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  1. Add Kagawa from Dortmund . Sancho too. Pogba Wait ...I missed Mr Maguire -what a quality . Pogba also was finished . I do mean his mentality . Di Maria had decent years in PSG Agree with everything You said. Looks impossible ,but it's a realty about the transfers carried out.
  2. Agree. Of course ETH underestimated the PL .Even worst -he had a pnone call only instead of meeting (or couple of meetings) with Ralf. Ralf was available for detailed talks about problems here. This is not for 1st time I wanna share my view on Dutch pundits . The Dutchmen thinks that they discovered the football.As per them the quality football starts from 1970 and every thing before the total football at Amsterdam was crap. The problem is that plenty people are influenced of them while Germans,Spanish and Italians are always looking for different solutions in that sh
  3. Having in mind his present form and his attitude I am awaiting some Turkish side to offer him some months .
  4. Get some United footballers with You then. Don't forget Rashy,Maguire. We can prepare a list and donate money for their tickets.
  5. The same I witnessed with other manager at another place and the majority are not so positive on that coach. With ETH could be different and hope he wants to show to the crowd who are the players he want to to rely on in the future . If his motives are different I will be worried a lot. Few minutes as You said are not enough of course.
  6. An effort to keep the score. The opposite means that ETH is an idiot
  7. Agree ps While trying to buy United's primery target ,Alonso could leave and join Barcelona and that strange footballer Cucurella ,,becomes a blue" OMG . https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/article/cucurella-becomes-a-blue They will miss Abramovich tbh.
  8. During the Chukotka's governor spell at London ,Chelsea were a high level team. The new owner seems ambitious too,but need to keep the standards or lift them . Hope not . Will see.
  9. Cavani is not replaced. Greenwood is not replaced. Ronaldo (37 missed) all the preseason. Anyway Rashford ,Martial and Sancho are doubtful cases. My glass is 3/4 emptied ,but not 1/4 full.
  10. https://www.talkmanutd.com/topic/4727-cristiano-ronaldo-thread/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-405092 I have no idea who this young lad is,but there is a discussion for a new striker at other place.
  11. First of all nobody wants a rid of him. He wants to leave. 2ndly If United were able to find proper strikers in order Cavani and Greenwood to be replaced , Ronaldo's demands should be not the biggest issue on this day.
  12. The ,,names" are mostly in the articles and forums .Talented strikers around the World are in the notebooks of scouts and lists of some agents. When Ronaldo had 40 goals in the season before joining Real , United was 2nd best PL team. The same was happened when Rooney had a goal record . United were champions when Berbatov and Chicharito had 20 goals tally both , Tevez before ...etc. I am trying to say when the collective is stronger ,the possibility of success is bigger . ps Sign Vardy on emergency if he is capable to walk till finding someone .
  13. You are right about mentioned former players. At same time hope that Fergie will change his mind about Mendes. Mendes is the same kind of human like Mino Raiola . Already has been erased from the NET what Mendes had said on United . The Ronaldo's camp forgot what United gave to them and what a player (RvN) was sacrificed in the aim of his progress.
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