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  1. Job done is all you can say. I don't think we were really any better than Chelsea throughout the game, we were just more clinical and for once took enough chances to win the game comfortably. The second half was a much better performance than the first - we were lucky that Chelsea are so dreadful in attack as we let them get into a lot of good positions in the first half, but it didn't really happen as much in the second. We obviously need to play much better than that if we want to win the final, so I'd leave all of the first choice players out of the Fulham game so that they're a b
  2. I would rest the players who are expected to play for the cup final. I think it's more important to keep playing players to keep momentum going when you're talking about weeks, but missing one game shouldn't be an issue. We need to be as fresh as possible for the final to have any chance of winning it.
  3. I think Mount's a better player than his critics say he is, I think it's just become fashionable to criticise him. Saying that, I wouldn't look to sign him - I think he's a good player, but he just seems to me to be one of those players who is a decent all-rounder without being particularly great at anything. I would also avoid Kane - a world class striker no doubt and he might make a good partnership with Rashford as he has with Son (albeit he and Bruno might get in each other's way), but a highly expensive, short-term signing.
  4. Didn't see the game but the way we've been running out of steam means we just need to get over the line, so any win at this stage is a good result. Liverpool getting a late equaliser is a blow as it means things are not quite over yet, but even with our recent form/performances we should be expecting at least 1 point from the 2 games we have left. It would have just lifted the pressure completely and allowed us to give more players a rest before the cup final.
  5. I didn't even think about watching that game, seeing a 4-0 first lie score-line and thinking it was over. I only started watching in extra time, and after Peterborough got the goal in ET to go ahead on aggregate I did wonder if they'd saved themselves, but they let Sheff Wed back into it again. A great comeback, but you can't be letting a 4 goal lead slip like that.
  6. I do feel sorry for him because it's obviously not his fault, but he should have been gone a long time ago. Some of that is his fault, as he had the opportunity to go to Bordeaux a few years ago but turned it down. He's had a decent career here, but has obviously been held back by the amount of injuries he's had. He was never going to live up to the 'new Duncan Edwards' tag, but if he hadn't had so many injuries he'd have probably developed into a pretty good CB. I'm not sure who takes a punt on him now, given his injury record. You used to hear about the odd player having a 'pay as
  7. I'm not really convinced we'd need two GKs, even if they both go. I get it'd be a bit of a risk, but Ten Hag doesn't seem to like giving his reserve goalkeepers a shot even in the early rounds of tournaments, so I think keeping Heaton as back-up (unless he chooses to retire) and relying on a younger GK to be emergency cover would be enough. If there was a more experienced GK available to bring in then it would maybe make sense, but as long as we sign a first-choice GK I think we'd manage and we shouldn't spend too much time looking for another.
  8. Exactly what I think. Based on his previous spell as our no 1 and what he's shown elsewhere I don't think Henderson's really good enough either, but considering how poor DDG has been and is now, and the fact Henderson hasn't had as long to prove himself, I'd rather give him the nod and move DDG on. FWIW I think Henderson's a good GK and will probably have a decent career as a PL quality goalkeeper, I just don't think he'll every be top-class.
  9. It's hard to see where a performance is going to come from, which is a huge concern. We've done well to come back from bad results in the earlier parts of the season, but we look like we've gone back to being the streaky/confidence-based team we've been for a number of years. Tonight, we weren't exactly dominant but we had the better of it in the early stages and should have done better with chances we had. But conceding the goal completely changed the momentum of the game - our heads dropped completely and we were never able to recover. Hopefully Garnacho's return can give us
  10. Hopefully those at the top don't allow him being in contention to win the golden glove to paper over the cracks. His contract running out is the ideal (possibly only?) opportunity to get a high earning, long-term under-performing player off the books. His error obviously wasn't the only issue with tonight's performance/result, but it's yet another howler at an important moment and it changed the momentum in the game.
  11. Didn't see the game, but from the thread and reports/commentary elsewhere it sounds like it was more of the same. We clearly have a mentality problem throughout the squad when it comes to away games - it's a dreadful record. Luckily the 2 away games we have left are against teams in the bottom half, but they're two teams who could give us a shock. The home games we've got are decent games on paper, so hopefully we can do enough to limp over the line
  12. I wonder how Arsenal will assess their season if City win the title (which I think is now fairly obvious they will). They'd have been pleased with 2nd at the beginning of the season no doubt as it's a big step forward from where they were last year, but to be so far in front and blow it is poor and obviously a hugely wasted opportunity. Getting beat by City is nothing to be ashamed of obviously, but some of the games they have dropped points in are games they should be winning if they want to be title winners.
  13. Tight game, Brighton were the better team but they can't really have any complaints when they were so poor in the final third. I think it was probably a reasonable performance by us considering our make-shift defence, even if our midfield and attackers weren't on song. I really wasn't confident going into the penalties considering how few of our players have actually taken them and we're not exactly free-scoring but, Sabitzer's aside, they were all great penalties. After Thurs, I think it was important for our confidence going into the final games of the season to get through no matt
  14. Yeah, that's really what I meant by 'if he's willing to go'. He'll have to take a huge wage cut where ever he goes. I think Newcastle would have considered him initially after their takeover, but I don't think they would now - even they wouldn't have paid him as much as we do though The final point couldn't be more right, which is why I never wanted to sign him either. The signs were there even when he was at Leicester. There will be clubs who'll be more accepting of his mistakes for his better performances, but it's nowhere near good enough for clubs who want to be challenging at the top
  15. The only reason horse racing still goes on is that it's the 'sport of Kings' as they say (and the rich), and to line the pockets of the gambling industry. I'm not sure where it's got to, but there was a consultation in Scotland to ban greyhound racing due to the injuries/illness/deaths of the dogs from racing. If greyhound racing ends up being banned, I'm not sure how you can still allow horse racing to go ahead.
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