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  1. If the season does not start which is more likely than surely it will have a huge impact on transfer window. Many clubs will be in desperate need of cash and we can get some good players for next season.
  2. Dan James is becoming the new lingard.
  3. This just feel so dead without fans..
  4. He was no less than Bruno or martial today. Just a pure beast in terms of defensive abilities.
  5. If only James or martial had 10 percent of his brain he would have had a goal today.
  6. AWB was just immense.. words can't do justic to his performance.
  7. James has killed so many oppurtunities
  8. Williams was targeted but mctominay for martial makes no sense.
  9. All that running increases the brain temperature of James and then he just fumbles the final ball.
  10. There goes the good form of Shaw.. injury prone player.
  11. Rooney still better than young lingard.
  12. Deadly lingard and Andreas combo on in some time.. Derby should give up now.