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  1. I think anyone who can afford to buy us will have some sort of skeleton in the closet so to speak, so I think Ratcliffe would be the best of a bad bunch tbh. I've never understood the desire for wanting an owner who will just splash the cash, on players anyway. For all of the Glazers' failings, we've still spent huge amounts of money over the years to no avail. I just want someone who knows how to run a club effectively, or at least who knows someone who does. Whether that's Ratcliffe I have no idea - I'd think a lot of people who are spending the amount it'll cost to buy us will wan
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  2. Supposedly 'interest from America, Asia and the Middle East' remains - and I suspect this bid will be the first of many I don't think they'd be *that* much less frugal than the glazers relatively speaking but just *not* being a parasite with things would be a big economic help (i.e freeing up more of our revenue) and much less objectionable ethically than a lot of the other potential owners out there or in charge of other clubs
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