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  2. Koulibaly with a legit 2/10 Being generous. Blatant pen from being too clumsy and slow
  3. Koulibaly is a car crash. Well my interest in these games lasted less than 10 mins. Koulibaly again. Trash.
  4. RIP Ferrari may as well pull out of F1 Light years away from Mercedes.
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  6. Pirlo played at Juventus alongside goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who at 42 is older than his new boss.
  7. Juve are broke. Could probably barely afford to sack Sarri.
  8. Lampard, Pirlo, Solskjaer etc. There’s others too. Go for someone who understands the culture rather than the “big” name? Arteta too but that seems a shocker
  9. Pirlo has the job. Romano confirmed.
  10. Must have really impressed as U23 coach, for all of 2-3 days. Bizarre decision. Horribly run club. This is the end of their Serie A dominance IMO.
  11. Pirlo is getting the job.
  12. I mean that’s football fans in general. Plenty of United fans supporters wanted a Saudi takeover if it meant those signings.
  13. We should have signed him.
  14. There’s genuinely loads of them who give no fucks.
  15. Arsenal fans wanted signings.They got them at the expense of their dignity.
  16. Gabriel to Arsenal apparently. United were linked but that was probably just a classic case of using us in negotiation. Totally revamped defence next year along with Saliba. With Coutinho and Willian they'll be a different outfit. Still the favourites to land Partey too. Can't see them getting all.
  17. Signing Ronaldo was stupid. They could have improved the overall squad better without his transfer fee and salary. After signing him, they turned to signing more and more players on free transfers.
  18. Because they're a shambles at board level. They've put genuine shite around him and made an unbelievably stupid decision to hire a system manager who will take years to implement his ways. The likes of Berardeschi, Ramsey and Rabiot aren't close to the level required. De Ligt was the only signing that made sense and even he was a guy for 3-4 years down the line. Stupid when you're trying to win immediately. They tried to trade Dybala for Lukaku ffs.
  19. He should avoid Juve. Huge pressure to win a CL. Not a project type club like Spurs.
  20. Juventus won a domestic double four seasons in a row without Ronaldo. They've only won Serie A twice since his arrival, and their most recent Scudetto was won by their smallest margin out of all 8 titles in a row. Penaldo.
  21. Already in contact with Poch. Will be under real pressure to win. Probably Ronaldo's last chance but think he'll love a lot of players in that squad. Finally gets Dybala lol. Kulusezski will GOAT under him.
  22. Juventus have scored 7 goals in the knockout stages in the last 2 seasons. All by Cristiano Ronaldo. In the mean time Madrid have only 5 goals in knockout stages since he left. The undisputed GOAT.
  23. Gattuso will be under pressure if he doesn't start will.
  24. Sarri sacked. He should never have left Napoli. That was the perfect club for him. He traded in style for success. He's now a Europa League and Serie A winning manager, but I doubt he's as happy as he was 3 years ago.
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