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  1. Yesterday
  2. Virtual Grand National today...these times. Anyway Tiger Roll to emulate Red Rum for a third win...,perhaps. LOL Red Rum, Hedgehunter, Mr Frisk, West Tip all run in the Champions race...Rummy won it would have been sacrilege if he didn't
  3. Last week
  4. Finally finished Red Dead 2. Although I expected the ending it still caught me off guard
  5. Ending of the Witcher was frustrating as hell, the one I got at least.
  6. Watched 'A Fistful of Dynamite' with Rod Steiger and James Coburn. Coburn plays an IRA explosives man who finds himself in Mexico at the time of the Mexican revolution. One of Sergio Leone's lesser-known films but a good one for all that. I should probably watch 'Once Upon A Time In The West' again just to see Henry Fonda playing the baddie.
  7. Anyone else feel abit uneasy about the potential sums on players in all of this, I mean I get the world doesn't stop and I get business should continue but 50m odd for a player in the current climate seems ridiculous let alone 100m etc. Considering all the wage drops maybe there will be some normality restored but I just hope United aren't found to look stupid in this crisis.
  8. again a good movie The Dambusters was. I haven't seen Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter but i will. this is the youtube link:
  9. Us. Because we love a flop.
  10. Kane flirting to leave (damn virus). Which clubs could/would go for him in theory?
  11. Me too. I heard he was re-making The Dambusters, but that was a few years ago. I wonder who he would cast in the role of Guy Gibson? You just know that Jackson's aircrew would not reflect those of 619 Squadron. Hammer did some good stuff. Anything with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in it is normally a safe bet (with a cameo from Michael Ripper of course). Did you ever see Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter? It was a later offering written by Brian Clemens (who wrote The Avengers and The Professionals). It's on YouTube in its entirety and is worth it for Caroline Munro alone.
  12. I hope he never does. 3 great movies. watched the whole Hammer films (Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummy collection) 2 months ago. for me Dracula series were the best and Mummy the worst.
  13. Martial Rashford---------------------Greenwood Sául-----------Bruno Fred Would be sexy.
  14. Billing him as a “Pogba replacement” (yawwwn) which from what you’ve said could be viable, positionally at least...
  15. Saúl is quality. He can play anywhere in midfield and do it well, but he's best at LCM in a midfield three. Leftie. Not a prolific goalscorer, but a scorer of great goals. He needs to get away from Simeone. He spends half his time playing out of position on the wing and having to do a lot more defensive work than a player of his ability should have to. Valverde won't be going anywhere. He's been Real's player of the season. Holds their midfield together.
  16. The Hobbit was awful. Three films out of a short-ish book was way over the top. I wonder what he'll do if he ever gets round to making a film of The Silmarillion. Bolg and Azog were mentioned in the appendices of LOTR which dealt with the war between Dwarves and Orcs. Azog was killed at Moria by (I think) Dain Ironfoot in the same battle that Thorin earned the name 'Oakenshield'. Bolg, his son, led the Orcs to the Lonely Mountain but was killed in battle by Beorn. There was no 'pale orc' as Jackson depicted. Legolas did not appear either but his father did. I understand that Jackson was trying to create a film that people would watch and that he is fixated with CGI battles and improbable mounts (a pig and a stag FFS), but you're right; he did go all PC. Watched 'The Big Sleep' last night. I hope nobody ever tries to re-make that. 'The Maltese Falcon' is on today (ditto) and, I think, the original 'Cape Fear.' After that, it's old Hammer films starting with Dracula.
  17. Around 40,000 dead now but still let's giggle and sneer like 7 year olds cos liverpool can't be crowned champions..fuckin imbeciles.
  18. @O Highly unlikely, given the numbers thrown about... But Valverde and Niguez ? I’ve seen Saul mentioned a lot on here and probably seen him play twice but there’s nothing memorable...
  19. I was really excited for Fargo season 4 which was going to air from April 20, but it's now delayed. I gotta pick up Better Call Saul from season 3 as well. Lot of shows to catch up with!
  20. Get him on the cheap. Lovely job. He will decline quickly though so no Rooney extensions. Next Gazza indeed.
  21. No doubt Boredom’s grasp will pull me back to it at some point...
  22. A lot of them do it. Rooney drank at home. So many PL footballers and managers get caught drink driving as well. And not all of them follow a strict diet. Gary Neville said he felt bad for having a Chinese on a Saturday night after a game with the missus. Lol. Pizza used to be a common treat after games for the Hispanic/Latin players. Fabregas. Haha.
  23. I've read that it's public knowledge around Villa that he drinks/parties a lot and either his form (or appearances) always dip around a certain time of year because he's out on the piss every night. Similar situation to Neymar and his sister.
  24. For what it's worth episode 3 was pretty amazing. Some peak Black Mirror shit.
  25. Yep. All over Twitter. Means his move to United is unlikely to happen. Very bad PR. Especially during a crisis.
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