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  1. Not even on a free. You never know it might work out as a short term move, but signing a 35 year old defender is a risk and we'll just be in the same situation next year.
  2. Denmark will be really disappointed. Thought they were clearly the better team in the first half, all over Belgium and should have scored more, but didn't take their chances and it cost them in the end. Belgium were always going to come back strong in the second half so they had to take advantage when there were on top. Bright start from the Netherlands, great penalty from Depay.
  3. He isn't even the best presenter on ITV. The female presenter who was on yesterday was much better (can't remember her name) He's the worst of any of the UK broadcasters' presenters by far.
  4. Wonder what the reaction will be if this comes off...
  5. None of them are as good as Glen Kamara though, let's be honest.
  6. Have to praise the refereeing in the tournament so far. It's been far less stop-start than we've seen in the Premier League last season - they've all let the game flow, not blown much to award free-kicks when players have played for fouls and the seamless use of VAR have all been great.
  7. That bit of play by Pogba a few minutes ago is like all of the bits of Pogba we see at United all in one bit of play. A nice bit of play to skip by the defender, acres of space to deliver a cross, but stops the ball, tries some fancy thing then falls over.
  8. Not sure what Patrick Vieira's thinking is tactically speaking, but he's just said that Germany have to expose themselves...
  9. Rudiger doing a poor man's impression of Suarez there.
  10. I really hope we avoid him for that money. He'd probably be a decent player to have in the squad for the right amount, but 35m-40m is excessive to say the least.
  11. I'm not surprised by the Scotland game today. A huge step up in quality considering how average the teams that we beat in qualifying were, and we just saw the same old problems. Not a terrible performance and created some chances, but a real lack of quality up front and at CB. Tierney was a huge miss, which in some ways is a bit of a worry considering he's a LB/LCB. Not the best selection from Steve Clarke either - too loyal to his favourites and/or the players who got us there, when there are players who are either better or in better form who could and should have been playing instead.
  12. Dutch have really turned the screw in this half, and Ukraine have fallen apart.
  13. Enjoying this game, even though it's goalless. It's probably been one of the better first halves in the tournament so far - quite a few cagey games, but this has been fairly open.
  14. Yeah, Van Dijk was one player I continually said we should have been signing when he was at Celtic and then Southampton. I was the same with Wanyama as well and he was certainly good enough, but injuries were his undoing unfortunately. Then you look at players like Robertson, Tierney, McGinn, McCarthy etc and there can be talent playing in Scottish football if people take a good enough look. The only one of the those players whose success I didn't see coming was Robertson, surprisingly - he was very good, but I don't think many people foresaw his rise. Maybe it was because he 'only'
  15. Seeing him play tonight reminded me of something I thought about a few months ago (probably January when he was linked with other moves), but if we decide to take the 'risky' option of buying cheaper alternatives and seeing if they step up, then one defensive midfielder I think we should consider is Glen Kamara at Rangers. People look down their noses at players who are playing in Scotland, even though a good few have proven themselves in the league in the last few years, but he's a player I really like. I definitely think he'll prove himself to good enough if he plays in the Premier Leag
  16. Yep, that's why he gets so much praise for playing well for France because he has someone as good as Kante doing all over the work. He's had a good season for us overall but, in short, he's still a luxury player that we can't afford to accommodate, even leaving aside his constant flirting with other clubs and making everything about himself.
  17. Distressing to watch what happened to Eriksen, so it's hard to imagine what his family, friends and colleagues had to go through. I really didn't think the game should have gone ahead tonight, though it now seems they were given the choice to play it tonight or tomorrow at 12pm, and it clearly affected Denmark's performance. They were pretty subdued, and a really bad mistake from Schmeichel and poor penalty from Hojbjerg seemed to suggest their minds weren't on it - understandably of course.
  18. I would take him in a heartbeat as well, despite the fact that I think Ndidi is probably the player we need more. I think we'd have to pay a big fee to get either of them though, so again it depends on what our spending plans are. The best signing from Leicester would actually be their chief scout (or whoever is responsible for identifying/making their signings), so that we can buy these players cheaply in the first place rather than thinking about splashing out years later!
  19. Well deserved Chelsea. Not really that surprising considering Tuchel has had the beating of Pep in their matches this season. It could have actually been more considering Chelsea had the much better chances. It kind of feels that Pep has bought into his own hype and tries to be too clever for his own good. In the last few seasons, he seems to go into these games trying to throw a curveball by doing something unexpected and it blows up in his face.
  20. Considering, as I've said, I don't think we'll be spending huge amounts of cash this summer this would be a no-brainer. It does feel like there might be a little bit of movement in the goalkeeping position this summer. Romero will go, rumours are that Tom Heaton is coming in so I imagine Grant will be going/retiring if so, and I'm not sure that De Gea and Henderson will both be staying. I'd be least surprised to see De Gea head back to Spain.
  21. Considering the lack of obvious options, I wouldn't have much confidence in us gaining much (if anything) by replacing him this summer. Also, he has achieved the club's minimum expectations by finishing Top 4, whether people think those expectations are acceptable or not. He's out of contract next summer and I wouldn't bother giving him a new one at this stage at least. Main priority has to be fixing the issues with the squad/team, as that needs to be done whoever the manager is. If we make big strides next season and look like we're heading somewhere then I wouldn't mind us giving
  22. He actually ran past someone else as well, did he not? Bailly was it?
  23. Not a surprising performance when you consider everything. It was a repeat of so many performances we've seen - relatively comfortable defensively and dominating possession but against a defensive, well organised team, we had no idea how to break them down and nobody in the team with the ability or character to really step up to make the difference. We could have done with making substitutions early, but with a real lack of depth and players who haven't exactly made the most of it when they've been given a chance I'm not sure it would have made that much of a difference. Hard to say
  24. Unless we spring a surprise and Maguire starts, I think we'll go with @TheManc's team. Harsh on Rashford to miss out probably, but he and Pogba can't fit into the same team and I expect we'll give Pogba the nod. It should definitely be Tuanzebe who gets the nod in front of Bailly. He'd be the more natural choice on that side anyway, but he's also been in really good form during the run of games he's had recently. Bailly was good against Wolves as well, but Tuanzebe has been in much better form in his recent run of games and Bailly and Lindelof both look out of place on the left.
  25. This was a much better game than I thought it would be. With two teams having nothing to play for and considering the team we put out I thought it would be a drab affair but it was a decent game, the first half in particular. Amad, Elanga, VDB, Bailly and Tuanzebe in particular all had good games. Elanga was quieter in the second half tbf, but was dangerous in the first and scored a really good goal. All in all, a good season for us away from home - it certainly wasn't our away form that stopped us from putting up more of a challenge.
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