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  1. We have moved to discord (thought I'd put this in a second place in case anyone was missing it)
  2. Please see here if anyone's wondering where everyone's gone! We are now on discord:
  3. @kevthebad @Eddie @Eddie_MUFC - I did tag you up there too ^^ If you've no idea what discord is, follow aard's instructions, it's quite intuitive once you get in
  4. Tbf he was right to bin ronaldo even for weghorst
  5. I'd say he needs one more window like this before it's truly his, but it's a lot more his than it isn't now (or will be if we do get a mid and CB in) A lot more good than bad personnel wise
  6. Scamacca will be good for Atalanta, I think he'd have been a decent option for us even tbh as a cheaper alternative I actually think they'd have been my 3rd favourite team to go down if not for them adding maguire (will do well for them) and Wolves imploding (amongst other teams)
  7. im seeing reports of a 70+m fee? surely not? He's good but not *THAT* good? Would fit them like a glove though to be fair
  8. Which are not expected to be a problem apparently, if we can replace him with Todibo that would be great
  9. If you have any questions fire away, a lot of you might already have discord, in which case just click the link, if you don't have one yet it's free (you don't need the 'nitro' or 'premium' to do anything you do on here, and the site can be used in the browser just like this site) There will be fewer 'individual topics' like not one for each player, but think of the actual 'areas' / 'forums' on this site (man utd talk, matchday, transfer talk, the pub etc - they will all be their own thing on the discord) Technically it could go more that way if the demand was there for it -
  10. game 1, already a new manager bounce ffs! (This could well be a good thing tbh, he did well last season and is walking rather than it being a struggling manager getting binned)
  11. United are back and it's Monday Night Football... Old Trafford Monday 14th August, 20:00 k.o
  12. i find it hard to believe they've made an announcement about there being an announcement, that will then involve him being released, so that's my fear, but it's just speculation
  13. Even if he’s able to resume playing for us or anyone else, it’ll take him a fair while to get back up to speed having not played in eighteen months
  14. Watch this space on outgoings looks like things are picking up, rb I don’t see being looked at much as it’s a growing concern, the right wing will see Antony and potentially sancho or Diallo there, there’s also a chance he who shall not be named returns and he could play from the right
  15. 40+ for mcsauce would be pure profit on ffp which would help a great deal, and we could give mainoo/Hannibal his mins and buy amrabat and a cb depending who else goes but I get it bruno mount Casemiro amrabat eriksen mainoo hannibal is more than enough for the three spots I think, though mctominay would look great for someone like Newcastle and has great mentality looks like we are going to be shot of maguire for over 30m potentially
  16. Is that standalone or only part of a reported 60m double dip for mctominay? We should probably be taking it anyway and then signing amrabat for 30, I’d take a year of old man Jonny evans as 4th/5th choice if it means we can get rid of maguire and his wages now and none of the young replacements are available
  17. supposedly thinks he's above West Ham and wants CL football lmao Don't get me wrong I think he'd be good for a europa side if he regains his confidence but jesus
  18. right now, I think 3rd again is slightly optimistic, but achievable depending on really bad injury luck etc maybe even fourth would be a struggle though (pessimistically)... if we do get that one more mid in (just for example amrabat as he's the 'name' in the press a lot at the moment) - then I'd feel a lot more confident of at least top four I do think we'll be more competitive in one off games for trophies (we had an easy run mostly for the carabao last year, I think we matchup better for a one legged final against even city than we did this time a year ago on paper at least now) - but
  19. Fred looks likely next according to fabrizio romano, and donny... Sky claim forest want turner from Arsenal *AND* Henderson, but we'll see, suspect we may be stuck with him on 120k/week... fred's a good start and he's barely featured this pre-season but would be really excited if mctominay goes too, really want amrabat or another deep mid option in, maguire simply needs to leave but will he swallow his pride? (and his wallet) not sure about anyone else going other than the youngsters being loaned
  20. Pellistri deserved that, he's been kicked from pillar to post, maguire with the assist!
  21. Maguire with a shocking error, can tell he’s just broken right now
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