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  1. Shaw out or Mourinho sacked?

    If this is a general question about young talent, then I don't think Mourinho will ever get the best out of young players. He's never been interested in youth development, he's always preferred to pick someone off the shelf to try to deliver results, even if that means having to replace them a few years later. However, if this is about Shaw, then I don't think it's a simple as that. He's obviously been really unfortunate with injury, and the way Mourinho has treated him is disgraceful. But at the same time, Shaw seems to have a history of being criticised by his own managers for his attitude and work ethic, which makes me think that there is a problem with him.
  2. FAC - 6th Round - Man Utd vs Brighton

    Not much of an improvement, but it couldn't have got any worse after Tuesday. Job done and through to the next round.
  3. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Not as good a performance as we've seen from him recently, but another goal from him and an important one at that. He's having a very good season for us, all things considered and has improved as the season has gone on.
  4. Luke Shaw 2017/18

    The only surprise is that he's lasted as long as he has. It's been pretty obvious from a very early stage that Mourinho didn't rate him, and I was convinced we'd sign a LB last summer. Those comments are scathing, and it's not the first time he's made such strong comments about him.
  5. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    He's the embodiment of one big thing that has gone wrong at the club - style over substance. Social media star, wannabe superstar, big sponsorship deals, debuts a new haircut on what feels like a fortnightly basis and seemingly has the whole PR department of the club behind him, yet doesn't deliver anyone near enough to justify it. He's had his moments, which have been far too few and far between, but he is probably the most overhyped and overrated player we've ever had. For a player who is supposedly such a world class player, his attitude is terrible and the performances he delivers are embarrassing. He's a luxury player a best, but one who isn't good enough for us to afford having him in the team.
  6. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    What happened against Sevilla is absolutely indefensible and is final proof if any was needed that claims that Mourinho's style of football was never that defensive, just misunderstood, or that he was going to change because the United job was his dream job were always delusional and laughable. Poor results happen. Shock results happen. But the way we played in both games on top of the result was pathetic and absolutely embarrassing. Saying that we went out with a whimper would be an understatement. We got one of the draws people wanted, against a decent but not great team, who have conceded goals galore for a team at this level, yet they had double the number of shots on goal and three times the number of shots on target. Well over £300m spent, players brought in on such high wages, a lot of that on attacking players and midfielders, yet we play with such cowardly tactics and have ended up with a team who look like a group of strangers, particularly in attack. He doesn't seem to have any belief that the team he has is good enough to really take teams on. We won't win one of the big two trophies under Mourinho. He's yesterday's man, his outdated style of play hasn't moved with the times and he's too arrogant and egotistical to ever realise it and change.
  7. I don't think anybody comes out of the Carragher incident particularly well. The guy driving the car was obviously using his mobile and not paying attention whilst driving which, no matter the speed or distance he was driving, is irresponsible and dangerous, particularly if he had his daughter in the car. And then Carragher's reaction is hard to believe, and you do wonder why that was his reaction - it's absolutely disgusting and not normal. I'm not sure that he should be sacked for it, but it's right that he's been suspended.
  8. If everyone is fit and available, then we have to stick with the same team as today. It's a bit of an awkward position to be in, since we can't afford to concede, so we'll have to be careful. But with the pace/quality of the first 4 and the recent run of results, then we should be getting the win.
  9. PL Matchday 30: Man Utd vs Liverpool

    You can't quibble too much when we beat Liverpool. It's a game we rarely play well in, and with them having the chance to leapfrog us it was important to get the win. The first half performance was excellent, we showed desire and Rashford was clinical. The second half wasn't pretty, and I was a bit concerned after the goal - I think if they'd manage to break through and and get the equaliser they'd have gone on to get the win because of the way we were set up. But there weren't too many moments throughout the game that they looked like the were going to win.
  10. Marcus Rashford 2017/2018

    He's not having a great season so far, but boy did he pick the right game to put in such a big performance. He was perhaps a bit too eager with some of his challenges, but the desire from him was great to see as well as the quality he produced with the two finishes. Deservedly MOTM.
  11. Alexis or Martial?

    For all that Martial can be frustrating himself,, based on form then he should start in front of Sanchez. Sanchez hasn't really had a good game for us since he signed, and Martial has had a good season so far. Rashford also hasn't had a particularly good season, and should mainly be used as an impact sub atm.
  12. The post Saf singings

    I think the main problem with the signings aren't necessarily the individual players, but the squad as a whole. The players we have now are an improvement on what we've had overall, but our squad is just as unbalanced as I think it was under LVG and Mourinho certainly hasn't fixed that aspect. We have a team of individuals who don't look like they fit together, which doesn't help get the best out of them.
  13. Alexis or Pogba?

    If you were basing it purely on last night you'd say neither - absolutely embarrassing performances from them both, particularly in the first half. The biggest issue we have in the squad is that, despite all the money we've spent and ignoring the egos, we pretty much have a squad of individuals. It might be partly down to having 3 managers in a short period, but even the players signed under Mourinho don't look like they fit together, or at least Mourinho doesn't look like he knows how to mould them together into an effective attacking unit. Our squad is really unbalanced, and it is increasingly looking like we shouldn't have signed Sanchez for this reason. If they are both going to play I wonder if replacing Young with Shaw might help them both, as having someone overlapping and offering more width gives them another option and might free up more space in the middle.
  14. Juan Mata 2017/18

    He made a huge difference when he came on tonight. A lot of our good play went through him, he made some great runs and was proactive in getting himself involved in the game. Bringing him on changed the game.
  15. Game of two halves as they say. It was a fantastic comeback, we obviously had no choice but to go for it and that's when we started to create chances. We showed great character to come back. However, the first half performance is still a concern - it wouldn't be if it was a one off game, but it's far from being the first time we've seen such a poor performance. It was an absolutely terrible performance and we shouldn't need to go 2 goals down to kick us into gear. If we play anywhere near as badly as that on Saturday, Liverpool will absolutely destroy us.