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  1. aardvarked

    Champions League 18/19

  2. aardvarked

    Ruben Neves

    Not me m8y
  3. aardvarked

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    The most frustrating player on the team
  4. Pogba should be bossing the midfield
  5. Definitely worth getting up at 5am for this
  6. aardvarked

    Ander Herrera 2017/18

    sack woodward if true
  7. aardvarked

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Nothing changes for us
  8. aardvarked

    UCL - Last 16 - PSG vs Man Utd (2nd leg)

    I forgot to set an alarm, woke up as the game ended. Good shit. Give the man his contract.
  9. aardvarked


    About three levels below the profile of a player you'd call a galactico.
  10. aardvarked

    PL Matchday 28: Crystal Palace vs Man Utd

    He's back lads
  11. The David Brent of the football world.
  12. aardvarked

    Chelsea Rebellion

    I'd say continuing to refuse to come off after seeing how incredibly angry Sarri was is not really something you'd expect to see from a team in control.
  13. aardvarked

    PL Matchday 27: Man Utd vs Liverpool

    lol holy shit