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  1. Too many of them don't even know the rules
  2. This one didn't age quite so well eh @SimplyGiggs
  3. Absolute thumper of a game Milan juve atm
  4. Shocking but Gazidis is getting what he wants I guess, wonder if he will get the resources needed
  5. Just when you think maybe yes.... they fuck something up They've improved as the season goes on, Bennacer is great, Pioli actually is doing quite a good job so no doubt he'll end up being booted or won't be backed this summer now... Who knows tbh - if they invest like inter did they may end up back in the CL spots next year but there's so much competition it is tough to tell
  6. In the first 367 matches after SAF’s retirement, #MUFC scored five or more goals in a game just three times (Leverkusen, Midtjylland, Cardiff), compared to four times (Tranmere, Brugge, LASK, Bournemouth) in the last 16 fixtures. First hat trick recently in seven years, first season with 2 20+ scorers in nine years, and fernandes has as many goals and assists through his first nine games as rvp and Cantona It is a good time to be an attacking player at Utd for the first time in a long time
  7. I actually think we’ve handled his minutes well, not burnt him out in the first half, the lockdown has let him fill out a bit more strength wise and I think now he’s mature enough to be playing significantly more minutes
  8. @TFIA will be delighted to see Fred on
  9. Keeper positioning was awful, went way too far over, I said in person thst this needs to be hit left because he’s cheated over stunningly executed to exploit awful gking
  10. Who got the assist? -e- bruno stunning finish