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  1. Mahrez blowing the chance to effectively win the title for City. No idea why De Bruyne didn't take it considering he's just off the back of a hat-trick. Still in their hands though.
  2. Moyes helping Liverpool out big time FFS.
  3. Reports that two players had to be pulled apart in training after fighting each other, though no mention of who. The other players were said to be in complete shock, as it's the first time they've seen anyone in the squad show any fight at all.
  4. Chelsea, and particularly Tuchel, blew that. They probably had the clearest chances, then Tuchel played for penalties during extra time when Liverpool looked knackered and had some key players off the pitch. Even the substitutions were bizarre. How Lukaku lasted for so long I have no idea, and he should have brought Werner on at some point. I know he hasn't proven to be a consistent goalscorer for Chelsea, but his pace, movement and ability to carry the ball would have caused Liverpool more problems. The fact that Chelsea were able to create as many chances is the one thing that gi
  5. He's just won the league with Ajax again tonight. Hope he savours this one, as it'll be a while before he even has a chance of doing it again here.
  6. Injuries are clearly the concern. He is our best CB when he's fit and on form, but the fact that he hasn't really had as consistent a run of fixtures as we'd like due to the niggling injuries he's been picking up means he hasn't really been able to settle and adapt to the league as well as we'd hoped. Add in how collectively bad we are and it's not been a great start for him this season.
  7. Either Brentford were really bad on Monday night, or these players just put on a show to avoid being jeered and abused during the lap of appreciation. Genuinely one of the worst performances I've ever seen by a United team.
  8. He's been a bit of a strange signing for us imo. He's got class on and off the pitch and the professionalism that is so lacking in most of our other players, and in his first few seasons he had impressive numbers when it came to goals/assists. But even during those times it was like he never really fitted in. He's probably an example of how disjointed our transfer policy has been, a great player but one that didn't ever really suit our style of player. I don't regret us signing him though. He's certainly been a good player for us imo, just didn't really hit the heights we saw at Chel
  9. Erik Ten Hag has been appointed as the new manager of Manchester United. In other unrelated news, after extensive research scientists have released an image of what they believe the UK's happiest man looks like.
  10. It's not acceptable for players to throw in the towel, but he's one of the players that I have more sympathy for. We've treated him shoddily this season. We denied him his move in the summer, didn't give him gametime despite some decent cameos and performances that were better than some of the other players (including the winning goal against West Ham), denied him a move again in January, but then still haven't given him much gametime. He's never been the long-term answer of course and it's right that he's going, but we should have either let him go or actually made use of him while
  11. In what has been a terrible season for him, that must be one of his worst performances - a missed penalty, poor miscontrol of the ball which lead to Arsenal's 3rd goal, and was then lucky not to be sent off. He understandably has been given more leeway considering how good he was for us for his first 18 months, and the fact that we haven't had many great options to replace him, but based on his form alone he hasn't deserved to be a guaranteed starter. The way his form has dropped is really concerning. Whether it's just 18 months of carrying the team now having an impact, or he's gon
  12. Our best performance for a while tbf, though not a particularly high bar. We matched Arsenal in the first half, at least in terms of the opportunities we had, and were well on top until Arsenal's 3rd. But the players didn't make it count - you can't miss the chances they they did (particularly the penalty) and we did look like conceding most of the time Arsenal got to the box as well. We had very little chance of finishing 4th anyway, but that's now completely gone. In all honesty it would probably be better for us to be out of Europe altogether next season considering how much work
  13. He hasn't really taken the easiest jobs either, has he? Relegation battling Hull, yoyo club like Watford with their record and, when you see what's followed him at Everton, I think it's fair to say it wasn't all on him.
  14. I've got to say, I'm really surprised by this - I didn't think we actually had a scouting department.
  15. When Liverpool were shit and finishing in 7th/8th place, one of the things I used to use as an insult was that they had a small-club mentality by being game-raisers against us. This squad of players we have aren't even that. An absolutely pathetic bunch of wasters who should be completely embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. Very few of them will be though, especially our supposed "big" players.
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