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  1. Yeah, now that we're going to go 2 weekends without a league game then we should go full-strength for this to give them game-time and prevent any rust. Useful for them to keep building relationships on the pitch as well.
  2. The decline of Liverpool's midfield is a key reason they're now so bad. They've always played a workman-like midfield with 2, sometimes 3, of them being more defensive-minded most of the time which protected their CBs and FBs. Their midfield is now full of crocks and old men, some of them being both, which has completely exposed their back 4. Trent in particular and Robertson are poor defensively. Van Dijk's looked so slow tonight as well and Gomez was like a headless chicken. You do wonder if and when they'd consider Klopp's future. I don't think he's particularly close to being sac
  3. Yeah, Colak looks good and adding him to Morelos and Roofe does make them stronger up front, on paper at least (Morelos' attitude and mindset makes his reliability questionable) Rangers' main problem is that they're not really any stronger in the other areas because of the players they lost. John Souttar's a good CB but his fitness is questionable, he was out for half of last season and is out injured again. Sands has been ok at CB but he's a midfielder by trade and having to play there due to injuries. Tillman also looks like a decent signing out wide, but he's only replacing Aribo rathe
  4. Admittedly it's happening elsewhere with Bayern and PSG absolutely dominating their leagues, but Celtic are just too big/dominant for the rest of the clubs in Scotland. They had a poor season the year before last under Lennon which Rangers capitalised on, but they've basically just bought a whole new team under Postecoglou and they look like they'll win the league at a canter this year. That's not to try to take credit away from him of course as he's signed some great players and has them playing such a great style of football, but he's obviously got a huge advantage when he's able to spe
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the final nail in Rodgers' coffin. Admittedly them not making many signings in the summer while losing players is tough for him, but they've had a terrible start to the season on top of poor form at the end of last season and today's result was poor. I think the performances are the worst thing, apart from little spells in games here and there it's hard to see how they're going to get results unless they freshen up something. Gerrard will probably survive for a few weeks at least with the City result. Their fixtures now start to get easier on paper so I'd
  6. Really showed us what we've been missing when he came on...
  7. Probably his worst cameo for us so far. It's a bit odd that he hasn't had a started yet so you do wonder if he wasn't one of Ten Hag's preferred signings. Hopefully he starts against Sociedad as he needs to start playing more if he's going to fit in.
  8. He didn't show a huge amount, a few flicks and tricks here and there, but it was a lovely finish for the goal. I don't think you can be disappointed with that for a debut, particularly when he's only been here for a few days.
  9. Just imagine how chuffed he'll be when he gets to start in the EL on Thurs.
  10. First 20 mins or so was excellent. We were all over them and they couldn't get into the game, and when we play as well as that for as long a period we really need to take advantage of it. Once Arsenal scored the disallowed goal, the players seemed to retreat into their shells and after that Arsenal were much better in possession than we were. Still, there were definitely a lot of positives. We continue to show a lot more character than we have for a long time, and although Arsenal were so much better in possession they didn't look like scoring much. I can only remember De Gea having to ma
  11. An important win. The Liverpool result on Monday would have meant nothing if we'd dropped points in this game, so following it up with a win was a must. There wasn't much to shout about obviously aside from a few bits here and there, but the attitude of the players and the fight we've shown in the last two games is something that has been lacking for far too long. Martinez and Malacia starting is a huge part of that imo, and Casemiro will just add to that once he starts games. It might not be pretty but considering how terrible we were defensively last season and into this, we really
  12. I haven't really seen Antony play, but I would much prefer signing a few cheaper players or even loans that'll improve our squad in more than one area rather than splashing so much cash one only one player, particularly when it's such a huge risk. Today has just highlighted yet again we need another striker. Even ignoring Rashford's form he's never been a central striker, Martial is injured again and Ronaldo both doesn't want to be here and is a luxury player anyway in terms of how he fits in essentially. I really think we need more of a natural '9' to give us something different and some
  13. I'm surprised Tuchel hasn't come under more pressure, despite him leading them to the CL. They spent huge sums last summer and were tipped to get close to City and Liverpool but didn't make great strides, and they haven't started the season in great form. That's a terrible result today. Similarly, I notice that unrest about Brendan Rodgers seems to be growing amongst Leicester fans. Again I think the FA Cup win saved him from being under more pressure. They blew top 4 to seasons in a row and have been underwhelming last season and at the start of this.
