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  2. 7 unbeaten against them fuck it ...we win 1-2
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  4. Become our director of football and start recruiting
  5. Would love to see a bit of gegenpress in the arsenal fixture.
  6. It’s going to be tricky with Ronaldo. Good luck to the new boss, it’s going to tough with this bunch. Looking forward to see who he can improve.
  7. i saw he gave Christian/Jurrassic Express vs Young Bucks 5*. So it was better than Austin/Rock, Angle/HBK and Undertaker/HBK lol. wwe is awful but Roman Reigns has become a beast lol. His entrance is all time GOAT worthy.
  8. Ronaldo-------Mason Bruno--------Sancho Fred---------DM Shaw-----Lindelöf-----Varane-----Laird De Gea 4-2-2 like his Leipzig days. Run it back. Recall Laird in January. Either bring in a stopgap DM on loan like Marc Roca or Gueye (PSG), or try to cut a deal with one of Brozović, Zakaria and Kamara who are free agents from 2022. Expensive DM options would be Rice, Tchouaméni and Laimer. We we would have to cough up for these. More likely next summer.
  9. Murtough is just Woodward's lapdog. I wouldn't give that prick an ounce of credit.
  10. 2019 Ralf Rangnick on Man Utd : "It's always difficult to follow someone like Sir Alex Ferguson, who was so successful and in place for a long time – and that’s even harder if you are often changing coaches," said Rangnick. "With every coaching change, the identity changes and this is reflected in the sporting development. You can look at the money that team has had available in the last five years and say there has been an underperformance. "At any club, if you cannot get the right players, then you should at least not sign the wrong ones. You are in trouble if you do that in o
  11. There'll probably be loads of players he'll like that people wont expect. The only two who I think are fucked for sure are Pogba and Martial, even with Pogba he may have tried to get a tune out of him but he's one foot out the door. You can't implement any sort of press with Martial if you're already accommodating Ronaldo. We really need to get more out of the full backs. Hopefully he can improve some of them but I don't see how he can teach AWB how to play football or teach Dalot how to defend. If we're gonna play with a high defensive line to press up the pitch we're gonna need a
  12. He will be more involved under Herr Rangnick I guess. DvB too.
  13. Hopefully he gets rid of the useless fucking coaching setup and will actually have a long term impact on our style of play and recruitment. And Maguire, obviously.
  14. The attackers are in direct danger too . He told to the coaching auditory that 8 sec are required for getting the ball back .It means pressing every where .Awaiting the new hair cuts of Pogba . Also I expect some wars behind the scenes at every level . For sure Mr Phelen can learn few words in German like <Ja,Ja Herr Rangnick> ,but Fergie's approach is completely different to the Herr Rangnick's one .
  15. I like this dea of an 'outsider' coming into the club with no previous ties or affiliation with United. Someone with great character, who has no problem with making the tough decisions while integrating his philosophy on the team. Encouraging signs we're making positives steps in the right direction with this appointment. Like most people have already stated, it's the position Ralf Rangnick takes up in a consultancy role next year which is most exciting. But for now, what a tactical upgrade this is on Ole. Have been in similar position over the years getting excited & opti
  16. He’s kind of like Miz (who I like) but better in literally every way. Miz looks like a reality TV guy. MJF has a legitimately athletic background and it shows, he also doesn’t look like a frog. Miz could never do the stuff he was doing in that match with Darby Allin. It’s such a mixed bag is AEW. The good is extremely good and the bad is rotten. I despise the Young Bucks, they’re just spot monkeys who do the same bullshit over and over. Dave Meltzer keeps giving them 5 stars though lol. Jericho was one of my favourites but he looks like shit and his ideas are almost Russo esque when Vince
  17. Last week
  18. Manager since 1985. Win Percentage 47.78% Happy with the appointment. Best thing he has no previous relationships with the prima donna's so can tear them proper new assholes. Hoping he'll strip Maguire of the armband immediately then dissect that awful midfield we have.
  19. I can't claim to be anywhere close to being an expert about him, but based on his reputation and track record of running clubs he does seem to be the outstanding candidate as interim manager - not just for his role managing the team for the next 6 months, but the move upstairs/consultancy afterwards. The consultancy could actually be the most important part long-term.
  20. Scenes when he drops Ronaldo for Lingard.
  21. Really excited by this. Finally the penny seems to have dropped that we need semi competent people running the football side of things. I wonder how we'll line up.
  22. How many more names are going to be thrown into the mix! The ghost of Sir Alf.
  23. He's good but his problem is he genuinely is a bit like the Miz. I've thought it for about 18 months. Then again most of AEW are midgets tbf.
  24. Supposedly this was due to Murtough or whatever the hell he's called. He's been scouting around Europe for a while.
  25. This is really encouraging. I wasn't sure about how much truth their was to his part in a consultantcy role when the news first broke, but now it looks like he's got definite guarantees from the United board that he'll be involved in key footballing decisions moving forward. Otherwise he wouldn't be taking up this interim manager role at all. This could be the start of something really, really exciting for United fans.
  26. Surprised the United board have came to this decision, but really excited by it. More so the consultantcy Ragnick will take on after - that could be potentially huge for the future of this club. This is the exact type of appointment we needed to see the season out and have foundations in place for the next man, with a clear philosophy on how we want to play. Maybe, just maybe, we can be optimistic about the clubs success moving forward now.
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