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  1. Telling them that they are going in the right direction and it takes me so it is ok if they keep playing shit also he does not have any idea of football tactics so just take the ball and run around. Show that you are working hard whether you win or not.
  2. Andreas can make lingard look like messi. What a shit player. Greenwood would have scored a brace by now from those chances. Martial can not lead the line.
  3. nirav

    Ole Sack Watch

    No all this positivity from ole is working miracles suddenly all our players are working above their limits winning games.
  4. nirav

    Ole Sack Watch

    He says he is happy with squad and if it is so then he should not say we need time for results. He should be sacked for not standing up to Woodward and say that the team badly needs quality. Jose for all his failures did more good to the club long term by stating that the club needs a proper structure and quality players.
  5. nirav

    Andreas Pereira 2019/20

    If and when we let go lingard.. pereira will take his place as a perennial underperformer.
  6. nirav

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Nothing is going to happen in the window so better not get our hopes up.. ole is a yes man and he will not ask for anyone and Woodward is spending the dividend amount on vacation.
  7. nirav

    2020 Transfer Targets

    If Fred pulls a hamstring or something in the next games then it will be a disaster. We need bodies badly in midfield and forward position.
  8. nirav

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Chop and change does not seems to apply to many players of city, Liverpool or many other team all across leagues of world who play consistently throughout the season. We have a bunch of injury prone idiots who for all the money they get paid could not tweak their playing style or lifestyle for injuries to not reoccur. We have a shit medical team alongwith players like Shaw, Jones, Bailly etc who do not take care of themselves.
  9. nirav

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    Another injury prone stupid footballer who can not last five games in a row. Best paid fullback in the world having cramps after playing 80 mins in a intense game. Useless player.
  10. nirav

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Rashford should kick ole in the guts for injuring him more if ole kept him playing despite knowing the initial injury.
  11. The last 20 minutes apart from the goal was good. Two glorious chances missed and we should have scored atleast one while they should scored 3.
  12. The team playing well and leading the game is making substitution while ole sits and discusses with Carrick about post match happy words.
  13. Two great misses in a match where u had take every half a chance.. wow