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  2. Never really rated him but feel for him - confidence looks shot. His own fans booing him club & international, that's tough for anyone to take Hard to see how he comes back from this, no way he's getting back in UTD starting 11 unless there's injuries
  3. Yesterday
  4. You think Maguire will accept a bench role? He will leave the club soon unless things change drastically. By next summer, he'll be 30. We need to cash in on him while we can still get a half decent fee for him. We'll be taking a huge hit on him regardless. It'll be the same with AWB. Maguire will lose his captaincy if he sticks around. It'll only get more embarrassing from there on out. It's a miracle that we were able to sell Dan James for the fee that we did.
  5. We're always linked to players. It'd be a huge move for a January and I don't see it.
  6. We won't have any players on the team. Unless Eriksen gets a sympathy vote or Ronaldo for marketing purposes.
  7. We are already being linked with CBs. Rumours of us being interested in Kim Min-jae of Napoli already. That could just be agent talk though. He was only signed a few weeks ago. Lindelöf is being linked with Galatasaray. I think we'll go back in for Timber next summer. Maguire needs to get out of England like Smalling did. Serie A would suit him.
  8. Last week
  9. He's been our most improved player this season. Still don't think he's the long term answer but he's pretty decent! He's been above that lately but i expect the bubble to burst a bit soon.
  10. No chance tbf. Not unless we buy another CB, anyway. I hope he goes in the summer though. I think we'll have him for another 18 months. Gary Neville's judgement on United is so often awful. Carragher speaks far more sense on us.
  11. why would you want to team up with liverpool and city?
  12. Might as well give them a three goal head start.
  13. Posting incoherent dribble that only 4 people who don’t even respect you will see will certainly go a long way. Hero.
  14. Ferguson knelt for the Glazers and allowed this bullshit to happen.
  15. He is our captain. Start him against haaland. Anyways there is no hope for us in the match. Atleast him being in defence will make it a fun watch.
  16. I can see him going out on loan in January. Only Gary Neville rates him now. Like Joe Hart, he's going through a sharp decline. One minute he was winning PL titles at City... then suddenly bouncing around PL clubs before settling at Celtic. I can see Maguire at West Ham/Newcastle. If that doesn't work out, he's probably finished at the highest level.
  17. Because you're a pussy who lives on the South coast, and would get your shandies slapped out of your hand by the brutal Northerners.
  18. United fans think this guy is elite now. lol. He was average against Ireland. The 6 midfielders who started the game for both nations play for United, Celtic, Villa, Burnley, West Brom and Derby. He barely stood out amongst them. Of course he's going to be slightly better than them. Average midfielder overall.
  19. One good pass and a lucky finish. Still a fat prick. Malacia will force him to work hard.
  20. England and France are in a bad way heading into Qatar 2022. At least France have some players to return from injury. This is pretty much England at full strength. Southgate doesn't fancy TAA, Tomori and Sancho. I doubt he brings any of to The WC. Germany look pretty average right now as well. Argentina, Brazil and Portugal look strong. LvG has made The Netherlands a solid outfit again. Potential dark horses. Late rally from England. Glorious that Havertz put an end to that. 0 wins. -6 GD.
  21. Decided to show up tonight at least.
  22. Shaw goal lmao What a prick. Amazing from Saka and Mount. Keeping Southgate in a job. Great stuff.
  23. Maguire concedes a penalty. In other news, water is wet.
  24. I'd be interested in a PL/SerieA/Bundesliga/SerieA all star weekend but i have no interest in a north vs south PL game.
  25. Neither do I. Scotland could put out a side featuring Denis Law, Lou Macari, Martin Buchan, and Kenny Dalglish and still beat England.
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