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  1. He is our captain. Start him against haaland. Anyways there is no hope for us in the match. Atleast him being in defence will make it a fun watch.
  2. Mancity can sit and relax now for the rest of the season. Haaland will score 40/50 goals this season if not injured.
  3. What was the point of rotation today. Weekend games are anyways cancelled. Surely team management should have known that.
  4. Ronaldo was awful missed a sitter. Casemiro and Fred were non existent. It was never a pen and if it was not awarded we would have had a different result.
  5. It may be a unpopular opinion but I do not think we have played bad enough to loose.
  6. Missed some chances. Fred and elanga needs to contribute something in the game.
  7. 2 goals and talks of new contract already. Better burn this club instead of killing it slowly.
  8. Give him the next penalty we get and cool down his loins
  9. Good half in parts and lovely goal.
  10. No control of the game once we score. Better team will pick us off. Some nice passage of play but mostly l chances coming through counter attacks. Huge improvement required to achieve top 4.
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