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  1. No way are they going to want to pay €27m in a season.
  2. How is Mata still flying under the radar for departures? Fuck me.
  3. Started watching Rake on Netflix. Australian comedy-drama about a pissed/coked up, womanising Barrister in Sydney. Each episode centers on a legal case with other storylines developing throughout the season. Reminds me a bit of Californication in terms of the fuck up anti-hero main character and the type of comedy. Really good.
  4. Liverpool are equalling our record this season, 100%.
  5. L M F A O What the fuck I hope Ole and the team still get hammered because that was utterly shocking. Fucking bringing on an extra defender to deal with Brighton ffs.
  6. Drinking, dancing, bubbling. Usually. No bad words about Andy Cole allowed on here
  7. If expectations were still the same as under Mourinho we'd never have hired Ole in the first place. Maguire is trash.
  8. The racist cannibal has gone to Athletico. Imagine playing against him and Costa. €6m though LOL
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