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  1. He needs only one play regular. ps Good result.
  2. I am praying for other thing. If United sort the own ,,house" and Club board start working with sense , City will not became the ,,biggest" club in the PL. I am not going to deny the facts that citeh are creating good long thjerm football staff ,but United are United at all .
  3. Pap1918

    The England Thread

    Wanderson should have scored in the 1st half and wasted good schance again . Oh shit penalty
  4. Pap1918

    The England Thread

    The delirium You said. Okay England vs Bulgaria .
  5. Pap1918

    Ole Sack Watch

    Do You know what the bad time for a club actually means ! Spend some time and learn something about the present status of various clubs across Europe then. A lot of footballers and club staff members don't need Your ,,support" . They all have good agents and fools at the Club board to fulfill their extremely crazy money demands. .
  6. Pap1918

    Can we be serious opponent for gold?

    On this day even Hyriga is not so excited .
  7. Pap1918

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    I am happy that a finished footballer is leaving the club. Too late to be honest ,because the list of the half decent footballers already signed new contracts is too long. One parazite less .cheers
  8. Milivoevic is a Man Utd fan
  9. Every result (even a come back) can't replace the believe that this squad is pretty poor in all aspects .
  10. A story from last Saturday developed as follows" 1 .Pep and Aguero in rough row 2. Aguero apologized to Pep after a goal in a added time he thought was the winner . ( at 36 sec of the video above) 3. That goal was disallowed by VAR
  11. Pap1918

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets Hope United will land Daniele Rugani ,Super Mario and Bruno Fernandes
  12. Pap1918

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    At least he is able to control the ball . Good player .
  13. Pap1918

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    No A happy Pogba = a very happy Mino Raiola !
  14. Pap1918

    La Liga 2018/19

    An interesting point having in mind our chat about him few months ago.