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  1. and Chelski won even with Werner in front of their attack ( I do mean his goal scoring abilities ) ! Awaiting for Your next wish related with United !
  2. Agree with You about replacement except Pochetino. Even the Chukotka man had showed some sense .
  3. This thread could be renamed to <Ole's 1st decade of failures watch> .
  4. The next ones probably are Smaldini and Mkhitaryan ?
  5. There is a bad variant . Imagine Mou at the Sky Sport Pl commentator's seat.
  6. They will try again I guess.
  7. Well said . But when a predators grovels between ,the prey animals are still a prey !
  8. VdS is a completely different kind of professional compared to Woodward. Woodward put his nose in football things and failed .VdS would be a better in football processes ,but I am doubting his success in sponsorship sector. ps Was told that Bayern Munich have a board of Directors full of football men with full understanding what the football game actually is and a club structure allows both football and business to work successful for now Not surprised they were against that shit the ESL .
  9. One look at the list of the so called ,,Super" League ,,founders " OMG The mighty Spurs ??from North London ......Arsenal ?!? The Glazers United can't pass the CL group stage !? Juventus !? Citeh just made their 1st semi in the CL -what an achievement in a football history !? ps I am looking for a more Sunday League games channels .Sunday league and Youth football. The dirty hands of some ,,investors" are still away from them.
  10. Love the idea Mourinho to comment from a TV studio Spurs vs City next days
  11. Switch off the TV and stop attending their games .
  12. Nice win . Some players deserves a lot of credit due to the their individual display .As mostly of the posters had stated ,this squad needs consistency ,but can't load my head about it on this day. The situation seems similar compared to Juventus and Pirlo. Juve is below their standards over the season ,but somehow stays still in the fight for a CL place. United looks occasionally promising ,but poor vs a lot of teams.
  13. Any news about his leaving would be well suited for here
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