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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    True. This is why all the world's top players are pro-racism.
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    Brandon Williams 2019/2020

    Don't think he has a thread. He's been the most impressive out of the kids, Greenwood aside, and can probably become our 1st choice LB by the end of the season if he keeps this up. One of the few enjoyable aspects of our recent plight.
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    John Locke

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Another strong performance.
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    Daniel James 2019/20

    Peach of a pass for Rashfords goal. nice to know he has it in his locker on top of his nice assist last week too and has been robbed of a couple of assists this season already. He's started the season so well tbf to him I was delighted we took a punt on him in the summer but he's been so much better then I expected him to be and probably a bit unfair on him he's been thrown in at the deep end a lot more then probably even he expected but he's really stepped up to it. The bargain signing of the summer so far in the league?
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    Finally! An explosive full-back. Williams with his trademark run.
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    I don't think we necessarily resorted to a plan b out of choice, the pressing had sucked the legs out of us and it was only a matter of time before the lack of energy would have cost us that high up the pitch. The positives I take from this game is that the players actually followed instruction and had a tactical focus that was coherent throughout the team.
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    Of course it's bollocks and he's faking it he was outraged at having to play against Rochdale, so outraged infact that he fell out with the French national team coaching staff aswell. Honestly some of the shite people come out with about Pogba is hilarious.
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    They also beat City, have a night off pal Jesus we played well enjoy it for tonight you can go back to being miserable tomorrow
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    Ole Sack Watch

    Ban this Brexiteer.
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    A great victory for the lads, confident of securing a point against Norwich at the weekend. AAAAND THE REDS GO MARCHING ON ON ON
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    Ole Sack Watch

    Lose his legendary status? He will never lose the status he gained as a player no matter what he does as a manager. Besides, the fans recognise that the shit we’re in is not due to Ole but due to the way the club is being run. Ole isn’t the right man for the job but it’s not like he put a gun to someone’s head to get the job. The decision makers f’d up here like they have been for the past 6/7 years. And why would he walk? What’s the point in doing anything if you don’t back yourself. He can say bye bye to his managerial career if he does that. He will try his best because he loves the club but unfortunately he doesn’t have the ability to manage a massive club like Utd. He’ll get the sack if things don't improve dramatically. Something needs to click for the team in the league desperately. And quick!
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    Sergio Romero 2019/20

    Another clean sheet, another day in the life of Sergio. 29 clean sheets now. Honestly, my favourite player ever. And not just United.
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    Manchester United Financial Thread

    Nice place to take a nap during our games.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Regardless of any criticism of his recent performances or how yesterday he played with a lot more spirit and faith in himself him using his profile to help those in need this Christmas can only be commended.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Launch this man into space and then ban his main account.
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    I’d have taken it before the game - seeing it play out was bad, though
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    Ooh, Ahh, V A R
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    Indeed “TARD”, indeed.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

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    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Speaking of hat-tricks comparing to our beloved club. April 2013 since United's last Premier League hat-trick ( Van Persie) and spent 305 million since then. Incredulous stat.
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    Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 29 Years

    It's offensive to guys like @JJtheRed who can't live up to the stereotype.
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    I would definitely have taken a draw beforehand, but conceding a goal so late in the game makes it feel like a defeat. It was the same old story in some respects - not being able to kill a game off and take chances when we're on top. Despite that, it was a much improved performance. I thought we were excellent in the first half, pressing them high up the pitch, not giving them a second on the ball,. We also did a lot better on the ball and gradually became more dangerous as the half wore on and got our rewards with a good goal. My concern was always that, because we weren't making the most of our superiority, we were always going to end up under pressure. Liverpool were going to start playing a bit better, but the main issue was that we were always going to tail off. We were never going to be able to keep up the first half performance for the whole game. Their goal came from one of, if not the only, time we switched off. We could perhaps have done with fresh legs earlier, but I'm not sure we had players on the bench who were suited to coming on in those circumstances. It was good to get the point and stop their winning run, but this game will only matter if we follow it up with continued improvement.
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    Albert Quixall

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Mark Hughes.