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  1. Same starting 11 , Probably Instead of Martial one midfielder more . Someone from Van de Beek ,McTominay ,Fred. Depends who eventually is picked ,the team set up to be adjusted . My favorite is DvB . It would be some surprise for Klopp,TV pundits,RWAK etc,but anyway VAR staff will be very ,very busy . Awaiting with interest how the next 3 points might enter into the bag. It's a some kind of optimism ,but I am talking about a game vs drained Klopp's side ( 3rd in a row) and not about chances of winning the PL where my concerns comes from Citeh ( few games on spare and
  2. A bit disagree regarding Maguire . Actually he built an impression for a class player at Leicester where the team tactics were more defensive oriented with more men involved and well packed . Even Stones is more useful for City then Maguire for United. At least Stones scored an important goal ,while Maguire wasted good cross last game at 0:0 .
  3. Too painful to read again and again about inability of the club to find a proper manager . Tired from the issues always suggests a sack .
  4. https://www.dw.com/en/five-reasons-for-the-downfall-of-borussia-dortmund-in-the-bundesliga/a-18036268 Before Dortmund Klopp had a similar period with Meinz 05- Good seasons in a row and relegated then. Awaiting with interest the repeat of that story. It's clear that some key players seems drained .Trent Alexander Arnold for example and his last appearance vs Saints -38 times he gave the ball away .
  5. Dean Smith is doing miracles together with JT .
  6. Only if United sign VdS ,Rio ,Vidic Evra and JOS. OK to add Van Persie
  7. They are the most progressing side. Credit to their coaches.
  8. Allegri still is free.
  9. What You mean !? The Premiere league or just the Champions League season 2020/21 ? For the Premiere league I will avoid almost everything ,because the CL is the what real matter when I want to know where the team compared to the rest in Europe actually is.
  10. The massive win should be enjoyed and credit for the creativity showed ,but in some areas ,especially the transition between the lines is far away . Few misplaced passes caused chaos . Leeds had plenty opportunities to cause troubles at score 2:0 and 3:0 . I am still not convinced that the United squad is good enough to compete at the highest level.
  11. Want to share this . #8 ,#20 are the same 15 years old boy. From their U17 team ,8 of the starters are U16. ps Pretty sure they are capable of more learning of football technical details is the priority of the education.
  12. The consistency is a quality never mind what else We are talking about -footballer or any team .Fergie was second to none in finding the way to keep the good form for long period ,to reach the peak form and maintain some level on slow gear ,but enough to complete season after season for decades as a contender elsewhere he is competing for . Ole forces the team for couple in games in a row ( 8-10 ) and nothing then . Don't want Ole near to United. He deserves a tons of credit as a footballer,but as a manager.Thanks,enough. Btw he won the crowd for that good run in the beginning as a
  13. Just to remind that Surs are facing Lokomotiv Plovdiv in UEFA League. Our beloved Mourin is so nervous. Don\t beleive in miracles ,but .......
  14. Seems tha ,,plan"is changed ,so @Mickey Mouse could benefit from the situation !
  15. If the poor guy Harry Maguire and his team mates were able to play better football,he should be at Lisbon at that time . Probably on cup of wine with former team mates presently enjoying football under Conte. ooops Germany,not Lisbon
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