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  1. Nights like these you are confused whether you should be happy about a memorable game or should you be sad that the pain will continue for long.
  2. We are presently bottom of the group. Young boys are doing better than us.
  3. Fred showing why he is the favourite of the clown. Rashford needs probably 5 more chances to convert one. Well still no one should be critical of ole.
  4. Mctominay and fred back. Can not blame ole as the man hardly knows any formations and under this pressure he was always going to revert back.
  5. Cash him till we have option in January and buy a proper midfielder who can influence games and do the dirty work. We are top heavy team as it is and do not need another attacking player.
  6. His criticism is fair but on other hand the other players need to pass him the ball in positions from where he can create a opportunity. By the time he gets the ball the opposition defense is ready for his passes making him ineffective. As said countless times we are slow, badly coached and devoid of any tactical style for players to adapt and flourish. It all comes down to the we have as manager.
  7. What is the point of having so many backup defenders if you have to play your half fit player and risk him more injury.
  8. There is nothing here to say about ole's ineffectiveness which has not been said before. This year he will not be as lucky to manage top 4 and we will see the end of him. We will win games in row and appear to be in good form in some part of season but that will be completely due to the match winners we have and not because of coach.
  9. We do not deserve to win or draw this game.
  10. I would sub Bruno off for a midfielder if we have one.
  11. Sancho was ok. It is not his fault that the team is clueless and we have no midfield. Lindelof is a weak player who can get bullied easily.
  12. We are not winning this surely. At best a draw unless some individuals bail ole out again. There is no cohesion in the team with midfield and defense in shambles.
  13. Funny to see opposition players runiing to their managers for technical instructions while our players stay there clueless and ole gives thumbs up from the stands.
  14. Individual brilliance will save ole. What a strike from Greenwood that!! Some talent.
  15. No Maguire or varane available for this. Lindelof and Baily possible for the next few weeks.
  16. If they do not buy fred and martial from us for 100 million then they are still a poor club. Whole point of being a rich club is to waste silly money on average players and distribute wealth.
  17. Ronaldo arrival has brought immense pressure to win and deliver on ole. Good thing ole won't last long as he is not capable enough to win trophies.
  18. Newly promoted Watford has more ambition than this management.
  19. Fast counter attacking team against ole the joker and his favourites will be a hard watch for us.
  20. Ole will spout the usual shit. Limited terrible manager who has some serious talent at his disposal but still can't do shit. Only positive is that by the time fred's contract will be up he would have taken ole down with him.
  21. Would love to see Cavani and Ronaldo starting together as two strikers with fred supplying them shit after shit passes while ole grinning and giving a big thums up from the sidelines.
  22. His treatment of van de Beek isnreally surprising considering he plays fred and ignores him completely.
  23. Cavani ran like a teenager when he came on. Great energy from him.
  24. Great 3 points but totally Undeserved win. Our defense was so dire and any other big team would have finished off the match in the first half. Ole needs to leave soon.
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