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  1. hdcantona

    La Liga 2018/19

    Nice to see Mallorca going back up!
  2. hdcantona

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Appreciate the heads up, loved the newsroom - will have to give this a look
  3. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Suspect there'll be some sort of talk about Wan Bissaka this afternoon maybe like that first agreement in principle thing with Dan James Could be way off but just a hunch
  4. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    didn't Hysaj lose his place???
  5. hdcantona

    Summer Football Tournaments

    That'll knock a few million off his price tag at least
  6. hdcantona

    Juan Mata 2018/19

    3 years seems stupid but then it's not like he has any pace anyway - as a great character and a good backup/rotation option I'd keep him I guess especially if we're shipping off pogba
  7. hdcantona

    Paul Pogba

  8. I do! how is this year's one? I haven't had one since I think it was 17, I just got bored as it was a bit repetitive
  9. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    We shouldn't be still in talks if we're not willing to go close to that though since we've known for over a bloody month that that's what it will take to land him
  10. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Palace: We'll take 50m and be done with it Us: How about 35 and 15 in add ons??? Ed Woodward is like me being a stingy bastard on FM lmao - shocking
  11. Anyone here got an Xbox? Some cracking deals to be had on the Xbox One S (with disc drive not all digital) - which I'm contemplating as it could be a 4k blu ray player too - Any great games etc? Seen one with Forza horizon 4 for pennies less than £180 -e- gone for the battlefield 5 one as forza is on the game pass thing I'll be getting
  12. Breath of the wild may be my favourite game ever Mario odyssey great and Mario Kart Rocket league works brilliantly on it including cross console play Shedload of good indie titles on there too You can get FM touch on it btw which is pretty decent but takes a while to get used to the controls and Lmk if you want my thoughts on a game there's a chance I'll have seen a fair bit on it or played it. The fifa on there bizarrely has a better career mode than the ps4 one as the menus etc are more like the ones before ignite but the gameplay feels like fifa 17
  13. hdcantona

    Summer Football Tournaments

    aaaand he got 2 always thought he was a great help to fergie
  14. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Not gonna make this its own thread yet but: Was referred to in the Koulibaly thread as well First impressions: I like him but damn that's a lot, even if it's like half a Maguire (and probably chucking darmian or something their way too)
  15. hdcantona

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Seeing Milan linked with Manolas he has like a 3 euro release clause We should be all over that imo