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  1. nirav

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    We scored 4 even if it's a friendly in pre season. We scored 4.
  2. nirav


    I wanted India to win but then how does it make me hate England and support newzealand? ICC counted number of boundries to declare England champions and that is a pathetic rule which needs to be changed. If England hit more boundries then new Zealand took more wickets which should also be considered. Also Simon toufel who is regarded as one of the best umpires of this generation admitted that it was a umpiring error to award England six runs at a crucial juncture instead of five. Now England playes better than new Zealand in the whole tournament but the world cup should have had joint winners surely.
  3. nirav


    England were plain lucky to win the final. The accidental six runs from stokes should never be allowed. Stupid meaningless rules. To decide a world cup final based on who scored more boundries is another rule which makes no sense. Get another superover if scores are tied in first superover. England were good in the tournament but Newzeland deserved the trophy. Kane williamson you legend. Did nothing wrong but got undone by some stupid rules and bad luck. Overall the tournament was one of the worst organised event in sports. The ground size varying, lack of planning in deciding venues as rains spoiled things. ICC is to blame for this farce.
  4. nirav

    Paul Pogba

    This cancer needs to be rooted out but we should receive substantial amount. Cash plus player deal will also be good.
  5. nirav

    Paul Pogba

    Let him rot but do not sell anywhere below 130 million. Make madrid pay. Considering the inefficient imbecile heading our transfer dealing we will end up selling him for 50 million.
  6. nirav

    Paul Pogba

    No matter how good he is or can be .. Get rid of him while we can get a decent price for him.
  7. nirav

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    Why have we kept this instagrammer in our side? Sell him to some lower league club if at all they want him in first place.
  8. nirav

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    Why only 3 should have given atleast 5 years or till he turns 40 atleast. It's gone beyond the point where you laugh at these decisions. Terrible.
  9. nirav

    Paul Pogba

    Point is when he does not want to be here anymore than why should we cling on to him for a season. Next season is going to be tough anyways but atleast we should try building a team that is committed to the cause and wants to play for the club. Also we are not in Champions league next season nor in a position to challenge for it in next 3-4 seasons atleast so Madrid excelling will not affect us in any way. Make madrid pay 150 million for him and send him packing.
  10. nirav


    India vs Pakistan today in world cup. Any cricket game can not get bigger than this. Some stats show that soccer world cup final attracted 1.6 billion vieweers while they are expecting around 1.5 billion viewers for today's match. More than 1 billion of those viewers will be Indians and Pakistani though.
  11. nirav


    no north american team yet. Lot of asian team you can support ... maybe india
  12. nirav

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    In 80 mill if we do scout well we can end up getting two decent cbs like Maguire.
  13. nirav

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Maguire for 80 million.. oh dear if we pay that price for him then we should just burn edd the Woodward in front of a packed old Trafford.
  14. nirav


    So many games not being played this year due to rain. 4 years you wait to play and it is a big disappointment when rain stops play. If the weather is like that during these months then ICC should have planned it better.
  15. nirav

    Daniel James

    Welcome to United young man. Go on make a name for yourself and have lot of success at the club.