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  1. Need a *real* manager to unlock Nunez' chaotic potential but yeah - I think largely their 2 biggest issues are the midfield being awful (puts immense pressure on a backline that was never that good defensively anyway) along with the slight decline of VVD and especially Salah (a shadow of his former self)
  2. Frazier Campbell on MUTV calling the Casemiro red a 'soft throttle' haha
  3. Plonker. On the plus side he'll be fresh for the Barcelona game
  4. First of 3 games without Casemiro - Leeds at the double Old Trafford Wednesday 8th February, 20:00 k.o
  5. Almost nobody in our team is comfortable just knocking the ball round Compare this with how city neutralised arsenal in the cup the other day and that's how far we still have to go and a lot of that will need to be squad turnover
  6. We're blowing this for sure Changes should have been made immediately
  7. Genuinely surprised they gave it - I mean they had to, but I wouldn't have been shocked if they hadn't Didn't pull up many trees against us recently tbf
  8. Guy is just so unreliable it's painful, when he's on he's class but my god he played 20 mins the other day and is presumably injured again already
  9. Merry Sixmas everyone! Suspect we are going to be brutally poor but will try and keep it tight (don't think it'll work) but who knows
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