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  1. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    They've been pretty poor this season. If ever there was a time to play them, it would be now.
  2. Real Madrid to offer Man Utd €70M for De Gea

    Romero as first choice 🙃
  3. "Lads, it's Spurs" thread

    Well exactly. These teams are built around the best players, but that doesn't make him comparable to them. Given the choice, I imagine most reasonable humans would take Lewandowski over Kane. You would build your team to suit their strengths, but given Lewandowski's known quality, you would be pretty assured that he would deliver without taking half the amount of chances as Kane. They are a different class of player, which is the real tl;dr version of my post.
  4. "Lads, it's Spurs" thread

    Just a rambling on the whole Kane discussion. tl;dr - People compare him to best players over Europe. Numbers wise, sure. But his actual quality is blown out of proportion due to having a team built entirely to support him.
  5. "Lads, it's Spurs" thread

    Didn't actually watch the game ftr
  6. FA Premier League 2017/18

    I feel like that was probably one of the only things people actually respected him for...?
  7. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Exactly. Which is why I am nervous for his career at United. I expect him back at Dortmund by July 2018 😕
  8. "Lads, it's Spurs" thread

    I've been doing some thinking about Harry Kane and I feel I can say with some degree that Kane is not world class (i know this conversation has come before on here but I didn't read them, so I don't know if the consensus is whether people agree or not). I realise it's ridiculous to say because his numbers are next level, but this is a team which is built to support and to allow Kane to shine. Everything leads up to him. All he needs to do is take shots (and boy does he take a lot of shots). In fact, if you look at his shots to goal, it's pretty comical (almost Zlatan levels). So far in the league he has taken 64 shots, 24 on target. But only 8 goals... Last season was a different story, only taking 110 and being more clinical. But it goes to show how much harder he is trying this season whilst not seeing the fruit of his labour. But that's not my point. I have been thinking about the term world class and what it means. I think the most defining trait is that you can look at a player and they stand out. You can clearly see that there is something special about them, they're game changers. You can put them in any team in the world and they are going to make a difference; both club and for their country. And if I was being critical, I think there are only 5 world class players in the Premier League and that's Aguero, Silva, Ozil, De Bruyne and De Gea. But then, I don't even think he belongs in the next caliber below that (let's call it Top Class). Talking about forwards only in the PL, I think the next bracket below world class would include; Morata Jesus Lacazette Ibrahimovic (Some might argue about this. But he doesn't belong in the bracket below). Obviously, this isn't about numbers. If it were, then Lukaku and Kane would be there too. But it's just that specific quality that separates them from the rest of the pack. I don't think Kane nor Lukaku are the types of players who you can trust to be that one player who you can bring on at any time in a game and expect a goal (like you would with the above players). They are very service dependent, making them only as strong as the team around them. Spurs support Kane as much as Everton supported Lukaku. You put Lukaku in a team with better service providers but less focused on getting the best out of Lukaku and he honestly looks like a small fish in a big pond. Actually, against Newcastle we were playing a lot of crosses into him (when we had better passing options) and we still weren't getting the most out of him. I think that's going to continue because he's here for the long term. He will get goals and it will look stupid to say anything bad against him, but the fact remains that he doesn't belong with the players mentioned before him. Coming back to Kane, I think it's the same situation, only he's English and a little more graceful with the goals he scores. The best example of proving this point would be his England record, which is atrocious. I don't expect that to change when it matters, but no doubt he'll end his career with a nice amount of goals fluctuated by friendlies and easy qualifiers (I think the same applies to Lukaku's international record but I can't say for certain). Which is my entire point. These are both good players. And if the team is built to get the most out of them, then they're going to have a high scoring careers. But to say that Kane deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the real world class players in the world is pretty insulting to them. He's as prolific, sure. But he's not that special. Edit I've been thinking some more since I posted this and perhaps I am being a little too harsh on Kane. I definitely don't think Lukaku deserves to be in that Top Class tier, but I could be reasoned into thinking Kane was. It's a bit of a tough one but I think there's merits in both arguments. Also I forgot about Silva who, from the consistency of his career, should be worthy of being called world class.
  9. FA Premier League 2017/18

    Oh, Pulis was sacked as I wrote that. In which case, I think they're quite strong candidates to get relegated now. That team has 0 attacking potential and was getting by on the strength of their defence. So either a new manager is going to come out and get the team to attack more (leaving them open at the back) or they'll continue to try and be a counter attacking team, in which case they should have just stuck with him as at the least, he's never got a team relegated. Ah well, least there's a manager up for grabs if someone wanted to protect themselves against relegation!
  10. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    On a similar note, I found a clip of Martial (right after he got his goal) doing the exact same; https://streamable.com/3xr59 Obviously a pattern emerging. If you don't work your bollocks off, you're going in his bad books..
  11. FA Premier League 2017/18

