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  1. Awaiting for Your next prediction .
  2. Fair enough . Another reasons to think that Grealish made the wrong choice.
  3. Keep calm. Believe his End comes closer with the new contract in the pocket . Not sure about his compensation clause,but I bet it's no so big amount of money having in mind what he won and what he should missed in the years left .
  4. Hope he will carry the weight of the weird shirt # and make the ,,25" famous as much as other # are . United had a bad record with Dortmund players ,but wish the boy to broke the traditions .
  5. The home kit is pretty good . That is a surprise tbh.
  6. and Chelski won even with Werner in front of their attack ( I do mean his goal scoring abilities ) ! Awaiting for Your next wish related with United !
  7. Agree with You about replacement except Pochetino. Even the Chukotka man had showed some sense .
  8. This thread could be renamed to <Ole's 1st decade of failures watch> .
  9. The next ones probably are Smaldini and Mkhitaryan ?
  10. There is a bad variant . Imagine Mou at the Sky Sport Pl commentator's seat.
  11. They will try again I guess.
  12. Well said . But when a predators grovels between ,the prey animals are still a prey !
  13. VdS is a completely different kind of professional compared to Woodward. Woodward put his nose in football things and failed .VdS would be a better in football processes ,but I am doubting his success in sponsorship sector. ps Was told that Bayern Munich have a board of Directors full of football men with full understanding what the football game actually is and a club structure allows both football and business to work successful for now Not surprised they were against that shit the ESL .
  14. One look at the list of the so called ,,Super" League ,,founders " OMG The mighty Spurs ??from North London ......Arsenal ?!? The Glazers United can't pass the CL group stage !? Juventus !? Citeh just made their 1st semi in the CL -what an achievement in a football history !? ps I am looking for a more Sunday League games channels .Sunday league and Youth football. The dirty hands of some ,,investors" are still away from them.
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