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  1. That fucking OG in the pool game jesus christ
  2. Hilarious clip - to be fair though the club were reluctant about McClaren and ETH specifically wanted him - he knows he can work with him and be a link to the league especially and culture of the club (or what it once was and likely what he wants it to be again) ETH will do a lot of the hands on coaching as will Van der Gag (or whatever his assistant is called) I wouldn't be shocked if we saw more additions with time too after he weeds out who he does and doesn't want from existing staff
  3. the amazon doc is going to be sensational
  4. I think he's gonna stay clear to avoid being a distraction - I imagine he'll be turning up next week after working remotely this week, but could be wrong
  5. I get so jealous watching other team's full backs when I know we're stuck with this guy, that one season pre-euros I could live with him as he was producing offensively to compensate for his constant playing of people onside and poor positioning That said the situation on the right is just as bad in many ways, I will die on the Dalot over AWB hill and he's still young enough to improve a fair bit but he's miles off the required standard other than as a backup too tbh
  6. Merged (with the accents) my irrational transfer obsession for this year so he's basically nailed to either go elsewhere and shine, or come here and flop
  7. Yeah Inter a superior squad easily, and arguably Juve, will be tough for Milan to repeat IF they do see this out (as they should)
  8. RR will still be managing the game but will be interesting if ETH is there to see or not
  9. New contract delayed until ETH sees him and decides he's in his plans So expect a banging 3/4 months and him not to turn up fat this summer for once before the inevitable down tools and/or injury woes (That said I do think he'll really suit ETH's 'ring of security' approach at the back as he is a good passer)
  10. McClaren knows the league and ETH has worked with him before so if he wants him I'm fine with him - nobody seemed to mind him being Fergie's no.2, what does it matter if ETH wants him to be his #3 or whatever
  11. couldn't agree more but could see us ending up with DCL rather than Nunez I like his physicality, I think he has a lot to his game, his finishing technique is immense, dribbles better than he gets credit for too imo - I think he could be moulded to suit ETH
  12. He's my transfer crush this year so it probably won't happen, apologies in advance for when he's banging them in for chelsea
  13. Yeah it's been said but it's clear that right now whoever we have at the back is getting far too exposed I agree
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