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  1. Conquer Chelsea Stamford Bridge Sun, 28th Feb - 16:30 kick off UK Time
  2. Bugger robbed telles of another lovely corner assist too
  3. Retire Real Old Trafford Thursday, 25 Feb - 20:00 k.o (UK time)
  4. Is it really sho-reh-tee-rey? not shore-tyre ? or was that Fletch from BT being a tit... Anyway - pleased for the lad heard he's been playing well in the U23s lately
  5. Tbf while I also wouldn’t have done it, surprisingly Newcastle haven’t sat in a low block in the way I’d expected, they have pressed us at times, maybe they’re just doing an awful job of it but there’s more room than I thought we’d get and it might be worth having James just parked on that touch line to drag the defender out
  6. Hope to be proven wrong but this lineup looks like a disaster waiting to happen
  7. Terminate the toon Old Trafford Sunday, 21 Feb - 19:00 K.O (UK time)
  8. What a ball down the left by Telles, rashford has got to finish that move off though, ffs
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