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  1. 2017 United Targets

    We need to do a City on it this summer and buy about 4 full modren full backs who can get up and down the wing and actually provide end product to go with it too.
  2. Which isn't going to happen. This place is always hilarious after a loss 😂talk about us coming into this game with a negative attitude when we could and should of been 3 or 4 goals up. Shitshow of a second half though but still some positives to be had regardless some players getting a much needed rest, another hour under Pogbas belt and Rojo with a full game and looked good and little sign of rust and going into the final game needing to avoid a 7-0 loss to go through, pretty sure everyone would of taken that at the start of the group. Need to see a reaction to that second half on Saturday now too.
  3. Have I lost my mind or does it not even matter if we lose or not seeing as it fiws to head to head? And our head to head is better than Basels' and Cska would have to beat us by 4 goals to better ours against them? Bt just said we'd have to lose by 7 goals against CSKA regardless of head to head anyway due to goal diffrence.
  4. Not really i'm pretty sure we'll go through even if we lose both games because it's head to head and not goal diffrence so it would take both Basel and CSKA beating us by 4+ goals for us to be knocked out considering our results against them in the previous fixtures.
  5. Champions League 2017/18

    The Sevilla coach was diagonised with Prostate cancer and told his players at half time apparently sparking the come back? Wtf how could he even concentate on anything to even do with football having that bombshell dropped on him. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread

    I'm pretty sure Zlatans injury was even worse cuz if I remember correctly he tore his pcl aswell as his acl, while Marcos was just acl and while the pcl isn't as serious as the acl, in combination with it it's obviously going to add complications and time out injured with it. He is a freak to recover as quick as he did, at his age. When it happend I thought that might of been the end of his carear tbh.
  7. PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    Pogba Rojo and Ibra all confirmed in the squad for tomorrow 😁⚽️
  8. Liam Miller

    I remember when we singed him I was so happy I thought we had signed our Keano replacement and on a free, he had some really impressive performances for Celtic especially in the champions league before we signed him amnd I was sure he was going to be a United and Ireland legend obviously didn't quite work out that way and while he didn't live up to his potential he still had a carear to be proud of playing for some big clubs like United Celtic Leeds etc, his country, his hometown team and also get to experience life in Austraila and America too while playing. Seems a few ex players and some who would have played with him have confirmed the news that he's very ill sadly, but thankfully while obviously still very serious he's coming back to Ireland for Chemo treatment rather than been in a hospice. So hopefully he can pull through and beat it
  9. Liam Miller

    Seen a few people from around his hometime confirm he is very sick at least sadly but some saying the reports of him been a hospice are untrue.
  10. Liam Miller

    Came across some awful runours tonight about him online apparently he's in a hospice back in Cork and hasn't got long to live 🙁. Really hoping it's just one of those sick things people make up for some reason be really awful if it was true, only 36 and was still playing in America until recently after a brief spell at home with Cork.
  11. If you don't want us to lose two games in a row then why would you want to send that shower of cunts out again. Probably deserve to play as punishment
  12. 😴😴😴🤡🤡🤡
  13. Just happy that to see you happy is all mate ❤xox
  14. Glad you've admitted it, fair play. Have some wine and cheese on me👍 Of course things are his fault at times and he's not perfect far from it, can't blame him for lads not willing to head a simple long ball away or not passing the ball to a team mate five yards away. When he deserves critiscim i'll give it to him unlike you and others who are nowhere to be seen when we play well and he deserves credit.
  15. Of course. Delighted with todays result like I said enjoy yer celebrations tonight ye've had to wait awhile for a result like it so it's long overdue. Sad bastards 😂