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  1. Hopefully he gets rid of the useless fucking coaching setup and will actually have a long term impact on our style of play and recruitment. And Maguire, obviously.
  2. Couldn't even hack it in Ligue 1 with PSG lmao.
  3. That's because they're clueless idiots who don't realise Southgate just choked at the best chance we'll ever have at winning another major honour. NAH BUT WE DID VERY WELL TO REACH THE FINAL, YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE HIM THAT. Fucking world's gone mad.
  4. Can't believe this is who we're actually targeting. This club is going absolutely nowhere and wasting the careers of the little talent we do have in the squad.
  5. You and Owenzy scared them all off
  6. Southgate given a new deal until 2024. The FA are as clueless as us.
  7. Pretend I said Carrick and it's nailed on
  8. Replacing Ole with a faltering Leicester manager would be too ridiculous, even for this club. Whatever happens, if the board don't realise the entire coaching setup needs to change every bit as the manager does next season there's no hope for us.
  9. Inb4 Fletcher wins 3 games and earns a 5 year contract
  10. So, do people still think it was the correct decision to let go of the only competent and consistent midfielder we've had since Carrick? One of about three players who looked like he gave a shit too. Should have given him double what he asked for and made him captain.
  11. "Harry is a top professional and he wants to be there for the manager every single time. "For me, I have not considered taking away the captain's armband. He's been a stalwart for us since he came in. "The so-called experts have their opinions and that's their job, but it's not something we need to worry about. "As a true example of a Manchester United player, Harry is always there for his team and he's going to prove his critics wrong."
  12. Absolutely outplayed by Watford. 15 goals conceded in 5 games. 5 losses from 7.
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