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  1. PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    Stop now or bans. There are words being thrown around that must desist. So both parties calm the fuck down. We won, get drunk and be happy. Fuck all the bitches.
  2. WWE/TNA

    Fucing War Games. That will be insane and the guys involved pretty much guarantee a great match. The whole card looks good to be honest. Intrigued by Alesteir Black and Velveteen Dream. You know McIntyre vs Almas will good or great. The Fatal Four Way looks really interesting. Was convinced Ember Moon would win but Kairi Sane is so over and that InSane Elbow is a thing of art. Plus Nikki Cross is just a phenomenal worker. And then the main event. No idea what will happen and I love it. It really does. Looks one of the best PPV cards WWE have had in a while. Both 5 on 5 matches looked stacked. You just know that AJ and Brock wil bring the house down. But there are other matches that could steal the show...The Shield vs The New Day, The Bar vs The Usos (really think this could surprise). Miz vs Corbin is the least I'm hyped for but it'll still be good. And The Miz is still awesome. Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair will be interesting. You know that Flair could get a decent match out of a stuffed teddy bear but I'm interested more in the pyschology in this one. They both have well set characters.
  3. Peaky Blinders

    It's already started?? One of the best shows on tv. Season three was different but so looking forward to Season 4.
  4. WWE/TNA

    No-one has ever been better on a mic than Paul Heyman.
  5. Republic of Ireland

    We are shit though.
  6. Republic of Ireland

    That man is world class. End of story. Game over.
  7. Republic of Ireland

    Just got home, who scored? Hate scoring early...
  8. The Beatles

    The Beatles are the single greatest and most inflential group in music history. Along with George Martin, they changed music for everyone. I could talk for years about The Beatles.
  9. Your country's all time XI?

    Yep because I don't remember seeing much of O'Leary and even though I now he was good, Dunne (for me) was one of the best PL defenders for a number of seasons and numerously pulled out heroics for Ireland. And I know that I didn't see much of Giles and Brady either but those two were touching world-class in their prime. EDIT (for more accuracy) - I didn't see any of Johnny Giles apart from old clips. I vaguely remember the end of Brady's career.
  10. Favourite Comedies

    Films: Most Marx Brothers films Blazing Saddles Life of Brian The Holy Grail Airplane The Blues Brothers This is Spinal Tap A Fish Called Wanda Hotshots 1+2 The Big Lebowski South Park: The Movie Shaun of the Dead Anchorman Borat Dikkenek TV: Monty Python's Flying Circus Porridge Fawlty Towers Taxi Only Fools and Horses Blackadder Cheers Absolutely Fabulous Father Ted Frasier Alan Partridge The Office (UK) Scrubs Black Books Peep Show Toast of London The IT Crowd The Thick of It Archer Parks and Rec It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia I'm definitely forgetting stuff as well. Comedy is my favourite genre ahead of musicals. A musical comedy is my heaven.
  11. Favourite Musicals

    Musicals, I love musicals. West Side Story is a classic. So is Singing In The Rain. Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite films ever. The Blues Brothers is pure genius. I am going to watch La La Land right now. ^^
  12. WWE/TNA

    Big E is possibly the most charismatic wrestler on the roster. If/when New Day split, he's the star.
  13. WWE/TNA

    You don't know The New Day? Really? They're awesome.
  14. Favourite WW II movies

    I really need to see Das Boot as an adult. Saw it as a child (the 3 hour version) and was impressed but probably not at the right age to grasp everything. I forgot about Grave of the Fireflies. One of the most moving films ever. Cried like a baby. And I'll rewatch it one day and will cry again like a baby. What a film. I liked Letters From Iwo Jima. Good film. Patton, Indignes never seen but need to. And glad you agree about Life is Beautiful, Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. Though I should have guessed you would. ^^
  15. Favourite WW II movies

    La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful), Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan are three of the greatest movies ever, let alone WW2 movies. Inglorious Basterds The Thin Red Line The Great Escape Downfall (Hitler's last days, excellent) Need to watch Tora, Tora, Tora and Dunkirk.