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  1. U18s fa youth cup vs Derby County

    More like lack of a reaction. Maybe United is a step too far for him.
  2. U18s fa youth cup vs Derby County

    Looks like the talk about a move to Barca worked for him then.
  3. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    I suppose when you look at Vidic and Rio together, your point becomes clearer. Neither are ball-playing centre halves, though Jones does have some skill in that regard. Did Lukaku even celebrate? My stream was a bit dodgy and if you expand the screen, you get bombarded with stupid fucking porno ads and gaming shit. We looked very ill-at-ease for a lot of that game. Too many wayward passes, and not enough of doing the basics right. Mata played well but he wasn't on anyone else's wavelength. Herrera did what he was supposed to do and break up attacks but at times, Bournemouth's numbers overwhelmed us and De Gea was called on yet again.
  4. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    We won. We did enough so hardly battered. Good performance by them though. I expected more after Sunday.
  5. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    Bournemouth playing really well. That City loss knocked the stuffing out of us.
  6. PL Matchday 17: Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    I thought we were at home tonight?
  7. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Going to re-watch 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and 'The Devil Rides Out'.
  8. When can you see us winning the League

    A clear-out is needed. We ought to be able to recoup a few bob from the sale of Darmian, Blind (too bad), and a few others. Fellaini will be off on a free and I suspect a few of the older players will call it a day.
  9. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Hay-sus. That guy was something else. Went on a trip with him once. We had a big oilman from Amarillo and a nerdy computer guy from Seattle with us. The fishing wasn't great but our deckhand, a 14-year-old local boy, kept us supplied with beer and food and worked really hard trying different baits and depths. Jesus told us that the kid's father was in 'el Norte' running a farm crew in the Central Valley whilst his mother and sisters ran a taco stand in the old town. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we were on our way in and it was time to tip the crew. I pulled out $20 for the deckhand as did the Texan. The nerd, who hadn't caught a thing and had been a real pain pulled out $5. The Texan saw this and grabbed the guys wallet, taking out a $20 bill. The nerd was outraged but the Texan invited him to swim to the harbour and complain to the police. He declined. Afterwards, we went to a cantina with Jesus who told us that $60 was a fortune to the kid's family and would feed them for a month or two until dad got back. Jesus has his own boat now so if you're ever planning a trip to Mazatlan, let me know and I'll send you his details. I've been down to Peru where the accents are much softer but outside of Lima, you tend to hear people speaking in the native tongue and not Spanish; at least amongst themselves. If you've never been, you should. The altitude gets you at first and its effects can be pretty ghastly. The locals chew coca leaves or drink coca leaf tea and that does the trick better than any drug you can buy. I plan to be in Spain next year, maybe for Easter. My sister wants us to come for a break so that's on the cards. I suppose we'll fly in via Madrid or London, depending on the price of tickets.
  10. Watergate & Milkgate

    And the games in between. Some of them need to get some fire in their bellies. City acted as though they'd won the European Cup. Their fans too. Beating us means that much to them. The home support was dismal when it should have been so loud that City's players needed earplugs. What is it with modern-day United fans?
  11. When can you see us winning the League

    Armenian 'Hero' isn't it? Got a movie out too. Sell him to Fenerbache.
  12. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Fucking Yorkshire shitbags bottled it against the renties. Where's all the 'fire and passion' they go on about? Cunts. Owl-face got a win too with two in the last minutes for Palace.
  13. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Apparently, according to my brother-in-law, my Spanish is peppered with atrocious Mexican words. I picked up a few in California. Call someone a 'puto' there and you'll be in serious trouble. I used to go down to Mazatlan to fish for tuna, dorado, and marlin. The skipper of our boat was a crazy guy called Jesus who called everyone and everything a puto, especially the deckhand. Even when he was happy he did it. I caught a large billfish and fought it for over an hour before getting it to the side of the boat. I told the deckhand to release the fish and Jesus came down from the bridge, called me a gringo puto, and insisted I take a swig of his mescal.
  14. When can you see us winning the League

    Apples and oranges isn't it? Pellegrini did a lot of the spadework there before Guardiola stepped in. I'll give City their due. They had a plan and brought in the right personnel to execute it. The final piece was Guardiola. United have dragged their feet in the market for years. Ferguson had absolute control. He failed to bring in new blood when it was clear that the squad was aging and on the decline. 2013 was largely due to Van Persie's brilliance and the sheer bloody-mindedness of a team determined to erase the memory of Sunderland. That they did but at a cost. We can point to many errors committed by the club in the aftermath. Allowing Fergie to hand-pick Moyes, the shotgun approach to transfer business (Disneyland for adults anyone?) and picking Van Gaal, whose best years lay behind him and who had a World Cup to attend. We've been on the back foot for years, always reacting rather than trailblazing. The board are reactionaries. They always have been. I bet nobody was more stunned than the Glazers when Moyes, and then LVG, failed to get us back on top. They did not have a plan, except to spend and I bet that hurt like hell. Commercial interests are paramount at United. LVG said as much as Mourinho has hinted at it. But that comes on the back of what the team does on the pitch. One thing I do know is that Mourinho will fight back after Sunday and this season, though it looks grim, is a long way from being over. Nobody has won the league before Christmas. In 1996, the media were ready to crown Newcastle champions in December. The barcodes were getting similar ink to what City are getting now. Look how that finished. Have a bit of faith lads, that's all.
  15. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Puto, surely? (or is that something peculiar to Mexico?_