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  1. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    Empty ground reflects our empty soulless play.
  2. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    Seriously shit weather conditions. Fergie texting during the game. Lukaku header, United putting stick about - if they can do it now why not against the Bitters?
  3. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    That lot were for the taking and we failed on just about every level - disgraceful. Imagine the players putting up a performance like that for Sean Dyche of Eddie Howe? Instead fighting with their celebrations and bitching about penalties, Mou should have been kicking the players for failing to perform. Instead of bitching about their pathetic tactics Mou should have spent the time getting the players fired up to kick them off our pitch. Instead of bitching about the ref in his snide manner he should have had the guts to take this loss on the chin. I am done with this, £2000 a season to be bored and angered by a bunch of over paid and overrated idiots. This modern manager and his diva players game is all fucking bullshit and a disgrace. A striker that can’t kick or control a ball - £87 fucking million - un-fucking believable. Utter shite. Its not that Lukaku doesnt get supply its because the players know he’s a fucking liability - and so it proved with 2 mighty assists, following on from that save by De Gea the previous game. Who if not Mou is responsible for ensuring that idiot be the last man in the box? Then he allowed him to stay on the pitch ensuring he ended the game as our worst passenger performance since Birtles. Time coming for big decisions - if we dont win the league this season we should move on with a new manager and squad. Rebuild around Pogba, De Gea, Matic, Herrera, Rashford, Lingard, Rojo and Tony V. The rest are done - no heart no soul - fuck em - they dont deserve the shirt
  4. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Nani was a far better player than many fans saw. When he took over from Ronnie in the Euro final he led the team contrary to expectations. At his best he would turn around our attack and bring some of that killer fear we no longer possess.
  5. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Actually shocked, and all it comes down to a fucking useless passenger. Why is a player with abysmal ball control being made to stand as the the last man in our defence? He is useless up front, a liability as holding forward, and now a useless last defender. Jose has made him undroppable and the calamities have got worse. Last week Lukaku forced the best save of the game from De Gea, now he’s given away this game twice - anyone else would have been flogged for this shit. He has to be benched until he gets to grips with the basics and shows he can do the minimum as a striker.
  6. PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Man City

    Twice in one fucking game, you have to be taking the piss. Get him out, he’s a fucking liability.
  7. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    In the context of the goal the rule is stupid. That professional players dont know the rule shows how pathetic the modern game has become. As to your example, it never happened. If a forward falls off the end of the pitch does he automatically cause offside?
  8. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    This ‘new’ rule about a player playing opponents onside while off the pitch is stupid. Glad to see the players and pundits are up to date.
  9. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    The passing is truly abysmal.
  10. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    Jose has the face of a smacked bum. Juan and Ander have all the skill, they should be running this lot ragged but we see only glimpses.
  11. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    Not impressed with Shaw. Several times lost the defensive play. His attacking should be a plus not his primary game as a defender. When he has tackled, he’s looked a liability in the area. This is the moment when Lukaku should step up - not holding my breath.
  12. Champions League: Game 6 - Man Utd vs CSKA Moscow

    Shambles defending again - they all stood square and let that player get round them