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  1. More excited (possibly delusionally on my part) about his medium term involvement and hopefully getting some structure to the off field side of things - what a result
  2. Just had to change my pants We may have just stumbled into a superb situation. Ineptitude being rewarded potentially - we've failed upwards!
  3. The one thing that does make me believe it is how awful he is at passing forward - clearly when he was a winger, he didn't have to
  4. Stamford Bridge Sunday 28 November, 16:30
  5. I wouldn’t read too much in any one off game but I think he’s a good self scout they’re like 10 clear aren’t they? Don’t blame him for not wanting to miss out on the job again
  6. Fwiw I don’t think we are, i think it’ll be poch
  7. so you can take it to the bank that neither of those things are happening lol
  8. Carrick's at the wheel El Madrigal Tuesday 23 November, 17:45
  9. Looked a huge threat on the right and put in a few brilliant crosses, another one who has been bafflingly underused or played more on the left
  10. One of very few positives, looked class tbh and just emphasised how shocking ole’s treatment of him was
  11. Given the current options and the talk zizou is waiting for France I’m glad we’re going with an interim, really do not want Rodgers, I am a fan of poch, ten hag could be good too, be interesting to see what happens
  12. I thought we’d do better at replacing him, in hindsight probably no
  13. You and @aardvarked should be loving him he’s clearly trying to bin ole too
  14. Just wait till we get Brendan in lads! A minor upgrade that will leave us still nowhere near a title
  15. I see we’re still shit, didn’t think I’d see a better organised wales side than Utd in my lifetime but here we are, still garbage after the international break
  16. Home playoff tie confirmed - thoroughly deserved despite a tough group, still don't think we'll make it but been a good campaign all things considered
  17. Just an utter pisstake - the only one I'd get from that list is Lingard given our other options but it's not like he's been playing VdB at 10 or not using a 10, and it's not like he's been playing Sancho et al so much on the wings that there was no room for him there either... Dalot and Telles (especially given the shift to a 3) is just disgraceful and how VdB hasn't at least had a run of games to try him in that CM spot I've no clue as he genuinely can't be much of a downgrade there even ignoring the fact he and sancho are used to well coached, tactical sides and we're a shitshow
  18. £70m wingback - great - I suppose it's CRUCIAL with literally no other potential wingbacks in the squad huh... -_-
  19. Another one who probably won't get anywhere near the time he deserves
  20. And he's managed about 5% of the games
  21. After the international break Vicarage Road Saturday 20th November, 15:00 kick off
  22. Could at least try giving a few games in a row to the actual wing back in the squad but ho hum
  23. We are such a nothing side this is atrocious viewing
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