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  1. The football should far away from politic . The politicians are like flies at the shit when the results are positive elsewhere around the World . Probably in Iran the situation is more complicated...I've heard about a death sentenced former footballer. During the sport forum the nation must be united . The Olympic Games in the past for example -all wars have been stopped. ps It's hardly to say ,but the only positive thing I want to happen with Holland is their coach to be recovered from cancer. Somehow he was involved with Man Utd in the past and never mind how
  2. A WC should be played in Balkans at least once,because the crowd would be happy with everything around -nature,history, food, drinks . Still the people can walk in the dark safely at mostly of the places. The only thing against my point is the fact that in Bulgaria there is no single normal stadium ,but who gives a shit .
  3. Agree and a beer is about 100 USD . A ,,luxury " accommodation in a container boxes ..... https://www.qatar2022.qa/book/en/fan-villages Great ,,party " as I predicted years ago .
  4. Their Academy is superior,their scouts are better ,their transfer politic is better ,their manager is better. Pep has enough power to control football processes too.
  5. Any news about Mason Greenwood !? Guilty or innocent ? ps My point about that accident was clear .Not necessary to repeat it again.
  6. Just found this article . https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/62899010
  7. You are right. This is exactly the what I feel,I think and react against . I still prefer to watch a football from a low tier teams (even the Sunday League) instead of the false games. A similar stars game is the top of the basket influence ......The approach of the pointless stats already implemented in football ,mass of jobless trainers and pundits jumped on the football gold wagons attracted of the money...... I can't imagine a ,,stars , collected from Mancunians ,deluded Scousers " both together ..... I can't imagine even a week free for the PL players and a
  8. I hate the American Basket culture and their read of football in any forms to flood the football. What of their shits is coming next!? All stars games !? Enjoyed their slip vs Salzburg .Please more of these ! ps credit to their fans for the Tuchel's banner .
  9. Who knows what happened last night at Neaples? Ha Ha
  10. What I have noticed about him !? I went on him few seasons ago and he raised his performances immediately (for a while). Few days ago I was harsh on him and he delivered immediately ! So , keep calm and shit on him when deserves. Credit to him when deserves too. Two goals vs gunners - well done .
  11. I have no idea. . He has a period under the manager to restart his level of performances I guess.Too bad to be sold for a huge amount of money . In other hand if he continue like that he will retire as a promising ,,young" lad. Good for nothing special at highest level.
  12. I have no idea what are You talking about. Sorry
  13. McTominay wants to rape an opposition player. Ronaldo can't run even 10 mtrs !? Greenwood and Cavany are not replaced .WTF the club are doing!?
  14. I will try to forget that moments ps look at Martinez
  15. A thread fore in the players forum not exists if I am not wrong. Eriksen deserves a lot of credit for his 1st games with United shirt. One of a few footballers with both : ,,pulse" and abilities ! Hats off and Welcome
  16. Your post would be well placed here too . Enjoyed to see Maguire benched,enjoyed the win ,enjoyed their pain,enjoyed the first 3 points. Laughed when Milner went on Van Dijk after the 1st goal. https://www.empireofthekop.com/2022/08/22/video-james-milner-goes-ballistic-at-van-dijk-over-positioning-for-sancho-goal/
  17. Pogba was finished . Everyone is finished when thinks that once the TOP somehow is reached ( for his case a bit questionable even for season 2019 tbh) and stop learning what is needed to stay at the TOP.
  18. Add Kagawa from Dortmund . Sancho too. Pogba Wait ...I missed Mr Maguire -what a quality . Pogba also was finished . I do mean his mentality . Di Maria had decent years in PSG Agree with everything You said. Looks impossible ,but it's a realty about the transfers carried out.
  19. Agree. Of course ETH underestimated the PL .Even worst -he had a pnone call only instead of meeting (or couple of meetings) with Ralf. Ralf was available for detailed talks about problems here. This is not for 1st time I wanna share my view on Dutch pundits . The Dutchmen thinks that they discovered the football.As per them the quality football starts from 1970 and every thing before the total football at Amsterdam was crap. The problem is that plenty people are influenced of them while Germans,Spanish and Italians are always looking for different solutions in that sh
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