the rest of the team? Time will tell.  Watcha
  8. Juanderful

    Juan Mata 2019/20

    Had a great showing in our first pre-season match I thought. Played as a number 10 and was key to unlocking their defence (the difference in our ability to do this across each half was night and day). Which goes to show that our only creative midfielders are him and Pogba, and one of them has the foot out the door. We desperately need someone else to step-up or sign for the club to help with this.
  9. Juanderful

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    #23 LUKE SHAW I think the best way to summarise Shaw's career to date is through the following stats on league appearances: 2013—14: 35 2014—15: 16 2015—16: 5 2016—17: 11 2017—18: 11 2018—19: 29 In short, last season was the most we have seen from Shaw since his season at Southampton that prompted us to sign him in the first place. Until last season, it has always been a case of knowing he was a quality player but his form has always been broken up by injuries. Lady luck was on his side though and in the end, he picked up 3 Player of the Month awards for the club, being voted Players' Player of the Season as well as winning the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award (finally breaking De Gea's streak). Let's cross our fingers that he can turn out another 30+ games this season for us... Scoring his first Premier League goal
  10. Juanderful

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    Pretty sure the co-commentator at one point said that we had Valencia as another option at rightback...
  11. Juanderful

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Perth Glory vs Man Utd

    Staring XI: Romero; Dalot, Tuanzebe, Jones, Young (C); A Pereira, Matic; Chong, Lingard, James; Martial
  12. Juanderful

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    Jokes on you because I basically only wear socks like 15% of the time in a given week... And in truth, I would be lying if I said I actually read that much on the forum. You're really the only one that engages with me enough for me to actually remember your username. Whenever people change their avatars, forget it. Might as well be a whole new person.
  13. Juanderful

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Simon Stone was reporting on the rumours of Nikola Milenković of Fiorentina, rather than Milinković-Savić On which, Di Marzio recons we're about to submit a bid of around 80,000,000. So there's that!
  14. Juanderful

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    You're in your 60's?! Had no idea haha... Your writing style has a rather youthful exuberance, all considered. Apparently Lukaku and Inter are edging closer. Can't say I would miss him.