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  1. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    .The police should work to prevent crimes , collect criminals and not waste time with chanting fans. The fans support is a matter completely different to football business .Club and player can ask this chant not be sing ,but any other actions especially asking the police is a highest level of disgust in my eyes .
  2. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    You can refer to his Juventus squads with Matri & Vucinic,Llorente &Tevez, Morata&Tevez
  3. Wanna to admit how I love that wild celebrations after scoring an away goal ( disallowed of course) at front of own crowd. 75'' - Mustafi ūüėā & gunners
  4. Let's laugh at Burnley for dropping points at Anfield.
  5. No,he is doing fine without winning something different than the Asian PL Trophy.
  6. Keep laughing with this .........
  7. Only Google can help me to find some info about hyper talents likes of Le Tallec. Season Date Moving from Moving to MV Transfer fee Total transfer proceeds: ¬£6.75m 17/18 Jul 3, 2017 Atromitos Athen Astra Giurgiu ¬£540k Free transfer 15/16 Jul 19, 2015 Valenciennes FC Atromitos Athen ¬£900k Free transfer 12/13 Sep 4, 2012 AJ Auxerre Valenciennes FC ¬£1.80m ¬£450k 10/11 Jul 1, 2010 Le Mans AJ Auxerre ¬£3.06m ¬£2.70m 08/09 Jul 1, 2008 Liverpool Le Mans UC 72 ¬£1.62m ¬£1.35m 07/08 Jun 30, 2008 Le Mans UC 72 Liverpool ¬£1.62m End of loan 07/08 Aug 31, 2007 Liverpool Le Mans UC 72 ¬£1.35m Loan 06/07 Jun 30, 2007 FC Sochaux Liverpool ¬£1.44m End of loan 06/07 Aug 18, 2006 Liverpool FC Sochaux ¬£1.44m Loan 05/06 May 8, 2006 Sunderland Liverpool ¬£1.44m End of loan 05/06 Aug 2, 2005 Liverpool Sunderland ¬£1.13m Loan 04/05 Jan 25, 2005 Saint-√Čtienne Liverpool ¬£1.13m End of loan 04/05 Aug 3, 2004 Liverpool Saint-√Čtienne - Loan 02/03 May 31, 2003 AC Le Havre Liverpool - End of loan 02/03 Jul 2, 2002 Liverpool AC Le Havre - Loan 02/03 Jul 1, 2002 Le Havre U19 Liverpool - ¬£2.25m
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    Sevilla missed a golden opportunity to rape them in the last seconds. I am too disappointed actually.
  9. I shall follow Your hopes hahahahahhaha
  10. 2017 United Targets Fine Lewandowski wouldn't have that issue here.
  11. Ander Herrera 2017/18

    I am not pleased from the fact he didn't started the season as majority of us expected too. Not sure ,but hope he will be involved later on when some of present regulars drop form . Fergie was second to none in planning and achieving a peak form of the team at mid of the season and want to believe that somehow Ander is scheduled for a bit later actions .
  12. The new rule makes it easier of tapping players from likes of Barcelona and Madrid. Spanish clubs had a day ,but now they will have weeks to deal with their targets.
  13. World Cup Qualifiers

    Blind will come at Manchester fit . btw He was one of the best Dutch performers last game vs Bulgaria
  14. World Cup Qualifiers
  15. World Cup Qualifiers

    They have huge issues set from their football foundation .What I've said at the Ajax Training centre is completely opposite of the common believe about how good their Academy football is . Training methods -fine. talent spot and selection-SHIT ! Only Feynoord seems to be an exception btw Listening to their football men Holland unveiled the quality football. As per them everything different than their methods of training ,technique development and tactics is crap. Funny enough likes of Pele,Rivelino Garincha didn't learnt from Wiel Coerver's system,but will remain as one of the finest footballers .