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  1. Jay007

    Scottish Football Thread

    Didn't know what reaction to give this post Celtic's worst start in 20 years. Obviously there's a long way to go and you would think they'll get better (even if I'm not sure what they need to do to turn things round), but it's certainly a big opportunity for the other clubs to have a real go at a genuine title challenge. Hopefully it's not Hearts or Rangers, but in fact Hibs who do it though.
  2. Don't think you understand, he's better than Zidane! Super John McGinn!
  3. Jay007

    PL Matchday 6: Man Utd vs Wolves

    Only saw the MOTD highlights so people can correct me if the full game showed differently, but it looks like the same old problems again. Headless chickens defensively, not tracking back/marking players in dangerous areas, and no real plan in attack. Wolves have made a great start to the season and play really good football, but it's the fact the same things keep happening over and over again that's the big problem.
  4. Jay007

    Scottish Football Thread

    Yes, I can't help but wonder if the lack of activity in the transfer window is having an impact. The quality of Celtic's players hasn't reduced obviously, but no matter how good teams are, thing eventually start to go stale. I wonder if Celtic just needed some players to freshen things up and keep people on their toes. Hibs' start to the season is kind of the same as last season - in most games we're playing well enough, but we've been pretty open defensively and things haven't been clicking consistently up front yet. Kamberi hasn't played much due to injury which hasn't helped. A big plus is Daryl Horgan, the Irish winger signed from Preston - he's been excellent so far and looks like he'll be a great signing.
  5. Jay007

    Scottish Football Thread

    @CelticDevil What are you making of Celtic's start to the season? I think the only game I've seen of Celtic's where they've played particularly well was against Rangers. A bit flat again last night, albeit a deserved win.
  6. Jay007

    Marcos Rojo 2018/19

    He is a miss, to an extent. One problem with the CBs we have is that none of the others look at all comfortable playing on the left of a pair/3. Admittedly I don't always have huge confidence them on the right either, but they certainly look even more uncomfortable on the left. Rojo would at least provide us with a more natural left sided option.
  7. Jay007

    UCL - Game 1 - Young Boys vs Man Utd

    We did the job, which is all you can really say. Young Boys play some good football, caused us a lot of problems with their pace in particular and created chances, but weren't clinical. We were poor defensively, particularly at set pieces. We weren't particularly fluent in attack either but effective enough. Still, it was important to get off to a flying start considering the group we're in. 3 points and a good goal difference.
  8. Jay007

    PL Matchday 5: Watford vs Man Utd

    Up until the Watford goal, we were in control of the game. We were set up to counter their strength and physicality, and they weren't causing us problems. We had obviously worked on set pieces because they came off. But the goal was typical of us, a lack of work ethic/desire. Nobody really tracking runs, and then when they got to the box they had about 2 or 3 players waiting for a pull back in plenty of space. We did have a couple of counter attacks that we should have done better with, but as ever the stock reaction to being under a bit of pressure is to sit even further back, invite even more pressure on and hope for the best. Watford had opportunities to do more as well, and it took a last minute save from DDG to save us 2 points. I did expect us to really struggle in the game, so to get the 3 points is really pleasing, but I can't help feeling pessimistic/concerned about seeing some of the same old things again.
  9. Certainly saved us two points today with that save at the end. That looked like it had goal written all over it.
  10. Jay007

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    He plays in a team which isn't as good or as attacking, and gets worse service as well. He's a great goalscorer, but I love his attitude and work ethic just as much. He certainly drives the team on.
  11. Jay007

    UEFA Nations League

    Wales haven't really played badly, but Denmark are a really well-organised, efficient team. They've just struggled to break them down. It's a better game than the one earlier. Ukraine-Slovakia was dreadful.
  12. Jay007

    Luke Shaw 2018/19

    Currently being very carefully put on a stretcher in the England-Spain game
  13. Jay007

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    He's always going to be ridiculed for missing a penalty when he takes a run up like he did, no matter his overall record or how good or bad the penalty is. He'll always want to be the person to step up, and Herrera aside I don't have much confidence in any of our other players.
  14. Jay007

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    Nice to see him play so well and get another two goals. When he's as off the boil as he has been at the start of the season, it does have a huge impact on the quality of the team's collective performance. Hopefully his performance against Burnley means he's finding his match sharpness.
  15. Jay007

    Scottish Football Thread

    I'm the same as you. I heard about it yesterday, but didn't really know what to make of it and thought it was possibly people exaggerating. But then I saw footage last night and today which was a real eye opener. It is frightening to see and to think of the possible consequences. There needs to be an urgent review as to what happened yesterday, but considering I have heard of other complaints regarding policing on other occasions I do wonder if we need to see a complete review as to how football games are policed. I'm obviously no expert and I've not experienced it, but safety should be the number one priority.