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  1. Jay007

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    I've just been reading that myself, and wasn't surprised that he confirmed it. Hopefully now that he's making himself leaner we'll start to see a difference in his performances.
  2. Jay007

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    Good to get a comfortable victory, with Lukaku and Rashford getting much needed goals. Another promising performance from Dalot as well. I don't think you can say much more about it since Fulham are so poor though.
  3. Jay007

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    Last night's performance was better in terms of his workrate and it was a great finish, but technically it wasn't great to say the least. Possibly my biggest concern is that he looks a lot bigger this season than he was last season, and whether he's overweight or he's intentionally bulked up it's impacting on his performance. He doesn't look anywhere near as sharp or quick as he was last season.
  4. Jay007

    PL Matchday 14: Southampton vs Man Utd

    Dire. Absolutely dire.
  5. Jay007

    What are we doing as a club?

    Coming up with a plan would be a good start, because "making it up as we go along" is no way to run a club.
  6. Jay007

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Just a regular post-match comment to say that he needs to go. Our usual terrible performance from the start, get two goals back to level the game then do absolutely nothing at all after that. Absolutely dire.
  7. Jay007

    Victor Lindelöf 2018/19

    He had to win the POTM award. After an uncertain start to the season, he's continued to improve and has hit top form. He's been excellent, certainly one of our players of the season so far.
  8. Who know's what will happen in January, since our tansfer policy is such a mess. I can understand to an extent if we are reluctant to give Mourinho money to spend considering his record in the transfer market so far, but not signing players because you don't trust the manager would be such a ridiculous situation to be in. If that is the case, we either need to a) just give him money to spend, b) give the responsibility for signing players to someone else (a DOF or Chief Scout, whoever it may be) or c) sack him and bring in a manager we do trust.
  9. Jay007

    UCL - Game 5 - Man Utd vs Young Boys

    It's hard to find different words to say the same thing after every game. I thought Sevilla last season was bad, but this was as bad as it can get. Young Boys are a poor team, yet even then we basically did nothing of note against them and had to rely on a brilliant save and a huge slice of luck with the goal to get the win. No urgency, no drive, no desire, no ideas. You really have to fear for us in the next round if things stay as they are at the club.
  10. Jay007

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    It's a shame that nobody is going to just put everyone out of their misery.
  11. Jay007

    Marouane Fellaini - 2018/2019

    I fell for some clickbait about that the other day. The headline was about "Fellaini donating his hair to a good cause", and thought it was going to be a nice story about him donating his hair to make wigs for cancer sufferers or something. Turns out it was just a shite joke stemming from someone photoshopping his hair onto a Roma player (can't remember who it was.)
  12. Jay007

    The Saudis are coming?

    Better the devil you know.
  13. Jay007

    PL Matchday 12: Man City vs Man Utd

    A couple of good comebacks/results papered over the cracks. We're still no better than we were, and it is absolutely frightening/saddening to think about how far behind we are. Never mind City or Liverpool, we're miles behind Spurs, Chelsea and even Arsenal, which is especially annoying considering they've just changed their own long-serving manager. It's not real surprise how dominant City were, yet the tactics after getting a goal back were bizarre. Havng a safety first attitude might well be an arguable approach when the game is level or you're winning, but to retreat into such a deep position and be so defensive for the rest of the game when you're still needing another goal is pathetic. You don't get goals by not being in a position to create a chance, and I have no idea how he ever thought we were ever going to get a goal.
  14. Jay007

    PL Matchday 11: Bournemouth vs Man Utd

    I should just post "Please see my post in the last league game matchday thread for more details" in the matchday thread after every league game. It's pretty much the same thing every game. Saying that, there was probably one difference this time which was Herrera. He made a big impact when he came on and really made the difference.
  15. Jay007

    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Everton

    Based on chances and overall play, I think we deserved to win the game. But it is frustrating that we always seem to be a bit under the cosh and have nervy finishes in games rather than be comfortable and making our play count, particularly when we concede goals due to our stupidity.