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  1. Had a stormer for Portugal yesterday, wonder if he can continue this improvement? Before injury he was touted as a potential top level rb and he’s still not *that* experienced for his age, maybe his ceiling is higher than I thought? even if not though it’s nice seeing him in form and as above he will at the very least be a productive squad player long term if not more
  2. Still looks well off the pace - the international break should actually do him good he'll play a lot I hope and then we have a rough schedule after the break so hopefully he picks up once he gets a run for us
  3. A long wait… Emptyhad Sunday 2nd October, 14:00
  4. Don’t think Ddg had to make a save? Happy to see that I guess though it was pretty dull meh, presume we will counter v city too
  5. Very nice Sancho goal a bit against the run of play, some neat passing and moving being flashed though
  6. Rashford isn't in the squad and I expect them to sit back loads so presume sancho will be left - not sure if it'll be McSauce or Casemiro but yeah pretty much what you have there
  7. Hopefully a stronger team Bolshaya Sportivnaya Arena Thursday 15th September, 17:45 k.o
  8. He’s still got finishing and heading so expecting more goals from him but quite sad how washed he looks tbh
  9. tbf he's not fit yet, but the early signs are alarming
  10. not very. Looked quick on that one play when the ball went behind the full back though
  11. but also not good enough to win. Robbed of a point by that awful pen call though
  12. You're nauseating and wanting Ten Hag to fail or being uber negative for not trying to play the same style as Ajax immediately with players literally incapable of keeping the ball for 2 mins is dumb and is the real thing giving off virgin energy
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