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  1. We do not have one decent crosser. Telles has delivered nothing till now.
  2. Looks like city will sign him and send him on loan till the end of season.
  3. News that Newcastle want him on loan but we have rebuffed them. Why does the board not want to milk it when it is possible? Also what is the point of keeping him till end of season if we are not going to extend it.
  4. harsh on de gea.. i still have no confidence that we can win. It will not be a surprise if we concede 2 more.
  5. maguire and rashford coming on ralf does not like it easy. ronaldo behaving like a prick on being subbed.
  6. Keep going and do not revert in the shell. Job is not done still.
  7. fine fine goal from elanga and fred.. now do not concede please.
  8. why do we even take corners.. just gift it to them.
  9. we would be easily 3 nil down if not for him.
  10. how can we be so bad that we end up outnumbered from our corners.
  11. not able to create anything till now even after most of the possession. We have no answers for organised teams.
  12. Brentford are a team who play cohesively and creat chances irrespective of opponents. A draw at best if most of the jokers who we put on the pitch work hard enough.
  13. Any slight hope of top four is gone. Ronaldo in Europa league.. yay..
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