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  1. I'll reply to this tonight and or tomorrow. I am going to watch the match and won't be at home later, but I will reply to this tomorrow or at night. Morata just scored btw, you should mention him more often and I'd be leading in Fantasy.
  2. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Here comes Morata.
  3. PL Matchday 6: Southampton vs Man Utd

    Let's score early and make things easier.
  4. Hahahah. I've told you I like Noble in the previous one. I also like Antonio (prefer him in a different position to where he was played today), and I've said beore Rose is brilliant too and I would like to sign him for us. I also like Trippier and Davies and have said it here before as well. Carroll is awesome as well, I have spoken about taking him to the NT before too. And that's from today's two teams only.
  5. Not really, I wouldn't be posting here if I was. However I try to be fair to what I see and I say what I think about every player I have seen enough to comment on, no matter what their race, age, nationality, religion or shoe size is. It has absolutely nothing to do with hating Dier because of Herrera, because I really like Noble and that wouldn't make sense... I also like many other English players, like everyone knows.
  6. Star players in title winning teams are world class by my book. Or players that have a key role in playing for a team that wins trophies. There are plenty of cases like Benteke, Sigurdsson, etc that shine in a smaller team, and then can never do it when it really matters, with bigger teams and where they have real competition etc. What I really don't get is where the problem here lays, I said in my first sentence that Kane is probably world class, but inside that group, I wouldn't have him in the same group as I would have some others. I don't see what the problem is with having an opinion to start bringing Morata and Aduriz up with that defensive mentality and small fangirl attitude, to be completely honest.
  7. I said Kane is probably world class though; my point is it's easier to score goals in a team where everything goes through you compared to a team where you're going to have to first fight for a place, second play much tougher matches in much tougher moments of the season, third face more opposition than a 54 year old Fernando Llorente for a starting spot. Benteke Also the case that he just scores in the Premier League. Not at the same level in Europe or in the international tournaments. I know you only like to have a laugh at Serie A saying anyone could score there. The thing is the Premier League teams have been very poor in Europe the last 3-4 years, and Kane has only managed to score in the Premier League. Many people constantly talk about a player from another league having problems to adapt to the English one, but how can you guys make an afirmation like "Kane would score goals in any team in the world?". He's just managed to do it in a league that has been quite poor in the years he's been scoring, results in Europe and against other big teams show it....
  8. Aduriz's? Yeah, they mean he's not world class, but a very good striker.
  9. Who said a word about Aduriz being better? But anyways, it's not tough. 1>0. Sure it is, that is the proper attitude to have.
  10. When he scores goals that count for actually winning something, rather than what he has won (which is absolutely fuck all), then I'll consider him in the same level as the others I mentioned.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Hahahaha. I don't like Dier for the simple reason that he's terrible. You can take a tree, chop the leaves off of it, place it in the middle of the pitch, paint a #15 on it and there you have Eric Dier. Spurs could come play Athletic any day they wanted and they still wouldn't beat us. And we are fucking dreadful, believe me we are, but yeah, it's playing against a team that's not from England and they are shown up inmediately.
  12. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Aurier has been very good for me too, yes.
  13. FA Premier League 2017/18

    What a bunch of dislikeable twats these Tottenham players are. Sanchez is pretty meh.
  14. FA Premier League 2017/18

    What a miss by Harry Kane. It's hilarious to see how blatantly West Ham want Tottenham to play the ball out through Dier. And how overrated Dele Alli is. Having said that, if Tottenham win (which I hope they don't), hopefully he scores.