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  1. RIP Fingers crossed the league flops and every club who joined is banned from ever joining the domestic leagues again Should also deduct 30pts from every club involved in this shitshow tomorrow morning
  2. Everything we wanted and expected with the Falcao signing, shame he's been underused and is joining us so late in his career
  3. So depressing to think Bellingham would probably have got similar game time to Diallo if he had signed for us and here he is scoring in the quarter finals of the CL against City. Would have even been behind Matic in the pecking order.
  4. Diallo should start this, seeing Mata in the starting lineup gets harder and harder to take
  5. To think we spent his transfer fee on Mata and Fellaini in the same window he went to PSG.
  6. Was actually a great block from Dier tbf, although it looked like it would have been straight at Lloris anyway
  7. Think Mourinho must have changed his advice, from being cunts to total pussies. Much better suited to it as well.
  8. Fucking embarrassing from Son, literal fingertips brushing his face and he's still on the floor lmao
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