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  1. think he has been hurt by us all saying he is crap.
  2. he looks a great prospect. Handle him well and we wont have to shell out crazy money for a top striker in a year or two. On second thoughts we may need to do that next season anyways. Did you see Lukaku's reaction after that goal?
  3. Angel Gomez has signed professional contract with us. not sure if it has been posted elswhere
  4. Watergate & Milkgate

    why are we surprised by these Munich chanting scum disrespecting us?
  5. When can you see us winning the League

    We would in normal circumstances have had a very good season. City have had an extraordinary season so far. I can see us winning the league soon though. We still do not have players we need in every position.
  6. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    We have decent set of fixtures all the way until we play Spurs away on Jan 31st.
  7. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Good start to the weekend. Thanks Moyes
  8. PL Matchday 15: Arsenal vs Man Utd

    Matic is travelling and Jose thinks will be involved. From the bench?
  9. PL Matchday 15: Arsenal vs Man Utd

    Lingard has impressed when given the chance. Think he has earned a start against the Gunners.
  10. Must watch Christmas movies

    That time of the year again. What are your must watch Christmas/Holiday movies? For me. White Christmas Meet Me in St. Louis Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase)
  11. PL Matchday 15: Arsenal vs Man Utd

    All we can do is beat the team we face each week. Not worry about City. Arsenal are not the team they were many years ago. They can be got at.
  12. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Sheik is loaded.
  13. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Hope Arsenal are all out of goals Saturday.
  14. Real Madrid to offer Man Utd €70M for De Gea Perez warns De Gea??? 😨
  15. Gary Birtles 1980-82

    His touch was terrible.