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  1. And now Bailly got him back for the foul on Fellaini.
  2. Long has been angry as fuck after the ref gave Bailly the decision over him earlier.
  3. That was a debatable "shoulder".
  4. Antonio's worst game in years.
  5. Valencia has been awful.
  6. All awful. Yout green card should be revoked.
  7. The only country in the world that doesn't get it. Justice for Bloody Sunday.
  8. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Pep needs to be shot. Plays with 2 strikers all season and then suddenly decides to play 4-3-3 against the worst form team. At home. Cunt.
  9. You are racist towards the Englishman. Simple really. Same with Dele and Dier. Next you'll be calling Cristiano Cristina.
  10. Trophies have nothing to do with ability.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Spurs are going to draw this 3-3. 😂
  12. Bow down to me. 17/18 correct.