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    He's not labeled the next anyone. Fuck this, he's shite. Rumour has it Owenzy has only seen him play 19 times.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/premier-league/manchester-united/shut-up-and-get-on-with-your-job-roy-keane-with-some-less-than-subtle-advice-for-jose-mourinho-36282863.html Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has served up some pretty candid advice to the club's manager Jose Mourinho, after urging him to ignore the negativity of critics and focus on his job at Old Trafford. Mourinho has lambasted United fans and the media for a variety of reasons in recent weeks and Keane believes the former Chelsea manager takes criticism of him and his players far too personally. "My only concern about Mourinho is that he seems to be distracted by the so-called critics out there," stated Keane, in his role as an ITV pundit. "He is probably paid eight, nine or ten million pounds a year so focus on your own job. Rise above that. He should be better than that, but he seems to be easily upset. "Shut up and get on with your job. You are getting very well paid for it." Keane also suggested the criticism that has flowed in the direction of Mourinho and his team despite their successful run in the first couple of months of the season has been misplaced, as he insisted the euphoria around Manchester City's sparkling performances is affecting how United are being assessed. "They are going along nicely and one of the problems in Manchester at the moment is United fans are looking at what City are doing, how they are playing and the goals they are getting, but United just have to keep their heads down and keep winning matches," he continued. "If I was a player at United now, I'd be saying keep our heads down, let's keep chipping away. The trophies are not handed out now. Let's keep focused, keep winning and see what happens." Keane also offered up a devious reason why United should retain hope than in-form Manchester City will lose momentum despite their sparkling start to the season. "My only concern for City is that I still think it is in their DNA as a club to mess things up," he added. "They have previous where we have got carried away with City, but they will take some stopping this year When Keano is calling you out for being a miserable bastard, you probably need to take a look at yourself.
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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    I wonder about about our fans. Jesus if that ball went off his shoulder his cock, his fucking knee cap or any other part of his anatomy I wouldn't have given a flying fuck. It's s goal it's a winner it's for United nothing more needs to be said. Embrace it and dance naked around a fire!!
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    @aardvarked @lucretius @Txrt
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    Liam Miller

    Not really, cancer research has made so many strides recently, that we're catching it earlier and before people who would have died even 10 years ago. I guarantee you fifteen years ago we'd have just got news that Liam Miller had suddenly died. The detection and treatment of a disease which 10 years ago was a death sentence is testimony to that. Add to the fact that people are living longer, and yes there are also outside factors such as exposure to carcinogens - such as second hand smoke, and pollutants too. So please, don't even go there with criticizing doctors and scientists for "over diagnosis". My daughter still has both Grandmothers because of the detection and treatment advances. Most families have been affected by this disease in one way or another.
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    Ibra has the arrogance of Cantona. Just dominates with his presence.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Yet as terrible as we are, we are still second and basically through to the knockout stages. We are after playing three out of the top four other best sides. We have the best defense in the league, all the while missing our top goal scorer from last season and our best player for the difficult games. You take De Bruyne our of City they are a different team, you take Kante out of Chelsea they are a different team, you take Kane out of Spurs they are a different team. People need to relax a small bit and stop losing their minds.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    No point making rash conclusions after one poor week in an otherwise good start to the season, but it's stupid to ignore the stacking clues that there could be issues ahead. The negative set up in big games, the PSG links, his history of players quitting on him, and him subsequently beginning to hang players out to dry, our history of having a shitehouse squad.
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    Antoine Griezmann

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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    World Cup Qualifiers

    This refereee is on the fucking take. Corry Evans took a ball to the shoulder blade a yard from where it was hit. On the edge of box - ref gives a penalty and yellow card. Absolute fucking disgrace.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    The last sentence is what makes the first paragraph wrong for me. We do have a devastating potential at our hands, yet we choose to be extremely negative because our manager is scared to take a go. And that's the problem, it showed last season and it's showing this season; we won't be beating the big teams regularly with that type of football. It's not an anti-Jose brigade. I don't care if Guardiola did it, or if Heynckess did it; i'm trying to be objective here and saying what hurts us and what I'd like changed. And one thing I'd like changed is the approach to big games, simple as. It's not being anti-Mourinho. Actually, it's getting quite embarrassing over here with this pro-Mourinho cult, when every possible criticism of him is branded as being a hater, not wanting your team to win, etc. It's like everything we find funny about Liverpool is happenning here. A weird manager cult, any bit of criticism by someone trying to be objective made fun of or ridiculed. The finding of endless excuses to support a manager, even making up numbers of spending in past years, hypothetic cases of how possible injuries would affect others, etc. Players single handedly scapegoated like it happens with them (Lovren, etc)... It really is becoming worryingly similar in my eyes. Plus, it has happened to me quite some times now, people actually take it personally when someone posts a criticism of Mourinho, or talks about something that is worrying them; and in my case, I've personally have been told by more than 3 and 4 members that "When Herrera gets out we'll do better" trying to get me offended or make me jump, when in fact none of the criticism I posted had anything to do with Herrera. It's like people just restore to the level of personal attacks when some kind of criticism is being presented towards Mourinho. It's pretty sad, and it's not what made the forum so great during the past few years, when we all had differences regarding players, managers, etc, but there was a healthy environment and productive arguments. I'm not talking about you in particular; I have been reading most of the posters here for a long time now, and I would consider many here my friends, even if they have opposite points of views regarding most things, and that's not a problem to me, at all; it is actually one of the reasons why I like this forum so much and why I am so active here, to interact with people that have a different view on most things; but lately I've been feeling this is looking more and more like what we used to have a laugh at, and the forum is extremely hostile when it comes to even the smallest Mourinho criticism, which I find ridiculous. At least you admit and accept that we will be getting that type of performances against big teams in the future too; the problem is with the people already excusing the past negative performances "because now we're points off and he'll surely attack", and the likes of absolutely ridiculous arguments. Also, and I'll post this here just to make it clear. First of all, I don't want Mourinho gone, I just want him to see that the approach he's been taking hasn't lead to great results in his time here, and that we need results against big times if we want to win. Second, I don't have any family ties with Ander Herrera, nor am I his adopted son. I don't really get offended by people mentioning his name and how terrible he's been, because I am obviously not blind and I have noticed he's been pretty fucking bad.
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    Juan Mata 2017/18

