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  1. Nemanja Matic 2017/18

    Imagine it rains on Wednesday and we get beat 6-0, the shock leads Jose to have a breakdown, and Fergie steps up but goes gaga. By Xmas we have the same points as today and all the players put in for a transfer request in January. We get relegated and end up in the wilderness like the Scouses for 30 years. Yeah, we all get concerns but you can't second guess calamities or successes. Footy is about enjoying what we have while we have it.
  2. Nemanja Matic 2017/18

    I take your points, all good, but I think Matic wil prove to be an exceptional signing. We saw that with Robbo and Keane, both great players who served the club. Matic shows the same qualities, and we have been crying out for his kind of role since Keano left. Five games in maybe but he's been the stand up player even with other outstanding performances around him. I think he's been the best buy of this recent transfer session and will probably rated as one of the best post-Fergie buys. Whether he turns out as great as Keano or Robbo who knows.
  3. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    Our sweet young things allowed Rooney far too much room and respect. Back in the day someone would have given him a taster and settled everyone down. Soon as Rooney left the pitch for his Vodka shot, we suddenly started moving like a team. Our lightweight forward line has to be rotated otherwise they get lethargic - there is simply no justification any longer for leaving Martial on the bench. Tony V's cracker let them off the hook - they need reminding they're not indispensible. Lukaku should have finished off Everton but his misses kept them in the game. Ander gives us the energy in the middle that takes the pressure off Matic. A couple of times Matic was caught facing 2 on 1 beyond the half way line. Without Pogba and Ander we were all over the place at times, which made it difficult for Mata and Mika to take hold of their game. Defence has its moments and histrionics - from a Tony V special to the odd slip up for Rooney to shoot. Next game I would rest Lukaku for Martial.
  4. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    Martial has to play more.
  5. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    No Pogba and no Ander - flat midfield, lethargic movement, and poor finshing. We're making Rooney look good. We need someone to take control from central midfield.
  6. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    At last Mata shows those skills. Unlucky.
  7. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    I don't know what this is but its shit.
  8. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    Lack of rotation up front is showing.
  9. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    3 players look off the pace and play - Lukaku, Rashford and Mika.
  10. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    We scored and have become complacent.
  11. Squad Depth; are you happy?

    We do look thin. I thought Fellaini was useful to Everton but a drip until Jose came along. If he stays out of our area and threatens opponents let him stay. The squad feels lightweight - it may well be be a false impression but I would certainly like another striker. Chico would have been enough if content to sit on the bench as a sub. We have no one with guile as one of our guys wrote here after Stoke. We had no game changer for the Stoke game, I don't think we have one in the squad. Our subs continue with the same play, not game change it. Injuries concen me because of rotation - Pogba had not missed a game and his hamstring went. Sometimes I think Jose is reluctant to rotate.
  12. Just when the day looks bleak with another bomb in London you find another classic from the deluded. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah`h
  13. Europa League 17/18

    Makes the £250k per week seem utterly bizarre. Someone must have been drunk!
  14. PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    Rooney to score, Fella to get sent off and an injury to Jones! Toffees always turned into difficult games at key moments - we have a heavy schedule and I can see this adding to our burdens. Last week they were shit so I expect them to come out fighting - i hope we can hold our cool and win 1-0.
  15. Nemanja Matic 2017/18

    Pogba is a warning to get rotation right, But we cannot afford to lose Matic.