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  1. Henderson has supremely strong wrists
  2. Brightons depth must be awful because our subs look way better than the starters did the other day, really nice move there, ighalo should have scored
  3. Manchester United enquire about Watford star Ismaila Sarr [Telegraph] Finally we look at a feasible right winger - me likey, him, or buendia or brooks pls and for the love of god stop fannying about over 5m euros with Telles
  4. Thought it could be handy to have one place for our outgoings as opposed to individually posting in all the different player threads (or not bothering to do so) James Robson of the Evening Standard: Pereira to kick off a host of departures for UTD, Smalling, Rojo & Jones could all go Romero doesn’t want to be 3rd choice. Dalot has barely had a look in. Lingard is a more sensitive situation with Solskjaer still hoping he can turn it around #MUFC #transfers
  5. gonna walk it, going out of europe last season early has helped them loads
  6. Finished Ozark - occasionally a slow burner but I really liked it
  7. Lazio: We would like to offe- Utd: *SOLD*
  8. tbf - forced the equaliser and the pen today
  9. They can’t complain about the pen but we have robbed them lmao
  10. Woof, hit right at ddg at least it didn’t go through him
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