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    Patrice Evra

    How do you manage to afford internet access?
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    Guest commentator for this game @BTsport will be Dimitar Berbatov.
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    Phil Jones 2017/18

    Kane wasn't injured. He was afraid.
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    Kylian Mbappe

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    HAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH That is even worse than what I expected when I first asked you for post match comments ahahahhaaa. What do these guys even consider midfield???? They have Wijnaldum, Emre Can and Henderson, for fucks sake. What an embarrassing bunch of fans. Even worse than their manager.
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    Some shitty YouTube channel with a computer voice over discussing the transfer. He can post stories but he won’t be advertising on our watch. 😂
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    FA Premier League 2017/18

    Getting pretty tired of this argument. Both had their chances, along with Lukaku, but weren't up to the standard of a title-winning Chelsea side at that point in their careers. They moved on, got regular football at lower-end clubs and developed nicely. Salah I'm not a huge fan of, but he's on a hot streak no doubt.
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    Stop now or bans. There are words being thrown around that must desist. So both parties calm the fuck down. We won, get drunk and be happy. Fuck all the bitches.
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    Favourite WW II movies

    Another excellent genre choice - like westerns, they have a shelf of their own on my dvd case. Das Boot is my absolute favourite. The tension, claustrophobia, sense that you're living every grubby, terrifying second of the war with them is incredible. Most of the best have been mentioned (Life is Beautiful, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan are masterpieces of storytelling, each in a different way). The Thin Red Line is proper Malick - beautiful cinematography, philosophical, epic. Downfall is one of my favourite films ever, so great to see it on there. I also have a soft spot for the classic British war epics - Bridge on the River Kwai, A Bridge Too Far, Ice Cold in Alex etc. Some brilliant ones that seem to have escaped notice so far: Idignes (Days of Glory) - a story of North African troops drafted into the Free French forces. Patton - a rollicking and frequently hilarious biography of a pretty singular man. George C Scott refused to accept the Oscar he was awarded. Features one of my favourite lines ever - 'Rommel - you magnificant bastard! I read your book!' Zwartboek (The Black Book) - a tense thriller from Paul Verhoeven, starring Carice van Houten as a Jew in the occupied Netherlands. Cross of Iron - A spectacular, grisly dose of bleak cynicism from Sam Peckinpah set on the Eastern Front. Letters from Iwo Jima - A surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Japanese soldiers, bound by honour to fight what was clearly becoming an unwinnable war, from Clint Eastwood. Grave of the Fireflies - Studio Ghibli's finest hour. Be warned - you will cry. Come and See - think of the grittiest, most realistically violent WWII film you've seen. This makes them look like 'Allo 'Allo. A swirling, impressionist masterpiece that follows the increasingly horrific misadventures of a young Belarussian conscripted into a Soviet militia.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    We are not in such precarious condition as some of the posts in here suggests. It has been mentality change in the last few games that has cost us for the worse. Jose maybe did not want to loose big games after having a great start to the season and which lead to him being overly defensive, but now team needs to attack in all games to have any chance of catching city. Things can change in the league as we have 26 more games to play with pogba, ibra and rojo to come back. Jose needs to curb his useless talks which are having a negative effect currently and change his attitude especially in big games before blaming players.
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    Mourinho vs Pep

    Where did you pull this information from? Not trying to be rude but, did you make it up? It's like you've had your head in the sand over the last 5 years about how much Manchester United makes and spends.
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    PL Matchday 11: Chelsea vs Man Utd

