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  1. I want to watch Bruno play all day long. But he should be subbed off. James too, he need a mental rest.
  2. He is to chill with the ball which makes him do 2-3 really bad mistakes per game. And then a couple of world class challenges as well. Hit and miss as always.
  3. My Portuguese is limited but I’m pretty sure that is after he finds out sporting sold him to us.
  4. Imagine we got haaland this winter..
  5. Yellow card 20 sec into the game incoming.
  6. Jesus christ, haaland hattrick in 23 mins on his Dortmund debut. Fml.
  7. johan

    Ole Sack Watch

    Chill. Let him get some players.
  8. I'd bring Andreas and left him there
  9. johan

    Fifa 20

    How is career? Was thinking of buying this but watching some youtube clips, people seem to hate it
  10. johan

    Ole Sack Watch

    sacking him wont make the problem go away. No manager can save us as long as woodward and the glazers are around.