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  2. Just watched season four, it's meh, but hard to live up to the previous ones. Loving season 10 of the Walking Dead, Negan is Evil comedy genius.
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    Every Irish athlete should be executed. All trash. A disgrace to the motherland.
  5. Tough to call! Needs something special to win this. We maybe had the clearer chances last week against Liverpool, but they clearly had most of the possession and controlled a lot of the game. I would like to see Rashford picking his game up, he's been off for the last few games and been unable to stay onside much too often, when he has the pace not to force it. Martial and Greenwood have lost the goalscoring touch too. If Scott gets the opportunity to get forward, he could be a goalscoring threat. With Liverpool having a tough game against Tottenham next in the league, it would
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  7. As soon as transfer window closes he will revert to shite That is the tragedy here If he had Gary Nevilles mindset he would be the best player on the planet
  8. A win here would really stick the knife in to the scousers Lets have it !
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    Ole Sack Watch

    Ole's pressers are generally the worst. I want to slap him most of the time. He basically said we were too attacking because we rushed our attacks and that was why we gave away possession cheaply. He also defended AWB and said we'll see a too full-back in 2 years time. He's getting better on the ball. Hinted at some rotation for the game on Sunday. But will put out a team he thinks can win.
  11. said we were too attacking at Anfield lol.
  12. -------------------------------DDG-------------------------------- Tuanzebe-------Bailly---------Maguire----------Shaw --------------------McTom-----------Fred------------------ Rashford----------------Bruno-------------------Pogba ------------------------------Cavani------------------------------
  13. He's consistent at being a dislikable prick. He's nailed that.
  14. @Txrt AUPA ALCOYANO ! AUPA Amateurs !
  15. Nothing wrong for those who spot something about Klopp in the past so far . Just enjoy their party . Not necessary to be educated football pundit to extract few details about Klopps teams. 1stly - Klopp demands over 10-11 km distance covered from every single player in order his tactics to work . The seasons are too long and he doesn't rotated his players . 2/ He was too reliant on few key players especially in their defense. Their absence affects ps Even the great Barca team with Xavi and Iniesta under Pep was able to keep the winning way for 2-3 years . Not e
  16. Liverpool can win against man city and then lose the rest far as i'm concerned.
  17. Have to beat them now. They're down. They have barely scored a goal since thrashing Palace 7-0. Ole will go full strength now and so will Klopp. Huge pressure on both managers. We're expected to win, while they simply have to win to stop the rot.
  18. City & Liverpool are a shadow of the sides who amassed 97+ points Real (knocked out) and Barcelona (taken to ET) by a minnows in The Copa del Rey Juve are 10 points behind league leaders AC Milan Lille & Lyon are pushing PSG all the way at the moment Sporting are leading Liga NOS Imagine if United, Atletico, AC Milan, Lille and Sporting won their respective leagues this season? It has a real late 90's/early 00's feel to it. The unpredictability. Having said that, I do think Covid is the main factor behind a lot of this. Teams who press will probab
  19. They're done. It looks like City will be without KDB for 2-3 weeks. His return will likely be the Liverpool game. Luckily for them, they play Cheltenham, WBA, Sheffield and Burnley before it. Should be winnable without him.
  20. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    They will be renaming Sir Alex's stand by the time Ole is done.
  21. Spurs (away) West Ham (away) Brighton (home) Man City (home) Leicester (away) Everton (home) Liverpool's next 6. Klopp's BVB team did burn out.
  22. Woodward needs to be flirting with Naglesman right now and make it known we are interested if things go wrong with Ole.
  23. Klopp’s luck the last two years has been taken by Ole
  24. This just reinforce my statement last weekend we should have won at Anfield.
  25. Wow. Liverpool have declined this season and are in poor form, but well played Burnley. Last two managers to win a PL game at Anfield? Sean Dyche and Sam Allardyce...
  26. They're done. Burnout like City last season. Losing your home record against Burnley. Wow. I think City will win the league, but United can go all the way if Ole keeps up the black magic risks. Massive decline in all the top teams since Covid. Even Bayern, who are still winning most games, look vulnerable. Barcelona & Real are the worst I've seen them. He's always had weaknesses. He covered thenm up with an unbelievable attacking output. The assists aren't there right now.
  27. TAA’s decline is steep. He has been trash all season.
  28. lmfao - City the biggest threat... said they were favourites weeks ago What's wrong with pool @O ? Burnout? etc
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