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  1. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    ок a moment from a F11 game at sintetic grass pitch after heavy rain /the pitch was without drainage/ and the same ones kids (below 12 ) at a turf pitch in extremely poor condition ps The kids from the academies You mentioned are privileged to train under best coaches at best facilities for months and years ....... Imagine if only one from that elite kids in a low level squad and at the pitch like this showed . and a word about ,,long balls" . Ability to execute a long ball pass is rarely to be seen these days .It was stated from Johan Cruff and Cruyff aimed the so called good academies . It's an advantage for those who are able to see the free spaces and pass accurately . Paul Scholes for example. It's not the same as majority thinks -booting to Fellaini . As much as I agree with You , how wright I am is proved from some small experience I already had. I think the Serbian Youth football is a proved and recognized one .I can't say that their level is the same compared to Spain,Germany , France ,Belgium,but but actually is pretty decent at least ,because from time to time they wins something like a World Cup for youths ,club competitions for youth etc.
  2. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Great post ,but playing at the turf (even extremely poor) not prevents a team to create very fast attacks with one touch . Even some 12-13 old kids are able to act like that . It depends of the movement and positioning of the teammates , game vision of the key players and their ability to execute passes getting the ball from elsewhere and other players with perfect 1st touch to receive balls . Such a control is not tolerated so much at academies following blindly Barcelona tiki taka model or Coervers methods. Ginga style of football gives that attributes and tools . ps Following blindly means not allowing the ball in the air during training sessions and games ,while Pep for example gives plenty exercises for passing without ball to touch the grass. It's a kind of wrong read the ,,Bible" imo.
  3. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Heskey was able to control the ball At least .........
  4. PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Man City

    Last year I believed and expected a quality footballers to be signed . United donated Everton again and Raiola's pockets too . Wanna stop this progress tbh. Abo would make a better job with 1/10 of the money wasted on likes of Lukaku & Co .
  5. Is Mourinho doing enough?

    One look at Lindelof ,Lukaku and Micky and I can say that compared to the Fergie's standards Mou is doing a big job ,unfortunately in the wrong direction . Don't want to comment LvG and Moyes .
  6. Let's to separate the things. Being a good footballer , a great tactician ,having a solid back-up (in Cruyff during the tiki taka days ) doesn't mean that his methods are always good. The temperament is not an excuse. Guardiola had similar problems in Bayern and all the board stayed stayed behind Robben ,not after Guardiola .Guardiola humiliated a youngster in Bayern in front of all football World and what!? Bayern will remember him as the greatest manager they had ,because Pep failed to deliver with one of the best squads in their history !? No of course . Stoichkov and Guardiola were teammates ,probably friends and the most understandable thing is Stoichkov to say good words for his friend. But Stoichkov the player and Guardiola the manager in same time in one team is other kind of guess. I am not going to guess what should happened ,because I know Stoichkov from the Day One at Barca-,his problems even with Cruyff (1994) and he stayed at Barcelona for reasons (not all of them were football ) . Before Stoichkov and after him Barcelona had in times better footballers compared to Hristo,but nobody of them had received the same ovation and appreciation as Stoichkov had. He was and still is one of them. The same was said by FC Espanol fans . It's obvious for me that the matter who is above the club is not our case for discussion.In majority of the clubs when the team is not going well ,the 1st one who get a rid is the manager ,not the players. The monster Stoichkov would not allow even the Boss to act in this way with him in front of all squad. Cruyff was so patient with Stoichkov ,because he needed the animal who will lead the team and was clever enough to realize that if he tried to convert a wolf into a pudel ,he should fail as a manager.
  7. Mikki's doomed!!

    Bundesliga is a league of strenght and pace too . I was one of the very few posters here who was against him as a signing. Not because he is a bad player,just due to the fact Dortmind is a specific team with their style and tactics imo . Only few Dortmund players had used to be successful after their departures.
  9. As much as I agree with You about the kind of things a trainer has to explain to a players likes of Sterling (assuming they should know) , the clip is a bit harsh to Sterling. He could be tired,he could be confused due to many reasons. Imagine if Guardiola trained Stoichkov these days and tries in this way to show Stoichkov where to pass and where to move and I am pretty sure the World would laugh at Guardiola . Just wait...Ibra was in Barca during Guardiola and something happened.
  10. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Must probably ,because is much easier to fill the Everton bank accounts than to think what kind of job a luxury signing can do elsewhere if needed.
  11. The Nr of quality players needed is shocking having in mind the money wasted.
  12. Tennis

  13. Favourite WW II movies

    Based on a true story
  14. Favourite WW II movies

    @lucretius Do You know what is the reason Admiral Doenitz to gave an order to stop collecting rival seamen at Sea ? The Sinking of the Laconia is based on true story.
  15. Favourite WW II movies

    I have a huge amount of war movies.Always is interesting to to see the war from different angles . Plenty good movies on the theme. Those of posters who knows Russian would find the movies I recommend as very good. ,Katya" Season 1 &2 is also an outstanding effort to express the human feelings in this tragic period.