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  1. Agree with both - seemed a bit like ddg after initially being over eager - appreciate he's a young GK and they do make mistakes (much like DDG when coming through) - but a couple more of those between now and summer and we'll be GK shopping - Hopefully will bounce back next week
  2. All kicking off with regards to this, thought we could use a thread https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12279493/european-super-league-plans-set-to-be-announced-six-english-teams-involved-sky-news-understands https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/18/five-english-clubs-sign-up-to-european-super-league-report-says
  3. not convinced he’s our long term solution either but he’s at least as good as Ddg right now so may as well stick with him until summer and then evaluate
  4. Idea being dribbling and pace needed to beat a Burnley low block, not a more conventional striker, but we will see I get it is all I’m saying, lots of important games still to come
  5. Not much point having him in there amongst four massive blokes of Burnley, keep him fresh, bring him on last half hour if we’re still chasing a goal
  6. Yeah he was my age or younger though I think - sure I'm friends on twitter with him or something?
  7. Beat Burnley Old Trafford Sunday, 18th April - 16:00 K.O (UK Time)
  8. hdcantona


    Absolutely superb last day at the masters Do they not televise more one day events with big names or do they just not play them ? Golf should do an equivalent of Cricket's t-20 etc to get more people watching
  9. Rotation time... Old Trafford Thursday, 15th April, 20:00 Kick off (UK Time)
  10. Cannot believe this is the same Bale that plays for Wales, he looks awful
  11. The command Henderson has of his box is superb
  12. Clever of son to go down like a massive fanny to buy that
  13. A trip to see José Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday, 11th April - 16:30 K.O (UK Time)
  14. Rashford should not be playing, blatantly injured, I know he wants to but we need to say no
  15. Martin Keown is so fucking bad
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