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    Anthony Martial 2017/18

    Anyone who thinks there's been a fair attempt to develop him as a player is out of their mind.
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    All that shite about how glorious their football is and they produce that pile of shite when it matters. Klopp is a loser who’s lucky he ran into ridiculously naive managers who played into his one trick pony side’s hands. Couldn’t even finish ahead of our supposedly shit team with a supposed charlatan as manager. Wouldn’t even console their goalkeeper, not a single fucking teammate went near him, the same keeper currently recieving death threats on twitter. YNWA they said. The best fans they said. Crock of shit. Fuck Klopp and fuck Liverpool. Delighted theyl lost in the most pathetic, humiliating way possible. Went down without a fight. Horrible club. Insufferable fans. Good night.
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    Surprised no one has posted this yet
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    Premier League Transfers 2018/19

    AFC Bournemouth In - Out - Rhoys Wiggins, retired. Baily Cargill, Ryan Allsop, Ollie Harfield, Sam Matthews, Patrick O'Flaherty and Joe Quigley, released. Benik Afobe to Wolves, £12.5m. Arsenal In - Stephan Lichtsteiner from Juventus, free. Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen, £19.3m. Out - Per Mertesacker, retired. Santi Cazorla to Villareal, free. Takuma Asano to Hannover, loan. Jack Wilshere, released. Brighton & Hove Albion In - Leon Balogun from Mainz, free. Joseph Tomlinson from Yeovil Town, free. Florin Andone from Deportivo La Coruna, undisclosed. Out - Uwe Huenemeier to SC Paderborn, free. Steve Sidwell, released. Jamie Murphy to Rangers, undisclosed. Bailey Vose to Colchester, undisclosed. Ben Hall to Notts County, loan. Burnley In - Out - Scott Arfield to Rangers, free. Tom Anderson to Doncaster, free. Chris Long, Dean Marney & Josh Ginnelly, released. Cardiff City In - Josh Murphy from Norwich, undisclosed. Greg Cunningham from Preston, undisclosed. Out - Chelsea In - Out - Crystal Palace In - Vicente Guaita from Getafe, free. Out - Damien Delaney, Chung Yong Lee & Diego Cavalieri, released. Everton In - Out - Conor Grant to Plymouth, free. Joel Robles and Jose Baxter, released. Callum Dyson to Plymouth, free. Fulham In - Out - Ryan Fredericks to West Ham, free. Huddersfield Town In - Ben Hamer from Leicester, free. Terence Kongolo from Monaco, undisclosed. Ramadan Sobhi from Stoke, £5.7m. Juninho Bacuna from FC Groningen, undisclosed. Out - Dean Whitehead, retired. Robert Green, Jack Boyle, Denilson Carvalho, Dylan Cogill, Luca Colville & Cameron Taylor, released. Leicester City In - Ricardo Pereira from FC Porto, £22m. Jonny Evans from West Brom, £3.5m. James Maddison from Norwich, £25m. Out - Robert Huth, released. Ben Hamer to Huddersfield, free. Liverpool In - Naby Keita from RB Leipzig, £54m. Fabinho from Monaco, £44m Out - Yan Dhanda to Swansea City, undisclosed. Ovie Ejaria to Rangers, loan. Jon Flanagan, Jordan Williams and Emre Can, released. Manchester City In - Out - Yaya Toure, released. Pablo Maffeo to