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  1. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0tcmQHqNoPumrPuZfAtfW2?fbclid=IwAR1U2THSqWWlNHLKv_hnRZg0SPML9nq0xDWBh0cMCkHMzwnitajX99Q_M-o This was like a 'collection' type album (think along the lines of 'Now....' but for indie songs) about 10 years ago, just found the playlist on spotify someone has kindly put it together Brilliant.
  2. The first series of the simpsons on Disney+ - got another 9 or so brilliant ones to come too result.
  3. Wales: Neco Williams - 18 years old - RB - Liverpool Has shone in their cup games and imo now could well end up starting there next summer, or at the very least pressuring Swansea's Conner Roberts Ben Cabango - 19 years old - CB - Swansea Developing a partnership with a squad cert Joe Rodon - an exciting CB, the Swansea defence (according to my mate at least) seems way better when he is in it, plenty of time to get experience and (coronavirus aside) I think Rodon will leave swansea in the summer window, so he could step up to be their 'numero uno' - personally love him as he spent time in the Cymru Premier last year lol
  4. I thought TheManc was calling him slow so he'd need to 'own up' maybe I misremembered
  5. Joe Allen to be back - they've done us a solid fair play
  6. Is there any sport anywhere on? God that’s a huge chunk of weekend entertainment lost
  7. Good lord if Pereira scores you know they're shit
  8. don't you put that evil on me you bastard
  9. I think it's important we don't *over*-play him and burn him out, that was probably the issue before
  10. Ighalo has been absolutely superb what a finish from McTominay