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    Game Of Thrones

    How do you plead..... LORD BEALISH?!?!?!
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    Judging talent - Your Premier League XI

    Not picking your fantasy team for you you cunt.
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    Neymar ~ "I'm very happy Coutinho scored because at this moment, he lives a very great sadness"
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    Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread

    Came back for that blokes wife.
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    Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread

    "The plate of chicken salad, with a little label that said ‘Zlatan’, lay on the canteen counter at Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex. Staff had long since departed, the lights had been turned off and most of Jose Mourinho’s players had long since retired to their mansions. But not the big Swede. First in, last out - that was Ibrahimovic’s routine. Such was his dedication that those who worked in United’s kitchen were under instructions to plate up his food and leave it on the top, because by the time he had finished on the practice fields and in the gym, there would be nobody left in the building to serve him. He often ate alone. That drive and commitment is why few who work in the canteen are surprised that, four months after suffering a serious knee ligament injury which many thought had ended the 35–year-old’s stint in Manchester red, Ibrahimovic is on the verge of signing a new contract. They are also not surprised over in the medical department. ‘They had never seen anything like it when Zlatan signed,’ a source told Sportsmail. ‘Players who come in undergo a number of tests so we can figure out what kind of shape they are in, what their training regime should look like and what diet will work best. Some players will come in and they will be the best we have seen in a certain category. Speed, for example. Zlatan came in and set multiple records across a variety of tests. Superhuman was the word some were using.’ The surgeon who carried out Ibrahimovic’s operation at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is not surprised, either. Word is that Dr Freddie Fu, who autographed his patient’s wounded leg, had ‘never seen a knee as strong’. According to those with knowledge of the situation, Ibrahimovic’s type of injury often needs two surgeries. The striker is set to return to full health after just one. His agent, Mino Raiola, has already gone on record to say that medical staff want to carry out further tests further down the line on Ibrahimovic’s ligaments. In other words, the recovery has gone quite well, thank you very much. Following the understandable decision not to offer an injured player a new contract when his last deal expired in June, United said publicly that Ibrahimovic would remain at Carrington to carry out his rehabilitation. Privately, doubts were expressed among certain quarters that the big man would return to football, let alone the club. That sentiment was certainly not shared in the manager’s office or the dressing room. Mourinho was convinced that a player he had worked with before and whom he knew well, would pull it off. According to some, the manager was so confident in Ibrahimovic’s recovery he wanted to offer him a new contract before any recovery had taken place. Ibrahimovic’s locker was not cleared out. He remained an integral part of United’s bid for the Europa League trophy and celebrated with his teammates when Ajax were overcome in his native Sweden. Up until United’s departure for their US tour, he was a regular at Carrington, stunning staff with his determination. The player has been working hard for the duration of the summer, setting up camp at a luxury Monaco gym named '39 Monte Carlo' where he has been undertaking gruelling workout sessions and training alongside fellow athletes - including two-time middleweight world champion boxer Hassan N'Dam. It's not just Old Trafford staff expecting the return of the iconic Swede either, with players also alluding to his comeback. Taking to social media this week defender Eric Bailly posted a video showing himself fooling around with Ibrahimovic - kicking the striker in the dressing room before running off. 