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  1. Pap1918

    Jonny Evans

    Fair enough,but some times the players impact depends from other factors different than those of skills and stats being in focus for evaluation. Without any doubt Leicester were able to replace few key players and their style is well developed especially in attack . I do not expect any titles ,but for sure they are decent team. Look at their 2nd goal vs Palace c
  2. Pap1918

    Jonny Evans

    Good article imo. Now have a look at my avatar. The font seems okey ,but the view is the same as the photo of the player You commented. I am still interested how good their defence became after Maquiere left. As per some experts ,on this day they are even better in his absense and they collected a huge amount of money . Both sides seems satisfied ,but for sure their defence is not weakened.
  3. Pap1918

    Bundesliga 2019/2020

    Franz Beckenbauer, Willem Hesselink, Uli Hoeneß, Christian Nerlinger, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge,Matthias Sammer 6 of total 15 board members were former footballers ,so they acted mostly based on the emotions of footballers .
  4. Pap1918

    Bundesliga 2019/2020

    Look at their board ......Imagine likes of Martial asking their executive board chairman something like ...,,I am a striker Sir and I deserve more here in the years left .... or Pogba ,, I am a world champion and I have more instagram followers than You ......
  5. Krull is a pure class .
  6. Pap1918

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Your post is well noted and I will revert at 1st possibility. For some points I am agree,for other disagree .
  7. The end would be much better if Fred managed to score . It was a good effort tbh. Martial was an enigma. Doubt that his impact would be great if he was involved earlier .
  8. Pap1918

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    The consistence is one of the biggest qualities of any footballer for the level he is performing at. At same time his demands were in times bigger . He should be more patient and concentrated on his development . What is a rough period !? Bad illness , lack of luck,injuries ,poor trainers !? Credit and real respect toward You and those of fans with the same attitude ,but the thruth is between . Hope You are right in the believe for his future . On this day he is nothing more and nothing less than a squad player with specific suitable mostly for a counter attacking football skills .
  9. Fred was so close to score .Few seconds later scousers leveled .
  10. and their Caragher starts spatting I guess
  11. Pap1918

    Ole Sack Watch

    This is valid for any professinals except football trainers imo. For high profile managers there is a nuance -the compensation clauses. Zidane came back at Madrid with full understanging about the present fitness form of the squad and many other factors ,but signed. If fails ,80 mln in the pocket ......Some people are looking for a risky challenges. Some kind of madness TBH ,but in case of improvement they becomes to the heroes . Regarding Herr Nagelsmann ...Hes 32 yearss the same age of many footballers. Too young for any experience required and might too stupid to think he knows everything in football,but the football is not only about the proper tactics ,proper setting the form and proper pack of footballers. I don't know him and I would be very wrong .
  12. Pap1918

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Allegri and .....Bentancur , Mario Mandzukic.
  13. Pap1918

    Ole Sack Watch

    Under Woodward United wasted millions in wrong footballers and mostly of them were signed against the managers vision and plans The End product is a shit squad . His football knowledge is insane. The club structure allows it. It's an another problem. This is my point . Don't care about how big the budged still is. btw At other football giants the football results are the main priority. Barca just approved over a billion budget ,but if the team fails to deliver their president will be removed. At Madrid is also the same.