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  1. Missed one of the best lingard assist then. Probably the one which will give him ronaldo wages in the new contract. Your loss.
  2. This group won't be easy to qualify anymore.
  3. Ole.. ole... Ole... You can have Messi,Neymar, mbappe and ronaldo in one team and still loose easily if not coached properly.
  4. Lingard showing why he needs a new contract. Ole deserves it though.
  5. Only till his contract is renewed.. Before the ink dries he will turn to utter shit.
  6. You need to be aware and awake for these chances... Good goal and it all came from Greenwood taking the chance.
  7. On multiple occasions we had the opportunity to take a shot from just outside the box and we tried to play cute.
  8. Hence proved that you can have ronaldo or Messi or anyone but with a clueless manager it is all useless.
  9. Old Trafford is buzzing. Hope Newcastle do not spoil the party.
  10. Ronaldo starts.. Sancho and Greenwood as wingers. Matic and Pogba are the midfield. Hope that does not loose us the game.
  11. The news should surprise us that we even considered for a pay rise and contract extension to him but considering the state of club nothing amazes anymore. Mata, matic, lingard, martial, fred, Jones.. and still the club refuses to learn anything.
  12. No he has had enough of chances. Need to be sold before his reputation reaches other clubs and the club gets nothing out of his sale.
  13. Will Donny get a start in place of Fred? Ole may play Phil Jones in midfield ahead of fred surely.
  14. So Saul to Chelsea on a loan done. Excellent piece of buisness by them. They surely have a complete team. Maybe Tuchel is not as technically competent as ole who can win titles with mctominay and Fred.
  15. Looked to always keep his head down and work hard. Sadly at at this club and level only hard work is just not enough.. Hope he has a bright future ahead. Also, will be great if he can take martial with him.
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