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  2. Poor today. He didn't really have that much to do, but two rushes of blood to the head racing out to high balls twice (particularly the second, when things were under control) could have cost us, but he got away with them. Could he also have come out to deal with the corner for the goal? That one might be harsh, but the ball wasn't that far out.
  3. When el kun wanders out in that red shirt alongside him you will cum your panties
  4. Cant believe people are being so dumb Champions league changes due to be announced next week that the larger clubs object to. This is clearly a way of trying to pressure UEFA with the ultimate end game being individual ownership of tv and image rights. MUTV showing all utd games live for a monthly fee is the real plan. The big teams feel that they bring in the revenues but don’t get enough back. Any move that meant teams being banned from domestic leagues would be doomed to failure. They would also bar players from international football. Mark my words this l
  5. Apparently two tier 1 journalists from Uruguay have said he's 100% leaving.
  6. Today
  7. Greenwood on fire, love it. Bruno was a bit shit eh, glad he gets a rest
  8. RIP Fingers crossed the league flops and every club who joined is banned from ever joining the domestic leagues again Should also deduct 30pts from every club involved in this shitshow tomorrow morning
  9. Everything we wanted and expected with the Falcao signing, shame he's been underused and is joining us so late in his career
  10. Disgraceful. To think the history of these clubs doesn't mean jack shit. Does it surprise me that The Glazers, Woodward and his cronies would engineer this ... unfortunately not. Football will die
  11. Not unless he's had his head up his own arse for a few months. The Glazers are some of the prime movers behind this. They don't care about the club or the game because they're never here to watch. They just want the money. If we break away and joint a super league, I'm done with football. I'm on the edge already but that would do it.
  12. Ole talking shit. Absolutely no way it’s news to him!
  13. At 50 years of age, I would be able to say good bye to football.
  14. The aboltion of Cup Winners Cup continues to rears it ugly head.
  15. Burnley played out of their skins and executed their gameplan well. The issues today was a slowness to throw bodies forward and create holes in burnleys defense. You can't have both central midfielders back against a low block team. One has to run into the box even if it leaves us a bit exposed. Our central defenders coped very poorly with their target man and on set pieces we looked vulnerable. Again crossing was mostly poor. Blocked by the first man or too delayed and without cavani we don't have anyone who can attack a cross well.
  16. Pogba carrying our midfield in the second half. Shite game from AWB. Was doing his best Evra impression, attacks then nowhere to be seen for Burnleys counter.
  17. Good third goal! Greenwood did well from the right. We really make it hard for ourselves though. Got to strengthen some positions. Midfield has got to be better and central defence.
  18. You sense it's becoming inevitable such is the financial clout of the big clubs. What can uefa do to stop them?
  19. Very left sided attack, need a proper CB, Henderson was lucky to not concede more with his poor decision making.
  20. Cavani back stonking it clear! What a guy!
  21. We will always need that with the current defense.
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