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  3. Think I'll stay here ...get more sense talking to yourself!!
  4. It's hard to believe that the Glazers would risk being charged with stock manipulation but their behavior certainly dictates that's exactly what was happening. The only solution to being rid of this bad management is to deny them what they're after. I personally think they are so far removed from what is actually happening with the club they don't understand this is not the same organization which was under Sir Alex. They believe they have the market strength of the most desirable club in the world. I have read that the Glazers are "thick skinned"; it's more likely they are economic
  5. We have moved to discord (thought I'd put this in a second place in case anyone was missing it)
  6. Please see here if anyone's wondering where everyone's gone! We are now on discord:
  7. A lot of taxi drivers would like to get him for free I guess. Next time call the taxi center and ask about any voluntaries . ps what a bad news related with United the collapse of his departure is?
  8. @kevthebad @Eddie @Eddie_MUFC - I did tag you up there too ^^ If you've no idea what discord is, follow aard's instructions, it's quite intuitive once you get in
  9. Follow these instructions https://www.talkmanutd.com/topic/5024-tmu-forum-update-moving-to-discord/
  10. Mount Zero goals Zero assists Zero tackles Zero Crosses Zero headed wins How much did we pay for him? Discord app?
  11. Kev you're talking to yourself that's very bad. The chat has moved to Discord App mate go to the Pinned Thread from HD Cantona
  12. Christ, United hanging on, Wolves pulverising us! 7 minutes to hang on, we don't usually manage it! Onana gives a penalty away.....what an utter shit performance from us.....how has that not a penalty? Wolves have played us off the park! Tottenham without Kane will thrash us 5 nil if we don't improve by 95 per cent. That was such a rubbish performance. Every Wolves player was far better than any of our players. That was a smash and grab win. Rasmus is going to have to be better than Harland to get our goal ratio up! Not one United player rated a 4 out of ten and most
  13. Where's own goal when you need him. Bruno so slow. Wolves number nine ten times better than Rashford has been. I didn't expect us to be so bad as this. What's the chances of ETH being sacked this season if he can't get any more out of the team than this? Think we're going to bring Maquire on as centre forward. He has more chance of scoring than any of our forwards! Bruno can't cross a ball, sums up just how bad we've been. Worst United performance since Liverpool game. Wolves have had twice as many attempts on goal as us. Should be three nil up on us. Varane best
  14. If we play this bad against Chelsea or Liverpool we'd be 4 nil down by now. And City would be 6 nil up! If we win this game it will be a flukey 1 nil win. United have had no rhythm or fluidity. Not one United player has played anywhere near even an average standard. Don't know about two more players being bought, need six or seven. Should be hairdryer time from ETH. Mount hasn't enhanced the team at all, and Onana has been no better than De Gea! Wolves walking through us, deserve to be winning, much better team than us. Wolves as good as Barca, we are as bad as a newly formed
  15. Varane's legs are gone too, he looks so slow. A new CB needed before the transfer window shuts. One who's got pace to recover from balls in behind or over the top and who's also comfortable on the ball.
  16. United are third best in this game and there's only two teams......really poor, poor game. Wolves need to score to fucking wake us up!
  17. At Home against a poor Wolves side and we still aren't controlling the game. No change from last season looking at this United team. Still best set up to be a counter attacking side, but we also look vulnerable for counter attacks ourselves. Nowhere near good enough so far. Can see why ten Hag still wants a new midfielder, possibly Amrabatt. But Casemiro hasn't got the legs and neither Mount & Bruno are disciplined enough to hold the #8 position.
  18. United making Wolves look really good! 10 minutes and we've done nothing. United all over the place at the minute...can't pass to one another. Wolves deserve to be winning this game! Much too slow play. No cohesion or spirit! This has been very poor so far. Onana had way too much involvement. Playing like 11 players who have never met before! Two attempts at goal in thirty minutes, Wolves have had 4!
  19. Should be a comfortable win tonight....at least I hope so. Don't need high stress against a team that have sold a couple of their best players and should be one of the easier games for us! Would have been a great game for Rasmus to have played in, to get integrated with the team. Talk that he could get his first game against Arsenal which would be far from an ideal introduction. Hopefully the Glasers will pull their fingers out of their arses and sell us so we too can spend stupid money on top players.....just how long will this sale drag on? Garnacho to start, could arguably be
  20. I've got a taxi on standby all paid for to get him the fuck out of Old Trafford!
  21. Tbf he was right to bin ronaldo even for weghorst
  22. Seriously I have no agenda LOL! but Weghorst 31matches for United of which 24 or so were consecutive has been banished on loan to Hoffenheim! People ask me why I doubt Ten Hag this is it in black and white even newly promoted Burnley told him to do one yet TH turned to this fucker and got rid of our GOAT! Go Figure!
  23. Really would have liked to see him bring young Ferguson in from Brighton. 1 or 2 seasons at OT and that lad would turn in to the dynamic CF that the fans would love. Boyhood Utd ( and Celtic) fan, we would have 10+ years of him as our 1st choice striker no doubt.
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