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  1. Thought he was really poor against Roma again when he played deeper, but he was good again today playing further forward. Considering the form and attitude we've seen from him throughout his time here I'll never be completely convinced or trust that we'll continue to see this, but there's no doubt that he's had a good season. He's been very good since January in particular.
  2. Considering how good he's been in the last few months, I would definitely keep him now if he wants to stay. I admit that I'm still a bit concerned about injuries, but he's just too good when he's fit to let him go if we can help it. We have enough gaps in the squad that we need to fill without also needing to replace his impact.
  3. Hard to really know what to say about that performance. I thought we were alright going forward, mainly in the first half, and Cavani could have had about 4 or 5 goals. But we were awful defensively, particularly in the second half. However, I do think a lot of it was probably down to complacency. Despite us playing a strong team, with such a big lead and then scoring twice in the game we probably thought we were already through and didn't need to do much. We'll obviously need to play much better than that in the final, but we'll be more focused (I'd hope).
  4. Certainly not what anyone would have expected today! Understand the strength of feeling and protests do only achieve something if they make an impact, albeit it's difficult to know what this will actually achieve long-term. Also, when you see some of the behaviour involved it does make you wonder how many of them were actually bothered about the issue and how many of them just turned up to cause trouble for whatever reason.
  5. Absolutely class last night, his best performance for us so far. I've previously wondered whether we should let him go based on his injury record so far and that he seemed keen to go back to South America, but there's no doubting that when he's fully fit he's still a world class player. There's also no doubt that the younger players have a huge opportunity to learn from someone as good and as intelligent as him as well.
  6. He did make a slow start to the season, but overall he's been very good this season. Particularly since January time he's really looked up for it, and it's resulting in some great performances. The way Cavani, Fernandes and Pogba linked up was brilliant. Starting from the left is undoubtedly his best position by far and is another reason why he's playing so well. I really do wonder how much attention all of these pundits who continually call for him to play in CM pay to our games.
  7. Great performance overall. After a bright start and great goal, from Roma's equaliser to half-time we lost our way and were all over the place defensively for a while, but in the second half we picked it back up and were excellent. Cavani, Fernandes and Pogba in particular were fantastic together - I think Cavani just deserved to be MOTM. Certainly a much better score line than I thought we'd see in the first leg and we're pretty much in the final. I can't see us making too many changes in the second leg just to be on the safe side, but we probably can afford to.
  8. A pretty drab affair. I thought our performance was good in two thirds of the pitch - we won the midfield battle, which meant we controlled possession and we cut out Leeds' counter attacks. The defence didn't have a huge amount to do, but dealt with what they had to comfortably. We were poor in the final third though. Aside from creating a few half-chances here and there there was no spark and we couldn't break though Leeds, who were much more organised and more defensive than they were at Old Trafford. The substitutions probably came a bit too late, but they didn't much make of an
  9. Ryan Giggs charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour (inews.co.uk) He's appearing in court on Wednesday after being charged with assaulting two women and controlling or coercive behaviour. Maximum sentence of 5 years in prison if found guilty apparently. He hasn't been found guilty yet of course, but even considering what we already know about him he's obviously a skilled manipulator/actor to fool so many people into thinking what a nice guy and professional he was.
  10. If there's a change of manager of the Portugal national team following the Euros then that would be most likely I would think. He hasn't been to manage in Germany in his career, so that may appeal to him. He might be keen on Bayern, but whether they'd be keen on him is another question. I'd guess not. He probably sees himself being above managing in France unless it was PSG, but that obviously depends on what happens with Pochettino who hasn't been in charge.
  11. You see the actual proposals and it just looks worse. It was bad enough when the speculation was that they were leaving their leagues altogether, but the fact that they want to continue playing in their nations' leagues just highlights their greed. They want to create a new super league purely for financial gain, then use that to their advantage by coming back to play in their leagues where the gap between the richest and everyone else will be even wider than it is just now? A form of financial doping you could say. I've always wondered how big the financial bubble in football could get
  12. His build-up play has been really poor for most of the season. It's pretty much been trying stepovers, then either running into the player/falling over/running the ball out of play. I'd really like to see him keep things simple when things aren't working. However, it's been good to see him get some goals recently. Hopefully he's found his goal scoring touch at the right time going into the Europa League semis and possibly beyond.
  13. Whatever their motivation and intentions, this is an absolutely terrible idea and a disgraceful way to behave. I understand the points that I've heard some people make that this kind of greed and selfishness are hardly anything new in football, and that a good few other clubs wouldn't object if it included them. There is also an irony when you consider that some of the organisations and people getting onto their high horse about this are the same people you could argue encouraged or enabled some of this. However, this goes far beyond anything that's happened before. It's not surpris
  14. Well we got the result. Similar to other games we've seen over the last few months - started well, but then when we didn't get the goal we seemed to stop playing and let Burnley in. Credit to Burnley who we always struggle against with the way they defend in numbers and their direct play. I do think we sometimes overplay when we get into and around the opposition's box. Sometimes I think we just need to take a shot or get the cross in early - that's what Greenwood did for the second, and you can get your rewards even if the goal is not 'clean'. Some of Greenwood's build-up play was
  15. Poor today. He didn't really have that much to do, but two rushes of blood to the head racing out to high balls twice (particularly the second, when things were under control) could have cost us, but he got away with them. Could he also have come out to deal with the corner for the goal? That one might be harsh, but the ball wasn't that far out.
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