    We need to keep it real as well. Bottom line is, teams with far less resources than us go out there on the pitch with a clear game-plan they're trying to execute. The midfield is too far from Lukaku on these away day big games. The losing Pogba thing can get to fuck, our whole team shouldn't be this bad in his absence. We aren't 5-6 quality players short. We need to stop making excuses. Since SAF left we've always been these few magical players away from the 'winning formula'. You talk about City and Chelsea as if we can't match them financially but we can. The bottom line is we've spent, City have spent, they have been better than us. Can we still have a good season? Yes. Is it time to stop making excuses for ourselves? Yes. Is 3rd a massive achievement? No.
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    PL Matchday 11: Chelsea vs Man Utd

    This game has left me feeling pessimistic, as on this showing we look like we're still a fair distance away from being able to compete with the top teams. It was a creditable performance in the first half - we didn't go to park the bus, we were competitive, we tried to be on the front foot and take the game to them when we could. Yet in many respects it's the same kind of performance that you see sometimes from a bottom half team - punching above their weight and competing, but coming up short because they don't have the quality. For all that we were competitive in the first half, we completely lost control in the second and, barring a late flurry late on which resulted in a chance for Fellaini, we never really looked like creating much. The international break has come at a good time, considering our recent performances. Hopefully we can pick things back up after it. I've thought he was underrated for a long time, but even then he's just got better. Since he signed for Chelsea, he's played regularly on the left, on the right and in the centre and doesn't look out of place wherever he plays, going forward or back. As you say, he's genuinely one of the best defenders in the league.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    It doesn't say much about one's squad management if the entire success or failure of a season hinges on whether or not Pogba is available. It was a stupid decision to play Mkhitaryan today, especially with the form he's been in recently. A midfield two of Herrera and Matic was always going to be overrun by the trio of Bakayoko, Kante and Fabregas. I'd much sooner have started with McTominay in midfield than once again persisting with Mkhitaryan's ineptitude until his inevitable substitution.
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    Patrice Evra

    I dont like condoning violence...................but................I wish he done that to that slimy little rat Suarez.
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    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    "My only concern for City is that I still think it is in their DNA as a club to mess things up," he added. 😂😂
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    Champions League 2017/18

    Are you referring to this? ROFL
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    Season defining October?

    The end of October marks the quarter point in the PL season. After ten games, we are 3 points and 9 goals better off than in the corresponding fixtures last season. This is an encouraging sign - we're on course to finish on between 79 and 87 points, which should be enough for a comfortable top four finish. Goal difference is a little harder to predict, but the range is likely to be 48 and 72. Based on comparisons with last season, I'm going to make a prediction at this stage of 83 points and a goal difference in the low 50s. The average points total needed to win the league is 85 - no team has won with fewer than 80 since the turn of the millenium, and this has come down from 88 when we were regularly winning in the 00s. Usual provisos apply - I don't expect us to continue scoring as many goals, and it's only 10 games, so there is room for a lot of movement. Similarly, while City are on course to break the points record (95) with 106, goals record (103) with 133, and goal difference record (71) with 110, it's doubtful that their current form is sustainable.
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    Berbatov Thread

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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Young was just fantastic. MOM
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    Scottish Football Thread

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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Done. Stop taking drugs.
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    Full-back play

    LOL!! Excuse me. I suffer from dailysex!!
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    These are all separate quotes prior to the game about Harry Kane and Spurs. Some logical thinker thought they are win a battle with Arsenal for 5th. Reply is this. Liverpool are currently 9th, we are second.
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    Henrikh Mkhitaryan 2017/18

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    FA Premier League 2017/18

    Never forget this team of the week:
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    Victor Lindelöf 2017/18

    Makes Smalling look like Baresi and we all know how highly I rate him.
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    Paul Pogba 2017/18

    So what? As long as you're entertained, who gives a fuck on any Pogba analysis. For the fans that care a bit, he returned and made a difference. Has youth and natural athleticism on his side so to hit the ground running will be easier for him than most. Decent show.
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    LOL Red Killing myself laughing here, some pretty crappy football. Imagine being paid £120,000 per week and not being able to control the ball or pass while NOT under pressure. maybe we should keep the sink and sell the players.
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    Republic of Ireland

    Hush now. It's over. Let the Danes take your wife and land. We've done this before, we know how it ends.
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    Big E is possibly the most charismatic wrestler on the roster. If/when New Day split, he's the star.
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    We have a decent run of games this month after the Iternational break to put things right. I suspect Mourinho held back Pogba so he would not be available for France. But at what cost? Need to refocus and kick on as Fergie says.
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    The England Thread

    Great work by India on hosting the world cup in an efficient way.. attendance levels were also the highest till now in any FIFA U-17 world cups.
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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Matic was excellent. Metronome.
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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Mousa Dembele is a fantastic player. Beautifully balanced.
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    PL Matchday 10: Man Utd vs Spurs

    More pressure on us to win now. However, Llorente and particularly Son shouldn’t be underestimated.
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    You're scum if you don't love every second of Rashford's development.
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    Kylian Mbappe

    They’ve dressed it up as a loan to make it look good, but he’s a PSG player and will be for the next 3-4 years at the absolute least