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  1. buying him will be like buying a cheat code. Or lower the difficulty level to amateur.
  2. Yes, feelings are for girls right? All men should be like keane. What a lovely world.
  3. He is to chill with the ball which makes him do 2-3 really bad mistakes per game. And then a couple of world class challenges as well. Hit and miss as always.
  4. johan

    Fifa 21

    How is career? Was thinking of buying this but watching some youtube clips, people seem to hate it
  5. So with Maguire in, are we finally shipping off Smalling or Jones? We have 6 CB’s now.
  6. Maybe give him the chance to clear up this summer and the next.
  7. With all those injury’s and 4 kids on the bench, and pogba red, I think he did just fine
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