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  1. 2017 United Targets

    But could create unrest as well. That's where the man management skills of Jose will come to the test. Even if we sign both Sachez and Griezemann, it will be interesting to know what Jose would have told/promised them.
  2. Marcus Rashford 2017/2018

    As good as the second goal was, it was a delight to see the way he scored the first one. Usually those are the ones he is expected to score more often and he's been missing those one on one clear chances.
  3. FIFPro World XI
  4. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Not just decent in fact a very good amount for a player who has been sidelined by the manager and whom the club wants to get rid off. Of course two factors contributed to the inflation - one the Neymar Transfer effect from the summer (every transfer fee almost kind of doubled since that signing by PSG) and also for the fact that Costa wanted to go back to Atletico only. As it is Chelsea always made good money for every player they sold.
  5. Saw the highlights and loved the through ball from Carrick for the second goal and the assist from Martial for the third one. Carrick showed he still has that eye for the killer pass and Martial's bit of skill rolling the ball with his right to left and then playing with left was pure artistry on display. Can somone post that as a gif here.
  6. PL Matchday 6: Southampton vs Man Utd

    I am inclined towards Martial starting instead of Rashford and maybe we will need a 3 man midfield just to keep it tight and then bring on Mata after an hour. ------------------------ DDG ----------------------------- Valencia -- Bailey ------ Jones ------- Young -- Herrera --------- Matic ----------- Fellaini ---- - Miki -------------- Lukaku ------------- Martial --- P.S. - What a transformation from SAF era - two wingers of his era are now our two best FB options.
  7. 2017 United Targets

    Yes with talk of 25m signing on fee. However wonder if we would still go for him as there is already Griezemann signing in the pipeline and we already have Rashford, Martial and Lukaku in the ranks as part of our attack. Would be challenging to add two more and keep all happy as everyone would be eyeing the starting spots.
  8. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone
  9. Looked like he was playing on a high after few rounds of booze..
  10. Will not be able to watch the game. Its not being televised in India ... will have to rely on updates on this thread.
  11. Squad Depth; are you happy?

    Welbeck missing 😉
  12. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Yes, ofcourse Hazzard is still not fully fit to play 90 mins. Thats what I meant, they are missing him at this best. Tactically also has Conte ever deployed two strikers? I do not know / remember that anyways. Maybe as you mentioned a second striker would have been effective.
  13. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Missed their best chance of the game though... anyways if you compare Hazzard surely is a bigger threat than Pedro.
  14. Footballing Pet Peeves

    That's crazy and the player stops for opponent's injury which is even more baffling. Maybe he was trying to be too nice on a football pitch.