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  1. To receive both a guard of honour and good spank from a side with huge point difference within a hour .....what a promising sign for a short therm future !? . Enjoyed it to be honest .
  2. On this day Bruno Fernandes and Matic are the ones I want to discuss for any reason. Greenwood , Rashford , Mactominay ,Williams too. Having in mind the money spent on the managers and footballers and back staff .WTF !?
  3. In completion of the game I have no doubt that Ole and his staff are not good enough to lift this squad to the level required . You have a point about another 4-5 players .OK You are right ,but even with these bunch Norich should be smashed with some tactical approach . Someone like Massimo Allegri is urgently needed .
  4. Strong starting 11 . I do mean 2 creative players and Matic behind in the midfield . AWB delivered a cross -another remarkable event, Martial with 3 in the bag . Rashfors tried a lot and for that sitter in the 1st half I am going on Martial . Martial was the one to get a blame in 1v1 situation with their goalie and not Rashford .
  5. Yes .....If We add Rashford's presence We can think about some positives from the quarantine period (hope no more viruses ,lockdowns for everyone and crowd back at the stadiums ) . Agree with the rest too . Regarding Martial . Looking at him I am dreaming for Kai Havertz The younger and better version of Muller .
  6. Wait a bit morе. the consistence over longer period is the quality needed for a star signing . -. He is not anymore in the frame of a 8 mln Youth reject. He must be e seniority player for a club with completely different style compared to the his present one. Dortmund style gave a lot more to the players in that flop list already posted from Owenzy . ( btw could extended with few remarkable flops -Dembele and Gotze) Doubts are doubts . They are closer to concerns . Anyway Dortmund are not willing to sell urgently ,but if they need , they will make the next best deal as they did many times in the past for sure. Likes of Barcelona,Man Utd are there. Bayern too ,but regardless from Barca and United , Bayern knows better the real value of players . (Hummels and Lewandowski) They could allow from time to time some star transfer as Gotze to flop . .
  7. Same amounts of possesion ,but the team with the better dribblers seemed closer to the win. Another fanstastic individual effort decided the game . Also Sancho put me in deep ,deep doubts . Happy that United didn't signed Haaland. His body mass seemed massively increased for a short period. (12 kg for few months) Not sure his structure would carry it without frequently injuries.
  8. Haha, That ,,lows"' ....... back to the topic Toti for some reasons . The loyalty to the Club is a quality of any footballer . Toti was a great player and loyal man. another player to mention is Pele . No Corona virus at that times ,no AIDS ,no VAR ,no modern football ,no TV coverages .Crowd of brilliant footballlers around, samba etc. Ok I am not a God ,so ican't experience his football life . Mario Zagalo\s career . Not so imressive winger ,but a key player of WC winner .Later on great coach with genious solutions. He assembled a great team from crowd of 10"s and won a WC .
  9. Don/t give a sh+t about big signings . The football World will not be the same without crowds at stadiums. Secondly someones are afraid from crowds and the reason is not in the aim of safety . Huge amount of well organized masses as the football supporters are could put in danger anyone.
  10. @Txrt If i am not worng the same basque made my night !?
  11. I bit disagree . They are not that good . Today at their stadium for example Watford were the once who dropped points,because of the disgusting level of the strikers.
  12. More than two months so far this thread is silenced. No idea why . btw they played Everton .
  13. After a 1000 years after finding this statue some archaeology wouldn't solve the mystery why Mourinho released him from Chelsea .
  14. On this day the most of the news ,comments and feeling about United are negative . Really is enough depressing to read any kind of stories ,posts , watch the team and share any opinions between . I am trying to find a small things which can makes our mornings ,days and evenings much better for a while . This is NOT an effort to wear a rose tinted glasses ( a la hyriga style ) or put the head in the sand.....