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  4. Holy guacamole, we're the new invincibles!
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    Ole Sack Watch

    Maybe this forum isn't for you. Perhaps try RedCafe.
  6. Frankly, this is becoming a bit ridiculous. Do you people actually enjoy talking yourself into fits of glumness? You're never happy, are you. If he plays Pogba it's a problem and if he doesn't play Pogba it's a problem. If we let in goals the team is useless because the defence is a mess, and if we don't let in goals the team's useless because we don't score. We're not adventurous enough, but we are too naive. We're not well enough organised, but we're too careful. He's got to do 352, but when he does 4231 instead, he's being too defensive. It's a tough job, pleasing you lot. We're on
  7. I think Arsenal badly needed that stability. Now it's a matter of evolving the team. Partey coming in. He had a bad game tonight, but will improve them over time. Agree on Vardy. His record in the big games is Drogba-esque.
  8. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    It's still the pitch you play on the most. Some pitches are wider than others.
  9. Arteta has managed to solidify Arsenal somewhat, but at the expense of making them one of the most boring teams in the league. Basically reliant on Aubameyang being on form. Vardy is one of the great strikers of his generation. The transformation in the Leicester side between when he's playing and when he's on the bench is astounding.
  10. He's amazing. Annoying as fuck but absolutely brilliant - records are made to be broken - and sure, some wins or even titles easier than others but even with the best car (which nearly all WDCs have) - you have to beat your teammate as well Also (moronic anti vax conspiracy tweet aside) I hugely admire his efforts in the last few months to use his platform to help the fight v racism, I respect him so much more for it So fair play
  11. Makes me sick but congratulations to him. Can't say none of it was deserved. That record is here to stay.
  12. Yeah I'm still not convinced he's the right man for the job. I think he's done some good things and he's certainly helped move United forward but I don't think he can take them back to the top.
  13. Shaw should not be starting for United. Time to bring in Telles and let him be the starter. He can bring so much more to United than Shaw can.
  14. The overlooking of VDB is now becoming a real issue I think. I mean in the last couple of games Pogba has been on the bench and yet still VDB doesn't start. The fact that more often than not he's not even coming off the bench? That's shocking.
  15. Hamilton breaks Schumacher wins record. The way F1 is going I don't believe this record will ever be beaten now. Some are not even 20 wins in over their careers so it's going to take a wonderkid and a consistent manufacturer to get anywhere near this. Fair play to him it's no mean feat. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/54682833
  16. If he plays the same side against Arsenal then he will be showing that he hasn't learned anything. As for his treatment of Donny, it's baffling as he could easily have played in place of James (Not good enough), Mata (doesn't have the legs to track back) or McTominay who seemingly couldn't pass wind. And then if we do lose to Arsenal, there's critical pressure on the Everton game - before another International break where he could well be under the looming shadow of Pochettino again.
  17. Love how he just randomly brought up Jimmy's bad tackle on him in the middle of it. Jimmy did well not to take the bait.
  18. He's in an acre of space to be able to put in a cross here. Bruno should have just passed to him.
  19. Fail to beat Arsenal it will be 8 defeats out of 12 in year 1, 10 points in 9 games in year 2 and 1 win in 6 in year 3.
  20. PVAD

    Angel Gomes

    Good Strike!
  21. I think he offers more than AWB, not that he offers a lot. You keep misquoting me. edit: The team shape there is pretty awful. Bruno should have a few players around him.
  22. The stat of no home win from the first 3 games since 1972 can't be overlooked. It's damming really and indicative of Solskjaers approach of what seems to be a safety first and if it doesn't work then send on 3 attackers for the last 10......bullshit tactics. With what we have at our disposal we should be buzzing from an attacking point of view. Solskjaer surprises me because he has been brought up the United Way where it was attack after attack of which he was part of. He has sacrificed those traditions by a no loss approach first which is cowardly. Some players must be p
  23. As poor and overrated a full-back as that’s out there. Ten minutes to go, won’t overlap and try and aid a double-teamed Bruno. People like @TheManc though reckon he offers something going forward
  24. Seriously wouldn’t be surprised if these guys get a semi script; you argue this / you argue that 10 yr’s down the line be like WWF TFIA be delighted!
  25. More entertaining than the game. Fact.
  26. Love Evra but thought Hasslebaink was talking the most sense on this occasion Becoming a bit of Soap opera all these pundits- clearly lot of work goes in behind scenes, set them up to argue/let it run, make the punditry a show in itself It’s like the who can be most outspoken pundit show!
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