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  1. We can go out and express ourselves, and if we do that we'll smear them all over the pitch.
  2. WWE/TNA

    They split I believe. Anyway that was a fun Raw. Skipped the Authority segment, but the rest was good. Hell even Gallows and Anderson were allowed to get over. Hope they're planning something big for the IC title with Roman, an open challenge would be cool. Glad to see it away from the Miz at last, he wasn't really doing much with it.
  3. Louis van Gaal

    Baines will be off penalties and freekicks then.
  4. Well good luck to them, because personally that's how I feel. People act like City have reinvented the game or something.
  5. Louis van Gaal

    That's our revenge for Moyes 😂
  6. Penalty not given, should have been down to 10 men at the weekend? = lucky.
  7. If they'd have had the injures that we have had, they wouldn't be anything like this. They're getting the rub of the green right now and everything is rosy for them. Lady Luck is a vindictive bitch though, and I can't wait to see how good they are when they are up against it.
  8. I wonder how Coleman feels now, the West Brom job is open as of today. I honestly can see Sunderland going down again.
  9. WWE/TNA

    Cole uses the superkick, doesn't he?
  10. I don't think Pogba will start this. Jose talked about "managing his minutes". Fellaini's back so I could see him alongside Matic.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Might have helped his case had he played Paul occasionally - Pogba, not Scholes.
  12. £70 million is a lot more realistic than what's been quoted in the past. He's gonna go sooner or later - £70m would be a good starting point - but we should get the replacement in first.
  13. WWE/TNA

    Illustrates everything wrong with the company in my book. Great matches, and they got so much right - but Jesus have they (well, Cena) killed the new guys like Shinsuke's aura in that match. Even Triple H sold for him and Roode - and then Cena comes in and no sells the Kinshasa (the mother fucking BomaYe version) and pins him with 1 Attitude Adjustment. Plus AJ and Brock had a great match until again, ONE F-5 puts AJ down.
  14. Antoine Griezmann

    I'd be surprised if he wasn't wearing Barcelona colours in the summer.
  15. WWE/TNA

    Just finished Wargames - not a chance Survivor Series tops that.