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  1. Start strong and do not let the pressure get to the head. Even after the injuries and player quarantine man City is one of the strongest team. Need to play like a semifinal and give it all.
  2. Looking at the vardy goal in slow motion.. he scuffed it and shot was going so wide but very unlucky for tuanzebe. On other day we could have easily won 2-0 but ole and players deserved this for having a weak mentality once we are leading in a game.
  3. Not only Rashford even martial is so wastefull and need so many chances to score one. To be training with likes of Cavani hope they learn a thing or two about finishing.
  4. Do not go hiding now and stop playing. Get the three points.
  5. This looks like a draw or a loss with the amount of chances we have missed.
  6. Rashford could have had a hatrick by now. Just so wastefull.
  7. Wow ole making a early substitution before the game is lost.
  8. Get Bruno, rashford and James off for Pogba and VDB and Cavani after 70 mins.
  9. You just can not miss those rashford. What a waste.
  10. We will anyways get booted out of the cup by a better team in semis even if we can manage a win today. Ole is a coward so he will go with the full strength and end up exhausting players and loosing both games though.
  11. Don't want to see Bruno, rashford, AWB and Maguire start. All these need to be kept fresh for the league game on Saturday.
  12. He has played a lot of football this season already. When we have the opportunity then he needs to be rested a bit or risk more mistakes and injury from him.
  13. Has been so poor in his finishing. Trying to pass the ball in the net when he can take a shot. We cannot ever rely on him being our main striker.
  14. Would have been 8-2 if not for martial inability to score sitters.
  15. Let mctominay take it and get a hatrick.
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