Stuttgart, £9m. Manchester United In - Diogo Dalot from FC Porto, £19m. Out - Michael Carrick, retired. Joe Riley to Bradford City, undisclosed. Dean Henderson to Sheffield United, loan. Newcastle United In - Martin Dubravka from Sparta Prague, undisclosed. Out - Macauley Gillespie to Carlisle, free. Southampton In - Out - Olufela Olomola to Scunthorpe United, free. Jeremy Pied, Florin Gardos, Ollie Cook, Armani Little, Will Wood & Richard Bakary, released. Tottenham Hotspur In - Out - Keanan Bennetts to Borussia Monchengladbach, undisclosed. Watford In - Ben Wilmot from Stevenage, undisclosed. Gerard Deulofeu from Barcelona, £11.5m. Marc Navarro from Espanyol, undisclosed. Out - Brandon Mason, released. West Ham United In - Ryan Fredericks from Fulham, free. Issa Diop from Toulouse, £22m. Lukasz Fabianski from Swansea, £7m. Out - James Collins & Patrice Evra, released. Wolverhampton Wanderers In - Benik Afobe from Bournemouth, £12.5m. Willy Boly from FC Porto, £10.8m. Diogo Jota from Atletico Madrid, £12.6m. Raul Jimenez from Benfica, loan. Rui Patricio from Sporting CP, free. Out - Jordan Allan, Dan Armstrong, Anthony Breslin, Nicu Carnat, Ross Finnie, Jon Flatt, Conor Levingston, Tomas Nogueira, Hakeem Odoffin, Adam Osbourne, Ryan Rainey & Jose Xavier, released. Christian Herc to Dunajska Streda, loan. Aaron Collins to Colchester, loan. Benik Afobe to Stoke, loan. Harry Burgoyne to Plymouth, loan.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Loving the outrage over Ramos. He's made a career out of it. He's won absolutely everything, one of the all time great careers.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Also, I want to make this post too. It may not be too well thought of on here, but I don't really care ahahah. I feel really sorry for Karius tonight. I know I'm one that always desires Liverpool to lose in the last minute on an own goal, or offside, or have Ronaldo score 5 goals, and things like that. But very few times, if ever, I hope the worst on a footballer; no matter what team he or she plays for. Today Karius has two massive mistakes; I consider the second not to be a tenth as important as the first, because they were down already and it was late and all that.... But they were still two massive fuck-ups, where there's nothing or noone to blame that can free you. And even though I don't play his position and I barely even play the same sport, as they're 1000 levels above, I can start to imagine what the guy must be going through and it's really tough and sad. There's nothing worse than knowing for a fact that you've done that to your team. And I can't even fully comprehend how much worse that has to be when it happens in a CL final, in a team with as many fans and followers as Liverpool, after a time without finals and when the match is still 100% open. I don't personally like the guy too much for the little stuff I've seen of him in social media, etc. But what the guy is going through has to be beyond awful, and I just hope the manager, the club, the fans and the teamates show him and tell him how important he's been, because this can mentally haunt you forever in your career and life.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