  14. I do understand the concerns around Casemiro considering how our previous big names signings have worked out, particularly those who are 30+. Signing him so late in the window also reeks of desperation when we haven't shown any interest in him all summer. However, considering how badly we've needed a proper DM/CM for a number of years, signing one with such pedigree is exciting and is a good base to build from. Obviously we need more, but if we sign players in other areas without trying to address the midfield we won't see the best of any other potential signings.
  15. I have no idea why anyone would want to take a punt on him. I mean there are a lot of players who are accused of having a poor attitude, but he really is something else. He genuinely looks like he doesn't give a shit whenever I see him play. He seems to have no fire in his belly at all, no desire to get back to becoming a first choice player anywhere or to prove any of his doubters/critics wrong. Whether he's just an arrogant waster or there's something wrong with him mentally, there does seem to be a huge issue there.
  16. If you're called to give a character reference in a court case, do you have to provide one or are you allowed to refuse? I find it absolutely bizarre that people agree in a case like this, Fergie has and I think I read Gary Neville is as well. Considering how high their opinion was of him and how great a man they thought he was, even without this case it's clear that he completely conned everyone. I've no idea why you'd want to give him a reference, or how you can provide a reliable one considering they didn't really know the real person. In fact, it makes him look worse if anything.
  17. Jim Ratcliffe's would be the best of a bad bunch if someone was to buy the Glazers out. As long as the clown Knighton is kept well away, but I'm sure his claims to be involved is all about him trying to boost his ego and PR.
  18. I would take any of the 3 Chelsea players we've been linked with as well, they'd improve us instantly. My concern is mainly around the fact that they aren't anywhere near enough. I'd say we need a LW, but we really need a ST and DM/CM. Our need for a RB is probably equally important as our need for a LW as well, so unless we were to improve these areas as well I doubt they'll be able to make much of an impact.
  19. I'd reiterate what everyone else is saying. No idea how good he'll be and whether he's ready to play first-team football for us regularly, but considering how poor we are in midfield I'd much rather we kept him and let him have a run in the team to see what he can do, rather than go with the players we know aren't up to it. If we are desperate for funds there aren't many players who would command a fee, but selling Garner for £15m doesn't give us much to play with either.
  20. I also think we go into every transfer window with a very limited list of options. We seem to focus on signing one player for a position with no back up options, so we end up either being held to ransom and throwing huge sums at the club and player to sign them, or we miss out and don't bother signing anyone. We should be able to identify 2-3 players, at least, that we'd be happy to sign. If we can't get our preferred option, like with De Jong this summer, then we should have someone else we can move onto quickly. It's more understandable that this hasn't happened this summer since w
  21. Matic had a good first half-season. After that, aside from a decent performance here and there, he was average at best but poor more often than not. Herrera was better than decent and I think the fact he didn't play in a hugely successful team means he doesn't get the credit he deserves. In the 16/17 season in particular when Kante was being so highly praised, Herrera's stats were on a par with his for example. He also had the character that we've been so badly missing for years, he could and should have been made captain if he'd stayed. I don't think he'd ever come back though, as h
  22. The only player who you could argue was a positive tonight. He showed more tenacity and passion in his first few minutes on the pitch than most of our players have in the last 10-12 months, at least. Keen to see much more of him.
  23. I thought he was the best midfielder we've had since Fergie's time anyway, but the more time passes the better he looks.
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