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  1. Not unusual for abuse victims, sadly. I also wouldn't be surprised at all if Greenwood is getting back together with her to give him more chance of salvaging a career.
  2. From Ancelotti to Lampard to Sean Dyche. Poor bastards.
  3. They got the decision correct according to the updated laws, but the laws are bullshit. There's no way that should be allowed. The victory is even sweeter after reading all the city tears though.
  4. Collecting wingers and false 9s like Pokemon cards.
  5. People still holding out hope for this guy lmao, come on lads.
  6. Shaw again preferred at CB to Maguire, lol. Why is Martinez not starting though?
  7. Who's hacked hd's account?
  8. There's currently 7pts separating 3rd from 15th in the Championship, lol.
  9. Argentina have scored 12 goals so far. Messi has scored 5 and assisted 4.
  10. Like that they focused on Beckham before that
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