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  3. Finally at the end of another totally wasted transfer window, he's thankfully finally GONE! Just like his first window in charge. The one where David Moyes ended up at the last minute with the big haired guy from his old club, and no one else.....when he asked for loads more. This window a half decent midfielder was essential to try and ensure 4th place. What's he done, F all again. Even the masses of players who are costing United massive wages, thanks to Ed, who want to leave this poisoned club. Every one of them are still here, bleeding all the profits, just like the Glasers. And
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  5. I'm still totally baffled as to what type of player RR rates ' ideal ' to fit into his system? And just what system he wants his team to play???
  6. Amad to Rangers? I'd rather he go to the championship tbh
  7. What’s just as telling is one of the best midfielders ever to play in the league moving heaven and earth to get him in…
  8. Signing on pictures, first time seen him smile in while - an enigma is Martial, still believe he has so much potential if he clicks maybe not suited to big club pressure & more chance he’ll flourish at a smaller club
  9. Might be getting the permanent job. The board have obviously weighed him up and decided he’s not a threat…
  10. Been shit this season. But minus DeGea who hasnt?
  11. 2nd season (18 months in) and still cant break into this fuckng team. Telling..
  12. GET REAL. How many FUCKING YEARS do those clowns still need to prove themselves. They need to fucking move on just like you need to. They're flops. Next.
  13. So; Bailly, Pogba, Martial and Lingard get shit and Dalot gets a reach-around. Interesting. It was actually a decent save - keeper was going low and somehow managed to get a hand up to it.
  14. Yeah mate, baffles me as well ???
  15. Every club should do everything they can to fuck over Newcastle. JLingz is the future anyway.
  16. So the whole of the Ivory Coast waits with bated breath as Baiily who played well all match steps up to take the most crucial penalty ever probably in his footballing career..so what does he do.... A TWO! step no look run up and tries to side foot the fucker in the back of the net. Inevitably he misses don't know whether that was true metal or in my opinion a crazy horse bat shit approach when your whole country is looking to you for inspiration and hope!!
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  18. + a £10m bonus if Newcastle stay up!
  19. With all due respect, the guy doesn't want to commit to Newcastle on a permanent deal so it has to be a loan because he wants to keep his options open. If that report is true, then the facts are that Newcastle have silly money to spend, no leverage, and are desperate for Lingard. If all United achieve from this is Newcastle subsidising his wages for 6 months then they'd be a laughing stock, and won't be taken seriously in future negotiations. What does that come down to? saving a million? 2 million? Please. They can either pay up or get relegated. Having Lingard as emergency backup for 6
  20. He's trying to. It's the club. They give these players outrageous contracts, spend all their time actively devaluing them both on and off the field, then try and get extortionate prices for them. It's awful business practise.
  21. Club holding out for a loan fee lmao
  22. can the clown just fuck off already
  23. not world class anymore. More like a souped up Chris Smalling these days
  24. Lets get this straight Bailly is shit and made of glass.
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