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  2. Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5 26m Let @paulpogba not turn up for @ManUtd training and see how the English media and fans go mad! Helicopters & police forces out searching his location immediately #kane #PremierLeague #FootballNews
  3. Kane hasn’t shown up for training to force the move to City. With him and Grealish there this season is gonna be fun. Fuck football.
  4. Yesterday
  5. United offered the chance to buy tickets to the Leeds game this morning! Had to turn it down though as my mates couldn't make it.
  6. Seen a lot of pictures floating around that would suggest he's bulked up a lot in the last few months. Good to see! Not sure what good it will do but there's always a fools hope...
  7. For what it's worth, he's going to surprise people this season and be a good player again. Quote me in December.
  8. If they call this off I’m gonna wreck some shit!
  9. Guessing they'll squeeze in another one behind closed doors to compensate for PNE game being called off but eh... Old Trafford Sat, 7 Aug, 12:45
  10. Really pleased for Ocon - great bloke
  11. Incredible from Alpine. Alonso held off Lewis for so long.
  12. Last week
  13. It makes the 'big 6' clubs' claims that the European Super League was necessary because of the 'financial stresses the clubs have been facing' even more ludicrous. I get that he's a really good player and could become a great one at a bigger club. But he only has 2 years' experience in the top flight, no European experience and very little international experience, so becoming the most expensive signing in the league's history is crazy to me, even considering the 'nationality' and 'domestic' signing tax.
  14. Mad money for a player who has won nothing. Maybe Pep sees him as a replacement for KDB and I know that City have got money to burn but that's a ludicrous sum, no matter what his potential is. If they get Kane as well, that'll be another £120 million, maybe more. Might as well give them the title now and a bye to the CL final. The rest of us can scrap it out for the remaining 3 top spots.
  15. Fair enough . Another reasons to think that Grealish made the wrong choice.
  16. I’m finally watching Ted Lasso. It’s great.
  17. Sancho needs to make the left side his own.
  18. You can only play in pain for so long. So many United players down the years have continued to play and aggravated injuries to the point where an operation was needed.
  19. I'd be more than happy to keep him if he extends + isn't on obscene wages. Has to go if he isn't going to extend though.
  20. Let's hope he can't adapt to being part of the system. At Villa he has a ton of freedom. If I wanted to be a real asshole i'd say i hope the rumours of him having a terrible lifestyle are true, meaning that he may hit a brick wall at 28 a la Rooney.
  21. City have bid £100m for him. The idiots in here saying they wouldn’t pay half that last year. He’s going to win them the Champions League.
  22. Club apparently desperate to keep him. Pathetic. No fucking standards.
  23. next game is cancelled due to covid. Loads of United players/staff have it apparently.
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