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  1. Some great cinematography but as movies they're garbage. Proper nerdlinger shite.
  2. Darkest Dungeon. It's fucking hard and I'm on the lowest difficulty, still don't get all the mechanics yet. Good one to run on my shite macbook pro, got too bored of FM19.
  3. aardvarked

    Fifa 20

    Wish I had my ps4 here to play you
  4. Maguire's lucky he wasn't playing
  5. Don't think they were ever going to win back to back CLs tbh. Madrid made everyone forget how hard it actually is.
  6. Imagine if we had two top drawer defenders and didn't need to play either of them.
  7. We are average with him
  8. Pickford has always been average, Maguire's level. Southgate's boys. Bruno looks like an actual good signing. Wow.