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    Your Starting XI by August

    The character and bottle will come from the manager
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    I don't think anything has made me laugh watching football as much as this did
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    Next time he mentions Keane he's getting a ban, i'm deadly serious. He's been told in the past to keep the shit in one thread but he's so moronic he has it scattered everywhere. Last chance. Not joking. People are sick of reading your shit.
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    Our plan of attack is literally to lump it up and hope for the best. Mourinho was raging that Chelsea had the audacity just to defend when he didn’t have a targetman. How badly would we be taking the piss out of another manager who couldn’t operate without a big guy up top? Imagine the fucking Manchester United manager going on tv and crying because he couldn’t break down a team without Pulisball. Embarrassing. Bottomless resources and he couldn’t even have a plan b, because that’s actually putting Fellaini on for an extra target to lump it to. There are too many things wrong with how the team is set up that are the responsibility of the manager. From keeper forward, how many of our players look like they’re following a plan of attack? Who looks like, when they receive the ball, that they know what to do to create chances? We can’t play out from the back, our sole tactic in midfield is to try and dribble through the middle, all of our attacking players apart from Lukaku want to be in the same space. We are simply not set up as an attacking unit. We don’t even press cohesively to win the ball in advantageous areas, and we struggle to put a corner past the first man. All this after more than £200m on attackers. Why were £70m of defenders sitting on the bench while a back four that Fergie bought started an FA Cup final? It has been plainly obvious for most of the season that Valencia and Young have been hindering our attack, yet Mourinho insists on playing them. Yesterday Herrera was used to man mark Hazard, which led to few options when we won back possession. How many times did we lose the ball simply by being overrun? Pogba in a double pivot. Who controls the midfield? Who creates chances? We are not set up to control the midfield, except to try and physically outcompete the other side. We don’t press high to win the ball in the opponent’s half. We lump balls at Lukaku and hope Sanchez, Pogba, Lingard, Mata, or whoever don’t all trip over each other. Four teams scored more goals than us this season. Every one has a recognisable style. Our style is to rely on a few attacking players to create moments of magic. I dread to think how few goals we would have scored if not for that ridiculously easy opening series of games. The 7 teams we played before Liverpool all sacked their managers during the season. We scored nearly a third of our goals and earned a quarter of our points in those games. 31% of our goals and 23% of our points in 18% of our games.
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    So, okay. First of all we are awful offensively, I think. Not only one of the worst creative teams in the league in my opinion, but also one of the ones that as has been said here have no attacking identity. Generally, you can more or less link all the big teams to some certain philosophy or way of approaching matches, or for what they do in attack. I don't think anyone here knows what to expect whenever we go to a pitch. First of all, Mourinho's teams in the last few years, since his Madrid days, have had the tendency of not playing football. Just trying to make a team solid at the back, and then you know something will happen whenever you get the ball to the players of the level they had. When you have the squad Real Madrid have, you can make that work, even that way, he struggled big time against Barcelona in that time. Second, and here I'm going to talk about the players. I think we have very good players, one by one we have some amazingly talented guys in the squad, some are older, some are younger, some need time to develope, some others are in their last stage in football, but they all have one thing in common. They have all declined since they came to the club or since they first started. That is not a coincidence. That is not because "ehm, sadly it looks like we signed the 23 guys that don't want to run and give it their all". There is something wrong much deeper than that. It may be the culture in the club's dressing room, the influence of someone in the dressing room, how the methods and work are not taken seriously by some... But it happens way too often. Every single player want to fight, and play and start matches, and win the matches they start in, and win trophies. These are 23 guys that are there because, apart from being more talented than the rest, worked much harder than the rest. You don't get to where they are if you don't know what you have to do and have a massive hunger for winning and playing. So the "they don't care for the shirt thing isn't too true". Now, having said that, one thing is clear. Either the management of the players is awful, or the way they treat the group as a whole is awful, or the standards set and the example they get is awful, or there is something really wrong with the culture and the vibes the players get as a whole. One of the main examples for that is that actually, despite him being absolutely awful overall in the two years he's been here, Pogba still gets defended as a top midfielder int his league. Or that Fellaini actually has to get a new contract. That kind of attitude everywhere around the club is awful, and it certainly has an influence on how they see. A guy that jogged around and didn't even give a single fuck about the club like Depay was actually defended as if he was a godsent miracle here until pretty late in his United career. I take these as an example of what people think and do and say in general, and if that is the case, it is awful. So is the "yes, next year we get Mourinho, we're going to win the league"... "well, Mourinho is always better in the second season, he'll win the league now with his signings and having made his team"... "yeah, but he's inherited the Van Gaal mess and there are signs of improvement"... It's actually defending and advocating for this kind of mediocre and half table attitude we're showing and encouraging. Then we complain about "X doesn't have hunger"... But we are defending a manager that isn't doing his job properly. It is all very contagious. All these things certainly have an influence on a players attitude towards the game and how they perceive the club etc. If you laugh at a guys jokes when he's playing really bad, and defend him, and then again, and again... It