'Hope you're almost ready to return,' wrote Bailly, sensing the big personality of the 35-year-old is set to grace the United set up once again. Sportsmail understands that a final decision is yet to be signed off, but Ibrahimovic’s return is viewed as something of a formality. His new deal is set to be on reduced terms from the staggering £367,640 -a-week he agreed when he joined United on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2016. A return to action in January is one the cards. Ibrahimovic’s record of 17 Premier League goals in 27 starts and 28 goals overall, has not been forgotten, along with his influence in the dressing room. In the canteen, they are getting ready to leave out plates of chicken salad again."
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    So, a friend came over to watch the multi-Champions and we were commenting about the Liverpool-Sevilla on TV and I mean, he watches la Liga and likes football etc, and likes some international matches. But when reading the Liverpool lineup he told me "pf, now I get why they will never win a league". If you start one by one analyzing the names, you realize he's right and that they're actually tremendously far from the other big teams in England when it comes to quality. They won't compete and win a league with that team. You watch today's lineup, and start from their strongest area, and you have Firmino, Salah and Mané. For me Mané is a very good player, certainly not world class though, won't get much deeper into it but he's definitely not a world beater. Firmino is a very clever and good striker, but not a guy that will secure you 25 goals a season and be there every time. Salah is overrated and for me is nowhere near as good as he's claimed to be. Wijnaldum is overrated, pretty much a farce of a player, he is good at stepping into the opposite box and that's it, however he's terrible to play in the position/role he's played at. Same goes for Emre Can, who's streaky as fuck, inconsistent, better forwards than backwards and is nowhere near the elite of midfielder in the continent or even the league. I think Henderson is a bit better than both, but playing alone behind the other two is not the way to get the best out of him (he played an awful match today), and he needs a holding mid near him. The defense is a very funny joke, Alberto Moreno played well and is good going forward but a liability behind, Joe Gomez / Arnold are tremendously overrated, one for having scored a freekick and the other for no reason. The CB pairing is the best part of them, though. Matip, a guy that looks as if he's waist is going to break into two when he's faced by someone and has to defend out of position, also one of the most naive and soft defenders out there as a partner for Lovren, who from time to time scores a goal, but costs a couple in the meanwhile as well. His mistake for the first goal today defines him as a footballer. All I can say about Karius is that he's not even the guaranteed starter, and look who his competition is. The bench is awesome too. The star is a guy that doesn't even want to play anymore for the club, 60 year old Estonian International Ragnar "the new Baressi" Klavan, James Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Daniel Sturridge and the circus made keeper Mignolet. In truth, an awful squad of players, overrated, overpaid, overhyped in almost every case. Shame they loaned out the worst football player I've ever seen, Divock Origi, I would have liked to make a full paragraph mocking him. I know they have Clyne and Lallana both injured (and I rate both higher than most others in their squad), but even with them, the team continues to have the same deficiencies. If their defensive and midfield problems were small, they have a psychotic cunt in charge who only signs players of a similar profile to the ones he already has and doesn't learn even after making the same mistakes 200 times in the same year. He makes a signing to improve midfield in a year where he's playing the CL, and even manages to fuck that up, he's going to start playing for them next year. Why rush things though? We still have Grujic!
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    Edward Woodward

