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  1. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    Take the result, worry about 2 poor performances in a row, and kick on hoping Rashford is not a serious injury.
  2. The English FA

    All governments endorse the FA - there will be no change within the period of this government especially as England have qualified.
  3. Champions League 2017/18

    I didn’t think Spuds missed chances - pretty sloppy shooting... LOL
  4. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    At this stage I take the point but Saturday’s performance was dreadful. I dont make Jose the scapegoat for Saturday’s performance but I do fear his sticking with players when they’re obviously not performing. Lukaku imo should have been replaced at half-time and Juan for Mika. I think Mata, Rashford and Martial’s pace and guile might have unlocked a dodgy defence. That would also have taken some pressure off the midfield and defence. But, what I saw happen was increasing mistakes by Lukaku and Mika, which caused pressure on the midfield and unforced errors on the defenders. De Gea and the defenders were working hard and I can imagine Matic and Ander were quite pissed off at the end of that game having been overrun and covering both defence and offence. I do think our squad is lightweight especially the upfront options - Zlat will be a boost. Midfield went from being overloaded to undermanned in the space of an international break. Defenders seem to be holding up well but I guess with all the negative chatter we might have seen the last of Shaw. Major concern: Its late October and the squad already has reduced options due to injuries - not good.
  5. FA Premier League 2017/18

    In the 70s when the Scouses had the upper hand, they used to say we only played decent football against them. It was a common complaint among Scouses that we would lose badly against someone like Spurs one week and beat them at Juanfield the next. They got completely crazy over how we killed their treble season in the cup final. TBF there were lads in the Stretty who right up until we won the league insisted we had 2 sets of players - those that carried us every week and those who only turned up for the big game.
  6. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Well at least we held out against our unforced errors, our dreadful absence of skills and our total lack of urgency.
  7. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Dire, utter shite. The subs have added to the crap.
  8. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    We’re letting them look good with poor positions and sloppy play.
  9. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    We’re going to get caught by a stupid mistake - the number of errors increasing and we look wobbly a times. We’re all over the place.
  10. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Lukaku will be off if he continues with this off the ball shit.
  11. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    A lot of our problems have stemmed from Lukaku not holding the ball, poor play on the ball, and showing his frustration to the Scouses.
  12. Champions League: Game 2, CSKA Moscow vs Man Utd

    They look like they believed Jose’s comments about them being good. Seriously stupid errors, and very poor.
  13. Season defining October?

    Interesting observation that October might be a defining month. My fear is a Lightweight squad! Our forward line with the lack of rotation, and the midfield lethargy in away games both concern me. I think the games in October/November will see attrition to the squad - it’s what happens - we need Pogba back. It also feels like a race to Zlatan’s return and a possible recall of Pereira in January.
  14. Champions League: Game 2, CSKA Moscow vs Man Utd

    We look like 2 teams - home and away. Comfortable with the home form but so far, against relatively weak opposition, we have made life hard for ourselves. I am concerned about the lethargy in away games and how we let the opponents come at us and fail to hold up the play from the front. We played stupid on Saturday and but for DeGea we could have gone home with nothing. I expect a draw.
  15. FA Premier League 2017/18

    To my mind the goalie should have been given a red card. It was as bad as the Scouse red the other week. Missing penalties is hardly new in the middle game and nothing to do with how he ran ragged the Scouse defence. Agree with you about the defence though.