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  1. We will have some 5-8 good minutes and then they will start playing football. We will concede soon and that will be the end. If we score first somehow then it will be even more difficult. The team has shown repeatedly that they get nervous and stop playing once we are ahead in the game. Overall zero chances of us winning it.
  2. Weghourst should have scored his last goal at OT. Sums him up though.
  3. Martial deserved nothing but such is luck that he has a goal to his name. Casemiro with a beautifull pass.
  4. Sub Bruno and martial now. Useless and pathetic.
  5. What seems to have happened? Broke a bone?
  6. That is why martial is never fit to lead the line. Should have started garnacho upfront.
  7. He has been good in these last few games.
  8. piss poor performance but valuable 3 points.
  9. It is all on bruno.. He needs to be dropped.
  10. Get bruno off .. Pathetic.. Goal difference does not lie.. We just can not score.
  11. we are so poor.. Apart from the lucky goal we have not tested their keeper with anything.
  12. Newcastle have been brilliant with the press and intensity. Denied Brighton any space in midfield.
  13. He has wasted too many opportunities to score and assist. Need to do a lot better if we are to improve as a team.
  14. These players have huge mentality issues. They can not dominate anything.
  15. Antony has wasted 2 good opportunities.
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