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  1. Should not have started rashford and mctominay and played Lingard or any other junk. Ole needs to rest rashford more and keep him fresh for pl games.
  2. nirav

    Director of Football

    We are never getting a DOF till ED is at the club.
  3. Martial was piss poor amd only players who did ok were James and rashford.
  4. Lindelof and wan bisakka were to blame for the goal.
  5. It does not look we can even score one to draw the game let alone 2 to win it from here that if we do not concede again.
  6. Weather turning real bad.
  7. nirav

    EFL Cup: Round 4 - Chelsea vs Man Utd

    Should have started martial instead of rashford. Rashford and James have played a lot of games this season with club amd country and should be rotated to keep them fresh.
  8. We should be so much clinical and Norwich are shit. Good performance and good three points.
  9. Well we are shit and on our lucky days we manage to win against unlucky teams.
  10. Young was at fault for Liverpool goal. We need a left back along with other targets as Shaw will never last a season injury free.
  11. nirav

    What are we doing as a club?

    Derby, Swansea and Sunderland are reportedly on sale for around 60-70 mill. We can just buy them and make a team out of their playing 11 which can be better than the one we put every week.
  12. nirav

    What are we doing as a club?

    Sooner the commercial streams will dry up and finance will take a hit because no one wants to invest/watch/associate with a midtable club. Glazers will sell the club to the highest bidder.
  13. If he's indeed a mob boss then i hope he takes out woodward first. The incompetent fools who call themselves as Manchester United players need to go along with ole.
  14. Why will Allegri want to ruin his career.