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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    I actually think we’ve handled his minutes well, not burnt him out in the first half, the lockdown has let him fill out a bit more strength wise and I think now he’s mature enough to be playing significantly more minutes
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    Anyone congratulating them or even thinking of commenting “well done, well deserved” gets a perma-ban on me.
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    We're fun to watch again!! We were a shambles at the back today, especially Maguire and De Gea who must of smoked a serious amount of crack before kick off and for those 10 minutes after half time. I don't think we would have turned it around and we would of capitulated after their penalty earlier in the season so nice to see us turn it around like that. Another 3 points. All 3 attackers scoring. Played some lovely stuff and scored some great goals and could of been more. Just a really enjoyable game tbh
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    Maybe it’s just me, but it really grinds my gears something fierce the way the media laud them. The coverage has been outrageous a TV channel over here was tweeting YNWA. The Daily Mail, aka Tory central, gave them, the champions, the front page for only the second time ever. BT and Sky interviewing drunks and idiots with no analysis of City v Chelsea. Getting Carragher on to swig from champagne on live TV when the last time they won a title the prick supported Everton. The incessant need for even pundits and broadcasters to all refer to them by their nicknames Hendo, Robbo (who is a walking, talking shitebag), Bobby, Mo. Klopp dancing and the entire media bending over to suck his cock. Not one mention of social distancing at Anfield last night either despite SOS and that prick Tony Evans attacking the Mayor of Liverpool for suggesting scenes like that would occur. Jermaine Pennant, a useless fucking reject, giving it the big one on Twitter. I’ve never in my life experienced such a wankathon over a title that was won months ago. It’s all legend. It’s all hero. The cunts were 30 fucking years waiting to win one title. They spent over a billion quid. This big underdog story is a load of rubbish. They broke two world records (keeper and defender) to get here and that wanker James Milner is definitely juicing.....junkie prick. The most detestable wankers to ever live.
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    13 penalties this season

    Opposition fans in tears. Bruno conning refs. Ole's shameless Reds. We are BACK.
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    For those not watching on Sky.
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    remember when we were excited for Bruno's free kicks?
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    Keane says he’d have been swinging punches. Wouldn’t let Maguire and De Gea onto the team bus. Thank god for The King.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Don't think he's getting enough credit for what he's done during the lockdown with helping to feed the kids who would have been without the free meal they'd get at school and raising over 20 million for charity to help with that, also just before lockdown he learned sign language to help judge a competition for deaf children. A class act on and off the pitch.
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    TM loves a good goal difference.
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    Any time you hammer a team with that wanker Pepe Reina in it, it’s a good day.
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    Clearly my stream is light years behind.
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    Was our best player up to that point. Showing more urgency than anyone. Had a great switch on the counter which would have led to a goal had Bruno got the pass right. I think you were on to something about his growth affecting his dribbling. He’s looked much more confident running at people since the break where he filled out his frame a bit. It’s crazy exciting. Rooney/Ronaldo days exciting.
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    Btw, been really impressed with Martial's pressing since the restart. He made the second goal by winning the ball in our own half.
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    Pogba tries that all the time and don't think he's gotten so much as a free kick. #BlackDivesMatter.
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    Anybody else been excited for this game since the Bournemouth game? like genuinely looking forward to it and been disappointed when you remember it's x amount of days away? First time in years i've had this feeling about United and our matches, the past few years it's been a sense of I have to watch it more than actually wanting to and it feeling like a chore. Not even just wanting us to win but actually excited to watch us play too. It makes a nice change. With all that been said bet we end up fucking losing tomorrow now
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    Nemanja Matic 2019/20

