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  1. Andreas Pereira from Manchester United to Lazio, here we go! Total agreement reached on a loan with buy option [€27m]. Salary will be shared. Medicals on this week. #MUFC #transfers @SkySport @ManuBaio As per Fabrizio it is confirmed. No loan fee and no obligation to buy while sharing his wages. Would have been better to sell him even at a smaller fee. Maybe he has a good season there in Italy and someone gets interested to buy him.
  2. Liverpool completely suffocating arsenal. Unless they suffer from multiple injuries there is no stopping them this season.
  3. By the look of things I seriously doubt there will be more incomings. If we are lucky then maybe Telles or someone under 20 mill. Sancho deal looks dead. You do not get a 100 mill player on the last day of the transfer window.
  4. The energy and workrate shown in Leeds vs Sheffield game is top rate. Any of those teams will murder us if we play them now.
  5. https://twitter.com/FabrizioRomano/status/1310189062838538241?s=19 Fab confirming that Lazio in talks with United for Andreas. We are the only club that will prove Fabrizio wrong this summer once Woodward starts negotiation.
  6. Hudson odoi has been very good since coming on. Think the game will be a 3-3 draw.
  7. Swap him for any decent player while we have chance. Complete liability and not doing even the basics right.
  8. Did not even learn after repeatedly being found out of postion. If Pogba had not played then he would have been the worst player on the field.
  9. Some atrocious defending on the right hand side and no one tried to rectify it eventhough it was so glaringly obvious. Brighton should have score atleast five.
  10. Daylight robbery... Fernandes saved the day with a unbelievable penalty.
  11. Someone go and tell this overpaid mugs that it is a league game and not a preseason friendly. What has happened to rashford? Such decline in his game. Get Pogba out as early as possible for de beek or anyone.
  12. Attend matches, get good dividends, pretend to work and fleece the club of money. That is what Woodward and judge are good at. Very sure that if it was not for van der sar we would still be monitoring and negotiating for van de beek.
  13. Complete silence regarding United transfers even from 3 tier twitter ITK's. Surprising that we have not being able to get a noodle sponsor also in this window.
  14. Game was not as easy as the scoreline reflects.
  15. Excellent from henderson there.
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