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  1. We're actually going to get fourth place lmao 2020, what a ride
  2. Ake and Maguire, the Lidl Rio & Vidic.
  3. Should have fucking done the same to Lingard 8 years ago
  4. Imagine giving Luiz another year Arteta's on crack
  5. God bless these lads with the spoiler tags
  6. Did anyone think not playing football for a few months would make us less shite?
  7. Crouch was talking about Palacios on his podcast recently. Said he excelled at Spurs mainly because his primary role was to chase the ball and pass it to Modric. His standout season for Spurs happened after learning his brother was dead at the end of May. Confirmed dead two years after being kidnapped.
  8. Thanks for reminding me, I'll start it tomorrow.