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  1. Some of the stories about Schumacher's thinking processes are astonishing, in one race Schumi was winning and he was trying to keep his mind active, so he began radioing in to the pits to see where Johnny Herbert was, and formulated a plan to allow him to unlap himself so he could have an extra lap to chase Martin Brundle. It resulted in Herbert going past Brundle on the last lap to finish on the podium. Senna and Schumacher were both capable of compartmentalizing their thoughts, they only needed 70 percent or less to drive the car, leaving 30 percent free for other things such as gauging weather conditions, tyres and strategy. I've not seen that from either Lewis or Sebastian. Also remember Schumacher won his first championship in a car which clearly was out matched by the Williams of Damon Hill. The Benetton Ford wasn't in the same league in terms of power. 1995 demonstrated the difference that the Renault engine made in the B195 - Schumacher was untouchable. Hamilton and Seb have pretty much always won their titles in the best car. That's not to diminish the achievement as it stands - but by comparison it was "easier" for them.
  2. FIFA 18

    Lighting looks better in the final version judging by Youtube videos. Can't wait for next Friday.
  3. PL Matchday 6: Southampton vs Man Utd

    I just hope we're not wearing grey 🤔 Anyway, expect them to suddenly play like their balls are on the line - but right now I fancy us to pummel anyone into submission, it might be another tight game with a late flurry of goals as they tire - but I'm confident we'll be taking the points.
  4. 2017 United Targets

    Either of them is pretty much the final piece of the puzzle.
  5. FIFA 18

    I did last time, mostly for the novelty.
  6. FIFA 18

    There are a couple of things I hope we can fix with sliders, but yeah I'm enjoying it. Cross power is a bit OP at the moment. My corners are coming down with snow on them.
  7. I'm not sure if it's his attitude or if he's really out of his depth in English football. He looked so lackadaisical out there tonight. Is there any particular reason for anointing him a walking vagina?
  8. Don't think Victor can be too happy either, stood there and watched it go in. Shambolic from Joel Pereira in the first place.
  9. Ridiculous skill from Anthony then. Fuck sake Joel.
  10. Joel's popular tonight. Victor needs to sharpen up, far too lackadaisical tonight.
  11. Well taken, he really wanted that. Jesse's on fire tonight.
  12. He's feeling sorry for them, giving decisions against them would be like kicking a puppy.
  13. Son of Moyes is the referee. Either that or Moe from the Simpsons. You can take the boy out of Arsenal..... KINSHASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Shinsuke would be proud.
  14. Did you see the grin on Romero's face in that replay? 😂
  15. Did we sign the wrong Victor Lindelof? This doesn't look like the one at Benfica.