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  1. this will relegate eriksen to the bench, a move that I think will work out really well *clip this in 6 months when he’s forgotten how to take a set piece and generally sucks arse all of a sudden*
  2. Sevilla europa jam too stron even for mourinhos final record, somehow winning the double toss for both their own end and getting the advantage of going first sickening but at least we got knocked out by the winners which is a slight consolation
  3. I actually think we may get rid of him successfully thanks to some of the recent shop window appearances, maybe it’s just delusional optimism though
  4. He did have at least 2 wrongly ruled out to be fair... but yeah, he's shite - the chance late in this game summed him up perfectly
  5. Fred linked with a 30 million move to fulham! and we 'may keep' mctominay because he's the youngest senior midfielder we have -_-
  6. Good thread in relation to this Suspect how much of a transition we see will be largely based on how well the board does turning the squad over
  7. Barnsley v Sheffield Wed has been enjoyable, can’t believe Barnsley didn’t just score on the break
  8. True but assuming Kane is off the table he’s probably a safer bet than ramos who I’m a big fan of but would cost 20m euros more (at least) and hojlund is also less proven, but could be interesting, out of the semi feasible names who would you go for ? Martinez might end up being the best combo of availability and track record even if he’s still somewhat risky due to the reasons you’ve mentioned above Osimhen would be the dream but I think he’ll be too expensive
  9. Being linked with Lautaro Martinez (we often are) - would actually be a really shrewd move if he's like 60-70m rather than 80/90+m on my boy Ramos if Osimhen is off the table (presume Kane is too pricey etc)
  10. 3rd, more points than when we finished 2nd with ole and our 2nd highest points tally post fergie (I still think season to season points comparisons are largely stupid within the same league but some of you seem like them) side note: LOL at Giggs being named manager in the moyes year
  11. Inter are set up really poorly to deal with them, it's actually gotten to the point in the last week where I have more faith in us stopping the treble than Inter, and I have almost 0 faith in us doing it On the other hand if we can't get up for this fight then idk what to say - I don't care if we get dicked as long as they show some bloody effort and go down having given it all, that's why I think Martinez (and likely still Antony) will be big misses in that sense
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