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  2. I have never doubted that we'll sign him. We'll make him one of the highest paid players in the world and he'll flop hard. We'll also throw 200k a week at Eriksen just to prevent Brentford from embarrassing us. Murtough madness.
  3. I agree with that but in the first instance ETH needs his foot in the door properly and his style being implemented - fdj gives him a fighting chance of getting the other cunts to play properly, especially with vdb there, sancho would suit, etc etc So we'll see if some more reputable sources pick this up in the coming days - I may regret saying it but I doubt even utd are dumb enough to have spent this long in talks if the player wasn't going to come once a fee was agreed :L
  4. He's not a superstar you build around. Even Modrić doesn't get that at Real. Look at all the the elite teams: City - KDB Liverpool - Salah Real - Benzema Bayern - Lewandowski PSG - Mbappé de Jong will improve us by bringing better balance and technical ability to the midfield. We still need match winners like Ronaldo, Bruno and Sancho to do the business in the final 3rd.
  5. ETH wants to build the team round him New talisman Apparently the 80m euros includes add ons according to some... we'll see when something more reputable comes out
  6. Does anyone really know if ETH really wants Him. most players on the market coming from big teams or upgrading to a bigger team are looking for Ucl first
  7. I'd literally take Weghorst at this stage, but I can't see Ronaldo going as nobody else will pay him what we're on The Chelsea move is a win win win Owner gets splashy name for his new club, Ronaldo gets CL football, we get his wages off the book and ten hag doesn't have to work round him when implementing his system It won't happen Finally you are with me on one of my boys!
  8. We should walk away. We're going to end up paying him 300k a week. Yikes.
  9. That same source literally tweeted about the deal being agreed moments later - it's one journo from Cadena SER that says he never wanted to leave Barca and that's true all along, quite clear (much like Sneijder with that saga) he would be more than happy to stay (prefer it even) and wouldn't rock the boat but if the move comes to fruition he'd be happy to do it after discussions with ETH Indeed the talk was before ETH spoke with him he'd have laughed off the idea of joining Utd (like any other sane player this window) as for 'my boys' I'm gonna wait in case we sign a thoroughly medio
  10. American owners would love him at Chelsea. If not Ronaldo I expect them to make a push for Neymar. If we could get Werner in the deal I'd take it and move on.
  11. I'd say he's just using it as a threat i.e. buy some players. Fuck him though. I'd love to sell him, but we can't now. No strikers on the market.
  12. We shouldn't forget how he fucked over Juve after saying he was happy all summer. Don't really blame him for wanting to get out though.
  13. If only. Two of your boys shot down in one window.
  14. Hey! That’s half a dividend!!
  15. Hey now, over seven weeks we have saved AN ENORMOUS €6m! He’s well worth it given the prices others have gone for this summer but let’s hope this means we get a move on with other things tbh it’s taken so long any joy in it has been well and truly sucked out
  16. It's looking like €80 million fixed will seal it. All that haggling over variables for nothing. Trash negotiators. Huge transfer fee for a player of his type. Hopefully ten Hag knows what he's doing. The PL is very different to La Liga.
  17. Il take a punt on the Europa for now...that's without any official signings as of yet ,with signings mentioned,if they gel,then a top 3 might be doable,but might sacrifice the Europa in later stages,if it will hinder a top 3 finish..that's a dream btw.
  18. We're in The Europa League, which is more difficult to navigate than The CL.
  19. We have no championship league commitments and a number of players who have had a full summer break. This will help our cause. Liverpool will be like a wounded animal so they'll be pushing hard for the title again with city. Behind them it depends on signings. Spurs are probably the favourite for third as things stand. United with de jong and a few other signings could still pose a threat.
  20. Call me crazy but I think we’ll scrape 4th
  21. After a third of the games you can average out where most teams will finish,and where Utd will be. But Utd will have to win 25 of their games to finish in a competitive place,so Utd will need to do much better than this season gone.
  22. City Liverpool Spurs Chelsea/United United/Chelsea Arsenal Leicester/Newcastle It depends on who Chelsea and United sign. Arsenal are doing good business. Saliba looks set to return from loan, Fábio Vieira has been signed, Gabriel Jesus is on the way, and they're also in for Raphinha. That's potentially a transformative window for them. It could see them push for 4th. Chelsea are linked with de Ligt. Sterling could end up there too.
  23. As of yet, no new players in, but I think we'll finish 7th next season
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