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  1. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    So we've mastered the art of not playing well and eventually killing the team off at the end. I remember a certain Chelsea team under a certain manager who did that very well and won them the league. Have to say its very pleasing, i can't imagine how its gonna be when we start playing well..
  2. Not sure how relevant this is but high profile human rights researcher has leaked emails regarding CFG (city football group) discussing opening a team in New York back in 2013. Make for interesting reading, i know this dude is going in hard on City's owners.
  3. Europa League 17/18

    Makes no sense what so ever, I fully expect most of them where during Arsenals predictable good run when theres nothing to play for and against lower opposition in the FA cup etc
  4. Europa League 17/18

    Theo Walcott is basically the human embodiment of Arsenal.
  5. Europa League 17/18

    Walcott has been offside tonight more than Hernandez has been in his whole career, terrible!
  6. Europa League 17/18

    Apparently they brought 20,000 which is madness considering their allocation was 3000! Seems like Arsenal fans touted their tickets out to the German fans and then they basically waded and fought their way to the away end so the police and stewards had to create a whole new cordon. Insane really. Also Arsenal look like a team of players who really don't like each other.
  7. Champions League 2017/18

    It still amazes me that Klopp gets such a free pass for his behaviour. I'd wager if it were any other manager who ain't so keen to speak to the press and give interviews then they'd be laying into him right now.
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    Spartak fans shoot flair at ref... gonna be such a fun world cup.
  9. I'm still shocked theres a debate around the red card, take away all 'he was looking at the ball' arguments and simply think a the man kicked another man in the face with his studs if thats not dangerous play or endangering an opponent i dunno what is? If i'm honest if this was on United i'd be pissed about the red but i'd like to think even with my red tinted glasses i'd be able to accept why its a red card but i'd be more pissed off at how the team simply just collapsed after the sending off, i mean it was early on but besides not having the extra forward on the field it was the still the team he put on. City didn't even really have to try they were just walking the ball into the goal, i'd be fuming if United just gave up like that, fuming.
  10. PL Matchday 4: Stoke City vs Man Utd

    I think its mostly frustrating that we went from the most solid looking defence in the league to a shambles today. Its a little kneejerk but it felt like we were watching United from 2 season's ago when it came to defending. I'm fine with a player having a bad day, they happen but for both CB's to make costly mistakes make you fume and i'm sure Jose is fuming too. I have no faith in Smalling but i'm looking forward to see how he and Lindeloff do especially the latter who probably has a better chance of taking Jones' place. Attacking we were very slow and played to their strengths but full credit for them they kept us very quiet throughout really, we mostly created chances from the right which is frustrating as Diouf is never a Wing Back and was prime for getting in behind but thats the problem with Darmian in that position offensively. Sorta looking forward to Luke Shaw coming back just because its someone different.
  11. PL Matchday 4: Stoke City vs Man Utd

    Can't defend like that again. Terrible.
  12. PL Matchday 4: Stoke City vs Man Utd

    Remarkable save really. He'd let that in against West Brom or someone its that whole thing where keepers become world beaters when it comes to United's finishing.
  13. PL Matchday 4: Stoke City vs Man Utd

    Stoke gonna play piss boiling tactics now.