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  1. PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    The assist from Mata was exquisite....
  2. Antoine Griezmann

    Thats right we are surely looking at one to replace Mhki, so just wondering whether we will be well off having an attacking AM or a forward like Dybala. Right now our biggest problem is the connection between our midfield and forwards. We need someone to carry the ball forward and create chances for the forwards. Which the likes of Silva and DeBryune do so well for City and for that matter Fabregas did for Chelsea in the last game...
  3. Antoine Griezmann

    We are already unable to make room for three of existing strikers - Lukaku, Martial and Rashford.
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    Sanchez and Dybala both would be a overkill IMO... maybe Sanchez and Saul Niguez will do..we do need an LB as well
  5. Antoine Griezmann

    Guess the crystal ball is inclined towards negative results coming true
  6. Looks like this is not complete yet. Reading RB Leipzig are now front runners to sign him.
  7. Antoine Griezmann

    You said it and guess its happening... 😂
  8. Jan-2018 Transfer Targets

    Many a times I have seen that if the transfer does not happen at a time when the club is going full throttle for the player it never happens if that moment passes... this summer we could have signed Griezemann and Bale both if they were willing to come. For some reasons both stayed and now looks like our targets have shifted. In case of Bale maybe we have dodged a bullet. More than strikers we need attacking midfielders and forwards. So guess we would do well if we get Sanchez instead. Also we have been linked to Saul Niguez.. which I doubt is possible... but will be a good addition - Carlos Soler is touted as the primary January transfer target -
  9. World Cup Qualifiers

    Buffon deserves better ... heart goes out to this great footballer.
  10. Jan-2018 Transfer Targets

    Not fair to brand him that. Prior to the injury he was on red hot form. Of course can be said that he could not cope post that. More of a mental hurdle... Talk of scouting an Argentine LB... so surely his UTD career is over.
  11. Jan-2018 Transfer Targets

    Lots of speculation going on during the international break as we near the January transfer window. Having failed to secure the 4th target in the summer, will UTD do business in January? The squad surely needs some injection of players. For now the rumours are around the failed winger signing - Jose was watching Sweden vs Italy game and so the linking to Emil Forsberg - Rumor mills around Fellaini being sold and so linked to Brazilian Fred (frederico rodrigues santos) as a replacement Ozil is available in January and Arsenal are seeking 30 mil. Also there's news of scouting a LB - Less than two months to go before the window opens but if at all we are going to sign anyone we should be already talking to the players clubs and agents to get the deal through asap..
  12. Winning Dull or Playing with Flair?

    Winning Dull during the transition period should do as we need to win to be able to continue in the TOP 4... considering the financial implications of not winning we cannot disregard the value of victories at all cost... Once the squad is built and core team are playing together for 2-3 seasons, that's when the flair part comes to the fore... Any amount of money we spend its not possible to have a squad get together in one summer. Right now we need at least 2-3 players to complete the core team . Lets see how long we take to get to the flair game...
  13. Favourite WW II movies

    Two more to add - The Pianist - Life is beautiful Not sure " Enemy at the Gates" can be considered a WWII movie.... yet a great war movie.
  14. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    His obsession with winning is well known. And when he knows that he is unlikely to win he goes into the defensive mode just to avoid losing. He clearly knows his squad is not competent enough to out play teams with better players. And thus plays the game where he does not commit too many forward to avoid leaking goals. Its not that the players are not competent to attack. Just that Jose is not confident that playing the attacking game will yield a result which is winning. Other managers like say SAF would have the strategy to attack and hope the squad defends well enough to avoid conceding and thus ending up winning. But never guaranteed of victory. But Jose does not like that uncertainty. He begins with the certainty that the team does not lose which he achieved against both Liverpool and Spurs. Against Chelsea the defense had one lapse and that objective was lost. Jose clearly loves to have a squad full of quality which we know from his previous stints at other clubs. And his recent statement about PSG squad too shows the same. And am sure he is still bitter about failing to sign Perisic. Though he kept saying he is happy with Ed for the signings, yet the frustration must be lurking within. Add on to that failure of another signing contributing in any significant way till now. Lindelof has been let down till now. This must be troubling him and cannot disagree that the squad is still not completely strengthened. Hope Jose finds solutions to these tethering issues with support from ED.
  15. Favourite WW II movies

    First one that came to my mind was ofcourse Saving Private Ryan... another one that's etched in memory is Pearl Harbor.