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  1. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    Pragmatic m8y, genius management
  2. Marouane Fellaini 2017/18

    Still shite 30 years later
  3. Louis van Gaal

    Neither are better than Martinez or Moyes while he was there, so no. The idea that Van Gaal would be a bad appointment for them is bollocks. He's not getting the job anyway though.
  4. Louis van Gaal

    Best manager they'd have had in about 30 years. Some revenge.
  5. Louis van Gaal

    The GOAT is back baby Will smash it at Everton, still time to catch City
  6. Manager Sack Watch

    I absolutely fucking hate his style of play but that's a stupid decision from West Brom. 3 points difference between where they are and 12th place. If they're sacking him on the back of dire performances they shouldn't have ever appointed him.
  7. PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    Good comeback Gayle seems like a real cunt Rofl
  8. World Cup Qualifiers

    They have good players too, absolutely awful management
  9. Phil Jones 2017/18

    At least it was a vital game
  10. Winning Dull or Playing with Flair?

    Title implies we're actually winning anything
  11. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    What a cheeky chappy
  12. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Stupidity, arrogance and pseudo-intelligence. Always a winning combination. Literally repeats the same point 50 times over and somehow still does not understand it.
  13. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Your eyes are facing the wrong way if you think Anfield, Benfica away, Huddersfield or the Bridge was anything other than shit football. His pragmatic approach helped us to draw 40% of our games last season and achieve a stunning 6th place finish. 20 less goals than anyone else in the top 6. Beautiful stuff.