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  1. pearson77

    Odion Ighalo 2020/2020

    He isn't with the squad in Spain. Apparently due to possible tightening of travel permission concerning this coronavirus..for fuck sake!
  2. pearson77

    The Non League Thread

    Big win for Boston United today against York..that's five wins in a row..
  3. pearson77

    Anthony Martial 2019/20

    Doesn't make runs, doesn't want the ball..sulks like a child.
  4. pearson77

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 25 - Man Utd vs Wolves

    Complete waster..
  5. I'm expecting a thrashing..but i'll watch it's the football masochist in me.
  6. pearson77

    2020 Transfer Targets

    What, in Scrabble?
  7. pearson77

    FAC - 4th Round - Tranmere Rovers vs Man Utd

    The beeb say there's a good chance Bailly plays today after his latest injury recovery..the pitch is sanded and a mess..we should have some kind of raffle..pick the correct minute he goes off injured again, win a prize!
  8. pearson77

    The FA Cup thread

    won't be pretty, their pitch is in a shit state and heavily sanded.
  9. I forgot we were playing midweek..still not really 'up for it' to be honest, after so much kidding ourselves about sunday's match. Especially by our alleged manager..fuckin' eejit.
  10. pearson77

    The FA Cup thread

    I was wondering how ticket arrangements are going to be has to be all-ticket nowadays, it'll be a logistical nightmare!
  11. pearson77

    Ole Sack Watch

    He deserves to be fired just for his treatment of the injured Rashford, the self-centred cunt!
  12. pearson77

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    It's disgusting really..poor fucker must be in agony. I badly 'did' my lower back playing..that was back in never really got better and now it's 24/7 pain and misery.
  13. Rashford needs some time off to get his back sorted..rushing him back into the side could fuck him up proper..
  14. pearson77

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Who he?
  15. pearson77

    Juan Mata 2019/20

    He's just classy..