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  1. They ended up calling it Pogmentary rather than Pogumentary lmao, as if it couldn't get any worse
  2. So we'd either pay him off to end his contract early or just keep him on the books for another four years to. Nice.
  3. Paul Pogba says he wants to show Manchester United they made a mistake in failing to produce a deal that could persuade him to stay at the club. The France midfielder, 29, was reportedly offered £300,000-a-week to remain with the Premier League club. However, in a new Amazon Prime documentary 'The Pogumentary', Pogba said the club was "bluffing". He is expected to rejoin Juventus when he leaves Old Trafford following his contract's expiry this month. In the documentary, which is to be released on Friday, Pogba discusses his future with his former agent Mino Raiola, who died
  4. A corpse could do a job in Italy
  5. Should have clarified I was talking about a major team
  6. Southgate has to be the least inspiring manager in world football How is Maguire still starting?
  7. That's Madrid's midfield sorted for another 10 years then
  8. No Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio this time
  9. Hungary has fans banned after homophobic and racist abuse. Still allowed 30,000 fans (mostly school kids, though a few thousand adults also there) who then boo England players taking the knee.
  10. Appreciate this is an old quote and probably posted here or elsewhere already, but Mourinho is spot on here. Although I also think his contributions at the last world cup were overstated, some good and crucial moments in between his usual levels while being carried by Kante. Still no doubt he's a better player for France than United, unlike the nonsense about Maguire and England. Has never and will never have the mentality you'd expect to see in United's midfield. "I don't think it's about getting the best out of him, it's about giving the best he has to give," said Mourinho, speaki
  11. If we actually offered him another year... no words
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