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  1. hdcantona

    Poch Watch

    I’ll pick a new victim in the summer
  2. Game 2 of the gauntlet Old Trafford Tuesday, 11th May 2021 - 18:00 Kick Off (UK Time)
  3. Why does our defence look so fucking abysmal without Maguire, it’s only been five mins but feels like we are on the ropes
  4. The team needs a kick up the arse before they get going sometimes but the resilience is much improved
  5. Christ Leicester getting shellacked - Soyncu 'better than Maguire' eh... Evans the real leader of that defence
  6. And now we run the fixture gauntlet... Villa Park Sunday, 9th May 14:05 K.O (UK time)
  7. he *was* - but Shaw since December has been the better player, Telles never adapted and only flashed his ability Absolute shocker tonight though, probably rusty tbf with a lack of time lately but Shaw 100% levels above in 2021
  8. He fucking loves scoring against Roma hahahahaha So undeserved but we'll take it
  9. I have been hard on him but wow what a save from DDG there He didn't know it was a handball - unreal
  10. Agreed - all this said they're still only 1 down and chelsea have just fluffed yet another chance - not over yet... Also has to be said the black socks with that Madrid kit just look awful - couldn't chelsea have put blue ones on or something? we even change our shorts to suit the opponent!
  11. They've been abysmal tbh - absolute bunk
  12. 6-2 up on aggregate Stadio Olimpico Thursday, 6th May, 20:00 Kick off (UK Time)
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