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  1. Is he a baller? Will be definitely better than mcfred.
  2. While competitors strengthening their squads this man has the task to convert mcfred in something useful.
  3. Crystal palace becomes more important. Play a strong team in first half and sub all important players in second half.
  4. It hurts but arsenal deserved it at the end. The team still has mentality issues where they get scared once they are ahead and just try to defend or put the ball out. We could have managed the game well and atleast come away with a point.
  5. Bruno is playing based on reputation and has been constantly sloppy. Anthony needs to put some balls on weghorst head instead of running with it turning around and passing it back.
  6. A goal which could have been made harder if de gea was not glued to his line and AWB awake.
  7. Anthony has been nothing but remarkably shit.
  8. Their ball playing is on other level. Crisp and fast.
  9. Ha ha what a pathetic start.. They are not wasting any time. Bruno you tool .. could have flipped there instead of acting.
  10. How did casemiro miss that goal at the end?
  11. Sacrifice Fred save casemiro.. Fred and mcTom in midfield along with Bruno. Let us kill them with ole ball.
  12. Need to win.. need some margin so when we eventually enter a slump we atleast fight for 4th place till the end.
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