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  1. Don't care how dominant Spain have been - hope Iran can nab a goal at the end.
  2. It's probably because there's no 'big' nation in it, but this group has had hardly any discussion around it when it's probably the tightest group of them all. Japan winning will certainly open it up even further, consider Colombia were seen to be the favourites.
  3. England deserved to win, they were the better team by far. Flat in the second half, and they'll need to be far more clinical and better defensively later on in the competition. Important to start with a win though.
  4. Referee isn't paying much attention to the wrestling in the box. Kane could have had another penalty.
  5. What a ridiculous penalty to give away. England look decent going forward/in possession but shit defensively. That should have been a penalty for England as well.
  6. Enjoyed watching Mexico today. Germany weren't great, but a lot of that was down to the way Mexico played and they certainly took advantage. The desire from the players and fans was great to see as well. Hopefully they do well in the tournament.
  7. Good start to the tournament. Couple of dramatic late goals and a fantastic game last night, one of the best games in the WC for a while. What can you say about Ronaldo? Crazy. He just seems to have become more and more effective. He certainly rose to the occasion.
  8. Jay007

    What Are/Have You Been Reading?

    Dwight Yorke - Born To Score. A bit hit and miss. It's an easy read, there's some good stories and it's interesting to get his perspective on things. But the title of the autobiography refers as much to his performances off the pitch as on it, as he spends too much time discussing the type of things that happened in his personal life, which is dull.
  9. Jay007

    Sir Alex rushed to hospital

    It seems like he's made a great recovery, considering how bad it sounded at the beginning. Great to hear.
  10. Jay007

    Zinedine Zidane

    You can understand why he'd go. Whatever his domestic performance 3 CL wins in a row is such an outstanding achievement that things can only go downhill from here, particularly if he has to rebuild and with the unforgiving nature of the Real job. Next time there are vacancies, then I'm sure he'll be the huge favourite for both the Juventus and France jobs and I'm sure he'll manage at least one of them at some point.. It'll be intriguing to see how he would do in either of those jobs.
  11. Jay007

    Lampard - The Manager

    It's an interesting appointment, not that surprising since he was linked with and interviewed for the Ipswich job. It's a difficult job, with big expectations after recent seasons. Of the two, my instinct is that he's got the potential to be a better manager than Gerrard. He seems to be more intelligent and more thoughtful, but it's difficult to say whether they'll succeed.
  12. Jay007

    Liverpool or Madrid?

    It was cynical, because he definitely intended to foul him, but I don't think you can blame him for the injury. I know Ramos is highly skilled in the dark arts, but I don't think even he's that skilled to manage to injure him in such a fashion.
  13. Jay007

    Liverpool or Madrid?

  14. Jay007

    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Karius... again
  15. Jay007

    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Definitely imo, especially in the UK with it being Bale who scored it. Zidane's goal is the only one I can think of when you're thinking of the best goal scored in the European Cup/Champions League final.