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  1. At least Rojo made it through in one piece.
  2. Herrera, Darmian, and Blind wearing short sleeves is impressive, but Romero rocking them is something else. 0 fucks given.
  3. Serie A Thread 17/18

    Coaching is probably respected a lot more in Uruguay. They also have two massive footballing nations on either side. NI has pretty deep structural problems. Our domestic league is extremely poor, facilities are woeful, and the talent pool is tiny. Coaching has dramatically improved over the past decade, with Benni McCarthy and Harry Kewell doing their Pro licence here, but it's still light years behind. A friend was capped several times for NI ladies, and worked at the IFA over the summer during uni holidays - they were working out of a converted house. Everything is moving in the right direction, though, since people have at least recognised the need for proper facilities, professionalisation, and good coaching. We're really at the mercy of Scottish and English coaching, though, since that's where our talent will do most of its training. If we could encourage players to go further afield, I think that would help dramatically. Ireland could be doing much better. Look at the talent Croatia produce in a similarly sized country. GAA translates relatively well to soccer too. I don't know anything about southern coaching, but there seems to be only a trickle of top quality players coming through.
  4. Serie A Thread 17/18

    It should never have got to that stage, but it was a vital win. That ends a run of four straight defeats, and picks up some away points. Verdi really turned up in the second half, and it was a cracking goal from Donsah. He was meant to be a replacement for Diawara, but failed to make a mark last season. That's two winning goals he's scored, at least, this season, the other against Benevento, so he's pretty useful against the poorer teams. Bologna play Samp on Saturday, so I'll keep an eye on Torreira. He was very good in their match against Chievo.
  5. Stranger things

    First half of the season was good, second half was pretty underwhelming. The actor who plays Mike is pretty bad, but they only seemed to notice halfway through, and then stopped giving him lines. Max only seems to have two expressions - squint or scowl. I was pretty impressed by Dustin and Steve’s actors. They had really great chemistry. As @TFIA said, the new characters were pointless. Max’s brother, for instance. Absolutely no need for him to be there, and his story wasn’t fleshed out enough to get anything from. That entire seventh episode was terrible. A complete waste of time, and an insult to the audience. ‘Oh, here’s a generic punk, a big black dude, kooky white girl, mysterious Afro woman’. Lazy, lazy writing. Every single bit of character development that episode brought could have been done in five minutes. I think the major problem was that they moved away from what worked in the first season - small town 80s kids, just about plausible, a sense of mystery and tension. Every time they tried to scale it up, it flopped badly. The last episode I thought was pretty derivative. Basically huge chunks were ripped from Jurassic Park. And the less said about what happened to Paul Reiser’s character, the better. They managed to save it with the ending, though, which brought it back to what made the original series so good.
  6. You could probably find that quote on RAWK after literally every match we won.
  7. P12 W11 D1 L0 F40 A7 GD33 P34 'Lucky' That's Scouse level delusion right there.
  8. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Yes, but he did the same at Madrid, where he had an even better academy, one of the best in the world. Pretty sure we offered Pogba a contract, too. And I'm not worried about him being here in four years. The point of my first post was hoping we weren't looking back regretfully in four years at players he'd let go.
  9. FA Premier League 2017/18

    I agree with you but I don’t get your point. Selling De Bruyne was a terrible move, and it was clear to a lot of people at the time. Just because Chelsea don’t make their youth system, which is one of the best in this world, work, doesn’t make it any less bad. Apart from anything else, he didn’t come through it, but in any case it’s pretty embarrassing and not something we should be happy about emulating.
  10. FA Premier League 2017/18

    He's had exactly as many games as De Bruyne got. 'For whatever reason'? Listen to yourself. 3 players who made as many combined league appearances for Chelsea as we gave to Bellion, Chadwick or Paddy McNair. It's really obvious what they problem was - they didn't get a chance. As soon as they left, they all shone. Immediately. They were great as soon as they got a chance. Mourinho spent a ton of money bringing in Schurrle, Costa, Salah, Falcao, Remy, Caudrado, when he had PL quality players ready to go. Lukaku scored 71 goals during the time Costa was at Chelsea, scoring 59. They could have had a striker for the next decade instead of 3 seasons. Classic Mourinho short termism. This is the guy that sold Bonucci at Inter and left them with half a dozen defenders in their mid 30s. He won a league after all, but he deprived Chelsea of 130-40m of PL quality players that could have been there for years. The season he played 3 games? Yeah, he really got a chance to compete with them. Again, he didn't get a chance. 10 games one season, 3 the next. And he scored 29 in 65 for Roma, which is a little bit better than good. A goal every other game is a great return for a centre forward, never mind a winger, plus he laid on dozens of assists for Dzeko.
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    At what club? Chelsea? The club that has 30-odd loanees out at the moment? Probably not, and if they did they could always buy them back.
  12. FA Premier League 2017/18

    It was on the old forum, so I'm not digging up quotes, but I know Owenzy, Abo, TFIA, and Cole (who hilariously took a massive slagging during a draft for playing De Bruyne in midfield) made quite a big deal of De Bruyne at the time. Others too - I think Txrt at least. I did find these gems, though, when I was trying to find that draft argument, because it was hilarious:
  13. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Complete bollocks. ’Had their chances?’ De Bruyne played 3 Premier League games before Mourinho binned him. Salah played 10 before he was off to Fiorentina. Lukaku played 10 in total. If we sold Lindelöf tomorrow, would you be saying ‘he had his chances?’ ‘Not good enough?’ As soon as Lukaku went to West Brom, he scored double figures, and has done every season since. 31st in the all time list, 93 in total. 30 more than the closest Chelsea player. Literally as soon as he was given a run in the team this started and hasn’t stopped. De Bruyne was footballer of the year in his first full season in Germany. Salah moved to Roma and scored a goal every other game for two seasons, now he’s back in the PL and sitting on top of the goal scoring charts. That’s some hot streak - more than two years. Less than thirty league appearances for Chelsea and you’re acting like they had loads of chances. Left Chelsea and almost straight away succeeded. Utd has always given young players time to succeed. We won titles giving games to players worse, younger, and further behind in their development. A pitiful excuse. Mourinho fans are almost as cultish as Trump voters and Brexiteers.
  14. FA Premier League 2017/18

    No, I said ‘Once is a mistake, twice is careless, three times is habitual’. Everyone makes mistakes, but more than once or twice is a trait. In your driving test, you can make up to 15 minor errors, but if you make the same one 3 times, they reckon it’s habitual and fail you.
  15. FA Premier League 2017/18

    I got your point and rebutted it. It’s not a mistake, it’s a trait. The idea that you can compare Fergie and Mourinho’s trust in youth is laughable.