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  1. aardvarked

    Ole Sack Watch

    big club mentality lads Don't ever post this American shite here again
  2. aardvarked

    Ole Sack Watch

    A shocking turn of events indeed. Nobody could have predicted that an average defender for an average side would still be average after being involved in an £80m transfer. The fact Leicester are doing even better without him is the icing on the cake.
  3. We'd likely have been dicked even worse if they all played. Especially Pogba.
  4. So good you posted it twice eh
  5. Small time player with a small time mentality
  6. Maguire running in front of the ball and then checking back to get in Lindelof's way. Top quality.
  7. That would involve a hell of an imagination
  8. Any bets on Liverpool miraculously only scoring another goal at most and Ole pretending like this was a close game in his post-match interview. Also that he's happy with the squad.
  9. No worries we'd probably twat that into the car park anyway
  10. We're so shit it's comical at this point
  11. Greenwood's on the bench
  12. LOL at Pereira and James
  13. Would love to know what anyone thinks Maguire's qualities as a defender are at this point. He's been even worse than I could ever have imagined. Useless cunt. Captain material btw. LOL. I think James is a great lad and a useful squad player but fuck me, he is nowhere near good enough to be a first team regular. Pereira is atrocious.