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  1. Full-back play

    I always come back to this topic. It’s by far our biggest problem area. Young has been contributing in attack, to be fair. But the rest just don’t offer enough in an attacking sense.
  2. He did bring on Matić to help the defence. But the Serb looked drunk to me. The players blew this one. Fellaini and Lukaku missed two very good chances. We created enough chances in the 1st half to win most football matches. Gotta be ruthless.
  3. Only go out if we lose 7-0.
  4. LOL. BT interviewing Blind and Darmian. Our two worst players on the night.
  5. We went into this with a good attitude. We couldn’t have been more dominant in the 1st half. Incredibly unprofessional after the half-time whistle. Embarrassing really. Basel couldn’t have played any worse, so our players go what they deserved. Sheer complacently. Lacked creativity without Martial and Pogba on the pitch. Matić was poor when he came on.
  6. Don’t have to win. Just can’t lose.
  7. Scousers will be loving this.
  8. Blind and Darmian have been awful.
  9. Disgraceful 2nd half performance.
  10. They obviously got a bollocking at half-time and our lads came out with an arrogant attitude due to an easy 1st half.
  11. Okay mate. Let’s just accept it. Blind was beaten easily at the back post you thick cunt.
  12. All their damage is coming down Blind’s side.
  13. Blind is not able tonight.
  14. Completely dominant. Their keeper made two really good saves, to be fair. Woodwork twice. Once off the line.
  15. We always warm up with 3 goalkeepers according to Luckhurst. Maybe he thinks it’s beneath him.