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  1. 42 years of supporting United will be truly tested if we resign Pogba, he stands for everything wrong with this club, its hard enough to watch dross, but we have a team with a lot of unlikeable players.
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  2. Alexander

    Cristiano Ronaldo Thread

    This is my take on the man so far: Leaves just before he hits his prime to go to his dream club, fair enough. Then goes to Serie A to mask his decline. Fails to deliver in the Champions League. Obsessed with the Ballon D'or so tries to secure a move to City. Just like Rooney and Tevez before him, he showed that his loyalty was only to himself. City don't want to pay 20 odd million, so he goes back to United and takes the number 7 off Cavani, and then expects the team to be built around him, with players running off the ball for him as if it's 2008 (I still find it sho
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