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  1. FA Premier League 2017/18

    I actually think he and Aurier have been ok so far
  2. Squad Depth; are you happy?

    Yet, they still doubt....
  3. 2017 United Targets

    Those two are pretty much cheating 🤣 I see your point, though. Our midfield options are probably enough to win the league and have a fairly decent showing in the CL... Head to head with the very best in Europe is another story.
  4. 2017 United Targets

    I think they're both fairly unlikely, but I'd say Griezmann is probably the greater possibility
  5. 2017 United Targets

    This. We're formidable through the middle, but we're definitely not threatening enough from wide areas, both sides.
  6. Marcus Rashford 2017/2018

    There were times at Spurs where he was unplayable - he's probably had spells at Madrid, too
  7. Marcus Rashford 2017/2018

    That's a big shout.... Bale at his best shakes up the Ballon D'or convo
  8. 2017 United Targets

    Competition is healthy
  9. Marcus Rashford 2017/2018

    By my my definition, I'd say yes. I feel he could play for and get goals for any top team in the game. I wasn't even his biggest fan, but credit where it's due.
  10. Boxing

    I think he comes across pretty well - but he just hasn't got "it" He actually could've been pretty marketable, he just wasn't that way inclined To make the big bucks in Boxing, you've gotta appeal to the casuals.
  11. Victor... Doesn't bode well when you look lost against Burton Albion
  12. If Martial keeps his head up, the goal will come
  13. I know it's only Burton, but fuck, this is entertaining