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  1. Need a *real* manager to unlock Nunez' chaotic potential but yeah - I think largely their 2 biggest issues are the midfield being awful (puts immense pressure on a backline that was never that good defensively anyway) along with the slight decline of VVD and especially Salah (a shadow of his former self)
  2. Frazier Campbell on MUTV calling the Casemiro red a 'soft throttle' haha
  3. Plonker. On the plus side he'll be fresh for the Barcelona game
  4. First of 3 games without Casemiro - Leeds at the double Old Trafford Wednesday 8th February, 20:00 k.o
  5. Almost nobody in our team is comfortable just knocking the ball round Compare this with how city neutralised arsenal in the cup the other day and that's how far we still have to go and a lot of that will need to be squad turnover
  6. We're blowing this for sure Changes should have been made immediately
  7. Genuinely surprised they gave it - I mean they had to, but I wouldn't have been shocked if they hadn't Didn't pull up many trees against us recently tbf
  8. Guy is just so unreliable it's painful, when he's on he's class but my god he played 20 mins the other day and is presumably injured again already
  9. Merry Sixmas everyone! Suspect we are going to be brutally poor but will try and keep it tight (don't think it'll work) but who knows
  10. Continuing a run of us having ten games to their five between the first leg of the cup semis and the final itself
  11. From a purely selfish P.O.V this is excellent news for Utd moving forward
  12. It's mental, I know they *needed* a lot of recruitment due to the amount of loans they had in last year, and they needed to upgrade a lot too but what a tough task for Steve Cooper and surely considering anyone still at the club from last year (including like Brennan Johnson for example) - it's just too much? That said they're sort of making it work, doing ok in the league and made the semis of the league cup
  13. Quite sickening tbh - bit of a rock and hard place situation for the club but they have to do the right thing and let him go IMO Would find it nigh on impossible as a fan to feel good seeing him in the shirt after seeing the pictures and hearing the audio recordings, also I'm speculating but it *screams* abusive relationship Someone on reddit mentioned Ray Rice (NFL player who knocked his gf out in a lift then dragged her limp body away, all caught on cctv) is now 'happily married' to her... and Greenwood is now engaged to the girl involved with this, such a shame as he was such a
  14. Back to the league Old Trafford Saturday 4th February, 15:00 k.o
  15. Interesting to see Lindelof being deployed in midfield - I speculated a couple years ago he'd be worth trying at DM, he has the vision and long passing, of course the defensive qualities, just wondering about his positioning and the short play, as well as if he'll make himself available enough as a receiver Bruno you greedy bastard, 2 players looking for the cutback we've worked on since the pre-season and he does that. He's been superb overall but that is quite telling Much improved second half
  16. Yeah the dam burst with that goal - we may even get more (we'll see how motivated we are)
  17. Martial had initially made a mess of that but good recovery - the changing of this front 3 has made a huge impact, we've looked a lot better (tbf I don't think forest have had a shot 2nd half but we were meh until the changes)
  18. Yeah it was a stonewaller tbh lmao Sancho on in the 10 role (I've thought before it might be his best spot...) and Bruno out to the right Will this be a long term thing I wonder
  19. that looked a clear pen *again* we are paying dear for that offside city goal
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