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  1. I would echo what Dave has said. Considering how good he was for us during a lot of his time here and what he achieved, it does sound odd to be talking about him underachieving or not quite fulfilling his potential, but I don't think he really did achieve the heights he could have as an individual player. I do think nature was against him somewhat, as I think with the way he was built he was never going to be someone who was naturally fit and athletic. However, at the same time, he didn't look after himself anywhere near as well as he should have, and you just wonder what he woul
  2. Don't think you can baulk at beating Burnley. Whatever qualities they make lack it's always a difficult game and you have to stand up to a physical challenge, which we did. Aside from the final minutes when they pushed for the equaliser, we never looked like conceding. We have a few players who aren't in great form atm but overall we're in good form and in a strong position, as unexpected as it may be.
  3. Agreed. We've seen a number of times during his time here that he's had a good run of form but then fall away again, so hopefully he can maintain his form for a much longer period. The signing of Telles seems to have driven him on, and he definitely deserves to start ahead of him. I was impressed with Telles in his debut against PSG, but since then I personally haven't seen much from him to suggest he's a better option. Hopefully it's either just him taking time to adapt or a knock-on effect from having Covid and he improves as well, as it would be great to have strong competition
  4. He's undoubtedly our best CB when fit, a good all-round CB and the perfect player to partner Maguire or Lindelof actually. Hopefully he can have a run in the team for the rest of the season at least.
  5. He's in good form just now, and last night was probably his best game for a while - deservedly MOTM.
  6. Having to defend his box against high balls is his bread and butter, so he's always going to do well in that type of game. He did do quite well on the ground as well tbf, but he wasn't exactly up against the quickest and most skilful strikers which is when he really struggles.
  7. Not much to get excited about, but we got the job done and we're through. It was actually a bright start, early goal and we could have added another goal or two in the first 20 minutes or so when we played well. But we didn't show much after that. Saying that, Henderson didn't have much to do, so I don't think Watford were exactly unfortunate.
  8. Yep, probably this - it's a bit of a coincidence that his form has improved so much from the same time that his agent was talking about him wanting a move. He's still a liability defensively, so it's good that he's playing further forward now. He is playing well just now though, his link-up play has been excellent and some of his passing has been very good.
  9. Very pleased with the 3 points. I think people are being a bit unrealistic in terms of what they expected from this game. Villa are a very good team, who have having a good start to the season and have already thrashed Liverpool this season, as well as taking points from Chelsea recently. We were never going to win this one easily or control the game. Yes, we could have conceded to drop points, but we also could have scored more ourselves to seal the victory earlier. It was a hard-fought victory in an end-to-end game. I would never have expected us to be in the position that we are
  10. Deservedly MOTM. Fantastic performance all round, with two fantastic but different goals. It's a shame that he didn't get his perfect hattrick with a header at the back post, but it was decent defending.
  11. A surprise inclusion perhaps but it was the perfect game for him considering how much space there was. The goalkeeper wasn't great at his goal possibly, but when your shot ends up between the goalkeepers feet you've always got a good chance.
  12. I thought he played well overall, but he's really struggling in front of goal this season. He just doesn't seem to have any confidence at all when he gets a chance, which I think the chance that he took an extra touch and put wide demonstrated. Confident and firing on all cylinders he'd taken taken one touch and finished, but he overplayed.
  13. Only the Mirror (that I've seen it in anyway), but speculation today that Ole and the club are pissed off with him and Raiola and are willing to listen to offers in January if there's interest. Hopefully that is the case, but taking it with a pinch of salt atm.
  14. As happy as I would be to see the back of Pogba and his circus, I wouldn't take Ronaldo back. You can't doubt his ability, his record or the quality he brought to us the first time, but he's yesterday's man for us. I don't think he's ever had a desire to come back here despite the constant speculation/PR, and we shouldn't be looking to bring a near-36 year old to the club unless he was a free agent.
  15. The game was absolutely dire, one of the worst you'll see all season. I thought our first half performance was decent enough. We were obviously fearful about making a poor start again so didn't leave ourselves open and managed to create a few chances. But the second half was poor with absolutely nothing to get excited about in an attacking sense. It was a comfortable performance defensively, particularly as City didn't push too hard to put us under much pressure. A draw before the game would have been a reasonable result, so I'm content with the point. That's the only real positive
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