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    Sergio Romero 2019/20

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    2020 Transfer Targets

    A long injury will give him a chance to get to know most of the squad.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    https://mobile.twitter.com/henrywinter/status/1218946464921083904 We're fucked if true. Also serious questions need to be asked about our medical department for letting this and the Pogba injury mess happen.
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    Club announced it and the commentators read the announcement. Can't risk a stress fracture to the spine. It's madness.
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    Rashford was carrying a single stress fracture of the spine. He's now developed a double stress fracture plus a 'piece of floating bone' in his ankle. Now he's out until April or May. Great management. Just fucking great.
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    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Pogba getting tons of shit for "faking injury" and called a "Virus" and all the other abuse when he's genuinely injured and actually reinjured himself(twice) rushing back to play. Compared to Young who has been called "a model pro" and got pretty much nothing but well wishes despite refusing to play since Inter came in for him despite been club captain. He's a disgrace.
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    Or we could meet Sporting’s asking price. lol jk we’ll get a new tractor sponsor
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    That can only be excessive real ale talking. But i'll get the next round if your right Kemp.
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    Game Of Thrones

    Film students should study GoT as probably the single best example of how to completely fuck up an almost-universally loved TV show. I don't think there will ever be such a chasmic drop in quality between seasons again in television.
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    Ole on challenging for the league next season: “That’s the aim, of course. I’m not saying it’s a realistic one.” Replace Ole with Jose and imagine the response. Fucking idiot this guy - who is merely a self-preservationist at this point.
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    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Not in the squad again tomorrow night. 34 year old Ashley Young is refusing to play for United and we're fucking squabbling offering him a new deal, absolutely pathetic think this is one of the lowest moments in club history been held to ransom by Ashley fucking Young, and an Ashley Young who is nearing the end. We should sell him tomorrow and if his dream move to Italy falls apart he should never play for this club again and should see out the season training with the u23s. Man is supposed to be our club captain and he's refusing to play, fuck him.
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    Andreas and James don’t belong in the PL. Out there running into each other.
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    Director of Football

    Some rags reporting that we are closing in on lille director of football Luis Campos. Same PR strategy in a loop every transfer window. Comical that management thinks fans will keep believing it every transfer window.
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    2020 Transfer Targets

    The news is shit enough without people comparing the £ figure with the € figure to make the gap seem bigger. Just sayin’
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    Eric Bailly 2019/20

    Bailly is a footballer? Don’t they usually play football? I only notice colour. Not race. That would be racist.
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    There isn’t a chance in hell we find ourselves 2-0 up in this game. They’re too good. Like Owenzy says, I absolutely hate this fixture - simply too much riding on it to ever enjoy it even when we’d still cruise to a league title. I’d give my left nut to beat them and plant even the smallest seed of doubt in them. Would hope we see a few guys stand up and be counted here. Leave one on them nice and early, preferably that rat Robertson. Trench fucking warfare....we need to make it a battle and hope a bit of luck goes our way. I can handle defeat provide we show some fight and go down swinging. Too often, we limp our way to a pathetic defeat.
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    2020 Transfer Targets

    They're just an aggregator. The source is Portuguese media. It isn't happening. It was never happening. This club is not interested in investing money. Ed and his new spin bitch Neil Ashton will brief the media about unreasonable demands, agent fees and our fans will be delighted that Ed avoided the getting hustled. Just like they were with Dyabala. Or that time Leicester wanted the insane amount of £60m for Harry fucking Maguire lol. We buy no one. Avram Glazer gets a new house. Finish 10th.
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    John Locke

    Ashley Young 2019/20

    All our players are hate figures these days barring romero and one or two others on a good day.
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    Albert Quixall

    Ashley Young 2019/20

    I hope Young does well at Inter and wins a medal or two. Like Sergio, he;s been a model pro. Never whined, caused trouble, and has always played his best in whatever position he's been given. He's made a wise move.
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    Ashley Young 2019/20

    Indeed, I don't think anything will beat before the Arsenal game for hilarious agenda driven nonsense it went from "he's faking injury and doesn't want to play anymore" when he wasn't with the squad the night before, then when it came out he was actually reinjured it was "Ohh but I bet it's only a small injury if he wasn't such a cunt he'd play through it" You know ignoring the fact that was what caused him to be out so long in the first place, to then finding out that the injury needed surgery it was then "ohh it's his people suggesting it he's a disgrace" despite it been obvious that it was needed considering he's reinjured himself twice trying to come back without having the surgery. Genuinely tripping over themselvs to be as outraged as possible about any little thing involving him Young is a top pro though
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    Ashley Young 2019/20

    More dead weight gone. Good move for him as well. The double standards over him refusing to play is quite funny though.
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    We will nick a 1-0 win and piss on their unbeaten season hopes
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    Nice to FINALLY beat these fuckers. Not the greatest of performances but a big win. Hopefully Rashfords injury isn't too serious, badly need him on Sunday.
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    2020 Transfer Targets

    I'd prefer Partey. Partey + Fred + McTominay. All the yellow cards.