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  1. Glad they've finally added skateboarding, really entertaining to watch
  2. Hard to even muster any emotion anymore
  3. Not so much this, just that in order for people to have a similar level of impact they need to have a huge amount of resources behind them to get any kind of attention. There is no way Rashford would've been able to achieve what he did without the backing of his talent agency. That's not a slight on him at all, it's just reality of the world we live in today. It's the same for white people as well fwiw. I sincerely doubt Rashford launched the campaign solely to boost his image and marketability, it was simply an inevitable conclusion of the campaign.
  4. I don't think it's on any of the streaming sites in the UK sadly, hard to check from here.
  5. Season 1 down, good shit. Ray's facial expressions remind me of Steve Buscemi, but less ugly.
  6. Hardly any big clubs have made signings yet mate.
  7. Looks like fucking shit
  8. I completely forgot about it tbh. Thanks for the reminder, two weeks of hotel quarantine starting in 2 days.
  9. Marvel movies are for teenagers with ADHD lads, proper shite
  10. Saul, de Jong and Pedri. Tasty.
  11. "Historical issue with rats"
  12. Saul and de Jong. Tasty.
  13. Bizarre stat but overall he played well, still some comedy moments here and there, particularly when trying to channel Scholes. But good on him. Maybe we should play with seven defensive players at United to see him at his best.
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