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  1. ,,Credit" to Herr Ralf ,because the ,,hot" water is just discovered .
  2. @Gary Simeone is a potential target for any TOP club having in mind that Atletico Madrid is in crisis and his sack would be expected ,but nobody knows the reasons for their crisis. Not sure how much he's is developing over the years. Any successful tactical approach lasts year,two or max three. Under him the massive leaks of goals would be cropped and the counter attack will be at high the standards for sure ,but I have doubts about how much his style will be appreciated from the mass. Two decent managers ( Massimo Allegri and Conte) were available for long time ....... ps The o
  3. If Wolves had 8 shots on target within 15-20 min only probably he was frustrated . At the other End his colleague felt asleep . @Jay007 is right about the amount of shots actually and the level of the sides allowed that cannonade .
  4. agree with everything You said. ps a bit off topic On this day PFC Beroe from the Bulgarian 1st League is looking for a new owner . The debt of the club is Zero and money required for a potential deal converted to GBP is 2,135,732.42 GBP with all the footballers included . ( The players total Value is €5.33m) . Martial for example could get the club with the Youth academy and all facilities for 2-3 months saving from his tick wages while doing almost nothing at Manchester. I believe that only the Beroe Winger Keelan Lebon /market value €300 000 would deliver in times more c
  5. I was wrong in keeping some hopes that under Rangnick he will perform better.
  6. Ralfs ,,right hand" didn't joined United. Anyway it's not an excuse . I lost completely fight in Ralf when Greenwood was subbed. It means Her Interim is affected more from some mistakes than from the general picture where Sancho and Cavani were pretty shit. To add only that the United staff was blind to see the huge gaps between lines during the game. It's not acceptable even for a UEFA C license trainers involved with U13 Youth teams. Greenwood should be shifted forward as a striker and the midfield strengthen with Fernandez . https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footbal
  7. I am not going on Jones for that clearance .....Their player was not marked well .Anyway United should have scored goal or two even from the only few chances created . During the 1st half Greenwood created a fantastic attack with that pass over the 2/3 of the pitch and Sancho (a multi million flop) wasted due to slow thinking . A 100 mln player should had dribbled and shoot better or just pass to the available team mate (Ronaldo) .Cavani did the same during the 2nd half when Greenwood was available. ps I lost fight in everything when Greenwood was subbed.( I had the same feeling on
  8. Ralf Rangnik few weeks interim + 2 years relax on Maldives . His only chance to survive is to abandon his 4-2-2-2 and picks completely different footballers.
  9. De Gea also deserves a credit. Greenwood too.
  10. This ,,hole" is set from the different approaches . 4-2-2-2 (without mids) vs 3-4-3 .
  11. Often against the logic , the poorest team scores first.
  12. I have the feeling that Wolves are playing Man Utd retired veterans .
  13. Serbian .Sign . and Alexander Zickler as strikers coach .
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