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  1. Paul Pogba: The midfield problem Man Utd don’t know how to solve So much of the identity and aura of this United team is rooted in the idea of Pogba’s greatness. Sadly the material version falls short of the myth https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/paul-pogba-man-utd-midfield-bruno-fernandes-solskjaer-660860 More quality, more imagination, more precision. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have said the requirement is for more of everything against Brighton. The underwhelming Victor Lindelof harvested most of the criticism for the defeat to Crystal Palace. Solskjaer would be wise to focu
  2. Any idea what Rio's opinion about him has been previously? I honestly can't remember. I just think it's interesting that, aside from Paul Merson, pundits were quick to tell us how great a defender he is. Now they've all suddenly gone quiet, with a few being openly critical about him.
  3. He should start the next game. I'm not confident we can rely on him long-term due to his injury record unfortunately, but he is clearly our best CB when fit.
  4. Had some moments when he came alive, but he doesn't look anywhere near match fit - his touch and control deserted him at important times. That should improve as the weeks go by.
  5. Good debut, albeit not against the strongest opposition. Had pretty much nothing to do for most of the game but stepped up when it mattered, which is a positive. Interesting to see how he does in his next appearance.
  6. Admittedly that has pretty much passed me by, but maybe proves my point even more! Certainly not going to get back into favour being 3rd choice, if he has a chance.
  7. I wonder if he thinks/realises that his position is one we need to upgrade?
  8. Martinez move to Villa will probably be what pushes Romero to leave the club. It looks like he's 3rd choice now, and if Martinez is playing regularly then that makes it more likely that he'll be picked in goal for the Argentina. £6m does seem a low fee if he goes for that, but considering he's now 3rd choice we're probably not going to get much more for him. It would be fair to him to let him go anyway.
  9. I wasn't expecting a great performance considering we've had no pre-season, but that was absolutely abysmal. As well as the lack of sharpness, which was to be expected, there was a complete lack of hunger and desire. It also just confirms how much work we still have to do to rebuild the team/squad. We need a CB, LB and RW who can walk straight into the team at the very least. Whether we have the desire to do that, as well as having enough time left in the transfer window, is another question. But if we don't then we can't be too optimistic about the season ahead. There's no such th
  10. £80m. Most expensive defender in football history.
  11. I think he has some strengths, but I don't think he's suited to the league. He struggles with the physicality and pace of the English game, as well has his tendency to fall asleep at times. Signing a CB should be a must, but it doesn't seem likely.
  12. Gets a pass. Looked sharp and it was a nice finish. It was difficult to come on and make a difference with that performance.
  13. Brighton have done well to get the equaliser, but what a strike from James.
  14. Tbf that's close to, if not the, best I've ever seen him looking in his time here. Hopefully that means he's really up for this season.
  15. I have to admit I haven't seen him play that much, but this is the type of signing that always excites me. It's the type of signing we should be trying to make more often rather than splashing out extortionate amounts on "big"/more obvious names. It gives us more depth in midfield, and hopefully means we will rotate more in there. I can't wait to see him play.
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