    Just thought i'd make a thread to discuss the joys of this news. All around Liverpool fans are planning a online petition to stop this Pro United Conspiracy.
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    Wayne Rooney Thread

    I'd be up for resigning Bobby and bringing him on for some penalties to take the record back
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    Liverpool fan on Talksport: "It's not like there's a big difference in size between Liverpool and Barcelona, I mean we've won more European Cups" 😂
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    Game Of Thrones

    Christ, you really are insufferable. If no one had read and enjoyed the books, the show wouldn't exist. The show is an absolute mess when it doesn't have the books to rely on. Books are almost always better than their adaptation and it's an entirely legitimate part of discussion to compare the adaptation to the source material. Don't like discussion of the show? Don't read threads about it.
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    What Serie B club would take him?
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    Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Some of us have to make do with 9
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    PL Matchday 5: Man Utd vs Everton

    Nah I went up and back the same day @JJtheRed Agreed @O and @Txrt Not sure what Koeman's on claiming we were clinical after some sitters missed by Lukaku, Lingard and more - Everton were wasteful and DDG made some great stops despite Everton being dire for at least 2/3 of the match. Matic is incredible, and seemed to be playing an easier version of the game than everybody else - Rashford and Mkhi (until the last 10) were awful, Mata had decent moments but also struggled, Lukaku was mostly awful but had little service to be fair and still got a goal and an assist Martial has to start the next prem game, I also wouldn't mind seeing Mkhi come off the bench potentially if he's gonna keep stinking up 70 odd mins first No replay angle has done justice to the Valencia goal btw, absolute screamer Have to say lastly there's a bit more of a vibe at OT this season. Slightly louder in game but even afterwards, chanting on the way out of the stadium etc it just dind't happen last year even with wins - people are upbeat
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    Let's laugh at Burnley for dropping points at Anfield.
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    I'm actualy in a rare rage against Liverpool. That absolute clown that Klopp is has me fuming every time I see him and his gestures and shit. I will save my paragraph slating their fans for when I actually go to that area (hopefully it's this year when they fall to the Europa League when Athletic plays them) and see for myself. But the things I've read and still read and hear (and that accent alone) is already enough to start criticising ahahaha. Also, another thing. I'm many times vocal for Mourinho when he makes excuses, blames this or that, so I have to be fair now. Have you ever heard Klopp say he's wrong or he's made a mistake? The guy is egotistical to the extreme, he goes one step further than Mourinho at that, and this absolute cretin mentions his own players by name as reasons to lose matches. He doesn't even admit they may have needed another CB or anything. It's always either the others play dirty, the others play long ball, my team wants to play, the other wants to win, that type of shit. Then goes and punishes a player (Alberto Moreno), a whole year without playing for some mistakes... (Imagine if he had to punish himself for each mistake, he'd kill himself before the first week of September every season). The hilarious part is that he now plays him, and as a starter for a lot of important matches. Out of no fucking where. One of the most hilarious man-management cases I've ever seen. I hope he stays there for the whole season, it'll be 8 more months of laughs at them constantly coming up short no matter who the rival is. I expected Sevilla to play better tonight, they were pretty much shit, but still got a point and could have won it in the end, nothing less than in the fortress Flopp wants to make of Anfield. Having said all this, I won't be accepting anything less than 6 points from the two fixtures against them. Specially from the first, which takes place the 14th of October, and my birthday is the next day. I just want a present and it's four goals against these bunch of losers. Hopefully all four offside or after a handball or something of that style.
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    World Cup Qualifiers

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    Some more RAWK gold incoming. Being linked with "The Ox" towards May last year these were their first few posts. Let's see how this highly knowledgeable footballing fans think today, after barely a ball has been kicked since then.🤔 Did I mention, they have Klopp? We should be scared. KloppOx. It's their year lads. It's worth noting Klopp also wanted Klaven and Karius. What a bunch of absolutely cretinous idiots.
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    Game Of Thrones

    Genuinely amazing how underwhelming all these long awaited meetings are. I guess that's what happen when you introduce teleportation.
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    Group Stages Draw

    Doesn't matter who we get when we're going to be lifting the trophy in May you fucks
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    Game Of Thrones

    As long as Dracarys is ok, right?
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    David De Gea 2017/18

    And another clean sheet. Its just beautiful this season for the man.
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    Nemanja Matic 2017/18

    Now rest this fucker on Wednesday. He's played a million minutes already.
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    Only Google can help me to find some info about hyper talents likes of Le Tallec. Season Date Moving from Moving to MV Transfer fee Total transfer proceeds: £6.75m 17/18 Jul 3, 2017 Atromitos Athen Astra Giurgiu £540k Free transfer 15/16 Jul 19, 2015 Valenciennes FC Atromitos Athen £900k Free transfer 12/13 Sep 4, 2012 AJ Auxerre Valenciennes FC £1.80m £450k 10/11 Jul 1, 2010 Le Mans AJ Auxerre £3.06m £2.70m 08/09 Jul 1, 2008 Liverpool Le Mans UC 72 £1.62m £1.35m 07/08 Jun 30, 2008 Le Mans UC 72 Liverpool £1.62m End of loan 07/08 Aug 31, 2007 Liverpool Le Mans UC 72 £1.35m Loan 06/07 Jun 30, 2007 FC Sochaux Liverpool £1.44m End of loan 06/07 Aug 18, 2006 Liverpool FC Sochaux £1.44m Loan 05/06 May 8, 2006 Sunderland Liverpool £1.44m End of loan 05/06 Aug 2, 2005 Liverpool Sunderland £1.13m Loan 04/05 Jan 25, 2005 Saint-Étienne Liverpool £1.13m End of loan 04/05 Aug 3, 2004 Liverpool Saint-Étienne - Loan 02/03 May 31, 2003 AC Le Havre Liverpool - End of loan 02/03 Jul 2, 2002 Liverpool AC Le Havre - Loan 02/03 Jul 1, 2002 Le Havre U19 Liverpool - £2.25m https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/anthony-le-tallec/profil/spieler/4217
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    RAWK: Some guy dared to question "Hendo." What about the foul on the lead up to your second? Or the massive deflection that shot then took? How can anyone cope with this type of pressure and lofty high standards?
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    Can't stop watching this ahahaha
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    FA Premier League 2017/18

