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  1. Full-back play

    Who' available. Rose has turned crock..
  2. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Must improve on first touch,and hold play. . Otherwise he's gonna do what he did back then at Chelsea . He's on the floor, more than my rug.
  3. Proved his worth, tonight. . worthless.
  4. Matteo Darmian 2017/2018

    Put on..need to go list.
  5. Daley Blind 2017/18

    Bournemouth calls.
  6. At half time. .although nil nil..but We could have been 4-0 up,and it wouldn't flatter us.. But the threat of the goal is always there at 0-0 ,trying too see out a draw,so the players don' have to exert themselves too much is weak tactics..the lazy you play ,the lazy you get, Blind is a waste of space at CB or lb, yes he' filled in okay..but he still lacks height,strength ,speed,and timing ,for these 2 very important positions, he's best, a sweeper ,in front of the back 4,Darmian too will make silly mistakes,not needed at this level,Herrera, at times hogged the ball too long,in our half.Lukaku does not posses a first touch,how effing vital is that,this is his achilles heal,he can never be world class ,without that.. Rojo was good..as was Lingard, Matic did ok,Pogba was ok too,Rashford and Martial were also good,but having said that,I reckon if these player's were pushed by the manager from the start,this game would have ended 5-2 ..to Us.
  7. Antoine Griezmann

    Exactly what is missing...what Mkhitaryan was/is not giving..
  8. Louis van Gaal

    Van Gaal's return is good for the Premier league imo..and he would take it in a heartbeat for a season or 2..the financial rewards must fascinate him.
  9. Won 4 and not qualified. .is that a 1st in a while.
  10. Louis van Gaal

    Not read this yet..but was quite surprised to see this thread bumped..so the slurrer, with the rythym,he ain't got, is back..now watch Everton, play like Barca and get relegated..Louis going to do away ,with the pathetic ,Z cars intro for a start.
  11. Real Madrid to offer Man Utd €70M for De Gea

    Why would David go too a club, where he will meet with a striker called Kane,Harry Kane.
  12. Winning Dull or Playing with Flair?

    DDG Bailly Smalling Jones Valencia Matic Young Pogba Martial Rashford Zlatan
  13. If Jose rotates the squad..and uses the big guns wisely. .with the depth at his disposal. .He should have ..United winning most fixtures.. henceforth. This lot will/should drop about 11 points henceforth. .also..it' a tough ask..but they might drop more,just like we did.. So ...Here's hoping and praying..for a long unbeaten run..let others falter now..for We have faltered. .enough. Fellainis back.. Rojo back Pogsback. Zlats back. That' almost half a team.
  14. Daley Blind 2017/18

    As long as the core of the team is there,then any of the squad players can slot in where needed.. David Valencia Matic Pogba Martial Zlatan Rashford Lukaku. In that team..a Young,Shaw, Darmian,Smalling, Bailly, Jones,Rojo,Lindelof, Mata,Mkhitaryan, Mctominay ,Fellaini and Lingard, can slot in,depending on who is available, etc.
  15. PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    Although we had a great, last 15 minutes. .but one of Lukaku, Mata,Martial,or Rashford,could be swapped, for a Mctominay or Herrera.