    He deserves a lot of credit for his performances and the way he's turned his form around. I really thought he was done, but since the late December/January there's been a huge improvement in his performances. He's been brilliant. We'll have to manage him carefully at his age and we can't rely on him playing one or twice a week every week, but if we keeps playing like this he's a real asset and will be important for us. He's a different player to our other midfielders and can work well with any of them.
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    What TheManc sees:
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    A really good win tbh. Very comfortable again with two lovely goals, Brunos' second especially one of our best goals in a long time imo. People can say it's "only" Brighton or Brighton were poor but that is exactly the type of game we would of massively struggled in up until recently so i'm absolutely delighted to win it and win it the way we did. Need to keep up that kind of performance in that kinda game going forward though. Say what you want about Ole but I do think we're building towards a very good team here and if we get the recruitment right in the next few windows and players progress as they should we could start challenging for the major honours again. Lot still need to be improved on obviously, especially right wing and our dreadful quality in terms of squad depth and then improve certain areas of the pitch in the next few windows too. It's a fucking outrage we didn't sign Bruno in the summer tbh let alone how we dragged it out so late in January. What a player, him and Pogba are a class pair, add in Matic in the form of his United carear and the midfield now is one of the best in the league easily. Mad we've come from Fred(who I love tbf) Andreas and Lingard as our midfield 3 in some games this season Fuck me Greame things must be bad at home to be signing up to United forums.
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    18 goal contributions this season (13 goals + 5 assists). Also a goal in The EFL Trophy, so 14 senior goals.
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    Oh my Christ, my favourite goal possibly in years, absolutely sensational
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    Matic to Greenwood to Bruno. Three best players on the pitch. Brilliant goal. Throwback to the good days.
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    We have the basis of a decent attack for years if we could sign Sancho and a top notch striker. Midfield would be fine too with one more signing. Defensively, an entire overhaul. I’d maybe keep AWB. As for the ‘keeper. Agreed though, but we don’t have any leaders in the club. Be it owners, club executives, team management and players. They really just don’t care. Imagine Keane or Rooney now - is there one player in our squad who you reckon would be genuinely pissed off by Liverpool winning the league? Even Rashford, the Manc, is probably too nice. Need a few scumbags.
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    Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 13 to 1

    It should be the ultimate motivation for everyone associated with Manchester United Football Club. I really feel for Ferguson, watching what he built collapse overnight. It happened to Sir Matt as well. History repeating itself. But it has better not be 26 fucking years until our next PL trophy. It's already been 7. I can easily see it being at least 12 years. At least.
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    United's remaining games

    He will not get sacked if he gets CL football for certain. Even if he misses out I think the corona-austerity will be used to excuse a lot of the bullshit we're gonna see this summer. Woodward was preempting those thoughts before they became widespread. He's obviously a very limited manager and we'll never compete with Liverpool or City while he's here, even if we bring in Sancho, Grealish, Ndidi, whoever. His tactic of countering with pace is useful for big games but mostly useless against the majority of teams we play. There's still no methodical pressing or any semblance of a coherent playing style when teams sit deep. Seems it will just be get it to Bruno or Pogba and let them create. It's crazy the difference Fernandes has made though. The weakest position became a strength. Pogba will sign a new deal and suddenly it's a pretty formidable choice of midfielders. The manager, goalkeeper and strikers are still far too weak for us to be competing for titles, full backs don't offer enough either.
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    The muscle he's put on during the lockdown seems to have done him good. Looks a man now and there was one stage he showed a great bit of strength to hold off a Spurs player which he hasn't really shown, so it's nice to see him add that to his already technical brilliance. Still think he's playing within himself at times, but he should be our first choice on the right for the rest of the season imo. Decent cameo tonight
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    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Levels. Literally dragged us to a point.
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    Odion Ighalo 2020/2020

    I don’t know how anyone’s take away from that game could be that our backup striker wasn’t good enough.
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    Our captain standing on the edge of our box with his body barely able to keep his abnormal head held upward. My club.
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    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Alonso with the assist.
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    Future Ballon d’Or winner
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    Albert Quixall

    Wigan go into administration

    Another club from the North-West takes a hit. Wigan, not too long ago conquerors of City at Wembley, are facing insolvency and a 12-point deduction, that will relegate them. The new owners, who bought out Whelan, dipped their toes in the water and have concluded that the club is not a viable financial prospect. Of course blame will be placed on Covid, Brexit, and what have you but you have to wonder what they were thinking when they bought the club in the first place, just four months ago. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/01/wigan-go-into-administration-four-weeks-after-hong-kong-takeover
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    As @hdcantona said we've handled him great. He's not always been great when starting but this run has given him lots of confidence going forward. At one stage I thought he'd be that super sub type of player but he has matured and looks set. One thing I like about him is that he can pick a pass as well as scoring goals. I don't think I've seen a United player hit the ball so sweetly since Beckham, Greenwood has that ability to hit the ball with pace and accuracy. The expectations will be high now but as fans we should not expect miracles every week because football isn't like that. What we do have is a precocious talented individual who hopefully will become a legend here.
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    Mason Greenwood 2019/20

