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  2. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    So what's his excuse for the shite second half?
  3. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    What would we give for a young Ruud van Nistelrooy? A complete striker if ever there was. Lukaku does have too many weaknesses, and they are basic. His first touch is awful. Look at strikers of old like Lineker, Shearer, Greaves, Law, Hughes, Ruud, Ole. The ball was instantly controlled which gave them a split second's advantage over the marking defender. More often than not, when Lukaku gets a pass in a tight situation, it bounces off his shin. He's not the greatest jumper either. But like any striker, he relies on service and when that isn't forthcoming, he goes missing. He reacts more often than not, rather than makes things happen. Why Jose thinks he can play wide is beyond me.
  4.;/g/11bw3dwzl4;2;/m/0c1q0;st;fp;1 yeah. we should top the group if get a point. Anyway. I'm looking forward to Saturday after my two days off for Thanksgiving.
  5. Marcos Rojo 2017/18

    Biggest positive today. Glad he's back.
  6. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    I like him but don't see him as a long-term striker here. His weaknesses are just too much of a liability when we aren't dominating. Luckily for him we've got 4 first 11 positions and a couple of squad positions that need fixing long before anything else. What we've seen is basically how he is. Create and he can be a beast. Unfortunately for him we only have Pogba can create consistently unless we just play hoofball/crosses into the box.
  7. Full-back play

    Our fullbacks are terrible offensively. None of them are any good - Young can be decent depending on if he can throw in a decent cross or two each game, but that's it. It always bugs me when people talk about Valencia as being great going forward but "not a natural defender". It's the exact opposite. He's good defensively and terrible offensively. None of Darmian, Young or Blind (sadly) are good enough. Valencia is ok but deteriorating. This was a problem last season too so I don't understand why Mourinho has decided to keep hold of so many average players, especially when you look at Guardiola getting rid of about 10 players, including both fullbacks ironically.
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  9. if i understand the UEFA CL rules correctly they only way we could miss is if we lose by 7 goals vs CSKA and Basel wins. Head to head ( united>Basle) (basle>CSKA) lets assume ( CSKA >United) then head won't count it goes to aggregate goal difference among the teams all at 12 points in this case . in my understanding goals they scored against Benfica won't count. right now......GD ( united= 5) ( Basle= -1, this won't change) ( CSKA=-4) now if we lose by 7 we will be at -2.
  10. At least Rojo made it through in one piece.
  11. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    He really needs to get his act together. I hope he's not going to be another big-buy striker who fails at United.
  12. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    Jose says we should of been 5-0 up in the first half, that would of been a handy lead to hang on to.
  13. Full-back play

    Who' available. Rose has turned crock..
  14. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    I wouldn't have thought you'll be seeing a great deal more of Mikki and Mata in United shirts to be honest.
  15. Full-back play

    Truly horrible to watch both going forward and backwards. I don't know what's happened to Blind he looked brilliant in the World Cup with 3 assists!!!
  16. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Must improve on first touch,and hold play. . Otherwise he's gonna do what he did back then at Chelsea . He's on the floor, more than my rug.
  17. Interesting clip. Pretty ridiculous that he has to explain that to a player like Sterling though. The text says "What's the goal of a training session? To help footballers accumulate answers that happen in the flow of the game. This is Guardiola and Sterling in a training. Then Sterling applying it in his goal against Feyenoord".
  18. Champions League 2017/18

    Celtic hammered 7-1. But its okay cause they're walking everything domestically.
  19. Proved his worth, tonight. . worthless.
  20. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    Herrera is having a poor season. In the current system doesn't seem to fit it with pogba or matic. Fellaini is a world class header of the ball but the way the game unfolded today it probably was more suited to mata or miki who could link up play better.
  21. Matteo Darmian 2017/2018

    Put on..need to go list.
  22. Daley Blind 2017/18

    Bournemouth calls.
  23. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    6 I think. I hope we score 6 against them. Doubt it. I think we will win our last game, maybe 3-1.
  24. Full-back play

    I always come back to this topic. It’s by far our biggest problem area. Young has been contributing in attack, to be fair. But the rest just don’t offer enough in an attacking sense.
  25. Champions League: Game 5 - FC Basel vs Man Utd

    It was a disappointing second half. And no doubt Jose purposely threw Darmian and Blind out in front of the post match cameras. Still 4 or 5 players short of genuine quality. Lingard again was a passenger too. Felliani was just basically being Felliani. Seriously. Would Darmian. Herrera. Mata. Lingard. Felliani. Blind be missed???
  26. He did bring on Matić to help the defence. But the Serb looked drunk to me. The players blew this one. Fellaini and Lukaku missed two very good chances. We created enough chances in the 1st half to win most football matches. Gotta be ruthless.
  27. 2017 United Targets

    We need to do a City on it this summer and buy about 4 full modren full backs who can get up and down the wing and actually provide end product to go with it too.
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