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  1. Coward is precisely what I said when they equalised..disgusting from a professional goalkeeper.
  2. Once again De Gea bottles it..fuck him off..coward.
  3. I had to laugh at the idea of Martial 'putting himself about' haha...
  4. Such an accomplished footballer..could watch him all day.
  5. Great game, that..still so depressing, these empty stadiums.
  6. He lost a contact lense..played the first half one-eyed apparently..cue jokes..
  7. The winner of 'most-expected post of the year'
  8. Just saw a cardboard cutout holding up a cameraphone..sent me into grumpy old bastard mode..ffs..
  9. Wednesday 23rd september..7.45 pm Sutton Common Rovers vs Metropolitan Police You don't get brilliant ties like this in the so-called Champions League haha..
  10. Dunno about that..a loan move..I don't see him getting any better.
  11. I honestly forgot he was playing yesterday..
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