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  2. Its fun too see old post after some time too see who can make it or not He didn't make it He is in our U-18. looks like Top Prospect. can find some video clip from him like this He is not that shining I think? Well, After open this page again I just realize, we have so many talented young player that got spotlight from young age (hype?)
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  4. If Aubameyang is available for ~20M then this is a mistake. I don't believe he is though.
  5. Analysis for his style of play so far..
  6. If the Daily Fail is to be believed, I wasn’t far wrong. Apparently we’re picking up half his wages (£130k ish) and it’s going to cost a total of £10.5m to keep him til January, including another £6m loan fee. This isn’t a good deal.
  7. That's a lot of fucking money, lol. But then again Lingard is on something like 130k pw, so I wound't really be shocked if Ighalo gets what you say he probably gets.
  8. Just numbers I’ve heard banded about over the last week or so... He definitely took a pay cut but still on a decent chunk... £150k might be stretching it but I’d be massively surprised if it was anything less than £100k That said, depending who you ask; Sanchez is on between £300k and £450k - so pinch of salt required
  9. Whoa, holup... 150k per week? Is that really the wage he's on? I read somewhere that he's on 80k pw or something and took a pay cut to join United? Got any sources for this? i'd be against it too if that's what he's on.
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  11. The argument those guys have made (correct me if i'm wrong) isn't that we can spend more than we could, but that other clubs may be cash strapped so will accept less. We don't know if that's going to be the case with our targets though (especially Sancho). We can benefit over most clubs, but there's new stories now that Real Madrid won't be able to spend much, nor will Liverpool. They should be in similar financials to us and we're basically in an ever-learning situation. The idea that we can bully everyone now is great but as we are learning more, it seems things may not that be as rosy as that. Last Summer we bought AWB/Maguire outright (or at least Maguire, idk about AWB) but that was seen as unique at the time and we're now in a more difficult situation with the uncertainty. We also took in the Lukaku fee last Summer to help cover those fees which we won't benefit from this season unless Pogba goes. Bruno just cost us 50 odd mill as well. Thinking we can go and splash out 200M with no substantial outgoings just feels like la la land to me. A Summer of Sancho + Ighalo + Bellingham for ~120M seems to be more viable and will likely be the biggest investment that any top team makes this Summer. That could be us taking advantage when you see that Barca are fucked, Juve are fucked, PSG can apparently only buy Icardi, Madrid supposedly can't buy a galactico, Liverpool may only be looking at Werner. We could do better than everyone because they themselves need to reign it in, but that doesn't mean we can blow out more money than we have previously. I hope I'm wrong and we go and buy 5 top first teamers but it just doesn't seem realistic.
  12. That was Ed’s line because he’s terrified of another inevitable mauling in the transfer market. A lot of decent commentators seem to believe this pandemic could actually enhance our financial power over the rest. Like I said, the boys on The Athletic United podcast break it down well. We could always do it? We literally played the Maguire and AWB transfers up front last year. We’ve spent an absolute ton in the last few years, no reason we don’t have that money now. Particularly if we qualify for the CL....even at City’s loss.
  13. I'm no finance expert, but haven't those who are and read our recent finance reports basically said that we're in ok shape to deal with this virus but that we actually can't go and blow 200M net? Expecting us to go and blow that much today when we couldn't do that in a healthier financial climate is pushing it.
  14. Only United could turn a short term panic buy into a longer deal where we still overpay the player and get nothing in return outside goals against Brugge, LASK and Derby. When this club eventually breaks me, and I do in fact turn to suicide, this is one of the things I’ll list on my goodbye note.
  15. There’s absolutely no reason we cannot buy Sancho and a real quality forward to tide us over anyway. Ighalo would rank as one of the worst strikers, in terms of overall quality ceiling, to play for this club in my lifetime . Likeable? How does that even matter? I’d rather an absolute arsehole who sticks 20 goals a season (Rudd, Rooney et al) and can actually do a fine long-term job for us. He might be a decent guy, sure, but he’s bang average and anyone who suggests otherwise is absolutely deluded. Also fail to see how Ighalo is going to aid Greenwood’s development. Worse of all, he’s not even an average utility player who can fill in in a variety of roles. He’s an out and out centre forward whose still making six-figures despite being a 30-year-old coming from China. I could name probably 100 other strikers who would suit us better at present, but let’s just keep settling and keep falling off the pace. Watch as City don’t sign just one individual. Chelsea? Won’t happen. Liverpool? Werner and some more squad players more than likely. I would ask why we have to settle for just one player all of a sudden anyway? It’s actually beyond me! Player values will drop significantly this summer due to the pandemic. We are unbelievably well set up in financially and we had already set aside 30 million in case the league didn’t play out which now should go back into the coffers according to Laurie Whitwell and Andy Mitten on The Athletic United podcast. Our budget will be one of the least affected currently given our revenue streams in the majority comes commercially and not through TV money or gate receipts. There is absolutely no reason we won’t be able to spend 200m this summer. I’ve tackled that in the above par. If we only get a wide player this season we’re a million miles away from what we need to be aiming for. It doesn’t even have to be Timo Werner. There are countless players who will offer us more if we splash some cash - which we have no matter what Ed and co get the rest of you ‘Ighalo is fantastic‘ people believe. Our standards have fallen something unbelievable. This guy is actually trash. There are any amount of better quality players out there that won’t break the bank. Very worrying attitude from some many of our supporters and is it any wonder most outsiders are laughing their holes off at this deal. Joke.
  16. It's a good deal if it allows us to spend our budget on other areas. We're not going to spend 200M net this Summer. Would you rather we buy a top class striker, or a top class wide player and Ighalo? Wide right is definitely the biggest hole in our team. In an ideal world we could go out and blow 80M on Sancho and 50M on Werner, but that isn't really realistic given that we're also in for a 3rd (Grealish/Bellingham etc). While we're building it's better to look at the bigger picture rather than signings in isolation. If all we end up with is Ighalo, then yeah I am with you.
  17. tbh if it means we target Sancho/Grealish in the summer, give Greenwood more time to develop rather than taking an option B or C etc at Striker over whoever we would want as option A, I think it's shrewd to extend it without buying him permanently, he's likeable and offers something a bit different
  18. he's played on the right more because we are so desperate for anyone there, total lack of options, even if we succeed in landing him it'll either be James or Greenwood as the rotation option on the right
  19. I think James always on the right rarely he play on the left. Our left already for Rashford actually except he screw up. Yes, I think that's make the diff between good and great player. We have Young many years and cannot see where is his teammate
  20. Coaching problem that can be ironed out as long as the player has the capacity to take instructions.
  21. Given that James prefers the left and we desperately need Sancho or a top RW for the right I don't think it'll have any impact tbh - James will continue to be a good squad option and supersub, he only played too much this season as he got off to a hot start and then one of Martial/Rashford have been injured for long periods of time
  22. He earned an extension based on the performance. Still minimal risk as it isn't permanent. This club is a shambles but it's decent business to keep him for a while. Seems to be really popular too. Good depth in an area we're badly short.
  23. Done deal. This is the equivalent of inviting a ten-to-two bird to your parents’ for dinner.
  24. 4 goals in 8 games, I'd say it's worth keeping hold of him.
  25. Supporting this deal is laughable. Anyone suggesting that this is some kind of good deal is mental.
  26. The difference between the two is unfathomable
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