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  1. Pap1918

    If De Gea runs down his contract?

    Donnarumma !? Mino Raiola says hello : I am always available .
  2. Having in mind all of the above and the fact that it was Your Bday this is the thread . Nice read .
  3. Pap1918

    Ivan Perisic

    De Rosi from Roma is in that list I guess . Just retired or something like this. We have to stay patient for Vidal. After couple of years he would be available too. Mad situation .
  4. Pap1918

    Ed Woodward

    <yes,I am a fucking dumb ,because still I am not able to understand for what reasons he is getting even 300 k per week. Macheda was on 10K and contributed in times more compared to this cunt.
  5. Pap1918

    Patrice Evra

    PVAD , a quote from the same article .... .........not haircut,dance,money (or in reverse order)
  6. Pap1918

    Anthony Martial 2018/19

    Fat clown. Sell
  7. Pap1918

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    Fair enough,but according some articles he is not signed a new contract yet ...I have no idea what actually it means ,but as per them he wanted to be sure about the targets of the team for next season . This is the same kid who wanted to join Man United Academy ,because of the Wiel Coerver method only to remind . Sign contract and ask for another with better therms later on kid ithe stats are better compared to the legendary strikers this club and followers knows ......Show to other money grabbing clowns what a local lad should be !!!!!! Really I expected other act from him. Hope I am wrong ,but believe me I am not going to cry after anyone from this shit squad .
  8. Pap1918

    Serie A 2018/2019

    Not sure that Conte is their obvious choice based on the away he left them before Allegri. They want Pep Guardiola or Zidan,both already unavailable . btw Their board is divided .
  9. Pap1918

    Serie A 2018/2019

    Juventus are looking for new manager.
  10. OMG , and these players/clowns might start asking for 100 % wages instead of the reduced to 75% ! No,no,no How many goals they managed to score at OT during the last CL campaign........
  11. Pap1918

    Director of Football

    You are right ,painfully right.
  12. Pap1918

    Ole Sack Watch

    Poch received a solid group of players on the beginning .Spurs were one of the biggest spenders for decades so far. Funny enough they achieved the best results when their star striker was out of action. Llorente is one of the most underrated strikers as Edin Dzeko is. btw About Ole.... I am not going to evaluate his football acknowledgement ,but I have the sense that he was honest in a dressing room and out of there about some players a bit earlier . Might I am wrong ,but that bunch stopped to play for him as they stopped to support the previous one.