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  1. Jay007

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    "Needing to sign someone" or "not having enough time to find an alternative" aren't reasons to make such a signing in any circumstances. The fact that Toby Alderweireld is waiting to be signed for £25m makes those reasons even more ridiculous.
  2. Jay007

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    He's another player we really need to see a big season from. I understand that injuries have affected him during his time here, but I do think he's lucky that we have so many other areas we need to address or there would be bigger question marks about his future here. He hasn't really developed much during his time here, and he has a lot of improving to do. Too often, he falls asleep and/or is too lazy defensively and although he's good driving forward with the ball, his final ball is ineffective. He's far too inconsistent too - he has good spells of form here and there, but can't keep it going. I don't think it helps that we don't have competition for him to keep him on his toes either.
  3. Jay007

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    He is still young, but he's got a fair bit of experience behind him now. He's been in the first-team for 3 years now, playing both domestically and in European games, as well as being a regular at international level and appearing at two tournaments. Add in his improved contract and the fact he now seems to be the undisputed first choice, we need a big season from him.
  4. Jay007

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I would genuinely rather give Tuanzebe a shot as our first choice CB partner for Lindelof than sign Maguire, particularly for the fees being banded about. I realise that there aren't any "obvious" CBs available to sign and that our scouting system seems incapable of pulling surprising, but ultimately successful, signings out of the bag (e.g Vidic.) But I honestly don't think he is a significant improvement on what we have, if at all. He's certainly worth nowhere near the reported fees, even in today's ridiculously inflated market.
  5. Jay007

    New away kit 2019/20

    I'd say meh rather than yay or nay. I don't particularly dislike it, but it's nothing special.
  6. Jay007

    Ladies football

    Stating the obvious but USA deserved the win the tournament. They're a class, at least, above every other team in the tournament. I think the pundits gave the Netherlands too much credit tbh - yes, they worked hard and gave it their best shot, but the US were far superior and could have won by a much bigger scoreline. I thought it was a really good tournament overall, better than the borefests that the last few men's tournaments have been. Some really good football on show with the player's conducting themselves far better on the whole.
  7. Jay007

    Paul Pogba

    We should obviously try and push it to get as much as we can for him, but in the end I'd be quite happy to sell him for anything above what we paid just to see the back of him. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  8. Jay007

    Non United Transfers 2018

    I've heard that Harry Maguire is keen to leave Leicester. He'd be a good fit...
  9. Jay007

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    This. Ideally I would rather sign someone a bit younger who could be here for longer, but £25m for such a quality player is a crazily small sum of money these days. He could still give us another 2-3 years anyway, barring injuries.
  10. Jay007

    Ladies football

    What a terrible penalty. Justice is done though, I don't think it was a penalty - very minimal contact.
  11. Jay007

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    We may laugh, but until either he signs for someone else or we sign someone else, I'm going to be genuinely concerned we'll actually do it...
  12. Jay007

    Scott McTominay 2019/20

    It'll be interesting to see how he does this coming season. He has improved hugely over the last year, and especially in the bigger games we saw some big performances from him. Due to his performances and his effort and passion, he is one of the very few players who can hold their up head high after last season. Unless we sign a DM, he should start the season for us. Matic is finished and should have been let go. Fred also did improve and put on some very good performances also in the big games, but he was more inconsistent and wasn't as composed as McTominay.
  13. Jay007

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Hearing that City are linked with him made me hope that this will end up with us getting 'revenge' on City for the Sanchez signing by forcing them to sign him for a crazy amount of money. They did pay £50m for John Stones so there might be a chance, but these days I'm not confident that any other clubs are as stupid as us.
  14. Jay007

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    If any of the wage figures being thrown around are true, it's ridiculous but not very hard to believe considering our recent history. A player who has undoubtedly shown his potential in spells since becoming a first-team player, but who has a lot of improving to do to become a consistent performer and someone we can rely on to deliver regularly. If he's being paid the sort of money you'd expect of the very top players, then he has to at least start developing into one fast.
  15. Jay007

    Summer Football Tournaments

    That should have been a red card. Terrible challenge.