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  1. It makes the 'big 6' clubs' claims that the European Super League was necessary because of the 'financial stresses the clubs have been facing' even more ludicrous. I get that he's a really good player and could become a great one at a bigger club. But he only has 2 years' experience in the top flight, no European experience and very little international experience, so becoming the most expensive signing in the league's history is crazy to me, even considering the 'nationality' and 'domestic' signing tax.
  2. You'd hope with 3 CBs there wouldn't be a need for 2 more defensive players, so Fernandes would be one with someone else. It wouldn't be my choice to play that system particularly, just think it's an option we'd have available to us to consider for certain games or if we fancied a change of system for whatever reasons.
  3. Working on the basis it would be a 3-4-3 with wingbacks rather than wingers, so RWB.
  4. Another thing that signing a RB/RWB who's good offensively gives us the option to do is play 3-5-2/3-4-3 more effectively as well. Considering his defensive abilities, particularly his 1:1 defending and his recovery speed/play, AWB could play as a RCB in a 3 imo. I think playing someone who's more accustomed to playing at FB as your wide CBs in the 3 can work well anyway as they're comfortable defending in wider areas if they need to, but he certainly has the attributes to do quite well there I think.
  5. If it's a choice between the two then I'd have to go for Henderson considering how much De Gea has declined and how poor he's been in the last 3-4 years, albeit I'm not convinced by Henderson yet either. Who knows, Heaton might be able to force himself into the team as the 'solid, experienced but unspectacular' option...
  6. I'd be for it but it would be a lot of work for the deepest-lying midfielder, particularly if Pogba was to be one of the other 2 CMs, so we'd need to sign a 'pure' DM for it to work imo. Whether that's someone with the legs/energy to cover a lot of ground or someone who does it through holding their position and reading the game wouldn't really matter. It would certainly give us much more of an attacking threat though. Saying that, we could also use the backline a bit like Italy did in some of their games in the Euros if AWB is the right back - let Shaw/Telles go forward and the othe
  7. The way England played suited him. I'd say the same about him that I used to say about Smalling, albeit he's a better version. When he's well protected and/or expected to hold his position, win aerial duels or make last ditch blocks he looks good. When he's playing in a game where his team is more open and he's more exposed, has to cover a bigger area and leave his position he's really caught out, particularly when he's up against the slightest bit of pace of skill. He's really poor in 1-on-1 situations and his positioning can be awful. Aside from his nationality, the fact that
  8. England and Southgate blowing their best chance of winning a tournament. Strange decisions with the penalty takers as well really.
  9. Admittedly he hasn't had much to work with, but Kane has been really poor tonight as well. A bit of a risk to put Calvert-Lewin on though.
  10. Donnarumma taking inspiration from Pickford there.
  11. Both of Italy's ageing CBs are now on bookings going into ET. Think it's fair to say that's an area worth trying to exploit.
  12. England have been looking good again since they've been able to get on the ball more. If they don't win this, Southgate will have blown this letting Italy control the game so much in the second half.
  13. Think England need Sancho or Grealish on, for Mount probably, to try to hold on to the ball more. Inviting so much pressure on themselves is dangerous, even if Italy have been pretty toothless so far.
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