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  1. Transfer request handed in then.
  2. Antoine Griezmann

    We'll just score more, who needs defence?
  3. Antoine Griezmann

    And thats forgetting Pogba and Matic behind.
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    Now a French newspaper are saying the same, will be a direct replacement for Miki Lukaku Martial - Grei7 - Rashford Oh Boy!
  5. Antoine Griezmann
  6. WWE/TNA

    She's done WAYY enough to get multiple strikes already let alone one, in reality she'd have been sacked ages ago. Turned up on other promotions, negative PR, drugs bans, sex tape (not her fault mind you, although the pop shot on the belt...) etc. I mean Emma 'accidentally' stole a iPhone case or something and she never got close to a proper push again and now she's gone. The reason she's getting the time and patience she's got is because of the Rock and his film about her family. I dunno what her situation is Del Rio, she's not mentioned him on Social Media for months which suggests 2 things 1. She's left him and what seemed like a very disruptive crazy relationship (rumours suggest) or 2. WWE have asked her to keep a lid on her private life and not mention it on social media and she hasn't which hopefully means she's taking this seriously and in a mature way. I've always liked her, she's got a great look, she's decent on the mic and she's one of the top workers in the division I hope she makes the most of it.
  7. WWE/TNA

    Haha FFS. Touche!
  8. WWE/TNA

    Glad to see Paige's comeback was well received and apparently there wasn't many if any crude chants about her. She got a very good pop too. Clever to also bring her back as a heel with a stable looking forward to seeing her work again after the crazy year or so she's had off with injury and drugs suspension. Boy that Raw woman's Roster is overloaded with talent wonder if a few might move across.
  9. Link Removed are certainly at Tier 1 trust level.
  10. West Ham
  11. WWE/TNA

    I've not finished SS yet but heres a hot take. Charlotte Flair... wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as she is if she wasn't a Flair. She's essentially Cena before he started having real great matches, she has some really great moments in matches but most of the time she gets beat up all match then wins on a comeback with 2 moves of doom, just dull as fuck character wise too. Bliss on the other hand has really become an even stronger worker from her NXT days i doubt anyone would have thought she'd have progressed as far as she has, she's utterly brilliant by far the Women's Divisions WOTY.
  12. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Firstly he almost took the net out the ground with that goal, the keeper was brave just to dive near it. Secondly when Zlatan come on he was shoved to the right, i was a tad worried about us being exposed down his flank despite the fact the game was over. This was until the first attack Newcastle had, he sprinted a good 40-50 yards back to cover his man. The ball never made it near his man but just him busting a gut at 80 minutes in a game where the result was already sorted was more than impressive and i'm sure Jose will be pleased with that especially when his work rate and temperament often gets called into question.
  13. Victor Lindelöf 2017/18

    Still not convincing but he improved as the game went on especially after the slip for their goal. Still had the confidence to put in a good ball to Lukaku who just couldn't get over it. I noticed Valenica going over and talking to him a lot and giving him high fives and such, didn't see Smalling do much of that. Anyway he might play his way into form, he might not but at least Rojo is back now, who'd have thought he'd be our saviour..
  14. Mindhunter Netflix original

    It was really good, amazingly so with a thoroughly dislikable main character which makes it even better in my eyes, clever unflawed storytelling. Of course David Fincher is involved it a project like this.
  15. Gotta love the fact his first shot back was a fucking sideways bicycle kick.