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  1. Investigations are going (probably ,because I've heard something for Napoli) ,but this case is just the top of the iceberg in modern football. The big sharks will not allow more noise that matter I guess .
  2. He is ready for the circus . Looked at this piece of shitness I had the need to switch immediately to some of the greatest ever Brazilian footballers and their real masterclass with the ball vs 1,2,3,4,5 footballers and other situations . Unfortunately he's a United player .
  3. Credit to Arsenal. Can't wait for the day when some seniority United players will leave the club. Hope Shaw,DDG,AWB will not retire at age 40+.
  4. Do not question my ethics if You know nothing about me pls. btw The humble men good for nothing in this club are more than enough.
  5. Relaxed... You started the WC thread ,Van Gaal was at Qatar for awhile,Maurin is so close of getting Portugal, Spain are bottlers,France did 7 substitutes ,Argies were so close to make Spursy End of the final again, Croatia grab for 3rd time a silverware in the last 25 years. If You bet on everything above You probably You should became millionaire in completion of Your holiday .
  6. I was one of his critics and still I am standing behind my points ,but at same time I defended him when he collected more abuse than he deserved ,especially after massive the WC final vs Germany. If Higuain was able to score at 0:0 few minutes before the end ,Messi would be praised instead and smashed . This prick Higuain missed a sitter and in few seconds later Gotze scored the winner. The hell was opened for Messi.. Messi did fantastic during the last WC . Argies were well balanced team with a lot of outstanding players. Some of them had a key role ,especially few seconds the end
  7. The End of the beauty game began 1982 . Unfortunately the pragmatism ( of highest level) won a battle and the war vs South American football . ps some people believes that the one touch passes comes from Spain two decades ago !? @ goal #8 and #5
  8. For last day I had a read of few posts from different friends which I respect a lot . The only reason to create a topic is to avoid any ratings likes of ,,the most greatest" or something like that. Football is a phenomenon and needs to be enjoyed . At same time if We know what happened in the past We can understand the matter of the game better. I hate the modern football and I am still believing that the football decades ago is ignored . My poor effort is to give a credit to the football greatest moments over decades. Fill free to argue or agree with m
  9. From technical aspect there are a lot for great saves or even more difficult ones ,but the last save probably was with the most importance and credit to Argie's goalie . Master class . 1970 the Brit goalie Gordon Banks made a more difficult save ..the shot was bullet from a head. I rate both. https://www.givemesport.com/88085173-buffon-casillas-banks-what-is-the-greatest-save-in-world-cup-history Let just appreciate everything that happened
  10. You have strong points My points are based on their personalities vs world class players. Both are outstanding shot stoppers and proved the rule that the goalie is half of the team. We have a conversation about goal keepers at the David De Gea's topic ........It means anyone of them is superior to him imo ps De Gea was shit at his last WC (2018 ) . 2022 he watched the tournament probably from the sofa . United defense is under huge pressure and to cover the leaks the shot stopping might be the priority .
  11. Look at him from another angle -the psychical . His physical form anyway was raised for 4 weeks and after a peaks comes the lows.
  12. Martinez or Livakovic are my dream signings .
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