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  1. PL Matchday 9: Huddersfield Town vs Man Utd

    Huddersfield away. I'd just turned16 when we played at Leeds Road last and won 3-0. Of course, Leeds Road is long gone now.
  2. Your country's all time XI?

    I don't know how many goals Denis made for others but it must have been a hell of a lot. Even when he didn't have the ball, he'd have defenders at his heels. He had instantaneous control and needed just a little bit of space to make something happen. He didn't excel at beating men with a dribble like Greaves did but nobody, except Best, was faster over a short sprint. He wasn't a goal-hanger like Lineker but he always ran, what they call the channels today. I still think he and Dalglish are too similar to play in the same forward line. St. John would be the ideal foil. If not Law, the Dalglish and St. John.
  3. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    Dreary game settled by a goalie's clanger. No width worth talking about and Matic might as well have played on his own in midfield. What a time for Herrera, Miki, Mata, and Lukaku to go on a run of poor form.
  4. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    I wish we had a winger. Blind isn't offering much and neither is Valencia. I've seen Lukaku in wide positions more than those two.
  5. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    He's 18? Looks about 13.
  6. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    It's got a familiar whiff about it. MEN reporting that Jose has privately assured the club that he doesn't have a problem with Woodward. Could be contract games, could be something else. But Jose is right about one thing: there won't be another Fergie or Wenger in terms of longevity. The club were negotiating with Mourinho long before they sacked Van Gaal.
  7. Your country's all time XI?

    Law did a lot of his work outside the penalty area at United, very similar to Dalglish at Liverpool. Law often came deep to collect a pass, lay it off, then race in to pick up the return. That's why his partnership with David Herd worked so well.
  8. Your country's all time XI?

    John Grieg, Stevie Chalmers, Colin Stein, Gordon Strachan, Martin Buchan, John Hughes, Ronnie Simpson, Bobby Moncur, Bertie Auld, Pat Crerand... the list goes on. That's a good line up mind you. I might have put Grieg in there for Souness and maybe Bobby Lennox or Ian St. John for Dalgish (I don't think Dalglish and Law would work too well).
  9. Your country's all time XI?

    Banks, Reaney, Charlton (J), Moore Cole, Robson, Charlton (R), Ball, Gascoigne, Greaves, Hurst.
  10. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    At Madrid he had a gun to his head. Any Real manager get it and Zidane will not be exempt if results don't pan out. At United, we want continuity and Jose sort of went along with that but who knows. Maybe he was being nice to PSG because, to quote Ronaldo, only God knows the future and he may need a job. Can't see him quitting us without a title or a European Cup to his name though.
  11. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    Shaw got slated after his recent U-23 appearance so I'm with you on this. I think he's on his way out.
  12. Champions League: Game 3, Benfica vs Man Utd

    Be nice to see our old friends at Old Trafford once again. I have fond memories of Benfica. They will have to go all out for a win or they're pretty much out of the reckoning so it should be entertaining. I want us to win the group so,, hopefully, Jose will play an attacking formation. Micky owes us a good performance after his Anfield no-show.
  13. Happy birthday mi amigo.

    1. Txrt


      Muchas gracias, amigo!

  14. Revisionist bollocks if you ask me. Aye, Fergie pushed for that pretty hard after Moyes got the bullet. That's Scotland fucked for the next few years then. They'll 'aspire' to be like England.
  15. PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    No United player should ever look glad to get subbed. I hope it's just a bad run of form.