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  1. Yeah, looks like lady luck has shined upon us
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  2. O

    Champions League 2022/2023

    Real vs Chelsea Inter vs Benfica Milan vs Napoli City vs Bayern Napoli and Benfica will never get a better chance to do a Porto.
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  3. Pellistri being lively. Him and Garnacho could be our best wingers for some time if they continue maturing and improving. Pellistri has more pace, more unpredictable than Antony. We could have been a couple of goals down in this first half. They have been killing our centre backs for pace, and have played the right weight of pass through. Something we have continually messed up. But 0-0 at half time is good enough. I think we will score one at some point in the game.
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  4. How the hell is that a yellow for pellistri???
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  5. hdcantona

    Erik Ten Hag

    8 of their first choice 11 have started 25/27 league games this season. In comparison United have had 3 players start 24 or more out of 26 games. It’s not remotely comparable. this is his point ^^ but to be fair it’s quite fergie esque to distract from our recent struggles
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  6. O

    Europa League 2022/2023

    I think Arteta would be secretly happy to go out of this competition. They have a rare opportunity to win a league title. He's rotated a fair bit for the game away to Sporting Lisbon who are no mugs.
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