    Lewandowski was playing in the lower Polish divisions at 18. And hadn't even been capped at any level for Poland. 1st U21 cap at 20. He has had the most unexpected career of any elite striker in decades. He wasn't a highly rated youth player. Kane was on loan at Millwall at 18. Doing well, but not making the impact that Greenwood is at the biggest club in the country. Džeko is the most underrated striker of the past decade. Elite striker. If we had a Džeko right now, we'd be closer to 1st than 5th. Literally all of these players have been world class at one point in time. We couldn't ask for more if Greenwood can replicate any of their careers. You can seen his play with his back to goal improving every game. By the time he is 22, he could be the most complete attacker in the world if his development continues. Two footed, high intelligence, a composed finisher, decent pace, and can take free kicks & penalties. If he could become an even more prolific Firmino with Rashford and a RF scoring 25+ goals on both sides of him, I would be more than happy with that. He has a skillset that can be moulded into whatever type of attacker you want, bar classic target man. He is like a FM wonderkid in real life. It's up to him to fulfill his potential now. His recent gym work shows that he is dedicated.
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    James may actually be outdoing Andreas here in this historic battle of incompetence.
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    FAC - QF - Norwich vs Man Utd

    Took a few months this time but we drilled it out of another player, damn we are good
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    FAC - QF - Norwich vs Man Utd

    It's an exclusive club for the internet elites. Keep up this carry on and you'll be out.
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    Made my peace with this months ago, the fact the pandemic is happening, it’s nearly July and the league had to change the rules for this to happen softens the blow a little. Let’s be real, every game since it’s restarted has felt like a pre season friendly. Athletico Madrid also showed that they’re not infallible either.
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    Let's All Laugh At Liverpool - 13 to 1

    This is pretty much what I wanted to say. They really are the most unbearable club and set of supporters in football. I've never bought into the theory that some people have that the press and media are all ABUs. I don't think the coverage we get is particularly unfair on us, consistently anyway. However, there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that there is a definite pro-Liverpool bias in the press and media. It's not just about them being a rival club that makes it so nauseating. It's the whole narrative that comes from their fans and the media at every opportunity. The smugness and pretentiousness, being continually told what a 'special' club they are, how they're supposedly so morally superior to everyone else when the reality is anything but. Even on the very rare occasion that they are criticised for anything, the attitude about it is always along the lines of how "out of character" it is for them and it's quickly forgotten. No matter how they, their manager or club behaves, they get away with it. The teflon club - nothing sticks. Or rather nothing is allowed to stick, perhaps.
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    Great win tbh, very comfortable. Probably the best performance from any team outside of City since the restart imo. Who would have thought we'd look much better going forward and creating chances in games like today with players like Pogba and Bruno been the main creators instead of Lingard and Andreas. Could easily have been 5 or 6 today. Lot of positives even if Sheffield United were poor.
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    Be honest, did AWB even know what he was doing?
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    Of course I'll take that considering and that's 12 unbeaten. Pogba and Fernandes look sex in that cameo period. They are the positives. OK so DDG has to go and Henderson to start next season. James I'm afraid needs to build himself up and learn basic football techniques. I can't even consider him a luxury player because he simply doesn't have that instinct. Maguire should give up the captain armband with immedieate effect and study how to defend. Lindelof too can not be considered by any stretch a class defender Martial is an enigma that's all I'm saying Shaw just NO!! We'll scrape Champions League so considering the fuckery of the early part of the season that's something with still the FA CUP and EUROPA to go for.
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    Daniel James 2019/20

    The fact this guy starts when everyone is fit is the single most concerning issue at this club, DDG’s plasticine wrists aside.
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    He’s dead fucking right. About everything. MY MANAGER
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    2019/2020: PL Matchday 30 - Spurs vs Man Utd

    Roy Keane is still the best though
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    Keano just said he'd be swinging punches at DDG and Maguire if he was in the dressing room at half time. It is laughable at times and we can laugh with him but if half of them showed any passion like Keano is...there would be a fucking spine running through some of these cunts. No leaders and Maguire is stain on Manchester United captains.
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    Good to see him sticking up for himself after the ref ignored the foul on him. He also let Lamela Mortal Kombat McT. Shocking referee performance and we have collapsed since the goal.
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    Nah man James just needed a break and he’s gonna be prime Bale
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