is actually pushing the player to do less each time, as he knows it's enough with being below average. Third, and this is more from a football perspective. What improvement has anyone here seen in the team? Is there something you've liked about our attacking football this year? I mean, we sometimes do look good when we counter attack, the most improvised type of football (albeit certainly as spectacular as any other) that is down to the players actual ability, and physical tools (pace etc). But apart from that, what do we do well? We don't know what to do to play the ball from the back, we actually don't even know how to place our players to start playing, What % of the goal kicks De Gea has are hoofed up? Is there any other top team that does that as often when they don't even high pressure us? We don't have a single mechanism to play the ball from the back; many managers do things, we see a holding midfielder stuck between the CBs to create a three line and create superiorities in many teams... Or we saw Delph as a left back in defense but then in midfield to create mismatches too, many different things, and we do none of them. It either shows that we don't have a clue on what to do actually trying to find solutions or ways to improve and be better, or that there is nor interest. I don't really know which of the cases is better. There is nothing, with Van Gaal we saw many mistakes, but at least you saw we tried to create the triangles in the wings trying to get something, now there's nothing. It's like they are sent out there to do what they can, the team is too wide open (like yesterday's goal which is unforgivable), we don't play as a unit, it's like 11 figures walking out there that met for the first time 30 mins before kickoff; it really is awful to watch. Then there's no consistency, too many changes, both in who plays, if someone repeats, where he plays etc. There's just no consistency. Two years now and we can't even guess our players' best position, our spacing and positioning is very often awful (add to that the lack of pressure and having to perform and imagine how good that sounds), a lot of coming and going from lineups and even matchday squads for young guys that wouldn't ideally need that. It really is a mess. The saddest part of it all is that people are actually thinking that yeah, we'll need signings and we'll be fine. As if their memory didn't remember for more than 3 months and how we've been saying the same for years now. You can take Herrera out and put Fred in, or you can take Mata/Martial/Alexis out and put Willian in, that nothing is going to change. You can change the figures as often as you like, but it's not a problem of not having the correct ones, it's a matter of not having a system, a method and maybe a manager that can make the great players we have work as one, play to their full potential, actually have them in situations where they are world class. And we don't have that. Because yeah, for example, Alexis has been bad since he came and all, but how many times have we given him the platform he needs to shine? Like facing a defender in space one on one? Why don't we criticise the fact that we can't put him in those positions where he makes the difference, instead of going from saying "he'd be a dream signing" to "he's shit" in two months and a half? It really is ridiculous. We could get Messi, and he would still not make the difference he makes now. He'd have to face 10 players comfortably sitting in their box, with a lack of movement, a lack of pace to get the ball to him, and no solutions anywhere. It's really sad, but that's where we are. It's not a matter of signings or names, it goes much deeper than that.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Seems an awfully convenient loophole.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Never in doubt, I knew as soon as I couldn’t watch it that Madrid would win. Gutted for Salah if he misses the World Cup. To the rest of Liverpool:
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    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Do it. Also @Piazza wanted me to mention that anyone who ever doubted GOATETH BALE can go fuck themselves
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    He’s not going to fucking Liverpool lol. He’s played a blinder tonight for his career. Some team will bite and overpay big time for a player who’s not fully fit more than 50% of the time. Hopefully it’s Chelsea but it will probably be us. Would still erect a statue of him outside OT for tonight alone though.
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    Ronaldinho is getting married. To two women. At the same time. Whatever game life is. He won.
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    I seen Kondogbia at Inter enough and never want to see him again. He was fucking dreadful. La Liga seems made for him as he can bully some tanned midgets around but he'd fail horribly in the PL. Herrera will get his chance to compete, especially in bigger games. One of the few who showed up for the FA Cup final too. Doesn't mean the end for him yet. Fred is going to be world class because I want him to be. He would be similar to Pogba if Pogba was slow and retarded.
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    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Nothing. I shall make nothing of any of this.
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    Player Development

    Anti-Mourinho stuff is the gold-mine these days. It's a guaranteed like at the moment so here goes. Mourinho is absolutely wanker, smells of piss and kills puppies in his spare time and worst of all the cunt won't play Martial. (Then you can finish with something like this>>>) Prick.
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    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    So you have no loyalty. I would have quoted other posts from 2016 and 2017, but those threads are closed. You throw around the word GOAT like a charity worker hands out leaflets. He's either the man or he isn't. Back your boy.
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    Liverpool or Madrid?

    Can confirm I thought I’d died of euphoria briefly but I’m ok no longer jealous of @lucretius going to see Derren Brown, the bale goal was more mind blowing
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    Danny boy

    Footballers who aged terribly

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    Do you trust Mourinho?

    I hate his football philosophy and I can't stand the bastard as a person..also he's terrible at man-management. He publicly ridiculed Rashford after the Brighton match..not the way to instill confidence in a young player..finally, his post-match whining after the cup final was so fucking embarrassing to me as a United fan..I was mortified by him.