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    I think Ole will be sacked after the City game if we fail to win this. We could be looking at 1 point from our next 3 games. Probably 4 at best.
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    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Everything going Liverpool's way even when they don't play, fuck you Shelvey, you cunt.
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    We do always overrate our youngsters. And not only that but the gap between youth football and the first team is so huge that even dominating the youth levels is often rendered meaningless once they get promoted. I don't watch academy games anymore but I used to around 08-12 and we've always hyped them too much. There's always 2-3 players in every youth season that the fans are convinced will make it. I think Ole and the club have done a very good job hiding behind this "plan" for the future and part of that is accomplished by hyping up the youth players. Look at a guy like Greenwood for eg - brilliant predatory instincts but in the first team I think he's looked quite poor technically and is quite slow as well. I don't think you can improve those areas too much, yet we see people comparing him with RVP? C'mon. We'll be lucky if he reaches Chicharito level IMO, and i'll be happy with that as well. He and Tuanzebe will be the ones to 'make it' in the same way Evans and Welbeck made it for us.
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    Tahith Chong 2019/20

    Chong's confidence at 1st team level is very low. That's his issue. Gets stage fright. He's the type of player that will leave and do well for himself at midtable club. Wouldn't be surprised if he has a career similar to Josh King. And we mustn't forget that he suffered a terrible ACL injury in 2017, so he missed a year of development at the age of 17. He might have to adapt his game. It would be best for him to join a French or German club where he will play every week, build confidence and find his way as a player. I'd love if we could buy Stengs from AZ Alkmaar and convince Chong to replace him there.
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    Tbh our fans being so relaxed and accepting of mediocrity is partly why Ole is still in the job. Arsenal fans pushed Emery out. Tbf things wont ever change. We're just not a demanding club.
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    top bants lads we're fucking doomed
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    Genius my arse. A better than average investor maybe, but hardly a financial genius. He's got the name and history of Manchester United to sell. You could take a dosser out of a homeless shelter, give him the job, and he'd do as well. The club sells itself. I'd love top see this nasty little shit do as well with Watford or Brighton. https://lazyfansports.com/ed-woodward-problem
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    Shows the future is very bleak. Outplayed by FC Borat. The only one with a chance in Greenwood. The rest will probably never make it in any top division. Terrible. Shaw included.
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    Champions League 2019/20

    He was simply good a few years ago. You knew him since Juve you lying fuck.
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    The one thing I would say, the sub wasn't the problem imo - the problem was that whenever we make a slightly defensive change every single player just shits themselves and goes into ultra defence mode which we then inevitably botch We're so mentally fragile it hurts, 70 mins of putrid dung and then once WIlliams scores we looked like 1970 Brazil for 10 minutes, then one sub and everyone's shitting it again? Maybe ole should know better in the sense it isn't the first time, so he could've just left us being porous given what little it did to help us defensively in the end anyway but this is just a baffling group of players mentality wise - I can't really explain it
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    I reckon we could get something off City, hell, let's get 3 points off them. They are shit.
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    2020 Transfer Targets

    We got youth but need experience aswell ole won't get a few years at man utd unless he finishes nearing top of league I think we need Ronaldo and Bale play 433 play them up top with martial and play rashford Pogba James in midfield then we have shaw and bissaka quick players all over the park that will take on teams and attack and have the pace to get back and defend it's a quick fix but one needed for now as we need to still compete.