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  1. As I said, anything above 30m is already overpaying (in general, not just for Virgil) PL clubs are loaded, a 50m is not that different from a 30m in the current age of football transfer fees.
  2. We overpaid 40m for Pogba. At the end of the day they're getting a class CB. It's not like they can easily sign Laporte or someone better for less.
  3. Perfect fit for Liverpool. Always hated him since his BVB days and his cringy ass quotes "Heavy Metal football" Tbf there aren't many strikers that Liverpool could sign at this moment. Salah is good signing but along with Ghoulam and Sane they'll be fucked every AFCON year. Just wish Matip played for Cameroon.
  4. In this day and age and the huge amount of money in football (especially in England) I don't think transfer fees really matter that much. A bargain is a bargain, but if you're paying over 30m for a player you're already overpaying and adding another 10m or 20m on top of that is not a big deal. At the end of the day Liverpool will get a good defender and partnered with Matip they'll probably have their most stable and reliable CB pairing since Rafa's days. A back 4 of Clyne-Virgil-Matip-Ghoulam is up there with the best in the league. As for tapping, it seems Virgil i
  5. I wish we could hijack that deal. Fuck. Him and Ghoulam would be great signings
  6. Arsenal have scored as much as late goals as we did, it doesn't change the fact that they are mentally weak. Pogba lost all confidence and forgot how to play because of one mistake. The midfield went non-existent because of one mistake.
  7. Because our players have a weak mentality. I'm pretty sure we would have beaten them if Pogba didn't concede the penalty. I'm not blaming Pogba, as mistakes happen, I'm blaming the team because it took them about 30 minutes to recover from the mistake.
  8. Reading Klopp's comments you'd think Herrera did a Suarez vs Ghana. What a fucking idiot.
  9. If you happen to know anything about BVB you'd know that Klopp did not buy most of these players. Look at the players he requested at Liverpool, aside from Mane, no one has been impressive. Winning La Liga, in a league were the world two best players play and the two best clubs in the world play is a much bigger achievement than winning the German league when Bayern were in a transition period. not to mention reaching two European finals and losing despite being the better team unlike Klopp who failed and got outperformed in his European finals Simeone is just depressed a
  10. Never liked him even at BVB Always thought that his achievments in Germany were overstated because the Bundisliga and especially Bayern were absolute shit and he also happened to have a squad of insane talents. He is a great motivator and is capable of making his teams play attractive football but he's also very one dimensional and tactically lacking. He is a very good coach, but people rate him on the level of the likes of Mourinho, Pep, Conte, Simeone and Ancleotti when he is not an elite level coach.
  11. In all of my 25 years of existence I'm yet to see a more dislikeable manager than Klopp. Klopp reminds me of that kid in high school who tries too hard to be funny and overreacts at everything but everyone laughs at his jokes because he always shares his food.
  12. How? under LvG Blackett was only good for 2 games, CBJ was great every time he played.
  13. If Raiola was Bastian's agent he would say the same thing about Mourinho.
  14. Biggest example of that is Bayern last season in the CL. Against Juve they crossed the ball more than Moyes team and ended up scoring from wide and beat Juve. Pep might not had the most successful spell in Germany, but his tactics became much more flexible in Germany, which is scary. And yeah, its topical of Mourinho to get results with no possession, United had 40% but we locked more dominant with those 40% than Southampton did with their 60%. Best thing about Mourinho is that even when he builds his side to counter, they always manage to perform well in
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