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  1. Meh, two moronic individual errors, if that tit didn't play the passback nobody would bat an eyelid after the result
  2. I don't know as I'm a mod I think click their name and on their 'profile' there's an option???
  3. Fuck me what a moron, 30 seconds left too Was offered a new deal
  4. We overplayed AWB last year and now he’s been sent off after starting a game IMO he shouldn’t have anyway think we’re in real danger here, also with sancho he looked sharp at the weekend until final decision and tonight why he kept dilly dallying I’ve no clue
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed - nice buzz about the place, first half wasn't great they strangled the game and we didn't break them down till the greenwood shot but from then on we did well, really glad I got the chance to go - I may be going to villa next and then after that it'll be a fair while before I can go
  6. Stade de Suisse Tueday 14th September, 17:45 k.o
  7. One of those shitty rags had something about migrants on the left and a headline praising her on the right of the front cover the other day, Mail or express, this is the moronic nature of the gammon in this country
  8. Was amazing being back in the red wall but fuck me I can’t believe we missed all those chances… page playing it too safe and all
  9. a tiny amount of that would be coming to us though (hence why Adidas pay us a big annual lump sum) - but it is still crazy
  10. Even though I just know the team is gonna somehow end up looking a shitshow of an XI (no James!??) - I can't wait for this! so excited! -e- apparently tickets going as high as £2500 for this, hit the jackpot when I was offered one haha!
  11. If he doesn't he's gonna dig himself an almighty hole
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