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  1. aardvarked

    Ole Sack Watch

    Delaying the inevitable Game raising against our rivals, peak Liverpool.
  2. aardvarked

    Ole Sack Watch

    Saw a rumour we were interested in Gareth Southgate. Put me on suicide watch.
  3. aardvarked

    Ole Sack Watch

  4. aardvarked

    2020 edition: Who would you keep?

    are you 12?
  5. Sorted if we're aiming for the thrill of a relegation battle every season
  6. aardvarked

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Great performance against Arsenal though, eh?
  7. aardvarked

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    All positions
  8. Good news lads, Maguire will look like a good CB in the Championship next season.
  9. I'm in London now mate
  10. top bants lads we're fucking doomed
  11. aardvarked

    Chris Smalling 2019/20

    At least his replacement didn't cost us too much and has been an absolute rock since signing
  12. aardvarked

    Upcoming Games

    Pretty sure Kojima could make a game about taking a shit and people would be talking about how brilliant and subversive it is.
  13. It's Brighton mate We are shit
  14. This guy's coming for my throne FUK