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  1. Same with Pogba here to be fair. There are countless examples.
  2. Real Madrid to offer Man Utd €70M for De Gea

    Some shitty YouTube channel with a computer voice over discussing the transfer. He can post stories but he won’t be advertising on our watch. 😂
  3. Tbf Stones has turned into arguably the best defender in the league this year. His form has been crucial for them, he lacked confidence last season but this word he’s been brilliant. I’d argue he’s been just as good as Salah or De Bruyne throughout this campaign.
  4. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Yes Tuanzebe is Pogba and De Bruynes level. Yes indeed.
  5. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Well he had chances to play him but chose Rafael in midfield instead. If Mourinho pulled a stunt like that we’d never hear the end of it.
  6. FA Premier League 2017/18

    From what I seen, the only ones I would be truly worried about being anywhere close to that De Bruyne level would be Martial and Rashford.
  7. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Well it’s not purely down to Mourinho given how few young players Chelsea give chances too. And like I said letting Pogba go on a free is also pretty embarrassing but mistakes happen. His track record at Chelsea is pretty impressive none the less. Mourinho won’t be here in four years anyway. There’s no need to worry.
  8. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Well that’s pretty much the Chelsea culture, you could probably count on one hand the young players who have come through to shine in the first team. Youth isn’t a priority for them, winning is. Who has come through from the youth system in the current squad?
  9. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Well I was thinking more at the club itself? Tom Coles opinion holds more weight than I thought.
  10. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Did anyone bat an eyelid at those players leaving at the time? As Parksey said hindsight is fantastic. Fergie only ever sold one gifted player? Also complete and utter garbage.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Yours went on a tangent without really addressing the Fergie error. Nobody compared their trust in youth? Like I said we’ve been here before, you’ll got OTT on attacking Jose and I’ll go overboard on defending him. Neither of us think we’re wrong so probably best to just save some time.
  12. Phil Jones 2017/18

    You quoted me you idiot.
  13. Phil Jones 2017/18

    Mad? No just tired of idiocy, mostly your shite talk being honest.