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  3. I see lots of United fans don't think it was a red card.
  4. You basically copy and paste the same summary after every game We get it, you want to suck ten Hag off. No sex on the table just yet, but maybe later.
  5. Antony today- lots of positives, keeps & uses ball well in tight situations, generally more involved in game than Rashford on the left But seems to lack either confidence or explosiveness/pace in taking on last man, Mostly wants to cut back, cut inside Interesting to see if that can be developed? But also think more effective left back giving overlaps would make a difference
  6. At the game; pre-red card controlled match I thought - bit slow 2nd half but Palace were defending well also thought Ten Hagg’s subs spot on, Garnacho on/Rashford through middle worked & got us 2nd goal. Then again when man down, defensive subs tightened up & salvaged result defo not finished article but pre-sending off, saw more signs of type of football I want to see at OT - I’m optimistic where UTD are heading
  7. Need a *real* manager to unlock Nunez' chaotic potential but yeah - I think largely their 2 biggest issues are the midfield being awful (puts immense pressure on a backline that was never that good defensively anyway) along with the slight decline of VVD and especially Salah (a shadow of his former self)
  8. Injuries or not, they are done. They look like they're going to lose every game they play right now. Gakpo has gone 6 straight games without scoring or assisting. Darwin hasn't lived up to the price tag. They're conceding lots of goals while struggling to score goals.
  9. Palace,have been more than decent, against top opposition this season.Cassimero does put his foot in it,but I suppose that will be the Brazilian dna,points matter at present.
  10. United only ever seem to play at home. I think Leeds will give United tougher games under Marsch than they did with Bielsa, but are more likely to win at Elland Road.
  11. Love this guy & he's been fantastic for us in the last few months - arguably our most important player to the team. But fucking hell, he let the side down today and he's lucky he didn't cost the team the win. Stupid decision getting involved in that situation, where fuck all actually happened. He's gonna be a huge loss over these next 3 games. In another way, Sabitzer is probably going to be thrown straight into the starting XI, so it'll be interesting to see how he does too.
  12. That was nearly so costly, and still could be with two games against Leeds United where Casemiro would have likely made some difference. Without him it's going to need Sabitzer to step up immediately to top form. Leeds will throw attack after attack at us, and having seen the collapse against Palace, I'm not sure we can take all six points. At least Casemiro can play Barcelona!
  13. Frazier Campbell on MUTV calling the Casemiro red a 'soft throttle' haha
  14. Plonker. On the plus side he'll be fresh for the Barcelona game
  15. First of 3 games without Casemiro - Leeds at the double Old Trafford Wednesday 8th February, 20:00 k.o
  16. Martinez is the fucking man! Love that Argentinan fucker It looked like we were gonna fall apart entirely there and potentially even lose the game, so thank fuck we held on. Great fight shown from all the players, but it's concerning how pretty much every United player forgot how to pass or keep the ball in tight areas once Casemiro left the field.
  17. I've seen lots of games where 10 men have outplayed 11, but United look like they've only got 7 on. 7 minutes, where did that all come from?
  18. ETH once again trying to defend by sticking defenders on instead of attacking.
  19. Bottle job. Casemiro should get a hefty fine.
  20. Almost nobody in our team is comfortable just knocking the ball round Compare this with how city neutralised arsenal in the cup the other day and that's how far we still have to go and a lot of that will need to be squad turnover
  21. Palace should have scored there. We don't usually hang on well when there's at least 10 minutes left! ETH needs to give Casemiro a right talking to! Oh no, not Lindelof and Maquire.
  22. Need to sacrifice a forward here now. Get Antony off.
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