    Even if it's City, I'll never be against watching Liverpool have an absolute nightmare.
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    Manager Sack Watch

    Glad someone was on top of this story.
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    Edward Woodward

    Didn't realise he was a Barcelona fan.
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    Never has a club deserved its fans like Liverpool.
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    Hang on, looks like he's actually off to West Brom:
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    Game Of Thrones

    Why did Arya and Sansa have that tense private discussion in the last episode? In case Littlefinger was listening at the door maybe? Seems a bit silly, especially after that pantomime focus shift at the trial. Sansa paused, said his name, then everybody turned to him in unison with a smirk. I laughed. There was more gravitas when Father Ted accused Fargo Boyle and Hud Hastings of sabotaging Chris the sheep.
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    2017 United Targets

    If Wenger sold us Sanchez his life would actually be in danger.
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    Game Of Thrones

    Its okay, ill watch it tomorrow with my girlfriend and some mates. You might find one of them eventually. A girlfriend. And mates. lol.
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    Serie A Thread 17/18

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    PL Matchday 3: Man Utd vs Leicester

    Probably the toughest test so far. Leicester didn't really create any clear cut chances, but they looked quite dangerous on the break and were able to get in behind a few times, but we dealt with everything well. They defended well in numbers, but again as in the last few games we were patient and clinical when the chances came.
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    Fucking international breaks, we've only had 3 games ffs
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    PL Matchday 3: Man Utd vs Leicester

    You really don't understand football if that's actually your view. Look at how many times he drops in to link the play and do Pogba's actual job for him. He forced the save of the match from Schmeichel and was robbed of an offside goal, unlike your boy Fellaini. He fed Martial time and time again after dropping back to spread the play. Rooney had a million assists at this stage last season, so that tells you everything you need to know. Modrić rarely scores or assists. Yet he would still outclass Pogba when he is 40. The man has a brain, Pogba doesn't. Probably the biggest myth in football right now. Thiago Silva has passed on the torch to our Paul.
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    Wayne Rooney Thread

    I'm gradually softening to him now he's not here anymore and performing abysmally. In fact, it actually gives me distinct satisfaction to see him do well for Everton. In fairness, outside winning a World Cup this guy has probably achieved everything he's ever wanted in football. Played for his boyhood club, joined the biggest club in the world and won every honour available to him. Became record goalscorer for club and country and will be widely regarded as an absolutely sensational player. And now, in real Roy of the Rovers stuff he's back once again with the club he loves and doing well thus far. I for one no longer have any animosity towards Rooney. His misdemeanors are in the past and that's nothing something I thought I would say when he was here.
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    They couldn't sign a decent cb or defensive midfielder but they could spend 40 million for this? 😂😂Hopefully they get Klopp signed up to a long term contract he's doing a fantastic job
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05gb005 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    He is now tearing up the Romanian league whereas Ronaldo fell off the face of the earth.
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    Klopp losing his head at the end was funny. Cretin.
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    Champions League 2017/18

    Dortmund's first goal shouldn't have been allowed either though so swings and roundabouts. Dortmund should have been more restrained, great to watch but they need to play smarter if they're going to have any chance of progressing. 😂😂😂😂
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    Nemanja Matic 2017/18

    Hope we do not overplay him as he has played every minute of the season till now.
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    I broken my 5th metatarsal in July, and played on for a further 25 minutes. I wasn't able to move as near the level as i can, i wasn't able to pass with my left foot, and if i shot with my right i couldn't stand on my left. I'm pretty sure i damaged it a little bit more, but it could have been worse. Literally no point playing on and trying to look manly or anything through injury. It helps nobody. You cant run off a break or a tear in regards to legs or feet. Arms, hands and sometimes face. Sure try it.
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    Wayne Rooney Thread

    Caught playing away again. Must be his good looks and charm.....