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  1. £30m is fine, time for everyone to move on. As much as I've disliked having him at United, or more specifically his transfer fee, captaincy and undroppable status until last season, some of the shite posted about him on social media is ridiculous. He needs to move for his own sake. Will likely still be first choice for England at West Ham which is what he should be concerned about.
  2. Hi everyone, As we've all known for a long time now, the forum has been in a decline over the last few years for various reasons. Neither myself nor the rest of the admin team have the capacity or the inclination to try and reverse this and even with all the will in the world, forums as a whole just don't have the same appeal as they once did. However, we are keen to continue to provide some kind of community space where the few of us that are still active can continue to talk absolute shite together. We've therefore decided to make the move over to Discord and have set up a TMU ser
  3. The figures being talked about for Hojlund are an absolute joke. How do we manage to get absolutely bent over on every transfer we make?
  4. Surely we can talk West Ham into 35-40m to take him off our hands permanently. He'll do well for them.
  5. Aston Villa are operating like a FIFA career mode. They're linked with Moussa Diaby, squad is stacked with potential.
  6. We're spending a significant portion of our budget on a player who doesn't noticeably improve the first XI. If we were selling Bruno at the same time I'd bite your hand off. It's a stupid signing to prioritise.
  7. At £55m+ Mount is a borderline Maguire tier transfer. We will never learn.
  8. ETH acknowledging he'll continue to be a squad player at best, nudging him along to leave. Doubt he does though.
  9. Absolutely inevitable collapse from Arsenal
  10. There would be loads of clubs willing to take him but he'd more than likely need to take a pay cut. He probably at least has the character to do that for the sake of rebuilding his career and reputation but it's not a given. We should be prepared to pay 25% of his wages or something just to get him out the door. He is not good enough to cut out the mistakes which are hugely amplified all over social media now, which must be destroying him mentally. Absolute shitshow of a signing.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if the entire bidding process is just an elaborate illusion to make it seem like the club is actually open to options beyond the endless pit of money that the Qataris can throw at the club. That, and the fact it's an easy way to milk another few billion quid out of them.
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