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  1. That virus is a real disaster . The mass still can't realize that .
  2. @Txrt If i am not worng the same basque made my night !?
  3. terrible news Serie A matches in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto will not be played on Sunday because of an outbreak of the coronavirus, the government said in a statement............
  4. If he is not a self motivated person ,United is not the club for him . Luxury player on regular feed .
  5. That obssesion comes mainly from the possibility to fill the budget imo . For Woody and Co the football factors are secondary otherwise they should care acttually what is wrong. Should be the opposite . They might relied on the loyalty of the United supporters and followers and didn\t expected a violence reactions . Agree with Your points .
  6. So called ,,high profile " players are getting insane money for doing nothing. Some kids create a lot more and thier parents are in debts to allow them to compete at high level and enjoy the game. This also is a part of the ,,modern" football life somewhere which I know very well and experience on my back since involved . So my friend ,I don't give a fuck for cunts like them believe me. Some people are saying that Pogba and his agent are viruses. No,they are symptoms of everything bad around. The football life was already infected . If Pogba is a man ,as You said ,he must play . The word ,,help" is not the one I want to use. He must take his responsibility and perform at highest motivation and level. i am trying to say that he must work as a pro if he is a pro of this club.
  7. 3 points in the bag ,Bruno in United shirt ,the one of the very few crosses delivered from AWB converted in goal ,Baily fit ,Micky Batshuayi is a still Chelsea striker , Fine . In other hand Lampard screwed the match by starting that Belgian over Giroud . Giroud is not the best scorer ,but his presense would allowed others to shoot and score . They have also other issues . Don't care Mentioning VAR.... @haggler was in the VAR room I guess .
  8. Bernardo Silva is a class act ,but as per some articles he wants Benfica. De Bruyne to Real Madrid or Barcelona I guess. La Porte to PSG..
  9. spot on . There are cynical and as You said they are trying to see the fan reactions and related with that matter Poch will be useless for United .Why not Allegri !?
  10. Thanks a lot . I am working ....It means I am concentrated on solving troubles after troubles ,but that is a work are needed. My younger boy is doing fine . Not the best enviroment arount him ,but he is doing fantastic . He was invited on trials in Italy-a Seria A club. Their Seria A team is a bottom suited ,but the Academy is more than a decent....We will see. The older son (18 years old)is doing also ,,fine.".Hes living alone in a 3 bad room appartment since We left Varna for football reasons ........... Once he fried something and caused a fire ,but remedied alone........LOst my father few weeks ago ....That is the life...... Yep ,agree that mostly with news about Unietd are bad ..except the Bruno transfer . kind regards from Bari Italy.
  11. @Txrt A bit off topic..sorry How are You !? ..........or what happened to You !? You are married ,I guess !
  12. Woodward has no idea who Larson was. Must probably he googled ,,loan in football" and found out the name of the player all time spent on loan. Another remarkable loan deal was that with Tevez .now 35. Agree with everytning . Dalot could make the front 3 without propblem having in mind the form and level of the rest .AWB just behind him.
  13. Good player . The crowd around is below standards.
  14. Getting player from China is beyond my limits of expectations . Hope he is not a corona virus carrier.At least two weeks quarantine and good medical tests.