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  1. A lot of taxi drivers would like to get him for free I guess. Next time call the taxi center and ask about any voluntaries . ps what a bad news related with United the collapse of his departure is?
  2. Finger crossed Harry to pass the medical exams .
  3. https://theathletic.com/4761053/2023/08/09/harry-maguire-transfer-west-ham/ Finally my dream comes true !
  4. The positive headline is something like this: <WOUT WEGHORST is reportedly set for an immediate Turkish Super Lig return after depressing at Manchester United. The current market value actually is 12 mln Euro according to the tranfermarkt and dropped from 14mln to 12 mln only.> https://www.transfermarkt.com/wout-weghorst/profil/spieler/228645 Besiktas owner monitors the situation eating baklava. ps what is the baklava ? (The turkish viagra)
  5. Few articles below https://theathletic.com/4523470/2023/05/16/champions-league-format-new-2024/ From another media a lot of disturbing news about the CL too. https://translated.turbopages.org/proxy_u/bg-en.en.8731e88a-64b636f9-73594d43-74722d776562/https/temasport.com/уефа-готви-дискусионна-промяна-ще-кан/?fbclid=IwAR1DCSNS8Z9QnwHgLgaoGOOXNsE_ux0taqcF7PMDCE23pDfqv7SQw77NnpM ps <Tema sport> is one of the most reliable sources in Bulgaria. Their article is based on the calciomercato,com If true , I miss Platini .
  6. The football obviously is dying while billions of money from different sources( not only petro-dollars). floods the football market . The mass wants all the days games and there are a games never mind how loaded the footballers are. -The physical side became the most important too. Also the modern technologies in hand of mostly of the specialists had changed a completely different understanding of the matter of football . All the medias serves perfectly to that process. -On this day is a ,,normal" the Champions league to be a competition for clubs failed to win their domest
  7. I give a shit only for his family . Actually only for his child .
  8. Wish him full and soonest recovering !
  9. Fair enough . With changing the ownership the issue with the managing of the club will be fixed I hope . Within a short period has to be created a proper environment for football development at any level hopefully . Guardiola is superior to ETH imo.
  10. With other words We need a manager from a different level. Plenty fans hates Pep for reasons and they got a strong points which I accept ,but he is capable of rebuilding everything related with football. At least Pep will not work for them in a period when they need overhaul of the aging squad.
  11. Fair enough . Agree with everything .
  12. @PVAD What to be noticed on this day !? Greenwood is not in the prison and both are expecting their ,,first" child !? Unbelievable .
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