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  1. Jay007

    2020 Transfer Targets

    We could really do with 2-3 reinforcements this month to see us through the season at least, but I'm not that confident that we'll get more than one if that. The Fernandes deal is obviously the one that looks like it could happen if we can agree on price. Aside from that, we really need a striker. We needed one anyway as cover/competition/a different option, but we really need one now in light of Rashford's situation. They're the two necessities. We certainly need another midfielder or wide man in the summer, but given we need numbers now another one would be useful. I'm not sure who'd be available, but even if we could bring someone in on loan initially that would be useful.
  2. I haven't been able to get worked up about the result at all tbh, no matter how annoying and frustrating it is to lose against them. Far better United teams have been outplayed and outfought by far worse Liverpool teams over the years. I can't actually remember the last time we came out of a game at Anfield as the better team. The issue is about how far behind them we are on the whole. As for the game itself, it's quite obvious we didn't deserve to win. The game could have gone differently in one of two ways - we could have been on the receiving end of a hiding. Or alternatively, had we taken an opportunity or two we could have nicked something from it. Across the 90 minutes we were outplayed, but we also had some decent spells and managed to get into some good positions and had some chances to score (particularly Pereira and Martial.) We desperately need reinforcements this month, but we're up against it now and I'm not confident we'll get more than one if that.
  3. There's no doubting his finishing ability. From seeing his performances so far, like Rashford, I don't think he looks like he's a 'main' central striker. He's looked a bit lost when he's played up top, so I think he should play either with or just behind a striker, or coming in from the right. With the goal threat he possesses, as long as we get him within the width of the box he'll always be a danger.
  4. Jay007

    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Confirmed that he's signed for Inter on a pre-contract. No suggestion that we'll let him go now, but there's still time I guess. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51028918. Good move for him. I wasn't that excited when we signed him and he's spent as much time for us playing in a different position than the one we signed him for, but he's been a great servant to the club and has been someone we have been able to rely on throughout his time here. In some respects it is quite sad that he's still one of our most reliable players, but that's not his fault. He's done his job for us and didn't deserve the flak he's received over the years.
  5. Jay007

    FAC - 3rd Round - Wolves vs Man Utd

    Meh. Ok performance in the first half and were ever so slightly better than Wolves. They were better in the second half and more dangerous, while we were woeful. Poor game really, Wolves showed a bit more than us but still didn't really look like scoring (fairly that is ). We could have done without the replay considering how many games we've got coming up already.
  6. Jay007

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    You shouldn't need hindsight with him. His flaws were covered up to an extent while playing for Leicester because of the way they played, well organised and defensively solid, but they were still there if you looked closely enough. Slow as a snail and takes longer to turn than a juggernaut, but can't make up for it with good positioning because he doesn't possess that. When exposed 1-1 against an opponent he's all over the place and never in control of the situation, especially against a quick and/or skilful player. Gained a reputation as being a good ball player, but nearly gets caught out fairly regularly. Passes that come off are rarely anything special. He's gained a reputation as being a 'leader' and organiser just because he's good at standing and pointing towards everyone else, yet more often than not he's the one who's completely out of sync with the rest of the defence. Possibly the most damning thing to say is that, despite losing him and not replacing him, Leicester don't miss him in the slightest while we're no better with him than we were before. He was never a top class defender, just vastly overrated because he's English and scored a goal in the World Cup. And because of that he was supposed to be a threat in the box for us, but he's never looked like scoring. Even his big chance away to Newcastle was piss poor. The fact he's the most expensive defender in the world is laughable and embarrassing for us.
  7. Jay007

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    He's had a good spell at the club and served us well for a while. Under LVG in particular and in Mourinho's first few seasons he proved to a be a good squad player to have, and contributed with some important goals/assists. But over the last year-18 months, he's not even been that. He's regressed terribly and offers us very little, if anything. Not only that but he's a poor role model for other players, particularly young players coming through. I've mentioned 'style over substance' a lot and that sums him up. He still has his image and his celebrity status, but nothing to back that up. Again though, considering what he gets paid, it would probably be difficult to offload him even if we wanted to.
  8. Jay007

    Fred 2019/2020

    I don't think I've ever seen a one-man midfield before, but thought he did quite well in the role.
  9. Jay007

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    He should be 3rd choice LB at best. Even then, there are probably some other LBs in the youth ranks or players who could play out of position who would be better options. Come the summer he'll have been here for 6 years, yet not only is he no better than when he arrived he's far worse. I really have no idea what he offers. We should be cutting our losses, but considering the amount we're now paying him we'd probably struggle to get rid of him.
  10. Jay007

    Fred 2019/2020

    He was outstanding against Burnley. We've seen some very good performances from him previously in the bigger games where his defensive attributes were required, but the Burnley game was by far his best performance for us from a more offensive point of view. Some of his passing was sublime and he really controlled the game, particularly in the first half. I've previously described him as a limited player because he's really struggled at times when it comes to that side of his game, but recent performances show that he does have that in his locker. Hopefully now he's finally found his feet and we see more of it. Certainly if he can combine both sides of his game we'll have a real quality midfielder on our hands.
  11. Jay007

    David De Gea 2019/20

    I think we should leave him out of the Newcastle game. He was our best player for 4-5 seasons running, deservedly winning the POTY awards in that time, but there should also be no doubt that he has declined in the last 18 months-2 years. He wasn't great against Everton last week and should have done better with the goal, and against Watford he was shaky even before he made the howler. I think players who have played consistently well for us initially deserve to be cut some slack when their form dips, but that shouldn't be indefinite and he has been a shadow of his former self for a while now. He was awarded a new contract so uncertainty about his future can't be used as an excuse now.
  12. Jay007

    Dong Fangzhuo Article

    Really good read. The only thing I really know of/remember about Dong was that Chelsea game with the guard of honour, so it's interesting to find out more about him and what happened in his career. It's nice to hear that he's found a place for himself in football, and it sounds like he's doing something really worthwhile now.
  13. Jay007

    Anthony Martial 2019/20

    He is one of the players in this squad who pose us a problem. He's undoubtedly got a lot of talent and on his day he's a brilliant player, but his attitude, lack of desire and poor work ethic is an issue on a semi-regular basis. When he's up against a team who are really up for it, he's just not interested and doesn't want to be up for the battle. He's our best (and only?) striker so he has to play, but we certainly need someone to provide competition at least.
  14. We need to approach this game with the same attitude as we did against both Spurs and City. There might be a difference in quality between those two teams and Everton, but they'll approach the game the same way as they did against Chelsea. They're going to be well up for it, so we'll need to match it. I'd go with the same team if possible to try to keep up the momentum. If Lingard isn't fit, then probably Pereira in for him.
  15. Jay007

    Euro 2020

    I know it's only a one off for the anniversary tournament, but I really don't like the tournament taking place across so many cities/countries. It's partly because I think it's interesting to have one or two countries hosting the tournament and seeing how things go etc, but mainly because I think it's ended up being really stupid and unfair how the locations of the matches have ended up panning out. The idea of some countries playing most/all of their games in their own countries is ridiculous imo.