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  1. Very soon to Paris FC /2nd league team.
  2. Agree and disagree. Arsenal factor for their 4th place is a secondary or third one. Following the same way of explaining the events all of the title contenders benefits from the mess in United !? Conte masked the Spurs cracks ,because he was able to see the problems ,to take counter measures and to show the proper way their team to be developed. United needed a man like him . All of the great managers (all great tacticians without any doubt ) mentioned in Your post have that an extra and special qualities compared to the likes of Unaj Emery (I would like to add Pochetino
  3. ETH will try for sure . As per some reports he will start work on Monday .
  4. A bit of off topic ,because of the word Pardew (I do mean Allan Pardew) His start for CSKA Sofia as a coach was disastrous. Tonight his team face the rivals Levski Sofia and his chances are to win are almost zero due to a lot of reasons(extremely low level of the players and lack of midfielders) .The crowd demands a much higher that the squad potential. Will see how long he will stay at that position.
  5. Likeable squad !? The new manager needs time to assemble a competitive for a squad and reliable reserves. According to the present season results and individual performances overall ,nobody from the team list deserves any attention especially any positive evaluation. They are good for nothing. Enough.
  6. The difference between his previous value (market 45 mln+19 mln on fees) and his current value /abt 150 mln comes from the last successful season he had . Some people would say that all of this is ,because Haaland had good advisors and agent . Behind his football success the chance he had to met Alexander Zickler imo- a former Bayern Munich striker and assistant manager at Salzburg and Dortmund . Haaland's advisors evaluated highly the work of Zickler and were strong enough to shift him to Dortmund. https://www.transfermarkt.com/alexander-zickler/profil/trainer/26916 Too inter
  7. Why not a ,, proper" double ? something related with that
  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: „FC Barcelona women’s team can beat Manchester United Men’s team, even if they are all pregnant.” Without any doubt he's right .
  9. A product of a perverted sense of originality..........
  10. The same Citeh squad and manager ,but in United shirt would won the CL and domestic cups many times while walking . They are Citeh. ps Pep was the one who refused the Sir Alex's offer and now We all notice his spectacular fails elsewhere he goes.
  11. Agree with the most ,but regarding Sancho and Fernandes I have some doubts. Their contracts have to be terminated and the new therms to be negotiated . Therms protecting club and fans .We do not need an overpayed and underperformed pricks .
  12. Fernandes missed a golden opportunity. Chelski deserved a slap for being unable to score after that domination.
  13. Who they are !? DDG probably and.....
  14. Don't care about the result and everything related with their strange understanding of the professional football. Awaiting to see the respond of the Utd crowd. United fans will be class for sure .
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