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  1. any kind soul has a stream for the liverpool match?
  2. except that Fellaini has been the best United player and most consistent performer and match winner since we sold Ronaldo
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  4. our best player since Ronaldo left. give him the #7
  5. Mourinho's first Chelsea side was one of the most formidable teams known to date in the Premier league. They didn't play the most attractive football but they were guaranteed to win. That side felt almost that it cannot be beaten. To belittle Mourinho's PL wins with early Chelsea, is similar to belittling the amazing job Pep did last season because everyone was shit besides City.
  6. get the fuck out of there grandpa and get on with the times.
  7. its one of the two. could be Phil Jones, who didn't understand the question and just raised hands because someone else did it
  8. my money on Herrera, Matic and Valencia
  9. somebody photoshop Fergie's face on Palpatine
  10. watch him turn them into thee 2nd coming of 2004-2006 Chelsea
  11. don't disrespect my boy Lingard