    I've not posted too much these last few weeks (couldn't really be arsed with football. Strangely my interest wained and reformed as Pogba went and returned.. 🤔). Anyway, thought i'd write out my views about some teams as a benchmark to see how wrong or right I am when I look back. Arsenal My views are unchanged in that I think they are very capable of finishing as high as 2nd this season. Recently we've seen the potential force of Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette come into full force. And I think that attacking trio is honestly as good, or potentially as good, as most teams in the world. Their defence is good enough too. Only concern remains that midfield. Xhaka and Ramsey is pretty laughable. But if they keep hold of the want-aways and spend in January to strengthen that midfield, I think they remain ones to watch. Chelsea I didn't really get it before, despite everything Iker was saying. Morata is a whole different level. I actually cry because right now I am on a real negative streak with Lukaku. I think Lukaku, whilst being young and prolific, doesn't have any real qualities that puts him anywhere near the qualifications of what makes a top class striker. At the very least, he could get better at being able to hold up the ball. But I digress, Morata looks like the player we should have signed. And with hindsight, it's pretty funny we refused to bend the knee to Real Madrid whilst then overspending on Lukaku. Overall, pretty painful to watch. Hopefully he'll get itchy feet about England (he made some comments not long ago complaining about the country 😂) so best bet is hoping some big team comes calling within 4 years... City I still feel the same although admittedly it makes me look stupid with how well they're performing right now. Bar midfield, they have very little depth. Stones out for 6 weeks is the last they would have wanted. Now they need to keep Kompany fit (😙) else it's Mangala starting every week. Unless he's transformed into some beastly player... that's not good news at all. And I think the game against Arsenal proved to everyone that you don't need to show them any respect. If you attack them, they're a lot more frail looking than they seem as an entity. If you sit back and let them have the ball, which is what they want - you're going to lose. Which is why we absolutely can't park the bus when we go the Etihad. The strength of our defence aside, it would take a real masterclass to keep their attacking force quiet for 90mins. Plus, I am pretty sure that as soon as that first team beats them (I fully expect it to be someone like Southampton/Everton/Burnley as opposed to a top 6 team) they'll struggle again like they did last season. I think the talk of them going unbeaten is ridiculous. But then I'm the one that would have egg on my face if those pricks somehow did it. How they dispatched Napoli had me a little worried. I've watched a few Napoli games this season and for large chunks of the game they made a very exciting team look quite average 😐 And i'm still waiting for Ederson to prove to be a fraud... (hoping that comes at the point where a team beats them). Spurs When everyone was talking about how poor they would be at Wembley and that derailing their season actually looks to have been spot on. Sometimes those sort of predictions come from people over-thinking stuff, but when it comes down to it, they get on fine. But nope. I think they're still going to have troubles and that's going to be enough to keep them out of the top four. At this point, I would be worried about them mirroring Arsenal when they moved. Money became the priority and they had to skimp for years. Well Spurs already skimp on buying players and paying wages. Will players like Eriksen still want to hang around where his services would be in high demand pretty much anywhere else in the world and would get paid accordingly? How loyal will Kane be? Walker leaving for the money and their lack of transfer activity until the end of the window was the warning signs. Plus, we all saw how frustrated Poch was at the lack of signings. He's not going to hang around if he keeps getting that every year, not when his intentions of managing Barcelona or Madrid are pretty clear. Liverpool Same old Liverpool. They have some very talented players in that squad, but as a team, they're weak. They'll flirt with doing something of note, but they'll collapse when it matters most. In fact, I am not entirely sold on them even getting out of their CL group. They have 2 tough games (they probably will.. but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they failed). People rave about Salah and it's deserved. But for him to keep these numbers up all season would be title winning form. They're not winning the title and they're going to hit some rough patches, which is when I think he'll have a barren spell. Or he might just keep scoring at a consistent rate, beats me, I've only watched them twice. Wish he would fuck off though 😅 (signed him on FPL against so expect him to blank like the last time I signed him) Relegation Normally it's the worst teams that get relegated. Not having the quality to compete in the league. And despite the form of West Ham and Everton, it would take a complete breakdown for them to get sent down because they obviously have a lot of quality in their teams. Right now I would be worried for Brighton still, as well as Huddersfield. I think West Brom should certainly be worried too. If Swansea and Southampton aren't vigilant, they might get in trouble too. Palace though... it's not that their team is the worst, it's just their solution was appointing Roy. I just don't understand that. That's about as inspiring as Moyes. They jumped too quickly on sacking their first manager; they let him buy the players he wanted and they did a complete U-Turn on wanting to be something more than what they really are. I only hope we pull TFM out of that wreckage whilst we can and get him somewhere a little more attractive (didn't even start against Everton).
  12. Victor Lindelöf 2017/18

    I've learned the hard way to not rule out our defensive signings until after their second season. I legit thought Rojo was the worst thing to ever set foot in Manchester and then he goes on a mad one under Jose. I'm happy to give him that time and I figure if Jose doesn't feel he can't get the best from him (why sign him otherwise) then he'll move on naturally anyway. It's not looking great, but then we would need to hit shit creak for us to be relying on him so there's no immediate pressure for him to be the main man.
  13. Daley Blind 2017/18

    I've not seen enough of Lindelof to really comment in that respect. But I did mean more in the respect that Blind would provide a calming nature to the partnership which might be what he needs? Are they really comparable with their qualities though? I'm not so sure he would get in ahead of Young at the moment to be honest. He seems to be first choice, leaving him, Shaw and Darmian to warm the bench. But yeah, lets see if he gets a start in midweek.