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  1. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Do You have any explanation for what reasons the best footballers from Italian and German leagues were converted into smelling bags of shit as persons and sportsmen here !? Don't want to excuse anyone of them ,but the facts are on the table. Must probably because of the same reason De Bruyne was shit under Mou at Chelsea , Mata too, Herrera ,Andriy Schevchenko and the list is not ended.
  2. Manchester United 2009-13

    Last years of Fergie in charge Fergie was not involved in squad training.This job was carried out from his assistants especially Mike Phelan and Rene. They were able to prepare the team except few things remained for Sir Alex. mainly who to choice from the players . Unfortunately all Fergie's staff was removed and it was a huge mistake. Apart from the new goalkeepers trainer who did fantastic work, the new Evertonian team failed. and In that way Moyes lost the team,lost the the plot generally. He came at United to work in completely different approach ,actually he destroyed already working mechanism.
  3. Is Mourinho doing enough?

    Welcome in forum Eddie ! First of all I am not a Man Utd fan . Since my local club collapsed I follow United mainly because of the big part of Man Utd fans and their general view on football ,the way they reacted on daily basis on everything related with the team and Club and the life of course. I am fully agree with Your point regarding Moyes and LvG .It was a clear mess. Further You have to know that football is for the pleasure of the fans,not for the big sharks involved. What kind of football this United squad submits on regular basis !? For what reasons the best footballers from Italy , Bundesliga , England ( Luke Shaw was one of the brightness youngsters ) were converted inro shadows of them under this manager !? You can try with strong arguments about Sanchez too. Ask Your self for what reasons he was sacked from Real Madrid,where on the football map Inter Milan are ,who delivered more than him in Real Madrid,who won CL with Chelsea !? Under Mourin ,Man Utd reached another low in football. Dumped by Sevilla at 1/8 finals and his post match antics about the Club. The same was close to happen last season in UEFA competition BTW. Eddie, players and managers come and go ,but the fans remains . Do not question what is wrong with fans ,ask for what reasons fans are angry and already started to boo the own squad . It was rarely to be seen even under Moyes and LvG. Play Smalling and Fellaini and expect success !? All around are laughing on this . He is a manager from the past . Zero progress tactically and restricted from ideas too. Not good enough for a big club anymore . It's hard to believe that he would be invited from Bayern,Real ,Barcelona . Even PSG will rethink for sure. His escape road is to be appointed as a National team manager somewhere ,but I don't believe he will achieve any progress and success compared to Hidink ,Bora Milutinovic and Bielsa. The only question I have is for what reasons United are getting the wrong managers 3 times in a row and what is the influence of Fergie !? Seems his golden rules about the amount of players signed and wage balance are broken ,but at same time his favorite youngsters are untouchable !?
  4. Champions League 2017/18

    I am using the opportunity to show Pogba's hair cut for Morata's goal. Wish the same . Juve to continue. They are champions of their league while Real not.
  5. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    If United wants an attacking & aggressive style Joakim Loew is in times better option compared to Tuchel. Don't like everything related with Loew,but for pure football reasons he is a proper variant. Also his acknowledgment inside the German Youth system and data's to the best youngsters is another positive. Anyway the fact that 3 times United Board were absolutely wrong regarding managers appointing is still issue. Hahhaah Every single manager should read the board then. LvG is agree with PVAD Mou with Luc When the board start following Abo I will be relaxed .
  6. Great post . Strongly disagree regarding Pochetino. He is a very good team trainer ,but he is not the man who can lead a big club. His post Juventus match moaning is the last evidence . A football man who is attacking officials ,but at same time is blind to see what happened at the pitch in benefit of his team in a result of the same officials is not the man for United. He is just an another kind of moaner. If You want a punishment for this modern United footballers- Conte with his heavy training sessions is the answer for a while. If You need a manager who can extract the maximum of the available crowd-Allegri or Bielsa . The worst thing of the two legs clash vs Sevilla was not giving a credit for their build-up performances . Their manager and staff deserves more time than Mourinho's attention. I am sure that trainers like Montella are plenty btw .
  7. Must probably You are right and I believe You have reasons to suggest it ,but at same time do not expect people to be inspired from the amount poor performances . Booing is rarely to be heard at OT even from the worst supporters ,but let's be honest ......what kind of End product the crowd witnessed !? Personally I expected a great come back or effort after Lukaku's strike ,but DDG became a player Nr 1 for United again instead .. Mourinho & his staff are already discovered . The worst thing is his last interview after total 4 shots in target after two legs !?
  8. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Oh What a Trojan Horse on salary he actually is. Just confirmed .
  9. ...........and DDG MOTM in both legs .
  10. Do you trust Mourinho?

    The same answer.
  11. At the point when the own crowd started massively to boo the team and the manager start trolling the Club (read the post match interviews). All that happened last night .
  12. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    @Txrt You know very well what I mean and for what reason I responded with a quote ......... Better quote both posts. I rate Pogba and under Mouirinho he is a huge under performer as half dozen another and proven midfielders . The creativity can be killed by many ways and unfortunately I see 3 different managers to show that in their own ways.
  13. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Under Conte and Allegri he was a useful team player in a team that passed couple of times the 1/8 knock out stages.
  14. They should'b be United footballers IMO,but Mou is already with a prolonged contract with thick enough release clause I guess,
  15. The Special One couple of hours ago praised McTominnay ,but started with Fellaini ( who walked or ran 7.5 km with only 25 passes if I am not wrong ) and finished with Smalling as a captain..........!? The Club is in huge trouble .